Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Skull and Bones Buckley: Dead

Buckley's Skull and Bones "conservatism" won't be buried with him, unfortunately. Naturally, the scoundrel is missed by his kosher-conservative ideological offspring:

William F. Buckley, RIP

William F. Buckley is Dead: RIP

William F. Buckley Jr. dies at 82

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- National Review founder and conservative commentator William F. Buckley Jr. was found dead Wednesday in the study of his Stamford, Connecticut, home, officials at the magazine said. He was 82.

"Buckley died while at work," said Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor of the National Review Online, in a written statement. "If he had been given a choice on how to depart this world, I suspect that would have been exactly it. At home, still devoted to the war of ideas."

Buckley's assistant, Linda Bridges, said he had suffered from emphysema for a few years, but the exact cause of death is unknown. She said Buckley was found dead by his cook at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

"Even though he had been ailing, this took us completely by surprise," said Bridges, who worked with Buckley for nearly 40 years.

"He was a great hero of American conservatism -- a brilliant and exciting writer and public performer," she added. "And he was somebody I was very proud and glad to call a friend."

Buckley's writings are widely credited for supporting the growth of the U.S. conservative movement in the latter half of the 20th century.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you posted the link to AQ. I made some posts there in favor of compassion for migrant workers, citing Pius XII as authority, and was ridiculed as an open borders liberal. Buckley, notwithstanding his Skull and Bones membership, is all but given a pass.

Putting aside the obvious issue of secret societies, I find this bias against the poor, and for the undeserving rich, to be unchristian and demented.

Mary Caine said...

Did he not also attend Bohemian Grove, a gathering which sacrifices a human being in effigy (we hope) to a 40 foot owl named Moloch?