Thursday, March 27, 2008

More on Benedict's Easter Baptism Spectacle

From Time magazine:

After studying sociology at Rome's La Sapienza University, [Magdi] Allam began writing for the Italian daily La Repubblica, covering the first Gulf War and chronicling everyday life of the country's growing Muslim population. Initially, he wrote favorably about multiculturalism, and warned about the risks of racism against Muslims in this heavily Catholic nation.

Here we see Magdi Allam playing the pillar of mercy along with JPII, who at that time was quite supportive of large-scale Muslim Arab immigration into Europe. Back then, "multiculturalism" was the theme. The few Europeans who wanted to preserve the religious and cultural traditions of their nations were being "warned about the risks of racism against Muslims" in formerly Christian Europe as it was being flooded with Muslim Arabs. We note also that Elizabeth II, queen of the double-cross, was also very supportive of Arab Muslim immigration into Great Britain.

Now we read of Magdi Allam's transformation over to the pillar of severity:

... Allam is seen as almost belligerently anti-Islamic ... after 9/11, now writing for another major newspaper, Corriere della Sera, he became an increasingly harsh critic of Islam, both inside and outside of Italy. He warned against the "Islamization" of Europe, and urged opposition to the building of new mosques in Italy. (Jeff Israely, "A Muslim Critic Turns Catholic," Time, Mar. 24, 2008),8599,1725066,00.html?imw=Y

And the Vatican was also moving to the right pillar as well with the liberal, modernist Cardinal Ratzinger magically transformed into the "staunch conservative" Benedict XVI who now laments the passing of Christendom from Europe, making statements calculated to inflame Muslims, and performing a spectacle of a baptism of a Zionist "Muslim" man on Easter, which had been set up by yet another perfectly-timed, phony Osama bin Laden video--this one attacking the pope.

What purpose is served by opening the floodgates to immigrants of a foreign religion and culture in Europe as its own religion, culture and population are dying off, only to "lament" the effects of this immigration after it's too late to stem it? Do you believe that the elite of Europe themselves actually imbibe the Utopian "multicultural" poison they were feeding to the cowans of Europe; that they can't forecast the disastrous effects that their policies bring about in practice? If so, I'd say you're sadly mistaken.

The elite of Europe along with the Israelis are in the mood for a neocrusader slaughter and they're setting it up as if by script. Can you see the intended synthesis of this left-right pillar-play? Who stands to gain from this?


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A primer on Rabbi Luria's pillars might be a great help for your newer readers. Be sure that your work is being put to good use and will be one of your crowns in Heaven. Thank you.

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yoo.. informative .