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This is Not Entertainment

The research and writing presented on this blog is not intended as entertainment for a small group of readers. This is an informative blog and it's intended that the information be passed along. So far, this has not happened in any significant way. I have not asked for money. I don't ask for recognition. I only expect that those who benefit from this blog promote it to others so that they may also benefit. I believe this is reasonable. This blog is an activist effort and it should be engendering the same in others.

If you're content to have Catholic prelates continue to peddle the ignominious lie that the tradition of post-Temple rabbinic Judaism has something to do with Christianity, and to live with the catastrophic consequences of that lie put into practice, I recommend that you continue as you have--continue suppressing this blog and the information uncovered by it. Put your support behind the old "resistance" who'd have you believe that Benedict the "conservative" and his papal rabbi-knights are "cleaning house."

This is not directed to the handful of individuals who have made efforts to promote this information. Each reader knows where they stand on the matter.

More Signs of What to Expect from the October Synod

Background on this HERE and HERE. Apparently Cardinal Martini, who has called for this synod, intends that Christians learn from post-Temple rabbinic teaching. And note that Martini claims that the focus of this synod is to bring all things Catholic more into keeping with scripture--this even as it is reported that the scripture-based language of the Good Friday prayer for the conversion of the Jews from the 1962 Latin missal will be altered to suit modern, non-biblical sensibilities.

Italian cardinal hopes synod helps draw Catholics closer to Scripture

By Cindy Wooden

Catholic News Service--Jan-31-2008

ROME (CNS) -- Italian Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, the retired archbishop of Milan and biblical scholar who repeatedly asked for a world Synod of Bishops on the Bible, said he hopes October's synod on the topic will focus on practical pastoral initiatives to bring Catholics closer to the Scriptures.

The Oct. 5-26 synod should be "a pastoral discernment" aimed at helping the church offer Catholics "authentic itineraries of worship, prayer and service" based on the Bible, he said in an article published in La Civilta Cattolica, a Jesuit journal reviewed by the Vatican prior to publication.

Cardinal Martini said the synod also should be an "examination of conscience" of how well the church has put into practice the teachings of the Second Vatican Council's document on divine revelation, "Dei Verbum."

A chapter of the synod outline or "lineamenta," published last April, focused on how the church nourishes itself with the word of God "in liturgy and in prayer, in evangelization and catechesis, in exegesis and in theology, and in the life of the believer," he said.

"I think that all of these areas are important and deserve the attention of the synod fathers," the cardinal said, particularly because too many Catholics still do not read the Bible on their own or in groups and only hear the Scriptures at Mass.

The cardinal said he hoped the synod would avoid "prolonged and abstract" discussions on matters already dealt with by the Second Vatican Council, such as the relationship between Scripture and tradition, or an examination of particular methods of biblical interpretation and scholarship.

Also, he said, focusing on "The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church," the synod's theme, the gathering should avoid placing an emphasis on "individual revealed truths," looking instead at the fact that God has revealed himself through the Scriptures.

Cardinal Martini said he hoped the synod would come up with concrete suggestions for bringing the Bible closer to the lives of Catholics.

He said his first suggestion would be that even at a daily Mass, where homilies usually are not given, the celebrant should offer a brief reflection -- "no longer than three minutes" -- on the day's Scripture readings.

A more difficult, but essential task, he said, is finding ways to help Catholics learn to pray with the Scriptures during their private prayers.

Cardinal Martini, who taught in Jerusalem and lives there much of the year, said the synod also must remind Catholics how much the Jewish tradition and modern Jewish scholarship have to teach them about the Bible, particularly the Old Testament.

"It is not enough to avoid any anti-Semitic feelings," he said. "One must reach the point of loving the Jewish people and all the expressions of their life and culture: their literature, art, folklore and religiousness. Only then can we establish those ties that will lead not only to overcoming mistrust and prejudices, but to collaborating for the good of humanity."

Judaism's Prophesies Come From Children, Mentally Deranged Persons and Birds

In keeping with Cardinal Martini's wishes, I bring teachings from the rabbinic tradition. This is the religion of Judaism which Vatican prelates claim Christianity has "sprung from"--a religion whose prophets are children, mentally deranged persons and birds:

"Ever since the day that the Temple was destroyed, prophesy has been taken from the prophets and given to fools and children." (Babylonian Talmud, Bava Bathra 12b)

The Talmud passage then goes on to give examples of rabbis receiving prophesies from a lunatic and a child.

Another example from Zohar:

Rabbi Hiyya said, "Thirty days before a nation rises to power or is taken by calamity on earth, that event is proclaimed to the world. Sometimes it is proclaimed by the mouths of children, sometimes through people who have no sense, and sometimes that word is transmitted through the mouths of birds, who announce it to the world, yet no one notices." (Zohar II 6b)

This Zohar passage then goes on to give accounts of rabbis receiving prophetic messages from a bird as it flies in the sky and from passing children.

A recent example of this belief in practice was documented at this blog at the following link:

Kabbalists: Great, Miraculous War Coming

Monday, January 28, 2008

Benedict's Elder Brother, Israeli Chief Rabbi Calls For Religious/Ethnic Cleansing

Last year this lunatic Chief Rabbi of "Israel," Yona Metzger was given a platform at the Vatican to pronounce that "lack of action against [Iran] is a cardinal sin." Benedict supported Rabbi Metzger's edict by encouraging Christians to cooperate with "Jews" (but not Muslims) "for justice and peace in the world." This must be the "justice and peace" he had in mind.

background here:

Rabbinic Moralizing and Warmongering from Rome

Gazans belong in Sinai, says Chief Rabbi Metzger

By Saul Sadka, Haaretz

January 28, 2008

LONDON - Gazans should be transfered to the Sinai Peninsula where a Palestinian state could be constructed for them in the desert, according to Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, in an interview with the British weekly "The Jewish News."

Metzger also said that while Muslims should be allowed to pray in the mosques on the Temple Mount, Muslims "have no connection to Jerusalem", and must recognize that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. Muslims have Mecca and Medina, "you don't need a third place."

Metzger called for Britain, the European Union and the United States to assist in the construction of a Palestinian state in the Sinai Desert. According to Metzger, the plan would be to "take all the poor people from Gaza to move them to a wonderful new modern country with trains, buses, cars, like in Arizona. This will be a solution for the poor people - they will have a nice county, and we shall have our country and we shall live in peace."

Video of the above mentioned interview with Rabbi Metzer is here:

And note that the Rabbi proposes that the U.S., Great Britain and the European Union pay for his ethnic cleansing plan. And this, after he declares that as a "religious" figure he doesn't make political statements!

Also see:

Israeli Chief Rabbi Thanks Bush for War On Iraq

A Heartwarming Elder Brother Tale

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The Purpose of Damien Thomson's Cheerleading

Readers of this blog will have anticipated this since November 2007 when Damien Thomson's strange campaign to paint Benedict as a staunch conservative was addressed. Read that blog entry here:

A few days ago we disposed with the argument that the language of the prayer for the conversion of the Jews from the Good Friday liturgy is "offensive" "antisemitism", showing that the language is taken from the Old Testament which today's "Jews" hold up as their totem. Read that blog entry here:

Now, from The Catholic Herald, a truly offensive neocon rag for which Damien Thomson serves as chief editor, we see this editorial in which it is argued that the language of the Good Friday liturgy should be changed because it is "insulting," "offensive" and "antisemitic."

Also, a strange historical-relativist argument is put forth that in order for the 1962 Latin Missal to be part of a "living heritage" it must conform to the present "legitimate" zeitgeist, which, consequently, is absolutely foreign to, and is indeed hostile to the 2000-year tradition of the Church founded on immutable truths. The implication is that failure to bring the Latin Missal into conformity with the Holocaustolatry of our times, where everything is gauged in reference to the Auschwitz homocidal gas chambers myth instead of the true point of reference-- Calvary, will render the Latin Mass part of a "dead," "antisemitic" heritage, and those who adhere to it, loathsome "Jew-haters."

A Missal for the 21st century

If it is true that Pope Benedict is to rewrite the traditional Latin Good Friday Prayer from the 1962 (Tridentine) Missal to remove insulting references to the “blindness” of the Jews, then we warmly welcome his initiatives. For, in doing so, the Holy Father will send out two powerful signals.

