Friday, February 1, 2008

Something is Seriously Wrong Here

Over ten months ago on this blog it was revealed that papal delegates met with delegates from the Chief Rabbinate of "Israel," on March 13, 2007 in Jerusalem. This was the seventh of regular meetings between these two delegations. This seventh meeting produced a joint document signed by members of each delegation including two Cardinals and one Archbishop. The document contained a statement which implies that the seven talmudic "Noahide Laws" have a biblical basis, not only in the Old Testament but in the New Testament Book of Acts. It implies that these rabbi-fabricated "Noahide Laws" are the revealed will of God and that men are called to obey them.

This statement was made in the context of a document which bewails the moral relativism of the present age. Clearly, the implication is that the rabbis' "Noahide Laws" are the remedy to the world's problems. The document does not mention the Ten Commandments, Christ's Sermon on the Mount, traditional Catholic teaching on morality or anything else truly derived from the Bible as remedies--just the rabbi-fabricated "Noahide Laws."

Now, to my knowledge, this document, which was revealed on this blog over ten months ago, with a link to the original at the Vatican website, and repeatedly referenced here since, has been completely and thoroughly suppressed by every "trad" blog, website, discussion forum and periodical of any note. Forget about any kind of outcry or activism. I haven't even seen any mention of this information. This is even as outrage and email campaigns are launched in response to the possibility that a Protestant may possibly run a "trad" bookstore even as Paulist Press sells Kabbalistic texts with not a word of protest from the "trads."

A synod is coming in October which will, no doubt, expand upon this document (and other Judaizing developments) unless there is scholarly refutation of it and a massive outcry against it. If "trads" are satisfied to see the Catholic Church become a Noahide stepchild of the Sanhedrin, then I recommend that they continue as they're doing. Continue complaining about Novus Ordo architecture, clown masses, priests' vestments, music, et al, or worse, be "positive thinking" cheerleaders for Benedict and his faux "conservative" "renewal." Continue peddling the asinine, anti-Catholic notion that the rabbis can be our allies in restoring morality to the world.

I apologize to those few who do take this information seriously and who have attempted to spread it, but it seems that the majority are in a zombie-state and need a whack over the head to snap them out of it.

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code monkey said...

Just a thought,
in the US we have already replaced our legislative process with "courts of justice" since the supreme court has taken it upon itself to define (and invent) our law. Training these judges in Talmudic law is a second step, not the first.

Anonymous said...

As for the much-needed "whack over the head": It is coming.