Friday, November 9, 2007

U.S. Attorney General Position Goes to Talmud Adherent

Michael Mukasey confirmed as attorney general

(CNN) -- After weeks of controversy over Michael Mukasey's views on waterboarding, the Senate late Thursday approved the former judge's nomination for attorney general by a 53-40 vote.

President Bush nominated Mukasey to replace longtime ally Alberto Gonzales, who resigned in September.

Background on Orthodox Judaic Mukasey and his adherance to the rabbinic Kol Nidre tradition of deceit here:

Bush Nominates Kol Nidre Upholding Talmudist for U.S. Attorney General

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Anonymous said...

More on oaths here and what may be in store for Mukasey and those who take the Kol Nidre rite:

"Wigmore has traced the long history of the oath from its 'summoning of Divine vengeance upon false swearing,' to 'a method of reminding the witness of the Divine punishment somewhere in store for false swearing,' 6 Wigmore on Evidence 285" Imbrie v. Marsh, 3 NJ 578, 71 A2d 352 at 354, 18 ALR2d 241 at 243 (1950)."