First, that the language of the prayer is offensive. These patronising references to the Jews are an invitation to anti-Semitism – indeed, precisely the sort of anti-Semitism that lurks on the fringes of the traditionalist movement, though the problem is largely confined to communities outside the official structures of the Church. In future, no one will be able to invoke an approved Missal to justify anti-Jewish feeling. Some Lefebvrists may throw up their hands in horror, but that helps explain why they are not in full communion with the Holy See.

Second, the apparent willingness of the Holy Father to rewrite a controversial prayer from the “Tridentine Rite” (as it was once known) underlines a crucial point: that the 1962 Missal of Blessed Pope John XXIII forms part of the Church’s living liturgical heritage. As Pope Benedict’s apostolic letter Summorum Pontificum made clear, the classical form of the Roman Rite may not be the normative text of the Mass, but it enjoys full parity with the 1970 Missal.

The rights of Catholics who prefer the classical form to the Novus Ordo have been obscured for 40 years; they were restored on July 7, 2007, though we may have to wait before local bishops accept the new reality. But with rights come responsibilities. If traditionalists are to rebut the charge that their liturgical preferences are a reflection of their nostalgia, then they must demonstrate that the classical rite is as suited to the 21st century as it was to the 16th. One way to do this is to accept that the older Missal is not set in stone – how could it be, when it bears the date of 1962? – and can be revised to take account of the legitimate sensibilities and insights of our own generation. Then it will truly deserve the title of the Missal of the Ages.

The rights of Catholics who prefer the classical form to the Novus Ordo have been obscured for 40 years; they were restored on July 7, 2007, though we may have to wait before local bishops accept the new reality. But with rights come responsibilities. If traditionalists are to rebut the charge that their liturgical preferences are a reflection of their nostalgia, then they must demonstrate that the classical rite is as suited to the 21st century as it was to the 16th. One way to do this is to accept that the older Missal is not set in stone – how could it be, when it bears the date of 1962? – and can be revised to take account of the legitimate sensibilities and insights of our own generation. Then it will truly deserve the title of the Missal of the Ages.

One statement from Thomson's scribblings is worth repeating:

In future, no one will be able to invoke an approved Missal to justify anti-Jewish feeling. Some Lefebvrists may throw up their hands in horror, but that helps explain why they are not in full communion with the Holy See.

Thomson is either too stupid to realize that the Good Friday liturgy's "anti-Jewish" language is scripture-based, or he thinks traditionalists are too stupid to know it themselves. Judging from the wholly inadequate traditionalist commentary on this issue, one wonders if he'd be correct in assuming ignorance on their part.

Barack Obama: Certified Kosher

A variant of the email spoken of below was circulated among "trads" I'm sorry to say. I'm even more sorry to have to say that this comes as no surprise.

From the Israeli newspaper, Yediot Aharonot:

Jewish groups condemn attacks on Obama

Yitzhak Benhorin

01.16.08, Yediot Aharonot

Leaders of the Jewish organizations in the United States issued a joint letter Tuesday night condemning the email being distributed both in Hebrew and in English attacking Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

In the email, Obama is depicted as a Muslim pretending to be a Christian and seeking to take over the White House and handing it over to the control of al-Qaeda.

In an open letter to the Jewish community, the leaders said that they would not endorse or oppose any candidate for president, but felt compelled to speak out against "certain rhetoric and tactics in the current campaign that we find particularly abhorrent".

"Of particular concern, over the past several weeks, many in our community have received hateful emails that use falsehood and innuendo to mischaracterize Senator Barack Obama's religious beliefs and who he is as a person."

The letter was signed by Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League; William Daroff, vice president of the United Jewish Communities; David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee; Nathan J. Diament, director of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America; Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center; Richard S. Gordon, president of the American Jewish Congress; Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism; Phyllis Snyder, president of the National Council of Jewish Women; and Hadar Susskind, Washington director of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs ...

Full article:,7340,L-3494849,00.html

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Who Says Judaism Isn't a Proselytizing System?

Contrary to common belief, proselytism is a very important part of Judaism. But the rabbis don't seek new converts to Judaism. Judaism is only for "The Jews." The rabbis have concocted a lower-tier religion for non-"Jews" who they hold to be of a lower-tier species than so-called "Jews".

From Rabbi Shlomo Riskin writing for the Jerusalem Post:

And Maimonides rules that only the Jews must keep the 613 commandments for ultimate "salvation"; it is enough for the gentile world to accept the Seven Noahide Laws of morality (Laws of Kings [Hilchot Melachim] 8,10).

But we certainly must proselytize every human being to keep those seven laws - do not worship an idol, do not misuse God's Name, do not murder, do not commit licentious sexual acts, do not steal, respect all creatures, and create a judicial system to enforce the first six laws. (Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, "Parashat Yitro: Every Knee Shall Bend," Jerusalem Post, Jan 24, 2008)

Rabbi Riskin fails to mention how Maimonides provided for the distinctness of the two-tiered Judaic system of law to be enforced:

A gentile who studies Torah is liable to the death penalty. They should be involved in the study of their Seven Mitzvot ["Noahide Laws"] only. (Moses Maimonides, Hilchot Melachim 10:9, Moznaim Publishing edition)

And so you see, rabbinic Judaism compels Judaic people to seek proselytes not to their own religion, but to a lower-tier system which the rabbis fabricted for non-"Jews:" the so-called "Noahide Laws." It is worth mentioning, however, that cajoling proselytism to the "Noahide Laws" would turn to convert-or-die compulsion where Judaic rule is open and fully consolidated.

In 2004 JPII misrepresented his elder brother Maimonides and his murderous system of "proselytizing," praising Maimonides as a figure of benevolence, and rejoicing in his vision of the Judaic Messianic age, which Maimonides wrote would be a time when all Christians would either give up their fundamental beliefs and accept the talmudic "Noahide Laws" or be executed. More on that here:

More on the "Noahide Laws" here:

Also of interest, see this transcript of Rabbi Riskin interviewed on the Larry King Show defending the presidential pardon of his good friend and convicted fraudster Marc Rich from Bill Clinton:

Friday, January 25, 2008

More "Neo-Nazi" Activity Traced Back to Judaic Source

It's only been a few months since the last Judaic "neo-Nazi" incident in NYC:

Pipe-bomb suspect may have targeted Jewish sites


January 21, 2008

A Brooklyn Heights man arrested on charges of making pipe bombs has also confessed to scrawling swastikas and hate messages in the neighborhood, according to police, and they are trying to figure out if the suspect planned to target synagogues or other sites with the arsenal found in his apartment, sources said.

Investigators said Ivaylo Ivanov, 37, at first told them he needed the weapons -- eight pipe bombs, including one stuffed in a foam football, handguns, a rifle, a shotgun, two silencers, a crossbow, gunpowder and machines to help build the bombs -- for protection. He also told police he planned to use the bombs for fishing ...

Ivanov was arrested Sunday after he called 911 and told police someone had shot him in the finger, but he told police later he had accidentally shot himself. Police who responded to his apartment said they found the weapons cache. Investigators are examining Ivanov's computer.

Late Sunday, after more than 12 hours in custody on weapons charges, Ivanov told detectives he spray-painted swastikas or hate messages at two synagogues and four other buildings, on nine cars and on sidewalks.

The vandalism, mostly swastikas, included one four-foot-high symbol of hate inside an apartment building on Columbia Place, police said. The suspect also allegedly wrote "Kill all Jews" and "America hates Jews" on fliers left on two cars.

Ivanov's lawyer, Adrian Lesher, said Ivanov is a linguist and is himself Jewish.

"The defendant basically led police to the apartment in a situation that was almost calculated," Lesher said at the arraignment ...

Early Sunday, Ivanov called 911 and said an attacker had shot him in the left index finger. Officers who responded to Ivanov's Remsen Street apartment found the bullet lodged in a chair, then got a search warrant, finding the guns and crossbow on his mattress and the pipe bombs, complete with caps and fuses and believed to be fully functional, in a closet.

Ivanov lives in the apartment with Michael Clatts, an associate professor at Columbia University who specializes in studying the spread of infectious diseases ...,0,7520366.story?coll=ny_home_rail_headlines

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Israeli "Defense" Force's Hasidic Snipers

The media for goys disassociates the Israeli military with Judaism making it appear to be a modern, secular organization as a means of disassociating IDF racism and brutality from the rabbinic tradition which it is rooted in. Not so in the Judaic media.

