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ADL Programs Connecticut Police at U.S. 'Holocaust' Museum

The misnamed Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith is creating a police state which is "good for the 'Jews'." Training takes place at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Do you think that this ADL mind-washing program will also warn of the dangers of police brutality against Christians and make an example of the murderous Judaic Cheka, GPU and NKVD Police of Russia led by the Judaic mass-muderer, Genrikh Yagoda? Not on your life.

see: "The Russian Roots of Nazism:" Revisionist History Newsletter No. 39


Judaic Communists: The Documentary Record


Why Did the Heavens Not Darken


"Stalin's Jews: We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish"

Fairfield police first in state to train at U.S. Holocaust Museum

By Cindy Mindell - Jewish Ledger
Published: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 9:00 PM EDT

FAIRFIELD n When Joshua Zabin first joined the Fairfield police in 1986, his grandmother Francis told him, “Be good to the Jews.”

“I didn’t have a full understanding of what she meant until I saw a photo at the Holocaust Museum,” says now-Sgt. Zabin. “It was taken in the streets of Berlin, of local police executing searches of Jewish homes, and there was an officer standing in the street, photographed from behind, and his leather jacket, hat, and boots were identical to ours. I literally said from the back of the room, ‘That could be me.’ That is why my grandmother said that to me. I think she was trying to say that police officers in Eastern Europe were not looked at as being kind to Jewish people. It all came totally full circle.”

Last month, Zabin and 10 fellow officers from the Fairfield Police Department became the first law-enforcement professionals from Connecticut to take part in “Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust.” The joint training program is designed by the United States Holocaust Museum and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to remind officers of the pivotal role they have in society in protecting both freedoms and security.

The message, as Zabin had discovered, was how easy it was for police, sworn to protect individuals’ rights and public safety, to collaborate with the Nazi regime.

Hitting home

Zabin, raised in a Jewish home in Fairfield, had first visited the museum two years ago. He had personal reasons to do so: Francis and her parents had come to the U.S. from the former Prussia years before the Nazis’ rise to power, but the rest of the family perished. Her brother is thought to have been involved in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Her brother-in-law, the late Dr. Alexander Zabin, was part of the U.S. Army’s surgical unit that liberated Dachau. An archive of the film he shot of the camp is part of the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s collections.
After that initial visit, Zabin’s father told him about the training program for law enforcement, and Joshua suggested it to his superiors.

Last autumn, Fairfield Police Chief David Peck was taking part in the training with the FBI Academy. “He was at the museum and called me the same day, he was so moved,” Zabin recalls. “He asked me to organize a group of our officers for the spring.”

Zabin wanted to plan the visit close to Yom HaShoah. Chief Peck announced the opportunity, but indicated that participants would not be paid for their time, and would have to cover the expense of their own lodging and meals.

“I wanted those to go who really wanted to go,” he says. “It filled up immediately, and there are many others want to go now.”

Taking personal responsibility

On April 3, a group of 11 officers made the trip to Washington, Peck and Zabin among them. They were accompanied by Fairfield Police Commission Chairman Samuel Lazinger, and Fairfield First Selectman Ken Flatto. Lazinger is the child of Holocaust survivors, and Flatto’s wife, Liz, lost several relatives to the Nazis.

Created in 1999 at the request of Washington, D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey, the museum’s program is designed to help law-enforcement officers better understand their personal and professional responsibilities in a pluralistic American society. So far, educators in the cooperative program have trained nearly 38,000 federal, state and local police officers and recruits, and 7,000 FBI agents. The program is a required part of training for all new FBI recruits, military academy training officers, and the D.C. police department. Three hundred Maryland state judges have gone through the training, and there are similar programs for New York and Illinois benches.

The training began with a short film about Hitler’s rise to power. Facilitators led the group on a private tour through the museum, discussing the photographs and documents through the eyes of a police officer. One of the facilitators was a young man from Austria who had chosen to serve in the museum in lieu of his mandatory military service back home.

After the tour, the officers met with museum staff and an ADL educator to debrief and discuss the dangers of stereotyping.

