Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Is Ron Paul What They Say He Is?

Lately I'm witnessing fanatical support in the patriot movement for Representative Ron Paul and his campaign for U.S. presidency that is practically religious in nature. Ron Paul has many qualities which would seem to make him an attractive candidate, particularly relative to the scoundrels he's running against, but there are clearly some issues with Ron Paul that deserve closer attention, and the sooner the better, as it seems he's becoming godlike in his supporters' eyes.

Ron Paul is a very zealous promoter of the gold standard. In fact, he pimped the gold standard before the House of Representatives as recently as February 15, 2006:


Fr. Denis Fahey clearly explained that the gold standard is a trap which inevitably brings ruin to the nations that adopt it in his book, Money Manipulation and Social Order.


I agree with others who have noted the conspicuous timing of the gold standard supporter, Ron Paul's rise to stardom at the very moment that the U.S. dollar seems near collapse. Is Ron Paul's job to make the gold standard seem like a patriotic thing to support as the huckster Aaron Russo preached in his movie Freedom to Fascism?

Supporters of Ron Paul need to take responsibility and understand the pitfalls of the gold standard because it has been a core principle of his for many years.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate the healthy skepticism however I am sold on his candidacy simply for his honesty, consistency and integrity. As a Catholic I can find many faults with his libertarian views such as allowance of usury and non-living wages. What clinches my vote for Paul is his faithfulness to the letter of the law, whereas the others use the Pharasaic practice of twisting words to mean something else.

As for the gold standard, it just seems natural through all of human history to use commodity based money that has intrinsic value and is a bulwark against government devaluation.

Dead Reckoning said...

Ron Paul's rise to stardom runs in tandem with a slew of lackluster candidates on either side of the aisle.

A gold standard currency is not a panacea for financial ills, but the conspicuous run down and elimination (by Pres. Nixon) of any hard metal backing of our currencyover the past 100 years has allowed inflation and paper money printing to bring us to the state we are at today.

A return to any type of gold dollar peg would be a step up from what we have now.

Anonymous said...

Evidently, Ron Paul is an honest, straightforward man who may not be fully cognizant of dialectics and alchemical syncretism. He is correct on most issues, but may be vulnerable to subtle manipulation.

He is influenced by Ayn Rand's rhetoric about liberty (Paul's son 's first name is Rand). He does not seem to be concerned about the fact that Ayn Rand learned all about "liberty" at the University of Petrograd in Lenin's Soviet Union, or about Rand's Objectivism being just another "Man" playing God scheme(Re: Her use of the term "Man" with a capital M in her novels), with dollar worship added as a kind of hood ornament. Is Rand's Objectivism the Rightward side of the Bolshevik coin?

Paul has accused Ayn Rand disciple Alan Greenspan of abandoning his Objectivist principles after becoming chairman of the Fed. Paul does not seem to realize that the Fed, a state capitalist/corporate socialist organization headed by Greenspan, a libertarian Objectivist, is an alchemically synthesized hybrid beast suited to the economic objectives of "America" (read: the Masonic Imperium).

Paul is a member of the libertarian Von Mises Society. Von Mises was a Judaic Austrian economist who worked on currency issues with a once major, but now virtually defunct, Pan-European organization dedicated to building a united Europe predicated upon Christian principles. Did he help sabotage this organization?

Paul is a well intentioned representative of the people who opposed Bush/Cheney's Zionist war crimes from the beginning. He does not take any money from AIPAC.

If he is truly honest with no axe to grind, how Hegelian/Kabbalistic dialectics pertain to modern issues can be explained to him later. Right now, the two most important things are that he start talking about the rigged vote issue, and his supporters develop some local independent-minded candidates. Otherwise, Paul will be just another failed "Great Hope" candidate, and his supporters will be burned out.

The sickeningly degenerate, but never burned out, "Green" Party has taken over school boards and county offices in Republican western Pennsylvania. We have the spectacle of Right-Wing warmongering Bush/Cheney supporters voting "Greens" into office and having their children homosexualized and propagandized about the phoney global warming "crisis" by the influence of these degenerates. How's that for the alchemical synthesis of opposites?

Anonymous said...

The natural question for me is: Who then controls the gold? From what I can ascertain, the same Judaics that control the Federal Reserve also control the bulk of the mineral resources on the planet. Dr. Paul's call for a gold standard is merely a shell game. It should be obvious he works for the bad guys.

I am glad you're raising the red flag on Dr. Paul, I hope that Christians will look more deeply into the man's character. I personally don't trust him any farther than I can throw him.

I don't think we should settle for the lesser of evils. We have to demand better. Christians are better off not voting if all the candidates are Screwtape and his buddies.

Dead Reckoning said...

Mineral deposits are a lot harder to control than a printing press.

Anonymous said...

Like Bill Still said a return to gold is not the answer:


I agree with this, and this video was the first thing I thought of when Ron Paul mentioned support of the Gold Standard. I am not competent to go very much in depth, but the idea of competing currencies from Ron Paul, however, was promoted by FA Hayek. I still say that Ron Paul is the best candidate and will not be an Israelifirster militarily and he will work towards reversing a lot of the downturn that has gone on over the past century in the country's foreign policy and growth of big government.

If Ron Paul does somehow get the Presidency, someone has got to get to him whoever his advisors are and tell him gold is not the answer.

Anonymous said...

Give us a few paragraphs of quotations from Fr. Fahey on the gold standard. Also, furnish evidence that Aaron Russo is a Zionist sympathizer.

Anonymous said...

Alan Greenspan said it best,,,

"Gold is the protector of property"

So,the bankers, coporations and politicians want you to have NO GOLD!!! So they can take what you have, and watch,,it is coming very soon,,,,you will have ZERO.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bill Still, as well as the Social Crediters who say that gold is not the answer.

Anonymous said...

[ anonymous said: Right now, the two most important things are that he start talking about the rigged vote issue, and his supporters develop some local independent-minded candidates. ]

Wow!! A man after my own heart.

Yes, any candidate who does not address the issues of VoteFraud/DRE machines is automatically placed in my suspect FO (False Opposition) book. Under false pretenses they are taking campaign funds while telling people they can win. But like Buchanan, Phillips and Peroutka before him, Ron Paul and his campaign are virtually silent. I will credit Dr. Rand Paul, the son, with trying to bring this up. But the campaign has been infiltrated. See Melinda-Pillsbury Foster's blog on this.

I can be reached at

(PACE means Patriots Assuring Clean Elections).

Viva Cristo Rey!!

John Zebedee said...

Good points on Paul and the 'gold standard'...the question, of course, is who has the gold?...certainly not the US: there hasn't been an audit at Ft.Knox for almost 40 years...but, just maybe, I have an idea who might have a lot of gold...Read my
lips, or mind!...now, here is a curve ball for 'libertarians': is Paul possibly short for Paulstein?

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul would be wise to let Kucinich push for the re-count in New Hampshire. It could be a trap (i.e. establishment controls the recount so no irregularities are found; all future protests are deemed ‘sour grapes’ and vote fraud continues unabated)