Talmud studies credited for sniper excellence

Jerusalem Post

Jan 21, 2008

While members of the Nahal Haredi Battalion have decided to abandon the yeshiva benches in exchange for an M-16 rifle in the IDF, their past study of intricate Talmudic passages is assisting them today in turning into top-of-the-line combat soldiers.

Last week, soldiers from the battalion - also known as Netzah Yehuda - came in first place in a sharp-shooting course at the Adam Training Facility near Modi'in.

Representatives of the Golani and Givati Brigades also participated in the course, during which soldiers are trained to become sharpshooters and are taught to use mathematical equations to calculate the affect wind and distance will have on their shot.

Nahal Haredi, which belongs to the Kfir Brigade and is based in the Jordan Valley, was established eight years ago as a single company. Today it is a full battalion with three companies and an elite counterterror squad.

Most of the battalion's 700 soldiers are recruited in Israel and come from a haredi or national religious background.

A Haredi source involved with the battalion said Monday that the soldiers' impressive results were due to their past Talmud studies, which helped them develop analytical skills.

The source said the battalion's scores were the best obtained this past year at the facility.

"Since the soldiers are haredi, they never really studied advanced math," the source said. "The course trainers broke their heads trying to figure out how the soldiers caught on so quickly until they realized that due to their experience studying Talmud it was a piece of cake for them to understand how to solve the complicated equations."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

350,000 Starving Palestinians Flood into Egypt

'I told Gazans to come and eat'

Jan 23, 2008

Jerusalem Post

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians crossed into Egypt from Gaza on Wednesday after gunmen destroyed about two-thirds of the Gaza-Egypt border wall. Most of the Gazans returned after stocking up on food and other basic supplies that have become scarce due to the blockade imposed on the territory by Israel.

UN personnel said they estimated the number of Palestinians who entered Egypt to be 350,000.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced that he had ordered his troops to allow Palestinians to cross into Egypt because they were starving.

Speaking at the Cairo International Book fair, Mubarak told reporters that when Palestinians began breaking through the Gaza-Egypt border at Rafah by force, he told his men to let them in to buy food before escorting them out.

"I told them to let them come in and eat and buy food and then return them later as long as they were not carrying weapons," he said, in answer to reporters' questions.

Mubarak said his border guards originally had forced back the Gazans on Tuesday.

"But today a great number of them came back because the Palestinians in Gaza are starving due to the Israeli siege. Egyptian troops accompanied them to buy food and then allowed them to return to the Gaza Strip," he added.

Mubarak also criticized Hamas for continuing to fire missiles into Israel, saying that it was not helping the situation. He said that he had been in contact with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and helped convince him to resume fuel shipments into Gaza.

"Although fuel was sent and electricity was back, some on the Palestinian side then fired seven missiles," he said. "This does not help to bring quiet."

Also Wednesday, Israel Radio reported that Egyptian police forcefully dispersed a protest held in Egypt in support of Gaza Palestinians. Police officers used tear gas on the crowd and arrested some 500 people, most of them members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Israel is worried about the chaos on the Gaza-Egypt border, and expects Egypt to solve the problem, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Wednesday, several hours after the Gazans poured into Egypt.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Arye Mekel noted that Israel has no forces on the Gaza-Egypt border. Therefore, he said, "It is the responsibility of Egypt to ensure that the border operates properly, according to the signed agreements," he said. "We expect the Egyptians to solve the problem. Obviously we are worried about the situation. It could potentially allow anybody to enter."

Egyptian border guards and Hamas police took no action as Palestinians hurried over the border and began returning with bags of food, boxes of cigarettes and plastic bottles of fuel.

The chaotic scenes came on the sixth day of a complete closure of Gaza, imposed by Israel and backed by Egypt, in response to a spike in Gaza rocket attacks on Israeli border towns. Hamas has orchestrated daily demonstrations on the Gaza-Egypt border, in an apparent attempt to appeal to Arab public opinion and pressure Egypt to open the passage.

On Tuesday, Israel eased the closure slightly, transferring fuel to restart Gaza's only power plant, and also sent in some cooking gas, food and medicine. Israel has pledged to continue limited shipments because of concerns that a humanitarian crisis could develop.

Before dawn Wednesday, Palestinian gunmen began blowing holes in the border wall running along the Gaza-Egypt border. Hamas security later closed most holes, but left two open and allowed free traffic through those.

Hamas appears to be applying pressure on Egypt, which has cooperated with Israel's sanctions by keeping the Rafah border closed. By affecting public opinion in Egypt, scenes of privation in Gaza could force Egypt to ease the border closure, allowing the Hamas regime to relieve its isolation.

An off-duty Hamas security officer who identified himself as Abdel Rahman, 29, said this was his first time out of Gaza. "I can smell the freedom," he said. "We need no border after today."

Mekel pledged Tuesday that the shipments would go on. "We will continue [Wednesday] and in the coming days to deliver more aid to Gaza until all promised supplies get across," he said.

The Defense Ministry ruled late Tuesday that 250,000 liters of diesel fuel would be transferred into Gaza daily, but the crossings would remain closed to other goods and people until further notice.

Benedict to Meet World Council of Churches, Kasper to Recieve WCC Reward

Shortly after World War II, three antichrist organizations emerged from the Ordo Ab Chao process, The United Nations, The World Council of Churches and "Israel." The Vatican recognizes and participates with all three of them.

WCC head and Pope to meet in Rome at climax of unity week

22 Jan 2008


Pope Benedict XVI and the Rev Dr Samuel Kobia, general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC), along with high-level representatives of the Roman Catholic Church and the WCC, will meet in Rome on Friday 25 January 2008, at the centennial of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

On Friday morning, the WCC general secretary will meet the Pope in a private audience along with members of the Joint Working Group between the Roman Catholic Church and the WCC.

The group, an inter-church think-tank advising the parent bodies on areas of common concern, is holding its annual plenary meeting in Rome from 21-26 January.

Pope Benedict XVI will preside at an ecumenical Vespers service at the Roman basilica of St Paul's Outside-the-Walls at 5.30pm that same day. During the service, Dr Kobia will bring greetings on behalf of the fellowship of 347 churches constituting the WCC - Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican and indigenous.

The ecumenical service will conclude the 18-25 January period during which the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is traditionally observed in the northern hemisphere, while in the global south the days around Pentecost are favoured.

2008 marks the 100th anniversary of the week of prayer, which every year is celebrated by millions of Christians all over the world.

An ecumenical award will be presented to the two bodies which, for 40 years have jointly prepared and promoted the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (PCPCU) and the Faith and Order Commission of the WCC.

The Paul Wattson Christian Unity Award will be presented by the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement to Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the PCPCU; Rev Dr John Gibaut, WCC director of Faith and Order; and his predecessor, Rev Dr Thomas F. Best. The ceremony on Thursday, 24 January, 4.30pm, at the Centro Pro Unione includes a lecture by Kasper and an ecumenical service at which Gibaut will preach.

The award takes its name from one of the initiators of the first Octave of Prayer for Church Unity held in January 1908 in Graymoor, New York, by the Society of the Atonement, a small religious community in the Franciscan tradition.

The first celebration of the octave 100 years ago is recalled as the foundational moment of the week of prayer in this year's centennial celebrations.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Rabbis' Hatred for the Good Friday Liturgy is Based in their Hatred for Moses and Isaiah

"Trads" have been active with commentary and discussion regarding a report that Benedict will issue a change in the traditional Latin Good Friday liturgy. So far, no official statement has been made so there's no use in speculating further on that. What is well known, however, is that if such a change is made, it will be due to Judaic lobbying from groups such as the misnamed Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Congress, Chief Rabbinate of "Israel" and others.

As I read "trad" commentary I'm saddened by the lack of understanding of the tradition which these "trads" presume to represent.

The bulk of discussion has dealt with the prayer's focus on conversion and fear that this may be the target of change. I suspect Benedict is far too cagey to make such a move. He needs to uphold that phony facade of conservatism which he's conjured up with much help from the establishment via propagandist,
Damien Thomson, and "trad" outfits such as "The Remnant."

What is it about this prayer that Judaic organizations are most offended by? The language of the prayer--references to spiritual blindness and veil-covered hearts. This is highly offensive to Benedict's elder brothers and they say religious relations will be damaged by the return of this prayer. At least one Cardinal says that we can't possibly insult his elder brothers in our liturgy.

