Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Precedent Was Set Long Ago

An excerpt from the "Resolution on the revised Latin text on the Jews" from the Rabbinical Assembly of Conservative Judaism:

Whereas our teacher, Professor Abraham Joshua Heschel, met in the Vatican with Cardinal Bea and Pope Paul VI and convinced the [Second Vatican] Council to remove a proposed passage in Nostra Aetate calling for the conversion of the Jews ...

Background on this virtually unknown matter here:


Anonymous said...

Keep it coming Maurice, your passion and resources are impressive. However, the second link did not work for me.

Anonymous said...

If Benedict had the conviction to restore the Church he would never allow what goes on in the Church now. He would restore the sacraments immediately, as well as the liturgy and cannon law.
Obviously there is no urgency to do this because ultimately Benedict doesnt believe there is anything fundementally wrong with the Vatican 2 changes.
But if we follow the soundbits we will be led to believe restoration is just around the corner.
Dont blink!