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Rampolla Protégé, Benedict XV was Friendly to Zionism

According to the account given below, Monsignor Pacelli (later Pius XII) facilitated a meeting between the British Zionist, Mark Sykes, and Pope Benedict XV (Giacomo della Chiesa) which led to a following meeting between the Judaic Zionist, Nahum Sokolov and Benedict XV on the topic of the Zionist project. It seems that Benedict XV was friendly to the Zionist idea. This will not come as a surprise to those who are aware that Benedict XV was a protégé of Cardinal Rampolla who is suspected to have been a member of the masonic, Ordo Templi Orientis organization. For background, read Craig Heimbichner's book, Blood on the Altar:

Hat tip to Cathcon for the following:

From the Book, Two Studies in Virtue by Christopher Sykes, about the travels and work of his father Mark Sykes:

As soon as he had arrived in Rome, [Zionist, Mark] Sykes sought an interview with a Vatican official who was of the same rank and influence as himself, someone not a cardinal who had the Pope's ear. He found his man in Monsignor Pacelli, Assistant Under-Secretary for Foreign Aflairs. 'I spoke to the Monsignor,' recorded Sykes, 'of the immense difficulties which surrounded the question of Jerusalem, the Arab Nationalist movement, the Moslem Holy Places, Zionism, and the conflicting interests of the Latins and Greeks, beside the aspirations of the various powers. ... Although he did not say as much, the Monsignor, by certain turns of speech, let it be easy to see that the idea of British patronage of the Holy Places was not distasteful to Vatican policy. The French I could see did not strike him as ideal in any way. I also prepared the way for Zionism by explaining what the purpose and ideals of the Zionists were, and suggested that he should see M. Sokolov when the latter came to Rome. Of course one could not expect the Vatican to be enthusiastic about this movement, but he was most interested and expressed a wish to see Sokolov when he should come to Rome.'

Sykes then obtained a brief private audience of the Pope. This was of a formal kind and nothing was said of Zionism. The next day Sykes left for Egypt.

Sokolov arrived in Rome about three weeks later, and on the 10th May, after conferring with Monsignor Pacelli, he was received by Benedict XV. It was as though Herzl's audience was being annulled. 'Have I correctly understood Zionism?' asked the Pope when the opening formalities were over. 'What a reversal of history! Nineteen centuries ago Rome destroyed Jerusalem, and now, desiring to rebuild it, you take the path to Rome!'

In his reply Sokolov recalled the fate of the Empire and compared it to that of the Jewish nation: one had vanished, the other was reclaiming its land.

'Yes, yes,' agreed Benedict with enthusiasm, 'this was providential. God willed it.'

The Pope then asked Sokolov to explain the Zionist project in detail. Sokolov answered as follows: 'Our programme is twofold. It aims first to create in Palestine a spiritual and cultural centre for Jewry, and secondly to establish a national home for oppressed Jews. Our desire is to build up in that country a great centre where Jews will be able to develop their culture freely, to educate their children in the spirit of their ideals, and to devote all their energies to making their National Home a model of Jewish civilisation and morality.'

The Pope was deeply impressed. 'That is a wonderful idea,' he said. Then he wanted to know whether this plan had been contrived with a view to preventing persecutions. Sokolov answered in the rhetorical terms which came naturally to him. He referred to the right of the Jews 'to a place in the sun—in our land.'

' We look forward,' he said, 'to the rebirth of historical Judaism, to the spiritual and material revival of the homeland that personifies our national genius and our Biblical tradition in its purest sense. We claim the right of Freedom which cannot be denied to any people.'

'But is there enough space,' asked the Pope, 'in Palestine, to carry out your plan?'

To this question which was to be asked so often not only then but in the course of the next thirty years, and on which so much depended, Sokolov returned a skilfully evasive reply. 'There is the possibility of reaching our goal,' he said, 'but first we must prepare the ground.' The conversation turned to the small number of Jewish colonists in Palestine at that time, only twelve thousand; and to the different days ahead when British influence would introduce civilised rule in place of Turkish domination. 'Great Britain,' the Pope interjected, 'is the greatest and most experienced colonising power in the world.' Then they discussed Zionist intentions regarding the Holy Places, before the Pope returned to the original question, which he posed afresh: 'Are many Jews likely to settle in Palestine?'

Sokolov again replied with a skilful and grandiloquent evasion. 'The best - and those who have suffered most,' he said, and then led the conversation away from that subject to the great agricultural work of the pioneers, and from there to a dis­cussion of the Jews in Eastern Europe.

The last words of Benedict at this audience were spoken in answer to Sokolov's request for moral support, and were to be long remembered by Zionists. He said: 'Si, si, io credo che noi saremo buoni vicini' - 'Yes, I believe that we shall be good neighbours.'

Shortly after this Sokolov returned to Paris.

Scenes from the 2008 Democratic Inquisition

And the verdict is handed down by the Inquisitor Generalis, Abe Torquemada Foxman:
"He was very clear," said Abraham Foxman, the ADL's national director, describing the response of [Illinois Senator Barack Obama] who was asked in a debate Tuesday about the public praise he received over the weekend from the Nation of Islam leader.

"He distanced himself and condemned it and rejected it," Foxman said. "What more do we want? On that issue we should move on."

Indeed, Obama was very clear, and Hillary as well. When have you ever heard either of these characters speak so clearly on any issue?

Now you know how to succeed in "U.S." politics.

Utterly shameful.

Cardinal Kasper Publicly Appeals to Jules Isaac

Walter Kasper speaking on Radio Vatikan, February 7, 2008, publicly states that he agrees with the "teaching of contempt" thesis of Jules Isaac whose seething contempt for Christianity saturates his strange books and whose zeal for altering Christian teachings and tradition is still unmatched.

Speaking of Benedict's Latin prayer for the Jews, Kasper says:

“If the prayer speaks of the ‘conversion’ of the Jews, this does not mean we are embarking on a ‘mission’. As a matter of fact, the pope is quoting St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. In chapter 11, St. Paul tells us that we hope that when the fullness of the Gentiles shall come into the Church all Israel also shall be saved. It is an eschatological hope. This does not mean we are embarking on a mission: we must give witness to our faith, this is clear. But, I want to say this: in the past, such a language was often fraught with contempt, as Jules Isaac, a well-know Jew, rightly said. But, today, there is respect in the diversity which exists between us. Now there is respect and no longer contempt. (Cardinal Kasper, speaking on Radio Vatikan, February 7, 2008)

For those seeking to understand the mind of Vatican prelates in this area, I strongly recommend the reading of Jules Isaac's, Jesus and Israel and/or Judaism and the Vatican,
by Vicomte Leon De Poncis which quotes Jules Isaac's writings extensively. Therein you will come to understand the foundation of Judeo-Christian dialogue laid by Jules Isaac when he wrote Jesus and Israel in 1946 and immediately began organizing conferences between rabbis and priests sympathetic to his cause dedicated to changing Christian teaching and tradition to his specification.

Those who warn that there is a danger that a "precedent may be set" of organizations hostile to the faith bringing about changes in matters of Catholic faith are either woefully ignorant of the past, have no memory, or are intentionally misleading people.

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Skull and Bones Buckley: Dead

Buckley's Skull and Bones "conservatism" won't be buried with him, unfortunately. Naturally, the scoundrel is missed by his kosher-conservative ideological offspring:

William F. Buckley, RIP

William F. Buckley is Dead: RIP

William F. Buckley Jr. dies at 82

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- National Review founder and conservative commentator William F. Buckley Jr. was found dead Wednesday in the study of his Stamford, Connecticut, home, officials at the magazine said. He was 82.

"Buckley died while at work," said Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of the National Review Online, in a written statement. "If he had been given a choice on how to depart this world, I suspect that would have been exactly it. At home, still devoted to the war of ideas."

Buckley's assistant, Linda Bridges, said he had suffered from emphysema for a few years, but the exact cause of death is unknown. She said Buckley was found dead by his cook at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

"Even though he had been ailing, this took us completely by surprise," said Bridges, who worked with Buckley for nearly 40 years.

"He was a great hero of American conservatism -- a brilliant and exciting writer and public performer," she added. "And he was somebody I was very proud and glad to call a friend."

Buckley's writings are widely credited for supporting the growth of the U.S. conservative movement in the latter half of the 20th century.

Full article:

Also see:

CIA/Skull-and-Bonesman Wm. F Buckley Jr. Obituary

William F. Buckley, Jr.: Pied Piper for the Establishment

Fleshing Out Skull & Bones: Investigations into America's Most Powerful Secret Society

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A Revelation from Star Trek's "Mr. Spock," Leonard Nimoy

It was an alien symbol after all.

Nimoy’s photos explore femininity of divinity

May 20, 2004 -Associated Press

... In 2002, [Leonard Nimoy] published “Shekhina,” a book of about 40 photographs that explore his interest in the feminine aspects of Jewish divinity. Many of the images are on display this month at the R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton.