“The facilitator asks very pointed questions,” Zabin says: “What, in your mind’s eye, stood out the most? Why do you think law enforcement worked hand-in-hand with the occupying government? Did they do it willingly or were they forced or threatened? Why did some of the police officers keep their jobs, even after committing atrocities? Questions you’d ask yourself today: What decisions would I make in those situations, considering that my family depends on me?”

The group discussed the ethical dilemmas faced by police officers then and now. How do you stand up for what is right?

Zabin says he and his colleagues were most struck by the fact that law-enforcement officers worked hand-in-hand with the Nazi killing machine.

“That was a real eye-opener, part of the shock and disbelief,” he says. “I was already aware that local law-enforcement agencies were working in conjunction with the army, but they actually were part of the death squads. It’s hard to swallow because our role is to be trusted and we’re given a tremendous amount of power.”

The officers examined the role of stereotyping in a totalitarian government’s grip on power. “The facilitators asked, ‘What do you want others to think of you? and we answered things like honest, trustworthy, dedicated,” says Peck. “Then they asked, ‘What do you think people think of you?’ and we said things like lazy, dishonest, always eating donuts. We applied this thinking to the Nazi government: This was one of the tools they used to target certain groups. We’ve seen this happen in the U.S. as well. It’s what happens when people take stereotyping too seriously.”

Taking it to the streets

Peck sees the benefits of the training as two-fold. The department works closely with the Jewish population of Fairfield and dealt with security at synagogues and cemetery vandalism.

“After the training, we can look at these things from a different perspective,” he says. But there’s a larger message as well. “The power we hold can be easily abused and can lead to atrocities if not kept in check,” says Zabin.

“We are given so much power as police officers,” says Peck. “We take it for granted; I myself am going on 30 years of service. You go about your daily business, but you forget how much people fear you or how much you control others. If the government you’re working for is giving you guidance and orders on the fringes of what’s legal, you could very quickly go in that direction.”

Both Peck and Zabin were impressed with the enthusiasm of their fellow participants. “It was an extremely diverse group of officers who chose to go down, in terms of religion, ethnicity, gender, and ranking,” says Zabin “I was pleasantly surprised to see some of these people go and have an interest in the training.”

Peck plans to allow all his officers who are interested to take the training, “twice a year until everyone has had a chance,” he says. “It’s so important to reflect on what happened in the Nazi regime. It reminds you of your responsibilities in a democratic government. You take an oath to uphold all rights, of the individual and of the group. The training reminded us of the authority we have.”


More ADL police programming here:


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Chabad Brings "Education Day" to New York State Legislature

Thanks to the reader who sent this in:

New York State Devotes 106 Days to Education

Apr 24, 2008 5:30 AM

A bipartisan consensus of New York state legislators took time from their budget proceedings to join Chabad-Lubavitch in dedicating 106 days to education.

Gov. David Patterson signed the proclamation, which was dedicated to the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, on the 106th anniversary of his birth.

Organized by Chabad-Lubavitch of Albany and the Lubavitch Youth Organization, the dedication began with a prayer delivered to both houses of the legislature and the giving of charity.


More images here:


More on Chabad's "Education Day" here:

Pope Arrives in U.S. on "Education Day" 2008

Benedict XVI Lauded by John Hagee

Words of praise from one crypto-rabbi to another.

Thank you, Pope Benedict

By Pastor John Hagee

Washington Times Editorial

April 28, 2008

During his recent visit to the United States, Pope Benedict XVI not only conducted mass and met with the Catholic faithful, but he made a series of public statements about the role that our Judeo-Christian faith can play during these challenging times. As an evangelical Protestant I happen to disagree with Pope Benedict on many issues of Christian doctrine and ritual. But when it comes to his moral vision for America and the world I have one thing to say in response to the Pope's visit: Amen.

I and many other evangelical leaders believe that our faith must not be confined to our churches on Sunday mornings. We maintain that our Christian values and compassion can be powerful tools for helping build a more just and humane nation. Pope Benedict thus spoke for all of us when he said that "Any tendency to treat religion as a private matter must be resisted" and called for Christian participation "in the exchange of ideas in the public square."