Now, you may be saying, well maybe it wouldn't make much difference if "blindness" and "veil" were removed from the liturgy as long as we can still pray for the conversion of the "Jews." But I would say, what next? Shall we also change the passages of Scripture that the Good Friday prayer derives from? Let us look at the Old Testament scripture from which the language of the Good Friday prayer is taken:

And all the children of Israel came to him: and he gave them in commandment all that he had heard of the Lord in mount Sinai. And having done speaking, he put a veil upon his face. (Exodus 34;32-33)

And the Lord hath not given you a heart to understand, and eyes to see, and ears that may hear, unto this present day. (Deuteronomy 29;4)

I have brought up children, and exalted them: but they have despised me ... Go, and thou shalt say to this people: Hearing, hear, and understand not: and see the vision, and know it not. Blind the heart of this people, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes: lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted and I heal them.
(Isaiah 1:2–3; 6:9–10)

For the Lord hath mingled for you the spirit of a deep sleep, he will shut up your eyes, he will cover your prophets and princes, that see visions. (Isaiah 29;10)

Let their eyes be darkened that they see not; and their back bend thou down always. (Psalms 68;24)

Which St. Paul makes reference to in his second epistle to the Corinthians:

Having therefore such hope, we use much confidence: And not as Moses put a veil upon his face, that the children of Israel might not steadfastly look on the face of that which is made void. But their senses were made dull. For, until this present day, the selfsame veil, in the reading of the old testament, remaineth not taken away (because in Christ it is made void). But even until this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart. But when they shall be converted to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away. (Second Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, 3:12-16)

Jesus Christ Himself expounded on the prophesies of Isaiah regarding the spiritual blindness of Israel:

And the prophecy of Isaias is fulfilled in them, who saith: By hearing you shall hear, and shall not understand: and seeing you shall see, and shall not perceive. For the heart of this people is grown gross, and with their ears they have been dull of hearing, and their eyes they have shut: lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them. But blessed are your eyes, because they see, and your ears, because they hear. For, amen, I say to you, many prophets and just men have desired to see the things that you see, and have not seen them, and to hear the things that you hear and have not heard them.
(Matthew 13;14-17)

And so you see, in essence, it's not the Catholic liturgy that the Judaic lobbyists are so offended by, but the Bible itself which the Catholic liturgy derives from.

Perhaps this is an opportunity to again restate the fact that these "elder-brothers" hold up the Bible only as a totem; as a means of usurping the prestige and favor the world bestows upon perceived "people of the Book" while they secretly hate the Book and do everything possible to make void the sayings of the Book as Christ said their pharisaic spiritual forebears did (Matthew 15;6).

So hateful are the rabbis towards what the Bible has to say about the Israelites (whom they claim to descend from) and their spiritual blindness that they created a fable about the great Old Testament prophet Isaiah where they repay him for stating that Israel had unclean lips, a fact revealed by Michael A. Hoffman.

[Isaiah] thereupon pronounced [the Divine] Name and was swallowed up by a cedar. The cedar, however, was brought and sawn asunder. When the saw reached his mouth he died. [And this was his penalty] for having said, 'And I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips'. (Babylonian Talmud, Yebamoth 49b, Soncino Edition).

The rabbis claim that Isaiah was killed by having his own mouth sawed in half because he chastised the Israelites for their unclean lips. The rabbis have it that it was Isaiah who was wrong, not Israel.

And it is from Isaiah that the reference to spiritual blindness found in the traditional Good Friday prayer for the conversion of the Jews comes. This prayer isn't based in antipathy between medieval Catholics and "Jews." It's not "proof of the Church's 'anti-semitic' past" as the Judaic lobbyists claim. Its source is the Old Testament, specifically Moses and the prophet Isaiah! Their problem is fundamentally with the Old Testament prophet whom they hate so much that they childishly fictionally murder him as punishment for his "anti-semitism". This is what motivates the "elder brothers" and their lobbying for changes in the Good Friday liturgy.

And "trads" assume a defensive position in this matter? I say, wake up and turn the tables on counterfeit Israel, as Jesus Christ demonstrated how to do throughout the Gospel.

Follow Up on Spinka Tax Scheme

This is a follow up on this story: Elder Brothers Caught Scheming

The Spinka money trail -- and the informant who brought them down


Amy Klein, Jewish Journal

... on Dec. 19, 2007, the U.S. Attorney General's Office filed an indictment in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California naming the Chasidic yeshiva and four other Spinka organizations, as well as eight people, in a multimillion dollar tax fraud and money-laundering ring that stretched from Brooklyn to Los Angeles to Israel and elsewhere.

Two of those indicted are Rabbi Naftali Tzi Weisz, 59, the Grand Rabbi of Spinka, a Brooklyn-based Chasidic sect, whose yeshiva is in this undistinguished building, and his gabbai (assistant), Moshe Zigelman, 60.

Weisz is just one of a number of Grand Rebbes of Spinka, a Chasidic sect that originated in Romania in the 19th century. He is the great-great-grandson of the founding rabbi, and one of about a dozen Grand Spinka Rebbes who live in Boro Park or Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, or Bnei Brak and Jerusalem in Israel.

Four Los Angeles men were among those charged with taking part in the scheme: Yaacov (Yankel) Zeivald, 43, a self-described scribe (sofer) from Valley Village (photo, right); Yosef Nachum Naiman, 55, the owner of Shatz Et Naiman, d.b.a. Jerusalem Tours; Alan Jay Friedman, 43, a businessman from Pico-Robertson who sits on the board of the Orthodox Union; and Moshe Lazar, 60, owner of Lazar Diamonds, a Los Angeles jewelry company.

Although many of the details of the case have not yet been revealed -- a trial date is set for Feb. 12, but the defendants' lawyers say it will be postponed at least a year -- what is emerging from the indictment, the search warrant and other documents of public record is a complex money-laundering scheme. According to the documents, people donated money to the Spinka institutions but then received 80 percent to 95 percent of their donations back, yet wrote off the full amount on their taxes.

These charges are just the beginning of a much larger case, Daniel J. O'Brien, an assistant U.S. attorney in the major frauds section, based in Los Angeles, said in an interview with The Journal.

"There were many other people that contributed in this fashion that would be the subject of government investigations," O'Brien said.

While O'Brien said he has documentation that the Spinka institutions took in about $750,000 through the scheme -- then writing receipts for $8.7 million -- in 2007 alone, the assistant U.S. attorney believes the fraud has been going on for decades: "I believe this goes on beyond living memory," possibly for generations.

This is certainly not the first time an ultra-Orthodox sect has been accused of attempting to break the laws of the secular government -- aramos, or schemes, were perpetrated over the centuries in the shtetls of Europe. In the last decade, arrests have occurred in religious communities in Brooklyn, Lakewood, N.J., and upstate New York.

However, this particular case has shocked Los Angeles' ultra-Orthodox community, not only because Los Angeles had largely been exempt from such cases in the past, but also because some of the city's prominent members have been charged as being at the center of the scheme.

As a result, the case has sparked a fierce debate about the type of behavior that is acceptable for observant people and what type of religious community Los Angeles would like to be. But there's also debate about the laws of a moser, an informant, because one person who was not charged was the primary source of information for the federal case -- though he allegedly started out as one of the perpetrators ...

Full Article:

A reader who sent in this article comments:

A quite interesting follow-up article; note the lack of moral outrage over the -alleged- crime, the main problem being the debate over the moser.

"the fraud has been going on for decades: "I believe this goes on beyond living memory," possibly for generations."

"aramos, or schemes, were perpetrated over the centuries in the shtetls of Europe."

The writer conveniently omits the fact this kind of behaviour could lead to the irrational mental disease affecting Christian victims of those swindlers, known as anti-semitism.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Most Tribes Confess Their Human Sacrifice Traditions

Let's face it, ritual human sacrifice is real. My ancient Celtic ancestors are said to have practiced it before, through God's mercy, they were converted to Christ and became civilized. I have no problem with acknowledging this. Many pagan cultures have engaged in this savage practice. The Bible records that the apostate Israelites ritually sacrificed their children to the pagan deity, Moloch, making them "pass through the fire" in a true holocaust. It was King Solomon who likely introduced this terrible practice to the Israelites--the same King Solomon whom the Judaic stepchildren, the Mason's with their ritual murder tradition hold so dear. Funny how today's counterfeit "Israelites" attempt to ritually destroy anyone who so much as whispers of a mere possibility that some sects of Judaism engaged in some cases of ritual human sacrifice in past centuries. And by the way, if you haven't read Professor Ariel Toaff's highly suppressed book on the topic, I recommend that you access it for free and pass it along here:

I ate children's hearts, ex-rebel says

By Jonathan Paye-Layleh
BBC News, Monrovia

Milton Blahyi, a former feared rebel commander in Liberia's brutal civil war, has admitted to taking part in human sacrifices as part of traditional ceremonies intended to ensure victory in battle.