“At the heart of it all is the fact that I was trying to really completely enter into the world of the feminine,” says Nimoy, 73. “I didn’t want to do misty, cloudy figures. I didn’t want to shroud her. I wanted to make her flesh and blood, and I wanted to make her definitively female.”

It’s an idea that was planted with Nimoy when he was about 8, although he didn’t fully realize it until a few years ago. During a segment of high holiday services at his Orthodox synagogue in Boston, members of the congregation stood before the assembly to deliver a special blessing. Standing with his brother, father and grandfather, Nimoy was told not to look at the men as they chanted the prayer.

But he took a peek, and saw the men swaying with their arms outstretched and their hands splayed in the manner he would later use as the Vulcan greeting in his “Star Trek” role. The hand symbol represents the first letter of a Hebrew word for God [shin, Shaddai].

“These gentlemen are up there in a fervent, singsong, swaying presentation,” Nimoy said. “It was like a revivalist meeting. The entire congregation had their eyes covered. But I was entranced by it.”

For decades, Nimoy didn’t know why the congregation was not supposed to look as the blessing was being given. A few years ago, he finally asked the rabbi at Temple Israel of Hollywood, the reform synagogue he now attends.

“There’s a legend that the Shekhina — the feminine aspect of God — comes in to bless the congregation,” Nimoy said. “But the light from the Shekhina could be overwhelming and you could not survive it, so you shouldn’t look. I was taken by that when I heard the explanation.” ...

Any Trekkie staring at this letter in Leonard’s photographs experiences a shock of recognition. It is the same shape made by Mr. Spock’s hand when offering his benediction, “Live long and prosper.” Indeed, a common thread runs through Leonard’s portrayal of Spock and his images of Shekhina. Not a particularly observant Jew, Leonard is nonetheless fascinated by spiritual themes. In Shekhina, he quotes the twentieth century Jesuit priest/scientist, Teillhard de Chardin: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Interview With a Judaizer from Valencia

St. Vincent Ferrer of Valencia is said to have converted tens of thousands of Jews to the Christian faith by his preaching in the early 15th century. Nevertheless, the city has always had more than its share of conversos. Today, Valencia is an "Opus Dei" hotbed. It's said that "Opus Dei" aggressively recruits doctors, lawyers, judges, government officials, and those who hold high positions in finance. Is the Judaizing neurosurgeon from Valencia interviewed below an "Opus Dei" member? His "work" suggests so. Of course, it wouldn't be necessary to speculate if "Opus Dei" wasn't a secret society.

More Catholics Interested in Jewish World

Interview With President of Valencia's Judeo-Christian Friendship

By Inmaculada Álvarez

VALENCIA, Spain, FEB. 25, 2008 ( More and more Catholics are taking an interest in the Jewish world, our "older brothers in the faith," said the president and founder of the association Judeo-Christian Friendship of Valencia.

Francisco Fontana Tormo, a Catholic and neurosurgeon, received in November from the Parliament of Israel the Samuel Toledano Prize for his contribution to the dialogue between Jews and Christians.

In this interview with ZENIT, Fontana speaks of his work and association, and the status of Jewish-Christian relations.

Q: In what does this recognition consist and what has it involved for you?

Fontana: The Samuel Toledano Prize was instituted by the Toledano family in memory of Samuel Toledano, leader of the Jewish community of Madrid, who died in 1996. The prize is given annually to two researchers, one Israeli and the other Spanish, for a research work about the Jewish past in Spain, for the relations between Spain and Israel and for the relationships between Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Occasionally one is given a diploma of recognition for work, not research but activity, in the context of these areas. In this case, I have been given a diploma for my activities in promoting the mutual knowledge between Judaism and Christianity and maintaining good relations between both religions, as president and founder of the Judeo-Christian Friendship of Valencia.

For me it has implied great joy for what involves the recognition on the part of Jews for the Judeo-Christian relationship, and on the other hand, a deep emotion, since it was given to me by Isaac Navon, fifth president of Israel, in Kneset, the Parliament of Israel, and as well was an opportunity to travel again to Israel.

Q: What is the basis upon which the dialogue between Jews and Christians sits?

Fontana: We have a very similar concept on basic questions of morals and beliefs. There are many points in common: the importance of religion for personal and community life, the basic dignity of being human, created in the image and likeness of God, God as giver of the Ten Commandments, a salvation history which begins with Abraham, father of the believing.

We have the Bible in common. The Old Testament -- or Hebrew Talmud -- is contained in the Christian Bible. The Church has always been considered implanted into the ancient Israel. “If the root is holy, so are the branches. You […] were grafted in their place to share the richness of the olive tree.” (Romans 11:16-17).

Q: How has the Holocaust influenced this dialogue?

Fontana: The Holocaust has been determinant for Christianity to reopen its relationship with the Jewish people. The extermination of six million Jews during World War II has provoked the Christian Churches to ask themselves for their degree of responsibility in such a sizeable catastrophe, and whether or not an anti-Jewish Christianity had been a breeding ground for the Nazi persecution.

The Church has published a document, “We Remember; a Reflection on the Holocaust.” It has been like a veil has been lifted. The Catholic Church has taken into account that God does not break the Covenant with his people -- the Covenant was never abolished, as it is said very accurately. Also, the creation of the modern state of Israel, reviving the Jewish state, after almost 1,900 years of being dispersed among the nations, is an exceptional fact and without comparison in the history of humanity.

Q: Has the vision of the Jewish world about Jesus Christ and about the Church changed?

Fontana: Very slowly but surely, the Jewish world is changing its perception of the Catholic Church. The visit of Pope John Paul II to Israel and his gesture of praying at the Wailing Wall were fundamental, leaving there a beautiful prayer: “God of our Fathers, you chose Abraham and his descendants, to bring Your Name to the nations. We are deeply sorry for sharing in that curse of history that caused suffering for your sons and we ask your forgiveness. We desire an authentic fraternity with the people of the Covenant.” This was a very important sign in the eyes of the Jewish people.

On the part of Judaism, it does not have a centralized authority like the figure of the Pope in the Catholic Church, there are many voices and at times these are discordant, but there was published in 2002 a manifesto signed by 150 rabbis titled “Dabru Emet” -- To Speak the Truth. In it they recognize the change brought about by the Catholic Church and encouraged everyone to follow on this path of reconciliation and cooperation between Jews and Christians.

Q: Has the vision of Catholics about the Jewish world changed?

Fontana: In the Catholic Church it is also changing, however very slowly because the Catholic Church is very large and a change of direction cannot be brusque. On the part of the hierarchy they have published many official documents, which settle the doctrinal position of the Church.

The primary one is the Second Vatican Council declaration “Nostra Aetate” and the complementary documents “Orientations and Suggestions for the Application of the Conciliar Decree 'Nostra Aetate'” and “Notes on the Correct Way to Present the Jews and Judaism in Preaching and Catechesis in the Catholic Church.” With these, the Catholic Church fixes its current position faced to the Jewish people. In fact, there is a Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations With the Jews.

But one thing is the official documents and the other is the reality up to which the faithful, the change is very slow but is already being taken, there is more and more interest by the Catholic faithful in knowing things about the Jews and getting along well with them. The Catholics are taking into account the fact that the Jews are a people who pray, who hang onto their faith, who maintain their traditions -- an example in these times of secularization. “Our older bothers in the faith,” as John Paul II said.

Q: At what point is the dialogue and what are its perspectives?

Fontana: Currently the ice has been broken, there is no environment of hostility and there are desires to meet and even to cooperate on specific themes. There are projects of international assistance for the needy, Caritas and similar Jewish institutions, in countries of Africa, for example.

But there are goals to reach: referring to Judeo-Christian dialogue, a theological dialogue has not yet been entered into in-depth. We say that we are in the phase of greeting them and speaking about topics that do not produce frictions. The figure of Jesus Christ in his significance for Christians is difficult to approach for the Jews, just as the topic of the precepts of the Law of Moses is for Christians.

But yes, there are that could be talked about -- creation, the fall, redemption, the figure of the Messiah and the interpretations of each religion, in the aspects in which they are common and in which they disagree.

Everything else is a task for the future.

Also see:

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A Response to Comments on Tridentine Judaism

Concerning the last blog posting, Tridentine Judaism, a reader has commented:

If you search the term shekinah does come up in a few searches. Could this be the result of an ignorance of the origin of Shekinah or is the author of this blog jumping to conclusions?

