Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Blindness of "The Remnant" and Friends

The Remnant and friends have issued an "International Declaration in Support of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI" which expresses grave concern that:

( Today, February 12, 2008, the international Rabbinical Assembly, representing some 1,600 conservative rabbis worldwide, issued a "resolution" declaring that it is "dismayed and deeply disturbed" over Pope Benedict's reiteration of Catholic doctrine on salvation in the recently revised Good Friday Prayer. This same Assembly voted to formally pressure the Vatican to "clarify the text's meaning." However, the text is perfectly clear, and the Pope is not obliged to alter or "clarify" Church teaching in response to "resolutions" adopted by non-Catholic organizations. Besides, the Pope's magnanimous decision to revise the Prayer in the first place has already addressed any possible concerns the Rabbinical Assembly might profess to have. We are deeply concerned that such public relations tactics could become a precedent for interference in the affairs of the Church by pressure groups that do not share her beliefs.

"The Remnant" and friends express grave concern that a resolution issued by a rabbinic counsel after Benedict rewrote an ancient Catholic liturgical prayer due to pressure from the rabbis and other Judaic pressure groups could create a precedent for interference in the affairs of the Church by outside pressure groups? And this, after "The Remnant" declared the rewriting of the prayer due to pressure from rabbis and Judaic groups a "papal masterstroke"?

It seems to me that these "traditionalists" prefer the new prayer. They're certainly willing to fight for it, while they quite obviously did not fight for the traditional prayer.

The signers of this double-minded manifesto are:

Michael J. Matt
Editor, The Remnant

John Blewett, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, The Latin Mass Magazine

Pieter Vree
Deputy Editor, New Oxford Review

Rod Pead
Editor, Christian Order
London, England

R. J. Stove
Executive Editor
ORIENS Magazine
Melbourne, Australia

Howard Walsh
President, Keep the Faith, Inc.

Fr. Brian W. Harrison, O.S., S.T.D.
Professor Emeritus of Theology
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Fr. John Paul Echert, S.S.L.
Pastor, St. Augustine Church, Holy Trinity Church

Rev. Fr. Paul J. McDonald
Diocese of Saint Catharines

John Rao, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
St. Johns University
Director, Roman Forum

Christopher A. Ferrara, Esq.
President and Chief Counsel
American Catholic Lawyers Association, Inc.

Scott A. Jones
League of St. Michael , Inc.
Our Lady of Victory School

Albert and Bonnie Huntz
Una Voce-Buffalo

Brian C. Mershon
Journalist, Dallas, Texas

Mark Alessio
Journalist, New York

Brian McCall, Esq.
Associate Professor
University of Oklahoma College of Law

Timothy J. Cullen
Journalist, Argentina

M. Eric Frankovitch, Esq.

Gary Scarrabelotti
Oriens Foundation
Canberra, ACT

Michael R. Hirsh, Esq.
Georgia Litigation Counsel
Catholic Defense Bureau

What hope is there for people with such treacherous and/or foolish spokesmen?


Anonymous said...

These people belong to the false satanic counterchurch. Some are plants of the Masonic fold and some are just fools. We the remnant must pray for them to convert to the R.C.Chruch as they do not belong to it. Ratzinger is an enemy of the Church and these educated people are aware of that,save the fools. 3 days of darkness are truly near.

Anonymous said...

For should the Pope capitulate to the growing pressure now being applied to him and issue yet another version of the prayer or some “clarification” that really does abandon the call for the conversion of the Jews, it will be these Catholics who shoulder much of the blame for not lending support to an 80-year-old pontiff who has been under sustained attack ever since he liberated the Latin Mass in July.

So the first change was a concession to the Jews, but if there's some new concession it's our fault because we didn't get behind the first concession. Now Ferrara is worried about a new concession to the Jews (Judaics, whatever) which will be a "capitulation," even though the first one was a "masterstroke."

No, I won't be joining The Remnant on this Children's Crusade.

Anonymous said...

Having confronted all the signatories of the International Declaration whose addresses I could locate, their responses have uniformly consisted of only ad hominem. Yes, the "Remnant" has learned to emulate the tricks of their "rabbis of good will." They deflect objective facts, so they imagine, with subjective personal attacks flavored with crocodile tears for the supposedly embattled man "subsisting in" the Chair of Peter, the same modernist in Guccis that they criticized not long ago. Astounding double-mindedness. My thanks go to you, Heimbichner, Hoffman, Stehlin, Eisenmenger, Donin, Pfefferkorn, the Doctors and Saints for the heavy lifting! Deo gratias!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that JPII and Benedict only allowed the 62 missal. It is the one that Vatican II intended to mess with. In it the unchangable canon was changed, and now this prayer that upsets the Jews continues that.
This change in the prayer isnt a step foward just because the Jews are complaining. In fact, now some dont care.
Of all that JPII and BenedictXVI has done and continues to do to attack and undermine the Catholic faith, this distraction is just that, a distraction.
Restoration of the Church will come but it will be complete, not a grasping of straws and compromises. To condone evil for a Benedict with conservative tendencies is unthinkable.