He said the sacrifices "included the killing of an innocent child and plucking out the heart, which was divided into pieces for us to eat."

There had been numerous rumours of human sacrifices during the 1979-93 conflict but this is the first time anyone has admitted publically to the practice.

Mr Blahyi, 37, is better known in Liberia as "General Butt Naked" because he went into combat with no clothes on, to scare the enemy.

He is now an Evangelist preacher, who prefers to use the name Joshua.

He was speaking to the BBC, after telling Liberia's Truth Commission that his forces had killed 20,000 people.

Full Article:

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Canada Identifies U.S., "Israel" as Torture States, and then Apologizes

Witness the rabbinic double-standard at play. Torture is most certainly common procedure for "Israel" and the United States military and intelligence agencies and their proxy torturers in Syria and Egypt, but to be identified and categorized for this practice with the other torture states is completely unacceptable to them, as accurate as it may be. The moral high ground is not the objective. Only the perception of such. To state the truth and damage the carefully propped up illusion is a damnable offense--a lesson in Talmudic "morality" which Canadian officials are now learning to understand in depth. The offense is not an offense. But to identify the offense and the "chosen" offender, that is an egregious offense.

Envoys given manual on `torture awareness'

Guantanamo, China, Iran, Israel listed as possible sites for abuse

Michelle Shephard
National Security Reporter

Jan 17, 2008

While Canada's foreign affairs officials publicly state they accept U.S. assurances that Toronto-born detainee Omar Khadr is being treated humanely, consular officials are being warned privately that Guantanamo Bay is a possible site of torture.

A Foreign Affairs Department training manual titled "Torture Awareness Workshop Reference Materials," gives the legal definitions of torture and instructs consular officials how to detect signs of abuse of Canadians detained abroad.

Under the heading, "Possible Torture/Abuse Cases," the manual lists Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Guantanamo Bay, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Syria and United States.

Since Khadr's capture in July 2002, the Canadian government has accepted assurances from the U.S. government that he is being treated humanely despite the international outcry over allegations of abuse at Guantanamo.

Khadr told his lawyers that he was abused during interrogations at Guantanamo and was once left shackled for hours until he urinated on himself. When the guards returned, Khadr alleged, he had cleaning solvent poured on him and was then used as a "human mop."

"It is disgraceful that Canada, well-aware that torture takes place in Guantanamo, has been silent about protecting Omar Khadr's rights," Khadr's Canadian lawyer, Dennis Edney, said yesterday.

"They knew that torture is alive and well."

The Canadian Press reported the manual was inadvertently released to lawyers working on a lawsuit involving abuse of Afghanistan detainees by Canadians ...

Full Article:

3 days later:

Canada to take Israel off torture list

By MARK WEISS, Jerusalem Post

Jan. 20, 2008

Canada plans to remove both Israel and the US from a list drawn up by the Foreign Ministry in Ottawa of countries where prisoners risk torture and abuse.

On Saturday Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier issued a statement apologizing for the fact that the two Canadian allies were included in a training manual list on torture awareness distributed to Canadian diplomats and other organizations, including Amnesty International.

"I regret the embarrassment caused by the public disclosure of the manual used in the department's torture awareness training," the foreign minister said. "It contains a list that wrongly includes some of our closest allies. I have directed that the manual be reviewed and rewritten. The manual is neither a policy document nor a statement of policy. As such, it does not convey the government's views or positions."

A Foreign Ministry spokesman in Jerusalem noted that both Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met with Bernier in Jerusalem last week and Bernier did not raise the issue of torture and Israeli human rights policy during the discussions.

Michael Mendel, the Israeli Embassy spokesman in Ottawa, commented on Israel's initial inclusion in the list by noting that Israel's Supreme Court "is on record as expressly prohibiting any type of torture. If Israel is included in the list in question, the ambassador of Israel would expect its removal," he said.

The Canadian Foreign Affairs Department document, released Friday, singled out the US detention center at Guantanamo Bay. It also named Israel, Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Syria as places where inmates could face torture.

The listing also drew a sharp response from the US, a key Canadian NATO ally and trading partner, which asked to be removed from the manual.

"We find it to be offensive for us to be on the same list with countries like Iran and China. Quite frankly it's absurd," US Ambassador David Wilkins said. "For us to be on a list like that is just ridiculous."

He said the US does not authorize or condone torture. "We think it should be removed and we've made that request. We have voiced our opinion very forcefully," Wilkins said.

The Canadian government inadvertently released the manual to lawyers for Amnesty International who are working on a lawsuit involving alleged abuse of Afghan detainees by local Afghan authorities, after the detainees were handed over by Canadian troops.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

China Goes Kosher

The rabbis and their kosher racket: a "solution" in need of a problem, and a dumb goy population to finance it.

China Goes Kosher as Exporters Use Rabbis to Reassure Consumers

By Mark Drajem

Jan. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Chinese exporters, facing a U.S. backlash over tainted food products, are turning to an unlikely group of inspectors to help clean up their act: Jewish rabbis.

Kosher certifications by rabbis have doubled to more than 300 in China in the past two years, according to the Orthodox Union, a New York-based organization that does inspections. The group expects thousands more plants to get certified in the next few years, covering everything from spices and chemical additives to frozen berries, sliced garlic and beef.

Chinese exporters, eager to gain access to the $11.5 billion U.S. kosher market, had already begun seeking the certifications before the uproar over contaminated seafood, toothpaste and pet food began last year. Now, after a rush of recalls, the rabbis say the companies are paying for the inspections to ease growing concern among U.S. consumers about imports from China.

``When we certify a product, consumers know there is another pair of eyes'' on it, said Mordechai Grunberg, an American rabbi whose seven-member team examines Chinese factories, scans company books, and even drops in for surprise inspections to ensure the biblical dietary laws are followed.

... Fully half the Chinese exports to the U.S. of $2.5 billion a year in food ingredients, such as coloring agents and preservatives, are kosher, up 150 percent from two years ago, the Orthodox Union estimates.

``We are experiencing phenomenal growth,'' said Rabbi Moshe Elefant, chief operating officer of the kosher-certification body.

While the rabbis see to it that the products adhere to such laws as prohibitions on pork and the mixing of meat and dairy,they don't perform scientific food-safety tests.

``There is definitely marketing power to have a kosher symbol on products,'' said Mark Overland, who directs the kosher and organic department at Cargill Inc., the largest U.S. agricultural company. ``But it would be a misnomer to equate kosher with food safety.''

Many consumers disagree. Buyers of kosher products -- the majority of whom in the U.S. are non-Jews -- are seeking healthy and safe products, according to a 2005 survey by Lubicom, a marketing firm specializing in kosher products ...

Friday, January 18, 2008

St. Peter's Square is a Judaic Merchants' Square

... Of the existing 113 licenses that allow souvenir selling in Rome, 112 belong to Jewish vendors.

The profession dates back to the pontificate of Paul IV (1555-1559).

While confining the Jews to the Rome ghetto, the pontiff allowed them to exercise minor street trades.

When Italy unified in 1870 at the expenses of the Pope’s temporal power on Rome, Jews turned into souvenir sellers after obtaining ad hoc licenses from the Italian civil authorities, while some were granted such right directly from the Vatican authorities.

The "urtisti" – literally those who bump into the tourists -, deal in small plaster statues, crucifixes, rosaries and pictures of saints and Popes still nowadays.

Until December 2007, the Jewish sellers were allowed to work on the entire territory of Rome, and part of them directly on St Peter’s Square ... (Daniel Mosseri, "Rome's Jewish vendors of souvenirs protest against their expulsion from Vatican," European Jewish Press, Jan. 18, 2008)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Anti-Semitic Bigotry" Kept Archaelogist from Revealing that Jesus Did Not Resurrect

"Anti-Semitic Bigotry" Kept Archaelogist from Revealing that Jesus Did Not Resurrect

NYC jeweler sentenced in bogus bomb plot

Lying, Trickery, Deceit. And a rather light sentence for attempting to ruin the lives of 5 men while feeding the "Islamofascist threat" hysteria machine.