The 1911 Catholic Encyclopedia makes reference to the rabbinic texts in numerous instances. There is certainly a familiarity with the rabbinic texts there. Whether the writers/editors of the Catholic Encyclopedia knew of the rabbinic origin of "Shekinah" I cannot say. I can tell you with great certainty that the "Shekinah" is a non-biblical, post-Temple rabbinic invention. Its source is the Targum Onkelos which scholars date between 100-400 A.D. It is very likely a rabbinic reinvention/preservation of the pagan goddess that the apostate Israelites worshiped (Jeremias 7;18, Jeremias 44;17).

Am I overreacting? As I see it, Fr. Finigan, at least figuratively, perhaps unwittingly, is putting Asherah back in the Temple with his use of the term "Shekinah" in reference to the sanctuary. This is an abomination.

I would add that the logic behind the comment seems to be that the 1911 Catholic Encyclopedia, which predates Vatican II by several decades, is a solid test of orthodoxy by that fact. I'm sorry to say that if this is the thinking behind the comment, it is flawed. The errors that we're dealing with here go back centuries before Vatican II to the medieval and renaissance "Christian" Cabalists (Johannes Reuchlin, Pico della Mirandola, et al) who believed that post-Temple rabbinic texts, mysticism, gematria and other rabbinic exegetical methods could be incorporated into Christianity. This movement was largely pushed underground by the Council of Trent but was never fully stamped out. Today, this thinking has the endorsement of the Vatican and Benedict himself as documented here:

The Vatican recommends that Christians learn from post-Temple rabbinic texts which they say are of great value for interpreting both the Old and New Testaments. So, Fr. Finigan is really only acting as the Vatican encourages all Catholics to do when he incorporates post-Temple rabbinic concepts into Catholic tradition. The title of his blog, "The Hermeneutic of Continuity" is really quite telling in this regard. I anticipate more of this kind of diabolical Tridentine Judaism to come from the priests whose concept of obedience is more akin to that of Masonry or the Mafia than the Gospel, or who don't know the difference between Catholic and rabbinic tradition to begin with.

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Tridentine Judaism

The blog titled The Hermeneutic of Continuity authored by a Fr. Tim Finigan utilizes curious terminology which I have recently witnessed in use by other nominally Catholic authors. Fr. Finigan publishes a lovely image of a traditional Latin High Mass with incense wafting through the sanctuary with the following caption:

"... The first [image] is of the sanctuary during the Canon of the Mass. The incense is a fitting symbol of the shekinah, the cloud of the presence and the glory of God."

One wonders where Fr. Finigan picked up the feminine noun "Shekinah" and the association of this feminine noun with God. I do know that he has not found it in the Bible, New Testament or Old. I also know he has not found it anywhere in the traditional Church canon. I can offer a few suggestions as to where the use of that rabbi-fabricated feminine noun may have been picked up--the rabbinic texts; Midrash, Talmud, Zohar, etc., perhaps some Masonic handbook, or perhaps it was some silly Judaizing pop-culture source such as The Da Vinci Code. In any case, it is sad, but not surprising to see this ridiculous rabbinic concept in use by a traditionalist priest.

The "Shekinah" is the female aspect of the dualistic male/female god of Judaism and Masonry:

Shekhinah is feminine, and She is a part of Masonry whether we want to admit it or not, if for no other reason than she represents LIGHT. In Hebrew tradition, Shekhinah is the Feminine face/aspect of god. She was the ancient Hebrew Goddess of wisdom and joy, the feminine part of Yahweh, and the light that dwelt within everything. She lived at the root of the Tree of Life, residing within the acacia, the tree that produces gum arabic, the glue that holds the world together. Her foundations can be traced back to the early Goddess imagery of Asherah and Astarte.

More on the rabbi-fabricated "Shekinah" here:

More Benedict XVI Syntheses

Reuters has published a news article today which illustrates two more syntheses to come from Benedict's new Latin prayer. The first was already anticipated. Some may recall the statement from Benedict's neocon cheerleader, Damien Thomson made a few weeks ago:

"In future, no one will be able to invoke an approved Missal to justify anti-Jewish feeling. Some Lefebvrists may throw up their hands in horror, but that helps explain why they are not in full communion with the Holy See."

It is clear that an effort is taking place to create a kosher "traditional Catholicism" and that those who refuse this "generous olive branch" are being set up to be tarred and feathered as "Jew Haters;" adherents to "teachings of contempt" based in an ancient "antisemitic polemic." We can see this in today's Reuters piece on Benedict's Latin prayer:

Rebel Catholics say Vatican caved on Latin prayer

Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:43pm IST

By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor

PARIS (Reuters) - Rebel Catholic traditionalists who champion the old Latin mass have accused Pope Benedict of caving in to "foreign pressures" by dropping negative comments about Jews from a rare prayer in the Church's official language.

The Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), which was expelled from the Church in 1988, denounced the change in a Good Friday prayer that it said was one of the oldest in Christianity, dating back to the third century ...

Changing the Good Friday text was necessary after Pope Benedict allowed wider use of the old Latin mass last year. The Good Friday prayer said in local languages was revised in 1970 to drop all references that Jews had found offensive.

Widening the use of the old Latin or Tridentine mass was partly meant to attract followers of the SSPX back to Rome. The SSPX claims about a million followers, a small fraction of the 1.1-billion strong Church.

The leadership of the Swiss-based SSPX is still resolutely opposed to reforms of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), including changes in liturgy and in relations with Jews. The Vatican says they must accept the Council to be readmitted ...

Full article:

The media's contempt for the SSPX has always been plain. I suspect that it will now be growing worse. There are two ways to counteract this slander campaign, both of which have not been utilized to my knowledge.

One: Point out the fact that the Good Friday prayer for the Jews is firmly based in Scripture--not only New Testament Scripture, but Old Testament Scripture which St. Paul clearly alludes to. Let them accuse the Old Testament of being "antisemitic." This would exonerate the liturgy and simultaneously expose these phony "people of the book" for the fraud that they are.

Two: Point out the true teaching of contempt within Orthodox Judaism. Why allow these hypocrites to attack the truth from their glass house?

If there is something unCatholic or imprudent about either of these strategies, I wish someone would explain it to me.

The second of the syntheses in the Reuters article is that Benedict's favorite rabbi of the Talmud, Jacob Neusner enters the stage which has already been prepared for him by the maniacs of the ADL and Rabbinical Assembly of Conservative Judaism:

But the Pope received support from a prominent Jewish scholar on Saturday. Rabbi Jacob Neusner of New York wrote in the German Catholic daily Die Tagespost: "Israel prays for non-Jews, so the other monotheists -- including the Catholic Church -- should have the same right without anyone feeling hurt."

My, how reasonable Rabbi Neusner appears compared to his fellow rabbis. "Israel prays for non-Jews," he says. He fails to mention that they pray for the destruction of non-Jews, Christians in particular. But with the help of the philo-Judaic press and some wacko rabbis and ADL types this upholder of the hateful, racist, anti-Christian racket of Judaism becomes a level-headed voice of reason; a friend to embattled traditionalist Catholics. I suspect that his words will be quoted approvingly by many "trads" as is always the case.

More on the "reasonable" rabbi, Jacob Neusner here:

Kasper's "Judeo-Christian" Deception

Catholic Church Conservation blog has provided the following translation of a statement made by Cardinal Walter Kasper on Radio Vatikan:

Curial Cardinal, Walter Kasper has given the assessment that Christian-Islamic dialogue continues to be difficult. There should be in this respect be no illusions, said the President of the Pontifical Council for Unity on Friday at a meeting of the Academy of Sciences in Mainz. Muslims derived from the Koran a different understanding of people. He stressed that the Catholic Church wants dialogue and cooperation with the moderate Muslims. With the radicals, however, this was not possible. No false "idea of harmony " should be allowed to develop, said Kasper. Also, Islam and Judaism are not on an equal footing. Christianity was without the Jewish religion not possible, however, Islam was founded after Christianity.

Walter Kasper is a protege of the Hasidic philosopher, Martin Buber and the Pope's liaison to the rabbis, so we know that he is well informed on Judaism and therefore we can rule out ignorance here. Kasper is well aware that the authoritative texts of Judaism post-date Christ, a fact which undercuts Jewish-Christian dialogue by the same argument he applies to dialogue with Muslims. Furthermore, "Jews" through their Bible-nullifying Talmud and Kabbalah, derive an understanding of humanity entirely incompatible with Christianity--precisely the argument Kasper applies to Muslims and the Koran in claiming there is a poor basis for dialogue with Muslims.

Can you spot the other aspects of the deception in Kasper's statement above?

If not, read the following:

Who stands to benefit from Kasper's deceptive statement?