The pope was recalling the history we all cherish when he cited George Washington's Farewell Address to note that, "religion and morality represent 'indispensable supports' of political prosperity." The pope likewise voiced all of our concerns when he recognized the threats posed by secularism and materialism not only to our morality but to our happiness.

As people of faith, our concerns go well beyond the borders of our country. After the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust, we joined our Jewish brothers in saying "Never Again!" For me, this commitment means never again allowing the Jewish people to be massacred or persecuted and thus helps to motivate my strong support for the State of Israel. But we also take from the Holocaust a universal "Never Again," which means that we must never again allow genocide to be perpetrated against any of God's children anywhere in the world.

Thus all of our hearts cheered when Pope Benedict stood before the United Nations and stated so forcefully that when states fail to protect the basic human rights of their citizens, "the international community must intervene." Likewise, all people of faith applauded his comment in the same speech that it is religion's "recognition of the transcendent value of every man and woman" which provides the powerful source of our commitment to resist genocide and terrorism.

My reaction to Pope Benedict"s visit may surprise some who have come to accept certain caricatures of my views of the Catholic Church. But as I have noted from the start, my critics have ignored the real point and strong emphasis of my words. I have indeed been quite zealous about condemning the past anti-Semitism of the Catholic Church. But I have been equally zealous in condemning Protestant anti-Semitism. Furthermore, as I noted in my 2006 book "Jerusalem Countdown," I have long viewed Pope John Paul II and now Pope Benedict XVI as partners in this "righteous work" of overcoming our shared legacy of Christian anti-Semitism.

For decades I have taught that we Christians need to recognize that our roots are Jewish. As Christians we can only understand ourselves if we understand the Judaism from which we sprang. Pope Benedict made this very important point when he visited the Park East Synagogue in New York and shared that: "I find it moving to recall that Jesus, as a young boy, heard the words of Scripture and prayed in a place such as this." With visits and words such as these, Pope Benedict is continuing the important work of recognizing our enormous Christian debt of gratitude to the Jewish people.

The world in which we live faces many difficult challenges. In recent days, we read in our paper of increased starvation due to higher food prices; of alienated youth planning to bomb their fellow students; of Islamic militants actually bombing innocents in Iraq and Israel; and about people so devoid of hope that they end their own lives.

I believe that the message of the Bible and of Judeo-Christian faith offers us timely answers to these problems. We were all inspired by Pope Benedict's visit. It is my prayer that we will now follow his example and look beyond our differences to see that when it comes to the great challenges of our times, people of faith have much in common.

Pastor John Hagee is founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas.


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Alex Jones invites Michael Hoffman back for two hours May 2

Alex Jones has invited Michael Hoffman back on his program May 2 to discuss the roots of the Cryptocracy and the religion of Judaism.

After appearing last week for an hour, Hoffman will be be back on the Alex Jones Radio Show for two hours this Friday, May 2, from 1 to 3 pm CENTRAL time.

Check your local radio listings, or listen online at: www.infowars.com

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The "Rising Phoenix" Obeisant at the Wailing Wall

Joseph Lieberman and John McCain with their rabbi/handler at the wailing wall in Jerusalem, Wed. March 19, 2008 at the turning of the Vernal Equinox

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A Brief Study in Judeo-Masonic Double Standards

Holocaust denial will be punishable by jail terms across the European Union ...

("EU to seal deal on 'diluted' legislation criminalising denial of the Holocaust," Stephen Castle, Independent UK, April 17, 2008)



A law in Turkey makes it criminal offence to call the [Armenian genocide] a genocide.

("Armenia to step up "genocide" recognition drive," Hasmik Mkrtchyan, Reuters, April 24, 2008)


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The Passover Cover Story For Goys vs. The Real Deal

The "secular" ADL writes:

Thousands Reached Through Interfaith Seders in 2008

Posted: April 8, 2008

In the weeks leading up to Passover, thousands of people from diverse faiths and ethnic backgrounds came together in different parts of the country to celebrate the Jewish tradition of the Passover Seder in events sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League.

