Saturday, February 16, 2008

Take Note

Summorum Pontificum was promulgated on pagan bacchanal Live Earth Day 7/7/07, and Aphelion. The Pharisee-prompted Good Friday prayer for the Jews came on pagan bacchanal Shrove Tuesday and the prayer is expected to be prayed on pagan bacchanal Purimfest which coincides with Good Friday this year.

Out of this working has emerged a phoenix reborn--a "traditionalist" "resistance" which militantly lines up behind a Judaizing Pope:

Defend the Dogma, Defend the Holy Father!

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Anonymous said...

I have not cared for the Remnant since Mr. Matt wrote what I felt to be a contrived and phony article called, "Sustaining the Outrage". A silly little piece written by a person who should not pretend he can go into a novus ordo church and expect traditional orthodoxy.

That his publication defends the newest novelty to come from the Vatican is also not without expectation, seeing as how this publication twist the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla sulus to mean its possible (if only slightly) to be saved outside the Church.

What a rag of a paper!