Saturday, February 9, 2008

Religious Relations With the "Jews" in Context

It should be quite obvious at this point that "religious relations" with the "Jews" is such an urgent and pervasive matter on the Vatican agenda that even the Latin Mass community is not a place of refuge from it. For those who attempted to avoid this issue and now realize that it's not possible to do so, I encourage you to educate yourself on the religion of the "elder brothers" whom Vatican prelates insist we have religious relations with.

New York Times Reveals Talmudic Basis for Legalistic Murder of Goys, Fake Benevolence

Amalek, Haman, and Christians

Vatican: "Christians Can Learn Much From 'Jewish' Exegesis of Past 2000 Years"

Some Insight from Benedict XVI's Elder Brother in the Faith, Rabbi Jacob Neusner

Benedict's Elder Brothers and their Voodoo Ritual

The Vatican Instills the Double Mind; The Judaic Hermaphrodite god

Papal Rabbi-Knight David Rosen Wants to Change What Christians Believe About the Pharisees

The Judaic Propensity to Have It Both Ways

Institutionalized Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Something is Seriously Wrong Here

This is barely an introduction to the true, anti-biblical nature of the religion of Judaism that Catholics are being pushed into religious relations with.

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Anonymous said...

You have probably seen this...

Transalpine Redemtorists (affiliated with SSPX) are gonna use the new "prayer." I'm waiting for +Williamson to flip out and say something outrageous - further solidifying the perception that SSPX is the lunatic-fringe.