Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chanukah at the Vatican, 1997

Chanukah at the Vatican

Dec. 24, 1997

VATICAN (CWN) -- For the first time, Vatican officials and representatives of the Israeli government joined in a ceremony to celebrate Chanukah in the Vatican gardens yesterday, December 23, at nightfall. The ceremony also marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Israeli state.

The Holy See was represented at the ceremony by Cardinal Edward Cassidy, whose duties include oversight of Jewish-Christian relations; and Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran, the secretary for relations with states. Israel was represented by Aharon Lopez, the ambassador to the Holy See, and Moshe Katzav, vice prime minister in charge of tourism.

Similar ceremonies, marking both Chanukah and the anniversary of Israel's founding, were held in 33 cities around the world.

As he lit the first candle of the celebration, as the representative of Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Cassidy explained that the feast of Chanukah celebrates "the victory of principles on compromise, on faith above force," and suggested that the same principles should be brought to the fore today. Under those circumstances, he said, Israel could look forward to a life of peace and security for all its peoples.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to write this message here as it's not related to the context...
I am looking for the complete list of the jews being made knigths into the Order of St. Gregory the Great by the so-called popes John-Paul II and Benedict XVI. I have made my own list :

- Joseph Lichten : 5 may 1986
- Gilbert Levine : dec 1994 (said he was jewish number 4 to become papal knigth)
- Walter Annenberg : 14 mars 1998
- Gary Krupp : 12 january 1998 or 29 July 2000 (found both dates ???)
- Rabbi Walter Jacob : 2005
- Rabbi David Rosen : Nov 2005
- Rabbi Leon Klenicki : 2007

I also have :
- sir Sigmund Sternberg : 1985...

If someone could help me to complete and/or revise my list, he is welcome :-)

Anonymous said...

Goodness Gracious. They publicly say that Hannukah is about the Maccabees. Yeah those Maccabees really "compromised" and didn't use "force."