Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cardinal William Keeler's Lying Rabbinic Apologetics

Cardinal William Keeler sez:

"... passages in the Talmud ... do not now play any significant role in Jewish life or worship ..." ("Catholics vs. Jews Restoration of the Latin Mass revives long feud over who's demeaning whom," Religion News Service, March 15, 2008)

It looks like someone is attempting to circumvent a debate which cannot be won. I imagine this whopper made Benedict XVI's favorite rabbi, Jacob Neusner blush. What does Neusner say of the role which Talmud plays today?

"The Bavli [Babylonian Talmud] has formed the definitive statement of Judaism from the time of its closure to the present day." (Rabbi Jacob Neusner, quoted by Norman F. Cantor, The Sacred Chain: A History of the Jews, page 112)

Benedict XVI calls Rabbi Jacob Neusner a "great Jewish scholar" (cf. Jesus of Nazareth, Benedict XVI, p.71) and dedicated a portion of his book Jesus of Nazareth to a dialogical encounter with the "great" Rabbi Neusner in the spirit of Martin Buber.

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