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More Orthodox Racism

Our Rabbis taught: 'proselytes and those that play with children delay the advent of the Messiah'. The statement about proselytes may be understood on the lines of the view of R. Helbo, for R. Helbo said, 'proselytes are as hard for Israel to endure as a sore' ... (Babylonian Talmud, Niddah 13b)

Evil after evil comes upon those who receive proselytes ... That 'those who receive proselytes', [bring evil upon themselves, is deduced] in accordance with [a statement of] R. Helbo. For R. Helbo stated: Proselytes are hurtful to Israel as a sore on the skin. (Babylonian Talmud, Yebamoth 109b)

Chai Center rabbi explains 'off the handle' e-mails


By Julie Gruenbaum Fax, Education Editor

The Chai Center presents itself as an open and non-judgmental address for Jews looking to learn more about Judaism, to have an authentic Jewish experience, or simply to meet other Jews.

"All our activities are for Conservative, Reform, nonaffiliates, & any Jew that moves! They require no prior background for your total enjoyment," the center's tagline reads.

Founded and run by the unpredictable and colorful Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz, best known as just Schwartzie, the Chai Center makes Judaism accessible and hip for the estimated 10,000 to 15,000 Jews who attend its events every year.

At 62, Schwartzie is enormously popular and beloved. A defiantly independent and off-beat character, he can schmooze it up with Hollywood types or go green with millennial do-gooders. His long white beard gives him a look that is both rabbinic and grandfatherly; his untethered vernacular and quirky style make it clear he fits no mold.

His hallmark event is Dinner for 60 Strangers, which he and his wife, Olivia, host every Friday night in their home.

And it was that Shabbat event that attracted Jamie Katz (not her real name), a 42-year-old paralegal and entrepreneur.

Katz was on an emotional mission to deepen her Jewish identity. When her mother was dying a year ago, she had a last request for her daughter: Go explore your Jewish heritage. Join a temple, find a Jewish man.

Jamie's mother, who was Japanese, had converted to Judaism some 45 years before, when she married Jamie's father. Katz and her two brothers had studied at Temple Emanuel religious school in Beverly Hills, and while she says she never felt like she completely fit in as a Japanese Jew, she never considered herself anything but Jewish.

A few weeks ago a friend told her about the Chai Center, so she went online and registered for the Shabbat dinner at the Schwartzes' home. The food was great, the atmosphere was warm and inviting, and Katz felt as if she belonged.

The following Sunday, however, she received an e-mail from Schwartzie that felt like a verbal punch in the gut:

"Altho yr surname is [Katz] & U spk Yiddish, thts still does not make yr mother's NON Orthodox 'conversion' kosher [valid]," he wrote to her. "Tht means tht if U ever met a Jewish man who's family Rabbi was Orthodox or, who wanted 2 get married in Israel, U could NOT! ... I appreciate tht U were 'brought up' as a Jew (even tho yr father 'married' out of the faith ), but U may not come 2 any more Chai Center events.... We consider INTERMARRAIGE a grt tragedy for the Jewish ppl, even if the non Jewish person in the equation thinks & feels Jewish.... In the eyes of Al-mighty G*d, it's important 4 U NOT 2 date Jewish men. The result of which could, G-d forbid, end in grt tragedy, 4 both of U."

Shocked and pained, Katz wrote back to Schwartzie, reiterating her commitment to Judaism. In the escalating exchange, Schwartzie castigated Katz's late father for choosing to marry a non-Jew, and about Katz's recently deceased mother, he wrote: "She might have been agrt mother, but as a 'Jewish' mother she was a miserable failure! In truth she really was not a FAILURE as a Jew; since, in the eyes of G-d (where it COUNTS) she wasn't!"

Katz was crushed.

"I thought I would find a safe haven in the Jewish community, and I've been shunned by my own people," said Katz, sobbing into the phone just hours after she received Schwartzie's second missive. "I feel embarrassed and ashamed, like I don't belong and I'm not worthy."

Katz is not the only recipient of such letters from Schwartzie. The Journal has learned that this maverick wizard of outreach has directed angry e-mails to other women he perceives as threats to his mission toward ensuring that Jews marry Jews and thus guarantee the continuation of a 4,000-year chain of tradition.

In addition to Katz, two other women independently sent to the Jewish Journal samples of Schwartzie's letters -- rambling e-mails in large print, heavy with text-message shorthand punctuated with varied text colors, point sizes and fonts. One recipient, who is not Jewish, attended his Rosh Hashanah services last fall with a Jewish friend and followed up by sending the rabbi a question about her Jewish ex-boyfriend. Another woman, who is Jewish, brought a non-Jewish man to Schwartzie's seder in 2005. Filled with foul language and content that can easily be construed as bigoted, sexist and threatening, the e-mails seem to contradict the rabbi's aura of openness and non-judgmental warmth.

In a face-to-face interview, Schwartzie stood his ground when first confronted with the letters. He said that while he regretted language that may have been perceived as a personal attack, he stood by his goal of sounding an intentionally vicious warning to ward off non-Jews who might infiltrate his events in the hopes of ensnaring a Jewish partner and eventually intermarrying.

"It's destroying Jewish people," he said, explaining his visceral abhorrence of intermarriage. "This is not just a sin and you shouldn't do it, like don't eat lobster."

Fixing his blue eyes in a fierce stare, he tried to convey the vehemence of what he wants to get across to the women he calls "shiksas": "You are a f---ing Nazi. You are killing a Jew and I hate you for that and I'll piss on your grave. You are not going to kill my Jews."

In follow-up e-mails, the rabbi offered qualified apologies for his letters.

"My reaction shdnt have been on a personal but more correctly, on an IMpersonal level. It matters not the kind of person tht the Non Jew is. So anythig directed @ the Person of the non Jew is wrong. For tht I declare tht I was mistaken & will personally apologize 2 those tht took it personally," he wrote in an e-mail. As of press time, none of the women had heard from Schwartzie.

Full article:

Also see:

Friday, February 22, 2008

Religion in the Post-Auschwitz Dispensation

Get to know the thinking of the elite theologians of our time: "Christianity" referenced to Auschwitz rather than Calvary.

Theology after Auschwitz
A Provisional Program
By Franz Mussner

I ‘Theology after Auschwitz’1

Theology after Auschwitz cannot be identical with theology before Auschwitz. Theology after Auschwitz takes appalled cognizance of the terrible events of the Shoah. J. B. Metz states:2 “After all, one does not say that for Christians there are no other experiences of God than those of Auschwitz. Certainly! But if for us there is no God in Auschwitz, then where else shall we find him?” For Metz, therefore, the question is “if we Christians are prepared to grasp and bear in mind the catastrophe of Auschwitz and to accept it seriously as a challenge, as we are frequently called upon to do – and, of course, not only in respect of our German history and our German awareness of history, but also in respect of our Christianity and our Christian view of God, i.e., our theology. Furthermore, Fr.-W. Marquardt writes:3 “The existence of the Jewish witness to God is essential to Christian faith, if it is to proclaim the living God. And if after Auschwitz there is to be a task for theology at all, then it is to consider what we lack in God if we have lost Israel . . . An imperious cry of ‘Auschwitz never again’ poses a particular understanding of history. It does not permit a flight from history into what is essentially a misrepresentation of the historical facts of the faith, as is often represented in the name of Christ.”

What follows now, divided into ‘Exegesis after Auschwitz’ and ‘Systematology after Auschwitz,’ is the presentation of a program (if by no means exhaustive) which deals with those topics that need to be discussed in a ‘theology after Auschwitz.’

Full paper:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Devout Catholic" Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Receives Rabbinic Award

Roberts spoke and was awarded at the rabbinic convention which produced the "Resolution on the revised Latin text on the Jews" documented here:

Public square Judaism?

R.A. mulls place for Conservative movement

by Eric Fingerhut, Staff Writer

2/20/2008 - Washington Jewish Week

Everyone at last week's annual Rabbinical Assembly convention seemed to agree: Conservative Judaism must make its voice louder in the public square.

Not everyone agrees, however, on how to do that.

Addressing the more than 300 delegates to the convention at the Capital Hilton in the District last week, Arnold Eisen, chancellor of the movements Jewish Theological Seminary, called on rabbis to make their "shuls into real communities" that "are not [just] self-sufficient sanctuaries unto themselves, but bases of operations for work in the world" that will keep Jews coming back again and again.

"If one can't find spirituality inside the sanctuary, it is failing," he said. "But if one is not led by the sanctuary, from the sanctuary, into social-justice work in the public square, the failing is no less acute."

... Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts ... spoke to the group for about 10 minutes after accepting the R.A.'s Truth and Justice Award.

Roberts mentioned Moses, quoted Conservative movement founder Solomon Schechter and discussed the week's Torah portion during his talk. He noted the "tensions that sometimes arise between secular and religious issues in a pluralistic and free society," but demurred on offering details on how he weighs the two interests.

He also said the week's parsha, dealing with the "painstaking" description of the creation of Aaron's priestly vestments, reminded him of "the care the judges must bring to bear in applying reason and precedent to decide the issues that come before them."

... In presenting the honor, Wohlberg said it was for "your commitment to the law" and "devotion to the sacred values of our nation."

