Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kasper's "Judeo-Christian" Deception

Catholic Church Conservation blog has provided the following translation of a statement made by Cardinal Walter Kasper on Radio Vatikan:

Curial Cardinal, Walter Kasper has given the assessment that Christian-Islamic dialogue continues to be difficult. There should be in this respect be no illusions, said the President of the Pontifical Council for Unity on Friday at a meeting of the Academy of Sciences in Mainz. Muslims derived from the Koran a different understanding of people. He stressed that the Catholic Church wants dialogue and cooperation with the moderate Muslims. With the radicals, however, this was not possible. No false "idea of harmony " should be allowed to develop, said Kasper. Also, Islam and Judaism are not on an equal footing. Christianity was without the Jewish religion not possible, however, Islam was founded after Christianity.

Walter Kasper is a protege of the Hasidic philosopher, Martin Buber and the Pope's liaison to the rabbis, so we know that he is well informed on Judaism and therefore we can rule out ignorance here. Kasper is well aware that the authoritative texts of Judaism post-date Christ, a fact which undercuts Jewish-Christian dialogue by the same argument he applies to dialogue with Muslims. Furthermore, "Jews" through their Bible-nullifying Talmud and Kabbalah, derive an understanding of humanity entirely incompatible with Christianity--precisely the argument Kasper applies to Muslims and the Koran in claiming there is a poor basis for dialogue with Muslims.

Can you spot the other aspects of the deception in Kasper's statement above?

If not, read the following:

Who stands to benefit from Kasper's deceptive statement?

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Anonymous said...

Is a priest in league with Pope Bennie whose spokesman is Kasper doing the right thing?

Kasper most likely portrays a slightly conservative view of hoped for Jew/Vatican bonhomie. He appears to be pushing the envelope but what comes soon will no doubt be worse. He's a clown stretching the balloon before it gets blown up and popped. Or in other words, so far it's been mostly TALK; but what happens when parish Sadars, menorahs, "adopt a dead Jew" and Holo-hoax lectures are required.

Is it defeatist to realize that the shepherd has been struck and the sheep need to scatter or suffer the same fate? Or is Pope Bennie really a good guy that's going to pull it out in the end? Sorry to ask such dramatic (silly?) questions Maurice, but all indications are that Rome is dead.

Sorry to say, it looks like Catholics who believe in Jesus Christ to the saving of their soul must disavow any and all relationship (either real or wished) with Rome and her growing apostate host.