NYC jeweler sentenced in bogus bomb plot

By SAMUEL MAULL Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK—A jeweler was sentenced Wednesday to six months in jail and fined $5,000 for falsely reporting that five Arab men were plotting to bomb the subway system, a scheme meant to cause trouble for his former business associates.

The judge, who could have sentenced Rimon Alkatri to seven years in prison, said that only the professionalism of the city's police prevented the men named by the defendant from spending at least a few days in jail.

"I believe your conduct does deserve punishment, does deserve imprisonment," State Supreme Court Justice Maxwell Wiley told Alkatri, 35.

Alkatri also faces deportation to his native Syria as a convicted felon. One of his lawyers, Michael L. Soshnick, argued that a return to that country could be fatal because Alkatri is Jewish.

Alkatri told the court, "I'm sorry for what I did," and he mumbled a few more inaudible sentences before sitting down.

A Manhattan jury convicted Alkatri in November of falsely reporting an incident in the first degree. Prosecutors said Alkatri called the city's SAFE telephone hot line around 8:15 p.m. on May 30, 2006, and told a New York Police Department officer he knew of five men plotting to bomb the subways on July 4, 2006.

Speaking on a prepaid cell phone that he later threw away, Alkatri used words that he thought would get police to act: Arabs, Allah Akbar, terrorists and suicide bombers. He also lied that he was Jose Rodriguez from Israel.

Prosecutors said the false report had the desired effect on Alkatri's targets: Police investigated the men and searched their homes with bomb-sniffing dogs. Nothing suspicious was found.

The five men Alkatri named were former business acquaintances or their associates, prosecutors said.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

JPII Pal Pleads Guilty to Sexual Abuse of Boys

This predator homo was secretary general of the Pontifical Work for the Propagation of Faith at the Vatican, and reportedly, a close friend of JPII.

Priest guilty

Bernard Prince, 72, pleads to several charges of sex assault over a 20-year period

Andrew Seymour, Ottawa Citizen
Published: Monday, January 14, 2008

A prominent Ottawa Valley priest whose service to the Catholic Church was rewarded with a Vatican post was sentenced to four years in prison Monday for sexually molesting 13 young boys.

Reading from a handwritten statement, Msgr. Bernard Prince, 72, showed no emotion as he apologized to his victims for his "legal and moral" wrongdoing after being found guilty of one charge of indecent assault and pleading guilty to 12 more charges of indecent and sexual assault. Court heard the assaults took place between 1964 and 1984.

"I wish to sincerely apologize to everyone concerned for the harm that I have caused, directly or indirectly," said Msgr. Prince, a personal friend of the late Pope John Paul II ...

Full Article:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bush Dined with Spy, Pollard's Handler in "Israel"

... [Convicted spy, Jonathan] Pollard was on the unofficial agenda throughout Bush's visit [to "Israel"]. The case "came up" during day-long meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, according to Olmert's spokesman Mark Regev, who declined to provide further details.

Israel's deputy prime minister handed Bush letters from Esther Pollard and from a rabbi who heads a prominent religious party. And Bush's dinner companions included cabinet minister Rafi Eitan, Pollard's former spy handler and unindicted co-conspirator who is barred from traveling to the United States. Israeli news reports later quoted Eitan as saying there was "a chance" Pollard would soon be freed ... (Jonathan Finer, "Bush Trip Revives Israeli Push for Pardon of Spy," Washington Post, January 15, 2008)

Full article:

Cardinal Karl Lehmann: Good for "The Jews"

German Jews regret cardinal's resignation

Published: 01/15/2008

Germany's Jewish community expressed "deep regret" over the resignation of the country's top Catholic leader, an activist for Jewish-Christian relations.

Cardinal Karl Lehmann announced Tuesday that he was stepping down as the head of the German Bishops Conference. He will retain his position as the bishop of Mainz.

Charlotte Knobloch, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, lauded Lehman for many years as a "dependable and trustworthy contact," but even more for his "friendly cooperation and the profoundly human connection which he maintained even in politically difficult times."

One of those times occurred a year ago when representatives from the Bishops Conference, on a trip to Israel and Palestinian-controlled areas, compared Palestinian refugee camps and Israel's security barrier to the Warsaw Ghetto. Lehmann in an open letter apologized on behalf of his colleagues.

In 2006, Lehmann received the annual Abraham Geiger Prize from Germany's Reform Jewish organization for his contribution to Catholic-Jewish understanding.

Lehmann reportedly has been ailing of late. His resignation takes effect Feb. 18

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Puff Version of Kabbalist, Abraham Heschel's Involvement in Vatican II

The Beginning of the Beginning

How Vatican II Changed Jewish-Christian Relations

by John Wilkins

read the article here:

Somehow, it seems, Heschel's professed desire to attack Christian souls was not noteworthy enough to make it into Commonweal's record. It's documented here, however:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Racist Psychopath, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Asks Bush to Release Israeli Spy, Jonathan Pollard

Bush hears more messages from his god in "Israel."

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef to Bush: You will be blessed if you free Pollard

Jan 10, 2008

Jerusalem Post

Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef on Thursday urged US President George W. Bush to free imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

In a letter to the US president, Yosef wrote: "One of the most important mitzvot in Judaism is redeeming captives. At this opportune time, I offer my humble request on behalf of the Jews of Zion that Your Excellency release our brother, the prisoner Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a sentence for spying on behalf of the State of Israel. His health is deteriorating."

"Please answer my request affirmatively and you will be blessed from the heavens," continued the letter. "The creator of the world who has accompanied you in your struggle to achieve world peace will grant you mercy and grace for many days and years of long life."

"Who are these nations of the world? The Messiah will come and scorn them, will condemn them and with a single breath will scatter them ... In the old city of Jerusalem [Arabs are] swarming like ants. They should go to hell, and the Messiah will speed them on their way."

"It is forbidden to be merciful to [Arabs]. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable ... The Lord shall return the Arabs' deeds on their own heads, waste their seed and exterminate them, devastate them and vanish them from this world."
("elder brother" Rabbi Ovadia Yosef)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Israeli Chief Rabbi Thanks Bush for War On Iraq

See who benefits from "The Decider's" decisions:

Chief rabbi thanks Bush for 'war against Iraq'

By MATTHEW WAGNER, Jerusalem Post

Jan 10, 2008

During a short verbal exchange Wednesday at the Ben-Gurion Airport Terminal, Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger thanked President George W. Bush for the US's military intervention in Iraq.

"I want to thank you for your support of Israel and in particular for waging a war against Iraq," Metzger told Bush, according to the chief rabbi's spokesman.

Bush reportedly answered that the chief rabbi's words "warmed his heart" ...

... Metzger was chosen as one of the 12 most influential religious figures in the world for a CBS documentary called In God's Name that appeared at the end of December ...

Full article:

Read about warmongering "elder brother," Rabbi Yona Metzger's meeting with JPII here:

and his warmongering sermon preached from the Vatican pulpit here:


Former Israeli chief Rabbi to "Decider" Bush: "Don't act against God’s will"

"Decider" G. W. Bush's god is talking to him.

Former chief Rabbi to Bush: Don't act against God’s will

In a letter handed to US president, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu warns him not to take action that would harm Jewish people. ‘The Jewish nation forever remembers those that inflict harm upon it’

Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 01.10.08, 08:54 / Israel Jewish Scene

In a letter handed to US President George Bush Thursday, former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu admonished the US president to avoid any course of action that would harm the Jewish nation.

“The Jewish nation is eternal, and forever remembers those that have aided it throughout history, as well as those that have done it harm. Please let your name go down in history as a president who aided the Jewish nation, who worked alongside God and not against him,” wrote the rabbi.

The Rabbi furthermore urged Bush in his letter to utilize his visit to strengthen and bolster the State of Israel.

“You were granted the privilege of serving as US president. Make the best of the duties given you, and we will fulfill our task of remembering you as good and noble throughout the ages,” said the Rabbi.

Rabbi Eliyahu began his letter with greetings for President Bush and praise for his efforts to bring peace to the region. With that, he then told the American president that “his agenda for peace goes against the will of God”.

Granting the site of the Holy Temple to murderers of women and children who blaspheme God, wrote Rabbi Eliyahu, is an act against the Jewish people as well as God.

“Ever since the Jews of Gush Katif were expelled from their homes, Sdeort was bombarded with hundreds of Qassam rockets by Hamas as well as other Palestinian organizations….Hundreds of thousands of additional people will live in similar danger if we were to abide by your peace plan, and then where would we end up?” asked the Rabbi.