Full article:

Senate's Kabuki Dance With Roberts Goes On

By William Fisher

NEW YORK, Sep 15, 2005 (Inter Press Service) - After three days of hearings on the confirmation of Judge John G. Roberts to be the seventeenth Chief Justice of the United States, what the public has learned is that the nominee appears to be as much Talmudic scholar as jurist.

In the relatively few questions he did not duck altogether by saying they related to issues likely to come before the Court, or by claiming the views he wrote were those of the administrations he has worked for in the past, Roberts responded even to most specific questions with an "on the one hand, on the other hand" approach ...

St. Kilians Noahide Cathedral

This is an abomination

A huge menorah at the entrance to St Kilians Cathedral, Würzburg , Germany

Monday, February 18, 2008

France’s chief rabbi agrees with Sarkozy’s Holocaust children plan

Sarkozy's Holocaust mind-rape plan is addressed here:

France’s chief rabbi agrees with Sarkozy’s Holocaust children plan

France's Chief Rabbi, Joseph Sitruk: “The idea is simply to realize that the Shoah, the Nazi genocide of the Jewish people, is not the problem of the Jews, it is a problem of society.”

Feb, 18, 2008

PARIS (European Jewish Press)---France’s Chief Rabbi Joseph Sitruk said he "perfectly agreed" with the idea of President Nicolas Sarkozy that each pupil in the last year of French primary school "adopts" the memory of one of the 11,000 French Jewish children killed in the Holocaust, learning about the child's background and fate.
"I perfectly agree with the idea of Nicolas Sarkozy,” the rabbi told Monday private French tv station I-télé, calling Sarkozy’s idea "nice" and "generous."

He said the idea will allow the children of France to better understand a phenomenon which affects them and which is a considerable stake.”

It is the first time the chief rabbi gives his opinion since the presidential announcement last Wednesday at the annual dinner of CRIF, the representative body of Jewish organizations in France.

He said that “it is not a topical problem, so there is no emergency to take a position.”

He added: “The idea is simply to realize that the Shoah, the Nazi genocide of the Jewish people, is not the problem of the Jews, it is a problem of society.”

"There is a drama which does not cease lasting, that of all massacres which were since perpetrated", he said.

“Nothing is comparable with anything, but there were so many misfortunes in the world, danger is still there, and the humanity did not understand what Shoah could mean as a considerable teaching,” Sitruk said.

For the rabbi, "the president wanted to make understand to our country that the memory transmission was almost a ‘state affair’, the affair of all.”

He suggested to the government to launch a commission of specialists, teachers, former deportees and resistance fighters.”

"Education will save our country, nothing else ", Sitruk said.

Full article:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Precedent Was Set Long Ago

An excerpt from the "Resolution on the revised Latin text on the Jews" from the Rabbinical Assembly of Conservative Judaism:

Whereas our teacher, Professor Abraham Joshua Heschel, met in the Vatican with Cardinal Bea and Pope Paul VI and convinced the [Second Vatican] Council to remove a proposed passage in Nostra Aetate calling for the conversion of the Jews ...

Background on this virtually unknown matter here:

Walter Kasper Clarifies Intention of Benedict's Latin Prayer for the Jews to Chief Pharisee David Rosen

Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, has written a letter clarifying the intention of the new Good Friday prayer for the Jews at the request of the Chief Rabbi of "Israel," and papal knight, David Rosen of which I present some excerpts. First, we see it implied by a top Vatican prelate that the Scripture-based traditional Latin Good Friday prayer for the Jews was "language of contempt" while it is stated that the new prayer expresses an intention of "mutual respect in respective otherness":

"To give witness of our Christian faith, as is expressed in the reformulated prayer, is therefore in no way a return to the language of contempt but an expression of mutual respect in our respective otherness."

What is the intention of the reformulated prayer?

The reformulated text no longer speaks about the conversion of the Jews, as some Jewish critics wrongly affirm. The text is a prayer inspired by St. Paul's letter to the Romans, chapter 11, which is the very text which speaks of the unbroken covenant. It takes up Paul's eschatological hope that at the end of times all Israel will be saved. As a prayer the text lays all in the hands of God and not in ours. It says nothing about the how and when. Therefore there is nothing about missionary activities, by which we may take Israel's salvation in our own hands. We leave all in the hands of the one who is the only master and Lord of history.

Does this prayer constitute any change in the Vatican's policy towards the elder brothers?

It is absolutely not the intention of anyone in the Roman Curia to step back and interrupt our fruitful dialogue, which for us is irreversible ...(Letter from Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, to Chief Rabbi of "Israel," David Rosen)

A photocopy of the letter can be read at the following link:

There you have it, not from some hack lay theologian, but from one of the highest ranking Vatican prelates, expert in Benedict's theology of the "elder brothers" and Benedict's liaison to the Pharisees. If this anti-Gospel intention resonates with you, then sign up here to defend it:

Defend the Dogma, Defend the Holy Father!

And it's worth noting that one of Benedict's first actions as Pope was to make the self-described proud Pharisee, Chief Rabbi of "Israel," David Rosen, whom this letter is addressed to, a papal knight.


The Vatican's Knight Defenders of the Talmud

Papal Rabbi-Knight David Rosen Wants to Change What Christians Believe About the Pharisees

Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Opus Dei" "Hebrew Catholic" Connection

From Association of "Hebrew Catholics'" David Moss:

I arrived in Washington, DC on May 19 so that I could meet with Fr. John McCloskey on May 20. Fr. McCloskey is an Opus Dei priest who runs the Catholic Information Center in Washington. Father had previously indicated an interest in our work. We discussed the work of the [Association of Hebrew Catholics], and Father made it clear that he thought our work was very important. He also thought that our work ought to be conducted in the greater New York metropolitan area, an area which has the largest Jewish, Catholic and Hebrew Catholic populations. Towards that end, Father strongly suggested that we see Bishop Myers of Newark. In light of our new situation in Michigan, Father’s thoughts and suggestion seemed very timely. I have written to Bishop Myers even while we continue to explore other possibilities here in Michigan. I must add that in the Catholic community here, we have found a great amount of moral and spiritual support. (David Moss, The Hebrew Catholic, No. 78, Winter Spring 2003)

In the spirit of "Opus Dei," David Moss' sister, Rosalind Moss is opening a neocon "convent" with the support of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke:

EWTN TV and radio host announces formation of new religious community


SACRAMENTO, CA (CNS) - Rosalind Moss, an author who is an Eternal Word Television Network TV host and one of the network's radio hosts, announced Feb. 13 that she is starting a new community of sisters in the Archdiocese of St. Louis with the permission of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke.

The new group will be called the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope, she told an audience of more than 200 at the Catholic Breakfast Club of Sacramento.

Moss, 65, said she hopes to move to St. Louis within a few months, intends to fulfill as many of her scheduled speaking engagements in the coming year as possible, and plans to continue her radio program from St. Louis.

She is working now on designing a floor-length habit ...

Also see:

Opus Judei Founder, Escriba Preached Kabbalistic Doctrine, Tikkun Olam

Opus Judei

"Hebrew Catholics" see: Khazar Talmudists

Also, witness the Kabbalistic-Catholic diabolism of Association of Hebrew Catholics sanctioned psychotic, Aharon Yosef/Athol Bloomer at his website:

A Catholic Jew Pontificates

Aharon Yosef, btw, is the name of revolutionary Kabbalist sage, Isaac Luria's great grandfather and Kabbalist, Aharon Yosef Luria.

Join the Association of Hebrew Catholics discussion forum and witness the fruits of "Hebrew Catholicism" of which I supply but one example:

"I study Tanya (the main writing of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the first Lubavitcher Rebbe) everyday. The more I read it, I have seen the message of Yeshua HaMoshiach. He was so close to the truth and yet was blind to take it one step forward to the revelation of Yeshua HaMoshiach....It was actually through the Tanya (and of course the Tanakh) that I began my journey to the Church. Mind you, I still have a picture of the [Lubavitcher] Rebbe on my wall, right next to my Crucifix."

Take Note

Summorum Pontificum was promulgated on pagan bacchanal Live Earth Day 7/7/07, and Aphelion. The Pharisee-prompted Good Friday prayer for the Jews came on pagan bacchanal Shrove Tuesday and the prayer is expected to be prayed on pagan bacchanal Purimfest which coincides with Good Friday this year.

Out of this working has emerged a phoenix reborn--a "traditionalist" "resistance" which militantly lines up behind a Judaizing Pope:

Defend the Dogma, Defend the Holy Father!

An Excellent Resource

This was sent in by a reader:

If you want to know more about Sarkozy and his Lubavitch's friends, read the article "The French Connection", page 12 in the following [Chabad] document [in English]:

More news in French and in English on the website as well about Sarkozy, the Noachism, the Jews and the Vatican, ...