The Passover holiday commemorates the deliverance from Egyptian bondage as the beginning of national history and the time of the barley season, remembrance of the relationship of Israel with the land.

In a longstanding tradition of furthering intergroup understanding, ADL brings together communities of differing faiths and ethnic backgrounds with Jews to learn about and celebrate the universal values and themes in the story of Passover: liberation from slavery, freedom from political oppression, the obligation to remember and teach about our heritage ...


blah, blah, blah ...

Haven't we heard enough "Passover" blather for Goys? What information do Judaic scholars share regarding the Orthodox Judaic "Passover" amongst themselves? What do Judaic scholars say regarding "Passover" that is not intended for seder-celebrating Goys to know?

Professor of Jewish History and Academic Head of the Scholion-Interdisciplinary Research Center in Jewish Studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel Jacob Yuval writes:

Another ritual involving cursing the Gentiles is the famous custom of reciting "Pour Out Thy Wrath" (Shefokh hamatkha) at the Passover seder ... It's earliest mention appears in Mahzor Vitry ... This section of the [Passover] Haggadah is understood by the participants as closely connected with the future Redemption. Opening the door to the prophet Elijah in tandem with the prayer for vengeance signifies a connection between vengeance against the Gentiles and the appearance of the Messiah. It should also be noted that this section of the Haggadah is recited as an introduction to the fourth and last cup of wine, the cup of deliverance ...

Professor Yuval states that the Judaic convert to Christianity, Antonius Margarita exposed this hateful Judaic tradition, and the fact that it applied specifically to Christians, in the 16th century. Yuval continues:

The messianic content of "Pour Out Thy Wrath" was illustrated in illuminated Ashkenazic Haggadot through pictures depicting the Messiah riding on a donkey with Elijah by his side, proclaiming his coming. [Antonius] Margarita ... relates the popular Jewish exegesis of the Messiah's donkey ...

I think that I myself sincerely believed the lies told below. Blessed be God and the Holy Spirit, who saved me from such and other errors. According to the lies of the Jews, when the Messiah comes he will ride upon an ass and seat all Jews upon the ass, while all Christians will sit on the ass's tail. Then the Messiah will ride with all his passengers into the sea, and when he comes to the depths of the sea, the donkey will drop its tail and all the Christians will fall into the sea and drown. And indeed, this will have to be a very big ass. But an even bigger ass is a person who believes such things! (Antonius Margarita, Ein kurner Bericht und Anzaigung [Wien, 1541], fol. IIv).

Once again we find vengeance against the [Christians] at the very heart of the messianic process. (Israel Jacob Yuval, Two Nations in Your Womb, pp.123-125, University of California Press, 2006)

In the spirit of fostering true understanding in interfaith dialog.

The attention lavished on the Jewish community by the pope was unequaled by any other faith group during his visit.

The attention lavished on the Jewish community by the pope was unequaled by any other faith group during his visit. ("Pope visit draws praise,
though concerns remain," Ben Harris, Jewish Telegraph Agency, Wed. April 23, 2008)


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Michael Hoffman on the Alex Jones radio show

Michael A. Hoffman II, author of "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare" and the forthcoming 900 page book "Judaism Discovered," will be the guest on the nationally syndicated radio program, the "Alex Jones Show" on Friday, April 25 from 1:30 - 2:30 pm (central time).

For further information contact Alex Jones at infowars.com
or Michael Hoffman at hoffman@revisionisthistory.org

To listen to the interview live on Friday, April 25 from 1:30 - 2:30 pm (central time) use the following link:


If you can't listen the the show live it will be rerun for 24 hours afterwards at the following link:


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Noahide Initiation for Catholic Kids

Catholic schools send their students to the wolves.

Interfaith Seder demystifies Judaism's link to Christianity


Passover may be a Jewish observance, but about 60 Catholic high school students broke unleavened bread Tuesday night at an interfaith Seder that explored Christianity's connection to the Judaic tradition.

