Monday, January 28, 2008

Benedict's Elder Brother, Israeli Chief Rabbi Calls For Religious/Ethnic Cleansing

Last year this lunatic Chief Rabbi of "Israel," Yona Metzger was given a platform at the Vatican to pronounce that "lack of action against [Iran] is a cardinal sin." Benedict supported Rabbi Metzger's edict by encouraging Christians to cooperate with "Jews" (but not Muslims) "for justice and peace in the world." This must be the "justice and peace" he had in mind.

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Gazans belong in Sinai, says Chief Rabbi Metzger

By Saul Sadka, Haaretz

January 28, 2008

LONDON - Gazans should be transfered to the Sinai Peninsula where a Palestinian state could be constructed for them in the desert, according to Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, in an interview with the British weekly "The Jewish News."

Metzger also said that while Muslims should be allowed to pray in the mosques on the Temple Mount, Muslims "have no connection to Jerusalem", and must recognize that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. Muslims have Mecca and Medina, "you don't need a third place."

Metzger called for Britain, the European Union and the United States to assist in the construction of a Palestinian state in the Sinai Desert. According to Metzger, the plan would be to "take all the poor people from Gaza to move them to a wonderful new modern country with trains, buses, cars, like in Arizona. This will be a solution for the poor people - they will have a nice county, and we shall have our country and we shall live in peace."

Video of the above mentioned interview with Rabbi Metzer is here:

And note that the Rabbi proposes that the U.S., Great Britain and the European Union pay for his ethnic cleansing plan. And this, after he declares that as a "religious" figure he doesn't make political statements!

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