The Rabbi stressed that “he prays for peace, as does any individual who believes in God,” but that “anyone who accepts the bible as the word of God must keep in mind that God had promised the land of Israel to the Jewish people alone. The Ishmaelites have no part of this divine guarantee.”

Noting that God’s promise to return the Jewish people to their homeland has been coming to full fruition during the last century, the rabbi then urged President Bush to act as a vessel carrying out the divine plan. “God’s pledge to the Jewish people is carried out through people who were created in God’s image, and it their duty to carry out the divine will.”

In addition to Rabbi Eliyahu’s letter, various rabbis and right-wing activists composed an additional letter to President Bush, urging him to free Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, to support “Jewish settlement in Israel entire”, and to encourage Israeli Jews to make aliyah to Israel en masse.

Written on parchment much like a Torah scroll, the aforementioned letter will be handed to the US president by a “very prominent figure” who is scheduled to meet him. Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz, Sanhedrin President, wrote the letter, which was then translated by Rabbi Chaim Richman.

The letter was signed by members of the News Jewish Congress, the Sanhedrin, and the Temple Mount Faithful Movement, the “loyal representatives of the Jewish nation in God’s name”.,7340,L-3492562,00.html

Read about "elder brother" Rabbi Eliyahu’s association of Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with Haman from the book of Esther here:

Read about "elder brother" Rabbi Eliyahu’s decree that there is absolutely no moral prohibition against the indiscriminate killing of civilians during a potential massive military offensive on Gaza here:


Thursday, January 3, 2008

How Benedict's Elder Brothers Observe Christmas Eve

Aside from perpetuating the cover story claiming this tradition is based in fear of Christian violence, this 2004 article from the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz reveals quite a bit. The article doesn't mention that the fundamental reason for the rabbinic mandate that "Jews" must not study "Torah" on Christmas eve is to prevent Jesus, who they believe is "on the side of uncleanness," from benefiting from their study. This is alluded to in a Chabad inter-office memo shown below. Also, to enforce this mandate, the rabbis threatened that wild dogs would attack any "Jew" who studied "Torah" on Christmas eve.

For them, it's wholly unholy

Christmas Eve is one of the few occasions when Hasidim refrain from Torah study, do not conduct weddings or go to the mikveh. But they do play chess and work on their bills

December 24, 2004
By Shahar Ilan, Haaretz

On Christmas Eve, known in Jewish circles as Nitel Night, the klipot (shells) are in total control. The klipot are parasitical evil forces that attach themselves to the forces of good. According to kabbala (Jewish mysticism), on the night on which "that man" - a Jewish euphemism for Jesus - was born, not even a trace of holiness is present and the klipot exploit every act of holiness for their own purposes.

For this reason, Nitel Night, from nightfall to midnight, is one of the few occasions when Hasidim refrain from Torah study. On this horrific night, they neither conduct weddings nor do they go to the mikveh (ritual bath). An entire folkloric literature has developed around the unusual recreational activities of Nitel Night. The customs, it should be emphasized, are practiced only by Hasidim. Lithuanian and Sephardic ultra-Orthodox Jews do not suspend their regular Torah study on Christmas Eve.

Chess and cards

The classic pastime on Nitel Night is chess. There is the famous photograph of the last Lubavitcher Rebbe, the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, apparently playing chess with his father on Nitel Night, although calendar calculations by Lubavitcher Hasidim rule out the idea that the photograph was taken on Nitel. Some prefer cards, such as Uka, a Galician Jewish version of poker, or 21. Some argue that each card has its own klipa (shell) and thus card-playing on Nitel Night is a particularly serious sin.

Kabbalistic toilet paper

The Knesset correspondent of the ultra-Orthodox newspaper Hamodia, Zvi Rosen, relates that celebrated Hasidic admorim (sect leaders) would cut a year's supply of toilet paper for Sabbath use (to avoid tearing toilet paper on Sabbath) on this night. Actually, this disrespectful act has profound kabbalistic significance, because kabbalistic literature extensively discusses Christianity as waste material excreted from the body of the Jewish people. Today, precut toilet paper for Sabbath use is available on the market; thus, the custom's relevance has diminished.

Another custom of Hasidic admorim is to make calculations on Nitel for the entire year, such as the amount they must set aside to observe the commandment of tithe-giving. Rabbi Hannah of Kalschitz reportedly would study geography on Nitel. The journalist Rosen spends Nitel night arranging his archive, peeling oranges and making marmalade. The Lubavitcher (Chabad) movement's spokesman, Menachem Brod, arranges his pile of bills.

Abstaining from procreation

As was the case in 2000, Christmas Eve or Nitel Night this year falls on Friday night, and this fact has several significant ramifications. Because of this, certain acts that are desecrations of the Sabbath cannot be performed, such as cutting toilet paper or straightening out paperwork. Nor can one sleep throughout the entire Christmas Eve because of the obligation of eating the Friday night meal, although it is customary not to talk about sacred matters at the table when Christmas Eve falls on Friday night.

However, the biggest paradox concerns the procreation mitzvah (commandment). It is recommended that the commandment be observed on Friday night, which is a holy time. Yet on Nitel Night, which has no holiness, it is customary to refrain from observing the commandment, because of the fear that a Jewish child conceived on Jesus' birthday could become an apostate.

A whispered prayer

Abraham Isaac Sperling's "Reasons for Jewish Customs and Traditions (Bloch Publishing Company, 1968) explains that one chief reason for the development of Nitel customs was practical: Anti-Semites would ambush Jews and savagely beat them, sometimes even killing them, in the streets on Christmas Eve. Thus, the rabbis decreed that Jews should remain at home that night and not wander in the streets.

Over the years, abstention from Torah study on Christmas Eve became a custom that, of course, was observed clandestinely. There are tales, however, that describe cases where gentiles, discovering that Jews were playing games instead of studying Torah that night, would burst into Jewish homes, only to discover the young students engaged in the discussion of Jewish law over open books.

One Nitel custom in the Diaspora was to recite the entire "Aleinu Leshabe'ah" prayer out loud. The prayer includes the phrase "those who bow down before vapor and emptiness," customarily uttered in a whisper throughout the year, so that gentiles would not hear the words. On Nitel Night, it was customary, after it had been ascertained that no non-Jews were around, to loudly utter the forbidden phrase.

Ban on Torah study

The source of the name "Nitel" is unknown. The most successful, although perhaps not the most convincing, explanation is that Nitel is an acronym for the Yiddish words "nischt yidden tarren lernen": "It is forbidden for Jews to study." Another explanation is that the term is a corruption of the Latin word for birthday, natalis.

How many Nitels?

Over the years, a collection of Nitel jokes has developed. For example, an ultra-Orthodox rabbi was once asked to eulogize Theodor Herzl, founder of modern Zionism and a secular Jew. After a few moments, he came up with three positive traits: Herzl had never spoken while putting on his phylacteries, had never thought about Torah matters in unclean places and had never studied Torah on Nitel. Or, for example, a young Jewish boy was found studying Torah on Nitel. Asked why he was not observing the ban on such study on Nitel, he replied that he observed the ban on the Armenian Christmas Eve.

The second joke points to a real problem. Roman Catholics and Protestants celebrate Christmas Eve on the night of December 24. Christmas on the Greek and Russian Orthodox calendars falls on January 6. On which day should Torah study be prohibited? The late Lubavitcher Rebbe proposed that Nitel be observed on the Christmas Eve celebrated by the majority of Christians in that particular country. In the United States, he ruled that Torah study should be banned on the night of December 24, when most Christian Americans celebrate Christmas Eve. Some Hasidic sect leaders and members have refrained from Torah study on both Christmas Eves, and the most meticulous of them even suspended Torah study on New Year's Eve as well.

Slumber of the righteous

One of the early Lubavitcher leaders told his disciples that he disliked those scholars who argued that they could not suspend Torah study for even a few hours and that they therefore had to study Torah even on Christmas Eve. The Saintly Genius of Liska reportedly wanted to study Torah on a Nitel night. However, he fell into a deep sleep and his candle went out. When he awoke, he realized that divine intervention had kept him from carrying out his original purpose.

