Monday, November 12, 2007

"Elder Brothers in the Faith" Hate the Central Symbol of our Faith

Increasingly more open hatred for the cross, childish lying, ridiculous demands: such are the fruits of religious relations with "The Jews." Replacing the pectoral cross with a pectoral Auschwitz gas chamber pendant wouldn't be enough to satisfy these self-obsessed "elder brothers." Theologically, that switch has already taken place.

Austrian bishops barred from Jewish holy site in Jerusalem for wearing crosses

The Associated Press
November 12, 2007

JERUSALEM: Thirteen Austrian bishops were barred from praying at Jerusalem's Western Wall last week by Jewish religious authorities when they refused to take off their crosses, according to Austrian officials.

On a planned visit on Thursday to the wall — the holiest place where Jews can pray — the bishops were given an ultimatum by the rabbi of the site: Either remove the crosses or stand behind a fence several meters (yards) from the site. The bishops refused the request and watched people praying from behind the fence, according to an Austrian official.

"They were a bit disappointed they were not let into the wall," said Arad Benko, spokesman for the Austrian embassy. "It was a disappointing moment." He said the bishops were not informed before the visit that wearing the crosses would be a problem.

Shmuel Rabinowitz, the rabbi of the Western Wall, said that while the site is open to all religions, worshippers are expected not to offend the sensitivities of Jews.

"Appearing like that at the wall plaza and at a meeting with me is insulting and provocative," Rabinowitz told the Israeli daily Maariv. "I told them that the pope didn't show up at the wall with a cross, but hid it."

On a historic visit to the holy land in 2000, Pope John Paul II prayed at the Western Wall, stuffing a prayer between the cracks — a Jewish ritual to ask God to fulfill a wish. Pictures show the pope wearing a cross while praying.

The 13 bishops were in Israel attending the annual Austrian Bishops Conference, held in the Holy Land for the first time. Led by the Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schoenborn, the bishops visited several sites, including the town of Bethlehem and Israel's Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem. They planned to pray at the Western Wall before they were turned away ...

Background on Zionist, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn here:

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The wall in question is the outer wall of the Roman Fort Antonio.