Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Orthodox Racism

The defense is "this is a religious issue." Indeed it is. Judaism is a racist religion. The Vatican says Christians must increase religious relations with the adherents of this racist racket.

Jewish school’s admission policy ‘is racist’

Nicola Woolcock, The Times UK

February 12, 2008

A leading Jewish school has been accused of racial discrimination after it refused to accept a girl whose mother was a convert to the religion.

Her parents are taking legal action against the JFS (formerly the Jewish Free School) for rejecting their daughter’s application, The Times has learnt.

The girl’s father is an Orthodox Jew and her mother, who is the school’s head of English, converted to Judaism more than 20 years ago. But the Office of the Chief Rabbi does not recognise the conversion and so refuses to accept that the child is Jewish.

The couple claim that the school’s admissions code breaches race laws, because it favours children with Jewish-born mothers. Jewish custom dictates that the faith line passes through the mother.

Children from two other families who consider themselves Jewish have also been refused a place. The school insists that the preference it shows to pupils whose mothers were born Jewish is a religious rather than a racial issue.

JFS is one of Britain’s oldest Jewish schools and is the largest Orthodox Jewish school in Europe, with 2,000 pupils. It is described by Ofsted as outstanding and is oversubscribed every academic year ...

Philip Hunter, the Chief Schools Adjudicator ruled that the school was not breaking race relation laws by favouring children born to Jewish mothers, saying this was Jewish law and was therefore a religious issue ...

Most Orthodox Jewish schools use similar admissions criteria. Immanuel College in Hertfordshire says all children “require authorisation from the Chief Rabbi.” Hasmonean High School, in North London, said it adopted the same code.

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