In an article on Nitel published in the Torah monthly, Moriah, Rabbi Yosef Lieberman offers a solution to circumvent the ban on Torah study: go to bed at nightfall and get up at midnight to study Torah, when such study becomes permissible. An expert on Hasidism, Rabbi Benzion Grossman relates that in the yeshivas of the Vishnitz Hasidim, the students would go to sleep in the afternoon prior to Christmas Eve and would get up at night to make up for the study hours they had missed. However, the Saintly Genius Rabbi Shalom of Kaminka would refrain from sleeping on Nitel, arguing that he always dreamed about Torah matters.

The Holy Land's sacredness

Some people maintain that the Nitel customs need not be observed in Israel, because of the Holy Land's sacredness. Rabbi Mordechai of Slonim ruled that, in the Holy Land, the klipot had no power - not even in Jerusalem, the site of many synagogues. Nonetheless, Hasidic sect leaders who came to the Holy Land continued the Nitel custom, and their disciples followed their example. In contrast, Lithuanian and Sephardic ultra-Orthodox Jews do not observe Nitel at all. "The Hasidim will look for any excuse not to study Torah," quipped one Lithuanian Jewish cynic.

Nitel Nacht

A Jewish Custom surrounding the Eve of Dec 25th


December 25th is universally celebrated by non-Jews, as the birthday of the person upon whom a dominant non-Jewish religion was founded and ‘who had the Halachic status as a Jew who lures other Jews to idol-worship’. A spirit of impurity therefore prevails on that day ...

The Previous Rebbe stated, that ‘It is our custom to refrain from studying Torah on Nitel Nacht until midnight’. The reason, as the Previous Rebbe heard from his father, the Rebbe Rashab, is ‘not to add spiritual vitality’. In other words, not to add vitality to that person’ [who’s birth is celebrated on this night], and ‘those who presently follow his views [i.e. religion] ...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ron Paul: For a One-World Currency?

In this informal interview Ron Paul seems to promote not only adoption of a gold-backed currency for the U.S., but a one-world gold-backed currency (at approximately 3:08 in the video). I wonder who he figures will issue this one-world currency, if I understand him correctly:

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

More on Ron Paul and the Gold Standard

It is good that people are becoming more aware of the "Federal" "Reserve" racket and that there is a movement forming around the idea of abolishing it. But the timing is conspicuous. The "Fed" racket, which cannot be sustained forever, may very well be near collapse anyway. What I am attempting to do is anticipate the revolution-makers' next move. These are people who use the Kabbalistic/Hegelian dialectic against opponents who never seem to identify it, much less understand it. It's as if a child was playing chess against a master. The chess master has a large bag of gambits to draw from, the best of which feign a weak move which entices an anticipated reaction from the child opponent which results in disaster a few exchanges later. The child opponent is not only tricked into loosing the game, he is tricked into participating in his own defeat.

We are fighting an enemy that thinks and we don't think. This is the "horrible anti-semitic canard" stated so well by the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad in 2003. This is great wisdom that he tried to impart to others which was drowned out by the screeching and howling of the Zionists of the U.S. media as is so often the case.

The bankers are not just watching the collapse of the "Fed" racket figuring they had a good thing going for a while and that the party will soon be over. They intend to maintain control and further consolidate it. They have contingency plans. The debt-based "Fed" central banking racket is not the only system in their bag of tricks. The gold standard is another system that they have mastered and thrived under in the past. Supporters of Ron Paul must take note of this fact.

St. Thomas explained the role of money for Christians: it is an exchange medium for the good of the people which should serve the people, not bankers. As an exchange medium, money should not fluctuate in value as we are so accustomed. St. Thomas wrote that: "Money must keep the same value, since the value of all things must be expressed in terms of money."

Gold is a commodity with an arbitrary value which is subject to manipulation as is any commodity. The price of gold rises and falls as it becomes dear or common; as it is hoarded or circulated. Chaining a nation's money to gold is to chain it also to the fluctuations in volume and price of gold. This is a poor means of reaching the ideal objective of an exchange medium which has a stable value. Look at a price chart for gold over the past 2 years if you need confirmation of this fact.

Ideally, the exchange medium would be issued by the nation's government, as the U.S. founders provided, but it is not possible for a government to completely control all gold. If the exchange medium was backed by gold it would be subject to manipulation by forces outside the body issuing it. The economy of the nation could be manipulated by manipulating the gold market.

The problem also arises: if specie currency is redeemable in gold, it would be possible for the gold to be drained from reserve by demanding exchange of currency for gold as the Rothschilds did in England. If the currency is not redeemable for gold, then the system is a farce. Why bring gold into the equation at all?

The U.S. Constitution allows the government to issue currency by fiat. This is a sound system as long as the volume of currency issued is carefully controlled to be directly proportionate to the nation's production. The hucksters who attack the "Federal" "Reserve" in favor of the gold standard generally focus their rhetoric on the fact that the "Fed" issues paper money. This itself is not the problem however. The problems with the "Fed" system are that it is a debt-based, fractional reserve racket controlled by private individuals whose interests are their own, not the interests of the nation; that it is unsound and inevitably results in debt that cannot be paid; that it enslaves the people rather than serving them.

The argument generally is, "well I don't want those corrupt politicians in charge of issuing currency." But the fact is that any system no matter how perfectly laid out cannot function well if it is peopled by corrupt individuals. It's the responsibility of the people to monitor the performance of politicians and hold them responsible for their performance. Better to have the issue of currency handled by politicians who the people have recourse to, as the system was intended, than some untouchable private organization.

The answer to the debt-based federal reserve system is not backing the currency with a commodity. This is a non-sequitur. Fiat currency is not debt-based by nature. The government can issue currency without incurring any debt, for no more cost than the price of printing or stamping the currency. This is the answer to the "Fed": U.S. government-issued fiat currency.

If fiat currency is handled correctly it's not subject to the fluctuations of value of any other commodity, it is a stable exchange medium, and there's no debt incurred in issuing it other than the cost of printing/stamping it. Further, the volume of government-issued fiat currency can be increased as productivity of the nation increases thereby maintaining price stability and assuring sufficient currency to facilitate exchange as the economy grows. In the gold standard system the volume of currency is dictated by the amount of gold in reserve. I leave it to the reader to decide which system is more natural to a healthy economy.

Many of you may be aware that the gold that's supposed to be in Fort Knox is not there. You may also be aware that whatever gold the nation does have possession of would only back a tiny fraction of the value of our present economy. Even if it were possible to acquire enough gold to back an economy measured in trillions of dollars, as it is today, where do you think that gold is going to come from? How much debt are you willing to put the nation into in order to "return to the gold standard"?

Talk about a debt-based system! Just obtaining the gold would put the nation into crushing debt. The gold would have to be acquired through loan at interest. If our currency must be backed by gold and the gold must be acquired by loan at interest, there would be no way to pay even the principle of the loan without giving the gold back, but even then there would still be debt left based on the interest. Who would be served by this arrangement? The people?

Ron Paul supporters are on notice. Ron Paul is an energetic promoter of the gold standard. If you're fighting to put Ron Paul in office, you are responsible to understand the effect his policies would have if they're put into practice. If you're not dissuaded by this aspect of Paul's ideology, then I challenge you to make this an issue that Ron Paul and his supporters must address. Let the facts come out in a healthy debate on the matter. When the time comes to deal with the collapse of the Federal Reserve, let people be educated on this issue so they don't play into the Kabbalistic gambit prepared for them.

Is Ron Paul What They Say He Is?

Lately I'm witnessing fanatical support in the patriot movement for Representative Ron Paul and his campaign for U.S. presidency that is practically religious in nature. Ron Paul has many qualities which would seem to make him an attractive candidate, particularly relative to the scoundrels he's running against, but there are clearly some issues with Ron Paul that deserve closer attention, and the sooner the better, as it seems he's becoming godlike in his supporters' eyes.

Ron Paul is a very zealous promoter of the gold standard. In fact, he pimped the gold standard before the House of Representatives as recently as February 15, 2006:

Fr. Denis Fahey clearly explained that the gold standard is a trap which inevitably brings ruin to the nations that adopt it in his book, Money Manipulation and Social Order.

I agree with others who have noted the conspicuous timing of the gold standard supporter, Ron Paul's rise to stardom at the very moment that the U.S. dollar seems near collapse. Is Ron Paul's job to make the gold standard seem like a patriotic thing to support as the huckster Aaron Russo preached in his movie Freedom to Fascism?

Supporters of Ron Paul need to take responsibility and understand the pitfalls of the gold standard because it has been a core principle of his for many years.