Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Benedict XVI Syntheses

Reuters has published a news article today which illustrates two more syntheses to come from Benedict's new Latin prayer. The first was already anticipated. Some may recall the statement from Benedict's neocon cheerleader, Damien Thomson made a few weeks ago:

"In future, no one will be able to invoke an approved Missal to justify anti-Jewish feeling. Some Lefebvrists may throw up their hands in horror, but that helps explain why they are not in full communion with the Holy See."

It is clear that an effort is taking place to create a kosher "traditional Catholicism" and that those who refuse this "generous olive branch" are being set up to be tarred and feathered as "Jew Haters;" adherents to "teachings of contempt" based in an ancient "antisemitic polemic." We can see this in today's Reuters piece on Benedict's Latin prayer:

Rebel Catholics say Vatican caved on Latin prayer

Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:43pm IST

By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor

PARIS (Reuters) - Rebel Catholic traditionalists who champion the old Latin mass have accused Pope Benedict of caving in to "foreign pressures" by dropping negative comments about Jews from a rare prayer in the Church's official language.

The Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), which was expelled from the Church in 1988, denounced the change in a Good Friday prayer that it said was one of the oldest in Christianity, dating back to the third century ...

Changing the Good Friday text was necessary after Pope Benedict allowed wider use of the old Latin mass last year. The Good Friday prayer said in local languages was revised in 1970 to drop all references that Jews had found offensive.

Widening the use of the old Latin or Tridentine mass was partly meant to attract followers of the SSPX back to Rome. The SSPX claims about a million followers, a small fraction of the 1.1-billion strong Church.

The leadership of the Swiss-based SSPX is still resolutely opposed to reforms of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), including changes in liturgy and in relations with Jews. The Vatican says they must accept the Council to be readmitted ...

Full article:

The media's contempt for the SSPX has always been plain. I suspect that it will now be growing worse. There are two ways to counteract this slander campaign, both of which have not been utilized to my knowledge.

One: Point out the fact that the Good Friday prayer for the Jews is firmly based in Scripture--not only New Testament Scripture, but Old Testament Scripture which St. Paul clearly alludes to. Let them accuse the Old Testament of being "antisemitic." This would exonerate the liturgy and simultaneously expose these phony "people of the book" for the fraud that they are.

Two: Point out the true teaching of contempt within Orthodox Judaism. Why allow these hypocrites to attack the truth from their glass house?

If there is something unCatholic or imprudent about either of these strategies, I wish someone would explain it to me.

The second of the syntheses in the Reuters article is that Benedict's favorite rabbi of the Talmud, Jacob Neusner enters the stage which has already been prepared for him by the maniacs of the ADL and Rabbinical Assembly of Conservative Judaism:

But the Pope received support from a prominent Jewish scholar on Saturday. Rabbi Jacob Neusner of New York wrote in the German Catholic daily Die Tagespost: "Israel prays for non-Jews, so the other monotheists -- including the Catholic Church -- should have the same right without anyone feeling hurt."

My, how reasonable Rabbi Neusner appears compared to his fellow rabbis. "Israel prays for non-Jews," he says. He fails to mention that they pray for the destruction of non-Jews, Christians in particular. But with the help of the philo-Judaic press and some wacko rabbis and ADL types this upholder of the hateful, racist, anti-Christian racket of Judaism becomes a level-headed voice of reason; a friend to embattled traditionalist Catholics. I suspect that his words will be quoted approvingly by many "trads" as is always the case.

More on the "reasonable" rabbi, Jacob Neusner here:

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