Saturday, December 22, 2007

Please Donate for the Publishing of a Greatly Needed Critical Examination of Judaism

Michael A. Hoffman is preparing for printing of a massive book on rabbinic Judaism, Judaism Discovered but funds are needed to cover printing costs for this massive work. Please make a donation at:

or consider purchasing some of Michael A. Hoffman's other books, pamphlets and audio lectures at:

This book is the antidote to the 30' tall menorahs in front of the White House and U.S. court buildings, Talmud-loving Supreme Court Judges, and the Noahide "Holocaust" state religion. It will undoubtedly render disasterous "dialogue" with "elder brothers" so ridiculous that philo-Judaic and crypto-Judaic Vatican prelates may possibly return to the good old days when they at least made a pretense of being Catholic.

Blogs and internet activism are fleeting. It will take a serious work of this nature to have a lasting and significant impact. Please help to make the publishing of this work possible.

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Merry Christmas, "Maurice." May the Lord's harvest be bountiful in the coming year.