The French website, is an excellent resource which carries on the tradition of the great French researchers of Judeo-Masonic subversion of the Church.

I only wish I could recommend many other such sources.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sarkozy: Zealous Holocaustolator

French President Nicholas Sarkozy is a friend of Chabad and the "Noahide Laws."

Benedict Meets Friend of Chabad, Nicholas Sarkozy

Should it surprise us then that he is also a raving lunatic Holocaustolator?

Sarkozy defends Holocaust proposal amid uproar

Feb 15, 2008

By Richard Balmforth

PARIS (Reuters) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy, facing a tide of criticism over his call for schoolchildren to "adopt" Jewish child victims of the Holocaust, hit back on Friday saying France had to raise children "with open eyes."

However, in a move that could sink the project, France's most prominent Holocaust survivor, Simone Veil, came out firmly against the plan, calling it "unimaginable, untenable, appalling and, above all, unjust."

Sarkozy touched off the controversy on Wednesday when he told France's Jewish community that every 10-year-old schoolchild should be "entrusted with the memory of a French child victim of the Holocaust."

The proposal unleashed a storm of protest from teachers, psychologists and his political foes who said it would unfairly burden children with the guilt of previous generations and some could be traumatized by identifying with a Holocaust victim.

Full Article:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Holocaustolatry in Atlanta Archdiocese

Christians, Jews Look Together At Holocaust History

The Georgia Bulletin, February 14, 2008

ATLANTA—Two upcoming Jewish-Catholic educational events will examine the history of the Holocaust in an interfaith setting. The American Jewish Committee and Atlanta Archdiocese, along with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, will host a lunchtime seminar and an evening lecture with leading experts focused on Holocaust history and other contemporary interfaith issues.

The lunch event, a discussion entitled “Christians, Jews and Studying the Holocaust,” will be held Tuesday, Feb. 26, from 12:30-3 p.m., at the Catholic Center, located at 680 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta. A kosher lunch will be provided. Space is limited. Parking is available on Spring Street behind the Catholic Center.

The evening event, a panel discussion on “Remembering for Reconciliation: Healing Memories in the Christian-Jewish Dialogue,” will be held at Our Lady of Assumption Church, 1350 Hearst Drive, Atlanta, also on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at 7:30 p.m.

During World War II, some 1.5 million Ukrainian Jews were killed. The deaths are called a “Holocaust of bullets” as mobile gangs of Nazis and collaborators tried to exterminate the Jewish people by shooting them all. The remains were tossed into unmarked mass graves.

Father Patrick Desbois, a French priest, works to find those remains by talking to people, who as teenagers or young children witnessed the killings.

The program is a conversation between the Father Desbois, who has received many honors for his work, and Paul Shapiro, director of the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The two experts have been meeting in communities throughout the United States to talk about this history.

Father Desbois is the president of Yahad–In Unum, which was co-founded by the Archbishop of Paris and the head of the World Jewish Congress to promote Jewish-Catholic dialogue, joint social relief programs, and common moral values throughout Europe. In addition to serving since 2003 as an adviser to the Vatican’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, he is also a member of the board of the French Judeo-Christian Friendship Society.

Shapiro is a member of the Congressionally mandated Interagency Working Group on Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records. He also serves on the Academic Advisory Committee of the Center for Jewish History in New York. Most recently he was instrumental in the Museum’s successful effort to open the archive of the International Tracing Service in Germany, the world’s largest and last major inaccessible collection of Holocaust-related records.

The events are being sponsored as a collaboration between the American Jewish Committee and Atlanta Archdiocese. Most recently they partnered for a community-wide immigration forum in November 2006.

To register for the lunchtime seminar, contact Ana Nagel at (404) 885-7458 or For more information on the evening event, call Our Lady of the Assumption Church at (404) 261-7181.

Dear Ana Nagel,

I'm interested in the “Christians, Jews and Studying the Holocaust,” lecture. Will the holocaust of Christians that took place in Russia prior to W.W. II at the hands of many Judaic persons be addressed? Will the Orthodox Judaic teachings of contempt against Christ and Christians which paved the road to this holocaust of Christians be addressed? Will the rabbis be pressured to revise their hateful teachings? If not, why?

your name

The archbishop of Atlanta, Wilton D. Gregory's contact info is:

Phone: 404-888-7804
Fax: 404-885-7282

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Blindness of "The Remnant" and Friends

The Remnant and friends have issued an "International Declaration in Support of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI" which expresses grave concern that:

( Today, February 12, 2008, the international Rabbinical Assembly, representing some 1,600 conservative rabbis worldwide, issued a "resolution" declaring that it is "dismayed and deeply disturbed" over Pope Benedict's reiteration of Catholic doctrine on salvation in the recently revised Good Friday Prayer. This same Assembly voted to formally pressure the Vatican to "clarify the text's meaning." However, the text is perfectly clear, and the Pope is not obliged to alter or "clarify" Church teaching in response to "resolutions" adopted by non-Catholic organizations. Besides, the Pope's magnanimous decision to revise the Prayer in the first place has already addressed any possible concerns the Rabbinical Assembly might profess to have. We are deeply concerned that such public relations tactics could become a precedent for interference in the affairs of the Church by pressure groups that do not share her beliefs.

"The Remnant" and friends express grave concern that a resolution issued by a rabbinic counsel after Benedict rewrote an ancient Catholic liturgical prayer due to pressure from the rabbis and other Judaic pressure groups could create a precedent for interference in the affairs of the Church by outside pressure groups? And this, after "The Remnant" declared the rewriting of the prayer due to pressure from rabbis and Judaic groups a "papal masterstroke"?

It seems to me that these "traditionalists" prefer the new prayer. They're certainly willing to fight for it, while they quite obviously did not fight for the traditional prayer.

The signers of this double-minded manifesto are:

Michael J. Matt
Editor, The Remnant

John Blewett, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, The Latin Mass Magazine

Pieter Vree
Deputy Editor, New Oxford Review

Rod Pead
Editor, Christian Order
London, England

R. J. Stove
Executive Editor
ORIENS Magazine
Melbourne, Australia

Howard Walsh
President, Keep the Faith, Inc.

Fr. Brian W. Harrison, O.S., S.T.D.
Professor Emeritus of Theology
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Fr. John Paul Echert, S.S.L.
Pastor, St. Augustine Church, Holy Trinity Church

Rev. Fr. Paul J. McDonald
Diocese of Saint Catharines

John Rao, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
St. Johns University
Director, Roman Forum

Christopher A. Ferrara, Esq.
President and Chief Counsel
American Catholic Lawyers Association, Inc.

Scott A. Jones
League of St. Michael , Inc.
Our Lady of Victory School

Albert and Bonnie Huntz
Una Voce-Buffalo

Brian C. Mershon
Journalist, Dallas, Texas

Mark Alessio
Journalist, New York

Brian McCall, Esq.
Associate Professor
University of Oklahoma College of Law

Timothy J. Cullen
Journalist, Argentina

M. Eric Frankovitch, Esq.

Gary Scarrabelotti
Oriens Foundation
Canberra, ACT

Michael R. Hirsh, Esq.
Georgia Litigation Counsel
Catholic Defense Bureau

What hope is there for people with such treacherous and/or foolish spokesmen?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Orthodox Racism

The defense is "this is a religious issue." Indeed it is. Judaism is a racist religion. The Vatican says Christians must increase religious relations with the adherents of this racist racket.

Jewish school’s admission policy ‘is racist’

Nicola Woolcock, The Times UK

February 12, 2008

A leading Jewish school has been accused of racial discrimination after it refused to accept a girl whose mother was a convert to the religion.

Her parents are taking legal action against the JFS (formerly the Jewish Free School) for rejecting their daughter’s application, The Times has learnt.

The girl’s father is an Orthodox Jew and her mother, who is the school’s head of English, converted to Judaism more than 20 years ago. But the Office of the Chief Rabbi does not recognise the conversion and so refuses to accept that the child is Jewish.

The couple claim that the school’s admissions code breaches race laws, because it favours children with Jewish-born mothers. Jewish custom dictates that the faith line passes through the mother.

Children from two other families who consider themselves Jewish have also been refused a place. The school insists that the preference it shows to pupils whose mothers were born Jewish is a religious rather than a racial issue.

JFS is one of Britain’s oldest Jewish schools and is the largest Orthodox Jewish school in Europe, with 2,000 pupils. It is described by Ofsted as outstanding and is oversubscribed every academic year ...

Philip Hunter, the Chief Schools Adjudicator ruled that the school was not breaking race relation laws by favouring children born to Jewish mothers, saying this was Jewish law and was therefore a religious issue ...

Most Orthodox Jewish schools use similar admissions criteria. Immanuel College in Hertfordshire says all children “require authorisation from the Chief Rabbi.” Hasmonean High School, in North London, said it adopted the same code.