The goal was to "demystify" Judaism by linking it to the Last Supper of Jesus, which many scholars believe was itself a Passover celebration.

"Christians should understand just how Jewish Jesus was," said Rabbi Isaac Jeret of Congregation Ner Tamid in Rancho Palos Verdes, where the Seder was held. "That is extremely important, because it's hard to find any hate in your heart for the people for whom the son of God is a part."

The interfaith Seder had a traditional service, complete with bitter herbs, lamb shanks and reading of the Haggadah, the prayer book for Passover.

This is the second year the synagogue has invited the students, who attend St. John Fisher, Mary Star of the Sea and St. Margaret Mary schools in the South Bay and Harbor Area ...

"It's important to remember that we are connected in so many ways," said Bob Rothman, the event organizer and a member of Congregation Ner Tamid.

The Seder is one of many events the synagogue has held in conjunction with Christian churches over the years, the rabbi said.

"We've seen an incredible opening of dialogue and understanding between the Christian community and the Jewish community over the last 40 to 45 years," he said.

"I think this event is very important to help younger generations bridge that gap, really to institutionalize understanding of other faiths to younger generations."


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Observations on Benedict XVI's Passover Eve Synagogue Visit

Witness video of Benedict's Passover eve synagogue visit in its entirety at this link:


What can we observe here that has not already been pointed out?

There is a tremendous amount of effort being devoted towards propping up the idea that these people who today call themselves "Jews" are actual descendants of the ancient Israelites. Maintaining this illusion is critical to the entire charade.

Likewise there's a great deal of effort made to associate Jesus with the people who today call themselves "Jews" and the anti-Biblical religion of Orthodox Judaism. Benedict stated, "I find it moving to recall that Jesus, as a young boy, heard the words of Scripture and prayed in a place such as this [NY synagogue]." This statement is false and ridiculous, but it does create an association between Jesus and the Talmudic synagogues of today, which is its most likely intended purpose.

The "brothers" theme was reinforced by the rabbi. This is a clear allusion to Jacob and Esau who were at conflict in the Old Testament. There is a Kabbalistic gnosis having to do with "Jacob" being reconciled with "Esau" prior to the Judaic "redemption." This gnosis stems from the occult tradition related to the conjunction of opposites. The Vatican's relentless drive towards "reconciliation" between Christians and Orthodox Judaic followers of the Talmud and Kabbalah is harmonious with this Kabbalistic tradition and has nothing to do with Christian, Biblical tradition. St. Paul spoke of reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles, but that it could only be through faith in Jesus Christ. This is beside the fact that we can't know who the true descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob are. To apply St. Paul's words regarding reconciliation to these Khazars and Sephardim who deny Christ and adhere to Talmud and Kabbalah is as diabolical as it is foolish.

The gifts that are exchanged at these meetings between the popes and Judaic leaders invariably are Judaic gifts. There is a lot to be read into this in terms of direction and proportion in their "dialogue." The synagogue gave Benedict a silver Seder plate, a Passover haggadah and matzo, and he gave them a medieval Judaic codex.

The Judaic codex which Benedict gave the synagogue as a gift was a text from the medieval rabbinic codifier, Jacob ben Asher the Ba'al ha-Turim (Master of the Pillars). Jacob ben Asher is best known for his Rimzei Ba'al ha-Turim, a work of gematria, which is to say, methods for finding "hidden teachings" in Biblical texts which, consequently, nullify the written meaning.

These poor, deluded people could benefit so much more from a copy of the New Testament than the satanic gematria of Jacob ben Asher, but why would Benedict bring the Gospel to a synagogue on the anniversary of Christ's execution? Apparently, Benedict visited these people in their synagogue on this day only to celebrate with them in their delusional ethnic conceit, praise them for their anti-Biblical traditions, and to validate those same ethnic delusions and anti-Biblical traditions in the eyes of Christians. The only preaching I heard had to do with the anti-Biblical doctrine, "Tikkun Olam" and it came from the rabbi.

