Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Opus Dei" "Hebrew Catholic" Connection

From Association of "Hebrew Catholics'" David Moss:

I arrived in Washington, DC on May 19 so that I could meet with Fr. John McCloskey on May 20. Fr. McCloskey is an Opus Dei priest who runs the Catholic Information Center in Washington. Father had previously indicated an interest in our work. We discussed the work of the [Association of Hebrew Catholics], and Father made it clear that he thought our work was very important. He also thought that our work ought to be conducted in the greater New York metropolitan area, an area which has the largest Jewish, Catholic and Hebrew Catholic populations. Towards that end, Father strongly suggested that we see Bishop Myers of Newark. In light of our new situation in Michigan, Father’s thoughts and suggestion seemed very timely. I have written to Bishop Myers even while we continue to explore other possibilities here in Michigan. I must add that in the Catholic community here, we have found a great amount of moral and spiritual support. (David Moss, The Hebrew Catholic, No. 78, Winter Spring 2003)

In the spirit of "Opus Dei," David Moss' sister, Rosalind Moss is opening a neocon "convent" with the support of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke:

EWTN TV and radio host announces formation of new religious community


SACRAMENTO, CA (CNS) - Rosalind Moss, an author who is an Eternal Word Television Network TV host and one of the network's radio hosts, announced Feb. 13 that she is starting a new community of sisters in the Archdiocese of St. Louis with the permission of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke.

The new group will be called the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope, she told an audience of more than 200 at the Catholic Breakfast Club of Sacramento.

Moss, 65, said she hopes to move to St. Louis within a few months, intends to fulfill as many of her scheduled speaking engagements in the coming year as possible, and plans to continue her radio program from St. Louis.

She is working now on designing a floor-length habit ...

Also see:

Opus Judei Founder, Escriba Preached Kabbalistic Doctrine, Tikkun Olam

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"Hebrew Catholics" see: Khazar Talmudists

Also, witness the Kabbalistic-Catholic diabolism of Association of Hebrew Catholics sanctioned psychotic, Aharon Yosef/Athol Bloomer at his website:

A Catholic Jew Pontificates

Aharon Yosef, btw, is the name of revolutionary Kabbalist sage, Isaac Luria's great grandfather and Kabbalist, Aharon Yosef Luria.

Join the Association of Hebrew Catholics discussion forum and witness the fruits of "Hebrew Catholicism" of which I supply but one example:

"I study Tanya (the main writing of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the first Lubavitcher Rebbe) everyday. The more I read it, I have seen the message of Yeshua HaMoshiach. He was so close to the truth and yet was blind to take it one step forward to the revelation of Yeshua HaMoshiach....It was actually through the Tanya (and of course the Tanakh) that I began my journey to the Church. Mind you, I still have a picture of the [Lubavitcher] Rebbe on my wall, right next to my Crucifix."


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that some of these converts have a heavy Judaizing tendency. If it took Cardinal Newman almost twenty years to see the truth, imagine the darkness to be overcome by those raised in Talmudic Judaism. Let us pray for these souls, with the traditional Good Friday prayer consecrated by centuries of use.

Maurice Pinay said...

Let us pray for these souls, with the traditional Good Friday prayer consecrated by centuries of use.

Indeed. And let us pray for those souls being mislead by these Judaizers via the book deals, lectures, television appearances, parish seders, and now, religious orders, they would never have without the cooperation of Judaizing bishops and laity.

Anonymous said...

The letter to the so-called "cardinal" Kasper to his friend, the knighted rabbi David Rosen : is an interesting website... There is a lot of good stuff : for example, some talks of knighted rabbi Klenicki who claimed that he is a follower of rabbi Benamozegh.

Maurice Pinay said...

The letter to the so-called "cardinal" Kasper to his friend, the knighted rabbi David Rosen

Thank you for this. I've made a blog entry for it.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" makes reference to Cardinal Newman. And what in blazes is he talking about!?! Is he implying that Anglicanism is akin to Talmudic Judaism?

Cardinal Newman himself would strongly disagree with the inference that he was in "darkness" while an Anglican priest. Why, "Anonymous" must you make yourself feel good by beating up on the pre-Vatican II Anglican Church? And yes it's true, Vatican II was also responsible for spoiling Anglicanism.

Jason said...

I am sick to death of Rosalind Moss and her EWTN entourage. This woman and down to the floor habits for nuns have driven my faith to the wall, I'm afraid. I can't even turn anything on for fear that she'll be there. People are hypnotised by her fake piety!