Monday, February 4, 2008

JPII Epitaph

"Somehow, [JPII] always found time in his impossible schedule to meet Jewish leaders and rabbis whether it was Israel’s Chief Rabbi Lau in 1993 or a group of American Jews just a few weeks ago. I had the privilege of meeting with him in New York in October 1995 in an intimate gathering at the residence of the late Cardinal John O’Connor. It was an unforgettably poignant moment." (Director of The National Council of Synagogues, Rabbi Gilbert S. Rosenthal, "Pope John Paul II, Jewish Perspectives")


Anonymous said...

we are living in the times foretold by Saint Vincent Ferrer and Saint Louis De Montfort.

Only by uniting ourselves with Our Lady will we be able to wake up the sleeping Catholics and that is the very first requirement.

The time predicted by Saint Paul in Thessalonians 2:2 would seem to be already upon us. We have had the revolt (installation of an antipope) the operation of error (Vatican Two) and consequent spiritual blindness so as to believe lying.

Only through the Rosary and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will we overcome the "church of darkness"

Anonymous said...

The more people I tell to read "Maruice Pinay" the more of an anti-Semite I become! Happy am I.

It is breath taking how many "Catholics" think we are obliged to honor Jewry and will not tolerate dissension. I expect that this year will mark a new perverse record of "Lenten Seders" held in Catholic churches.

I agree, say your Rosary, but don't neglect the Sacraments and proselization. Say your Rosary with the intent that the Sacraments we receive are not only valid but licit (mainly, that the priest isn't a homo). It seems that the devil's time is running short and his Judaic offspring have been endowed with super-human power to afflict God's children.

There are no "sleeping Catholics" they are apostates and, from what I've seen, they are content to be so--let the dead bury their dead.

There are more Protestants LIVING the Catholic life, out-side of being formally Catholic, than there are those who were raised Catholic. These souls should be sought for conversion. Many of them truly want to love God, they just don't know the historic, authentic way. As the truth comes out about Jewry, these searching souls will be ripe for conversion to Catholicism. And they will adore God in His Sacraments.

Novus Ordo, Evangelical and Charismatic "Catholics" are, by and large, a hopeless cause and a major part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

have you heard?

Pope Benedict to reformulate Good Friday prayers for Tridentine Mass