Full Article:

Monday, February 11, 2008


It's now being reported that the rabbis are going to condemn Benedict's prayer that he made up for them and foisted upon traditionalists on Shrove Tuesday last week. This is "Jewish" high drama. This serves to make Catholicism seem ever more wicked in the eyes of the world and in need of further updating. It also makes the Vatican appear to be besieged in the eyes of the "trads" and brings support from the foolish among them based upon that appearance. Already "trads" are arguing amongst themselves over the orthodoxy of a prayer which should be rejected straightaway solely based upon it being a concession to enemies of the faith. Once again Catholics have been played by the masters of the dialectic.

Why has this played out in such a devastating way as it has? Because everyone involved in this debacle has forsaken the example set by Jesus Christ for how to deal with Pharisees and their gambits:

"Then came to him from Jerusalem scribes and Pharisees, saying: Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the ancients? For they wash not their hands when they eat bread. But he answering, said to them: Why do you also transgress the commandment of God for your tradition?" (Matthew 15;1-3)

There, plain and simple, is the example from Jesus Christ for how to handle Pharisees and their hypocritical gambits--an example we are called to imitate but so rarely do.

When the Pharisees come knocking asking us to change our prayers for the salvation of their eternal souls saying they're offended by them, the correct answer is, "HYPOCRITES! You who curse us and pray for our destruction three times daily in your obligatory Birkat HaMinim have the audacity to demand that we change our prayers for your salvation? We will not exchange the truth for lies, and may God forgive you for even entertaining the thought!"

Who can come up with a better strategy than Christ?

Here is your ammunition:

And for Christians let there be no hope, and may all the evil in an instant be destroyed and all thy enemies be cut down swiftly; and the evil ones uproot and break and destroy and humble soon in our days. Blessed are you lord who breaks enemies and humbles sinners. (Birkat HaMinim, "Benediction" #12 of the Shmone Esreh (18 Benedictions) mandated by halacha to be prayed by every Orthodox Judaic male three times daily).

This "benediction" is 1918 years old. It predates the Good Friday prayer for the conversion of the Jews by centuries. There can be no argument that it was a reaction to "antisemitism" and "Christian violence" as was formulated at the time when the fledgling Christian Church was being persecuted by the synagogues. It has been mandatory that Orthodox Judaic males recite this curse against Christians for 1918 years now and Abe Foxman, The Chief Rabbinate of Israel, Rabbi-Knight David Rosen, the AJC and the rest of the Pharisees who have demanded that the Catholic liturgy be altered to their specification KNOW THIS. They're hypocrites. In fact, they're twice the hypocrite children of hell as their Pharisee spiritual forefathers of whom Christ said: "hypocrites; because you go round about the sea and the land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell twofold more than yourselves."

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dershowitz and the Death of the U.S.

The last paragraph of this review gives frightening insight into the lawyer/rabbi mentality on Biblical and civil law. Thomas Jefferson, whom Alan Dershowitz pompously presumes to critique here, regarded the rabbinic tradition as a system of wretched depravity. Today, Jefferson is pushed aside by adherents to that system of wretched depravity who say he and the other founders can't be relied upon in the "post-9/11 world." This is no longer a nation governed in the spirit of the U.S. founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution, but a nation ruled by the Pharisees and the Talmud. This once great nation is dying a shameful death.

The Letter and the Law

By Karen J. Greenberg, Washington Post

Thursday, February 7, 2008

While the Justice Department sinks into a political bog, a victim of its own overreaching since 9/11, the nation's legal theorists are trying to find some firm ground in the global war on terrorism. In more than a dozen recent books, the liberal scholars Bruce Ackerman and David Cole, the more conservative jurist Richard Posner, former assistant attorney general Jack Goldsmith and others have engaged in a debate on the Constitution and terrorism that may someday be read as a riveting chapter in American intellectual history. For now, it approximates a trial being conducted out of court for the benefit of the public, in which the key question is whether we should allow the government to override long-standing rights and moral boundaries in the name of preventing terrorism. Can authorities now hold suspects without counsel, trial or even knowledge of the charges against them? Is torture justifiable, given the threats we face? Should the government have more leeway to eavesdrop on U.S. citizens?

Among the most prolific participants in this debate is Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, best known for defending unpopular causes -- Nazis marching through Skokie, Claus von Bulow, O.J. Simpson. In "Finding Jefferson," his eighth book since Sept. 11, 2001, Dershowitz focuses on terrorism and free speech. This time around, he has given us a slight, at times unfocused, often quirky volume that digresses into the Talmud, Aaron Burr's 1807 treason trial and Dershowitz's passion for collecting Yiddish postcards, baseball memorabilia, autographs of famous people and rare books. Though unafraid of straying from his ostensible topic, Dershowitz never wanders far from his favorite subject: himself. Nonetheless, "Finding Jefferson" is a thoughtful reflection on the "threat posed by Imams who preach violence" and whether we should make it illegal for such people "to continue to preach their hatred."

To guide this conversational inquiry, Dershowitz invokes Thomas Jefferson's "maximalist view of free speech," a view expressed not only in Jefferson's pardoning of everyone convicted under the draconian Alien and Sedition Acts, but also in an 1801 letter that Dershowitz bought a few years ago from a rare-book dealer for a sum he does not disclose. (In arguing that the letter is historically significant, the professor may be raising its potential price tag, though he does not appear to be interested in selling it.) The letter, from Jefferson to Connecticut politician and future U.S. Sen. Elijah Boardman, concerned a sermon by the Rev. Stanley Griswold, a pastor in New Milford, Conn., who had argued that although everyone is entitled to freedom of opinion, "the divulging of an opinion with the wanton view to excite broils and cause needless dissentions, or to influence others to do evil," should be forbidden. Insisting that "we have nothing to fear from the demoralizing reasonings of some, if others are left free to demonstrate their errors," Jefferson called for broad freedom of speech and disputed Griswold's contention "that the utterance of an opinion is an overt act."

Likening our era to the founding period -- in which John Adams and Alexander Hamilton "used the fear of 'Jacobins' and an invasion by France to justify enactment of the Alien and Sedition Laws" -- Dershowitz says that "many Americans today share Griswold's concerns" and believe that speech can be dangerous. "What if Jefferson had seen with his own eyes," he asks, "that a libertarian approach to dangerous speech in fact led to massive violence?" In that case, Dershowitz contends, Jefferson most likely would have changed his stance and preserved "the rhetoric" of an absolute right to free speech while accepting "the pragmatic need to compromise."

This hypothetical exchange may tell us more about Dershowitz than it does about Jefferson. Strong rhetoric about upholding civil rights, combined with an actual willingness to compromise those rights, is precisely what Dershowitz himself has shown in promoting the "torture warrant," his notion that courts could allow torture in a so-called ticking bomb scenario, when a suspected terrorist has information about an imminent threat to American lives.

But in the realm of speech, Dershowitz does not counsel compromise. Gently rebuking Jefferson, he holds that free expression is an act that needs to be protected even though words can lead to violence, not because they are harmless. He argues that we cannot predict the danger of speech with enough certainty to justify punishing it, and that censorship, which can easily go too far, poses an even greater risk.

In distancing himself from Jefferson, Dershowitz is making a point about the level of fear in the United States. He is, in essence, urging readers to think clearly about the risks we face in the modern world and not to expect easy, relevant answers from the founders. Citing a tale from the Talmud in which the rabbis tell God, "You gave us a document to interpret, and a methodology for interpreting it. Now leave us to do our job," Dershowitz sees a lesson for Americans. "It is now our responsibility to build on your legacy," he tells Jefferson, and we must decide the matter anew for ourselves, recognizing that "freedom comes with a price, sometimes even a heavy price."

Religious Relations With the "Jews" in Context

It should be quite obvious at this point that "religious relations" with the "Jews" is such an urgent and pervasive matter on the Vatican agenda that even the Latin Mass community is not a place of refuge from it. For those who attempted to avoid this issue and now realize that it's not possible to do so, I encourage you to educate yourself on the religion of the "elder brothers" whom Vatican prelates insist we have religious relations with.

New York Times Reveals Talmudic Basis for Legalistic Murder of Goys, Fake Benevolence

Amalek, Haman, and Christians

Vatican: "Christians Can Learn Much From 'Jewish' Exegesis of Past 2000 Years"

Some Insight from Benedict XVI's Elder Brother in the Faith, Rabbi Jacob Neusner

Benedict's Elder Brothers and their Voodoo Ritual

The Vatican Instills the Double Mind; The Judaic Hermaphrodite god

Papal Rabbi-Knight David Rosen Wants to Change What Christians Believe About the Pharisees

The Judaic Propensity to Have It Both Ways

Institutionalized Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Something is Seriously Wrong Here

This is barely an introduction to the true, anti-biblical nature of the religion of Judaism that Catholics are being pushed into religious relations with.

