Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chaos and Transformation

The chaos caused by the recent replacement of a prayer from the ancient Catholic liturgy due to pressure from Judaic organizations has become a perfect opportunity for rebirth, reinvention and transformation. As we have seen that "The Remnant Resistance" now provides support for the characters they formerly resisted against, now, even the foaming-at-the-mouth change-agent, Walter Kasper is transformed in the other direction. Watch this protégé of Hasidic philosopher Martin Buber--whom Benedict also is a student of--as he is transformed into a tough-talking "defender of the faith":

"We think that reasonably this prayer cannot be an obstacle to dialogue because it reflects the faith of the Church and, furthermore, Jews have prayers in their liturgical texts that we Catholics don't like,"

"I must say that I don't understand why Jews cannot accept that we can make use of our freedom to formulate our prayers," Kasper, a German, told the Corriere della Sera. (Adi Schwartz, "Vatican rejects criticism of new prayer for Jewish conversion" Haaretz, 07/02/2008)

This is pure stagecraft between the rabbis and Kasper. But what is really taking place here? Walter Kasper is defending the altering of an ancient Catholic prayer which expressed pure, crystal clear, orthodox theology, to a novel, mysterious prayer intended to express Benedict's Orwellian theology of the "elder brothers."

And it is interesting to see Kasper state the plain fact that Judaic prayers and texts contain offenses against Christians. Although this hardly scratches the surface of the true nature of the Judaic tradition, it is yet another public admission from a prominent Cardinal that the texts of Judaism harbor real teachings of contempt towards Christians, even as he calls these haters of Christ "elder brothers in the faith" and supports "correction" of Catholic theology and liturgy to suit them.

I will remind readers that not very long ago, the story was that it was deemed "Jew hate" to claim that the texts of Judaism contained hateful passages against Christians. When a high-profile figure like Kasper states that fact publicly, it is clear evidence that we are in a new era of revelations. The information is now getting out there. The establishment won't allow independent researchers to handle the information. They must control it themselves.

And how is the release of this information handled by Kasper? Just as it was handled by Cardinal George. The correct response should be outrage, ending of "dialogue" and a call for the rabbis to correct their hateful traditions. Kasper gives every indication that "dialogue" with the rabbis should continue, even though Catholics have nothing to gain from "religious relations" with rabbinic enemies of the faith in an arrangement where Catholic theology and tradition is "corrected" to suit rabbinic sensibilities while the rabbis keep their hateful traditions intact. If a banker threw a tantrum and threatened to tear up a 100% interest loan contract while the debtor begged him not to, that would not even begin to approach the insanity at play here.

The charade is plain and in the open for those with eyes to see.

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lynda said...

Thank you for keeping us posted on these developments Maurice. With all the ecumenical and good old fashioned Yiddish theatre over the Good Friday prayer - I think we are entirely focussed on the little and missing the BIG.

Clearly, to the Nouvus Ordo hierarchy there is still too much de fide and not enough Talmud in the post concilliar church. They have to change this slowly. But no matter how quickly or slowly change develops or what the changes are, one thing will never occur. Change will never be back to sacred Tradition.

For the Vatican and the Rabbis, it is good to have Catholics arguing about whether it should be about the conversion of the Jews to Christ at his coming (new prayer) or acknowledgement of Christ (1958 prayer)

The canonized Roman Rite which can not be abrogated focuses on Jewish perifidy - and not just in the Good Friday prayer. Official prayers, the liturgy, office and devotions refer to the perfidious Jews. This is the appropriate reference. This is the 'take' that Tradition places before the mind of faith as the subject for prayer and reparation and reflection.

All this stuff about how we are hurting the feelings of our elder brothers with our prayers for their conversion, all this sensitivity about giving offense etc. This is just theatre.

The Talmud exults in the crucifixion of our Lord and gloats over His suffering and death. The Rabbinic tradition does not allow the Romans, the misguided throng who 'voted' crucify him, Pilate or Judas or anyone to get the credit. They give the credit entirely to themselves.

This is what must be obscured.

And now Abe Foxeman is in a lather over the prayer for the conversion of the Jews. Kaspar is 'laying it on the line' as the defender of the faith. But it will be business as usual with Benedict and the Rabbis.

They are about the business of extinguishing the sacraments, reconfiguring the Catholic faith to the Talmud and promoting the Noachida for the New World Order (called for in Guadium et Spes). Meanwhile the Catholics (who are only trying to persevere in our holy faith) argue over convert or acknowledge.

We strain at the gnat while the entire caravan moves on.

May Christ have mercy on us all.