Thursday, December 6, 2007

They're Not Invincible

The battle is about much more than just holiday decorations. This and much greater can be accomplished when people take appropriate action.

Update: Jewish Federation rescinds request, apologizes
Hyde Park will leave Nativity scene

Thursday, December 6, 2007

By John Davis
Poughkeepsie Journal

HYDE PARK – A manger scene will remain on the lawn of town hall.

A day after asking the town to remove the nativity scene, Bonnie Meadow, executive director of the Jewish Federation of Dutchess County, has withdrawn her request.

The public outcry following her request was more than Meadow expected, she said in a letter today to Hyde Park Supervisor Pompey Delafield. She had asked the town to remove the manger scene, claiming it offended some non-Christians in Hyde Park and that it violated federal law.

“I never dreamt that my request to remove the nativity scene at the offices of the Town of Hyde Park would upset so many people so much,” Meadow said in the letter. “It was never my intent to hurt anyone or to spoil their holidays. In view of the public outcry, I hereby rescind my request to you.

“I apologize for whatever difficulty this may have caused and I wish you and your community a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays,” she said.

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John Zebedee said...

The Chabbad Lubavitch or Synagogue of Satan are behind these menorah 'erections' and the attacks on our traditional Nativity displays...and these particular Chassidim are weasels &
should be confronted and dealt with accordingly...Jesus (in Luke)
gives us 'permission to tread on snakes & scorpions'...spiritually, of course.

Anonymous said...

Take down the menorahs, one at a time. Keep them out of the public square, and put them back iuaJewish neighbourhoods were vthey belong!

Steve Dalton

John Zebedee said...

Take down the menorahs, one at a time. Keep them out of the public square, and put them back iuaJewish neighbourhoods were they belong!

The problem is, you would have to move them all to the Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn!...the Chabbad Hassidim really don't 'have' any neighborhoods that I know of anywhere but Brooklyn, and this is the problem...they are merely a factional group that has no real following in most of the Jewish community; but they form/and are used as a pressure group, whose main purpose is to oppose Christianity at every turn...for instance, there is no Chassidic community in Philadelphia of any consequence, yet through their national organization, and funds, they impose these menorahs on various municipalities...but my main complaint is where is the voice of the Catholic Church to be heard in this matter?

Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky said...

Happy Hanukah!

Hail3N1 said...

Who in the hell do they think they are requesting the Nativity removed!? Goes to show you the arrogance and power hungary Pharasees that they are! If they wish to continue with stripping any vestige of Christianity then it's time to post big and Bold their undauntingly discrimminatory and degradation of all Gentiles so stated in their "holy book" of the TALMUD! They try to keep it secret, but its past due to bring awareness of who they really are!