Chaos and Transformation

The chaos caused by the recent replacement of a prayer from the ancient Catholic liturgy due to pressure from Judaic organizations has become a perfect opportunity for rebirth, reinvention and transformation. As we have seen that "The Remnant Resistance" now provides support for the characters they formerly resisted against, now, even the foaming-at-the-mouth change-agent, Walter Kasper is transformed in the other direction. Watch this protégé of Hasidic philosopher Martin Buber--whom Benedict also is a student of--as he is transformed into a tough-talking "defender of the faith":

"We think that reasonably this prayer cannot be an obstacle to dialogue because it reflects the faith of the Church and, furthermore, Jews have prayers in their liturgical texts that we Catholics don't like,"

"I must say that I don't understand why Jews cannot accept that we can make use of our freedom to formulate our prayers," Kasper, a German, told the Corriere della Sera. (Adi Schwartz, "Vatican rejects criticism of new prayer for Jewish conversion" Haaretz, 07/02/2008)

This is pure stagecraft between the rabbis and Kasper. But what is really taking place here? Walter Kasper is defending the altering of an ancient Catholic prayer which expressed pure, crystal clear, orthodox theology, to a novel, mysterious prayer intended to express Benedict's Orwellian theology of the "elder brothers."

And it is interesting to see Kasper state the plain fact that Judaic prayers and texts contain offenses against Christians. Although this hardly scratches the surface of the true nature of the Judaic tradition, it is yet another public admission from a prominent Cardinal that the texts of Judaism harbor real teachings of contempt towards Christians, even as he calls these haters of Christ "elder brothers in the faith" and supports "correction" of Catholic theology and liturgy to suit them.

I will remind readers that not very long ago, the story was that it was deemed "Jew hate" to claim that the texts of Judaism contained hateful passages against Christians. When a high-profile figure like Kasper states that fact publicly, it is clear evidence that we are in a new era of revelations. The information is now getting out there. The establishment won't allow independent researchers to handle the information. They must control it themselves.

And how is the release of this information handled by Kasper? Just as it was handled by Cardinal George. The correct response should be outrage, ending of "dialogue" and a call for the rabbis to correct their hateful traditions. Kasper gives every indication that "dialogue" with the rabbis should continue, even though Catholics have nothing to gain from "religious relations" with rabbinic enemies of the faith in an arrangement where Catholic theology and tradition is "corrected" to suit rabbinic sensibilities while the rabbis keep their hateful traditions intact. If a banker threw a tantrum and threatened to tear up a 100% interest loan contract while the debtor begged him not to, that would not even begin to approach the insanity at play here.

The charade is plain and in the open for those with eyes to see.

Also read:

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Pontifical Household Preacher: A Revelation and Obfuscation

Friday, February 8, 2008

Walter Kasper's Statement on the Good Friday Prayer for the Jews

Catholic Church Conservation blog has provided the following translation of Cardinal Walter Kasper's statement on the new Good Friday Prayer for the Jews. I'm certain that those who are familiar with Benedict's theology of the "elder brothers" will see that theology reinforced in this statement. For "Jews," conversion to Christ is not a pressing issue. That can wait until the Apocalypse. For now, we must only be concerned with "reconciliation" with the "elder brothers," always respecting their "faithfulness to the covenant" and working together "for peace and justice in the world."

For those who have a working knowledge of the actual anti-biblical Talmudic and Kabbalistic traditions of the "elder brothers," this is a spiritual and temporal death sentence for Catholics. It also is cause for deprivation of the only possible means of salvation for Jews--both real Jews and the fake Jews whom Vatican prelates demand that we have "religious relations" with, that is, "religious relations" devoid of even the thought of evangelism.

And note that, as pointed out earlier, this change is a "correction" which is to say that there was error ("antisemitism") in one of the most ancient prayers of the Catholic liturgy. Those who accuse the Catholic Church of harboring "teachings of contempt" have scored a huge victory here.

"The Holy Father, the Holy See, is aware that the history between Jews and Christians is a difficult and complicated history. We must take this into account, there are many sensitivities. Therefore, the prayer for the Good Friday has been corrected in the so-called old liturgy which is now the "extraordinary" liturgy. The blindness of the Jews was cited. This was perceived as insulting and the sentence has been deleted.

But on the other hand, the Pope did not remove what is specific to our faith, namely the belief in Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God, the Saviour of all people, which includes according to our belief also the Jews. The Pope wanted to express this Faith. This is not an obstacle for dialogue, because the dialogue presupposes that the identity of the Jewish faith and identity of the Christian faith can be mutually recognised and naturally, this leads to dialogue.

We have much in common with Jewish people, but this is a difference which you cannot ignore.

When the Pope presently speaks on the conversion of Jews, then you have to understand correctly. He cited literally the Eleventh Chapter of the letter of the Apostle Paul to the Romans. The apostle, says that we, as Christians, hope, when the fullness of pagans enters the church, then that Israel will completely convert. This is an eschatological hope for the end of the ages, which does not mean that we have the intention now to be missionaries to Jews as one sends missions to the heathens.

We have in the meantime now shoulder to shoulder to recognise our mutual diversity.
We Christians must of course give testimony of our faith in Jesus the Christ. This is also a freedom of religion, which we have to be given to say and confess what we believe, as the Jews themselves have the opportunity to express their Faith. One could also say that in the place of the old language of contempt is now respect and mutual recognition in our diversity. With this difference, in faith in Jesus Christ, we must live and we must recognize, which does not exclude in any way that there are the many things on which we agree, the possibility of working together for peace and justice in the world."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lawyerly Apologetics Meant to Cover Up Disaster

Those who make a serious study of the rabbinic tradition of Judaism come to understand very deeply that Judaism is a lawyerly "religion." It's a "religion" not of the law (aside from using the law as a totem), but a religion which finds ways around the law. I was once told by a lawyer that being a good lawyer entails not just knowing what the law says, but more importantly, what it doesn't say. In other words, it's about finding loopholes, clever maneuvering and the like. The lawyer's profession in the U.S. today is rotten with this kind of end-justifies-the-means thinking. It's not about justice, but about "winning."

Serious problems arise when this mentality is applied to things of the Church, such as we see in Ferrara's shameful apologia for Benedict and the prayer he rewrote in response to wailing from the Chief Rabbinate of "Israel," the AJC and ADL of B'nai B'rith. Ferrara revels in what he views to be a clever counter-ploy by Benedict, as if there were virtue in intrigue and cheap courtroom gambits. Ferrara's view has found much support on "trad" message boards. This is a clear sign of the level of Talmudization of the thinking of many so-called "traditional Catholics." Such lawyerly behavior is seen as admirable. Their traditionalism is a sham.

Nothing "gained" through disreputable means is truly a gain. The reality is that Benedict's "masterstroke" is a huge loss. There is now a precedent of public pressure from Judaic organizations bringing about a snappy response from the Vatican. For a true traditionalist this is unthinkable--end of discussion. But further, the removal of language which was deemed "offensive" and "demeaning" by Judaic groups, is a tacit admission that there was a problem that needed to be fixed. This is a disaster for tradition.

For 50 years now we have been hearing about Catholic "teaching of contempt" which "paved the road to The Holocaust." This insane idea has been seriously considered by Vatican prelates and it's been the impetus for many anti-tradition developments in theology and the Novus Ordo liturgy. Removal of language from the traditional Latin liturgy deemed to be "offensive" and "demeaning" to "Jews" plays into the "teaching of contempt" zeitgeist. It serves as confirmation of the charge that Catholic tradition is "anti-semitic" and constitutes precedent for further change. Pharisees exploit precedent to the utmost.

Now, Catholic tradition is open to examination and revision according to the whims of the Pharisees, not in reference to truth, clarity and purity of doctrine, but the post-"Holocaust" benchmark: is it good for the 'Jews'? And this doesn't happen behind close doors as it did in the past. It happens in broad daylight, with lawyerly "trads" trumpeting their support. Outrage is non-existent.

Today these same "trads" are swooning over Benedict in his Roman vestments at Ash Wednesday service. Have they ever heard of the concept of damage control? Benedict has just sold out Catholic tradition to the Pharisees in a spectacular, public display. Of course he needs to build up his "conservative" image before and after such an unspeakably treacherous act. Didn't Ferrara say that Benedict tears down tradition as he creates the appearance of building it up back in 2005? Oh, but that's when he was the prosecutor. Now he's with the defense. It's all about "winning," then, I guess. I tell you, such lawyerly strategizing is a recipe for failure.

Perhaps these "trads" need to learn of a true masterstroke by a true safeguard of tradition. They would do well to learn that St. Pius X handled Judaic lobbying by telling the interlocutors, essentially, to get lost and that he would send missionaries to convert them. How far from Christianity the Vatican has fallen in the past 100 years ...