Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No Obstacle Too High to Separate Brothers, Except Cash

The December 12th meeting between Vatican and Israeli officials to discuss tax and financial issues related to Church property in "Israel" has ended once again in disappointment for the Vatican and Benedict has now decided that the time is not right for a papal visit to the "holy land" of fugitive criminals, ecstasy dealers, white slavery, racial supremacy, apartheid, cluster bombings, spying, crushing oppression of Palestinians, women, Christians, and home to today's version of the Sanhedrin which condemned Christ to death.

And in recent years Benedict has questioned the Christian claim to biblical scripture, bowed before Holocaustolatry, created Talmudic papal knights, and on his watch the Vatican has claimed a biblical basis for the anti-biblical Talmudic "Noahide Laws," among countless other examples of their trampling upon the Gospel in the name of "Jewish-Catholic relations," but it seems the one thing that comes between Benedict and his elder brothers is cash.

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