Speaking of gematria, The NY Times has gone to great lengths to document that the visit was 22 minutes long. Those who understand the Kabbalistic obsession with numbers will recognize the significance here:

Pope Benedict XVI paid a 22-minute visit to the Park East Synagogue — the first papal trip to a United States synagogue — on Friday afternoon ...

The pope entered the synagogue at 5:16 p.m. ...

The pope exited the synagogue at 5:38 p.m., ending a visit of just over 20 minutes. (Pope Makes First Visit to a U.S. Synagogue," Sewell Chan, The New York Times, April 19, 2008) http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/04/18/a-key-moment-in-benedicts-relationship-with-the-jews/?hp

Benedict could well have become the most treacherous "vicar of Christ" in history after these past two days. Meanwhile, "traditionalists" are focused on complaining about the music at his baseball stadium Mass ...

See also:


Benedict Meets in Cabal with the Pharisees

On Thursday, April 17, 2008, the anniversary of the night Jesus was betrayed by Judas to the Pharisees according to the Hebrew calendar, Benedict XVI met with 200 world religion leaders and thereafter met privately in cabal with today's Pharisees whom he expressed his closeness with as they celebrate their Tamudic, counterfeit version of Passover. In his address to the Pharisees, Benedict stated that Christ's Passover is inseparable from the Talmudic "Passover" which they celebrate and that Christians are bound to these followers of Talmud and should celebrate the Talmudic "Passover" together with them in the spirit of "mercy." What the followers of Talmud are celebrating, however, is not mercy, as Benedict falsely implies, but vengeance, and the hope that "Esau" (Christians) will be annihilated, that Solomon's Temple will be rebuilt and that their Gentile-smashing "Messiah" will come (Babylonian Talmud, Pesachim 5a). I anticipate that neotraditionalists will laud Benedict's mention of Jesus during this address, oblivious to the reality that this "Jesus" Benedict alludes to is a Talmudic "Jesus"--one who mixes white with black, who calls vengeance by the name "mercy" and who betrays His sheep into the jaws of wolves telling them that it is through the wolves that salvation comes.

From the Vatican Press Office, filed under the Orwellian heading "DISCOVERING TRUTH: PURPOSE OF INTER-RELIGIOUS DIALOGUE":

VATICAN CITY, 17 APR 2008 (VIS) - In the Pope John Paul II Cultural Centre in Washington D.C. at 6.30 p.m. local time today, Benedict XVI met with [and addressed] some 200 representatives of five religious communities: Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains ...

Having completed his discourse, the Pope moved on to the Pope John Paul II Cultural Centre's Polish National Room. There he met representatives of the Jewish community to whom he consigned a Message for the Feast of the Passover, which this year begins on Saturday 19 April.

In his Passover Message, the Pope writes: "At this time of your most solemn celebration, I feel particularly close, precisely because of what 'Nostra Aetate' calls Christians to remember always: that the Church 'received the revelation of the Old Testament through the people with whom God in His inexpressible mercy concluded the ancient Covenant. ... In addressing myself to you I wish to re-affirm the Second Vatican Council's teaching on Catholic- Jewish relations and reiterate the Church's commitment to the dialogue that in the past forty years has fundamentally changed our relationship for the better.

"Because of that growth in trust and friendship", the Holy Father adds in his Message, "Christians and Jews can rejoice together in the deep spiritual ethos of the Passover, a memorial of freedom and redemption. Each year, when we listen to the Passover story we return to that blessed night of liberation. This holy time of the year should be a call to both our communities to pursue justice, mercy, solidarity with the stranger in the land, with the widow and orphan, as Moses commanded".

"This bond permits us Christians to celebrate alongside you, though in our own way, the Passover of Christ's death and resurrection, which we see as inseparable from your own, for Jesus Himself said: 'salvation is from the Jews'. Our Easter and your Pesah, while distinct and different, unite us in our common hope centred on God and His mercy".

"With respect and friendship, I therefore ask the Jewish community to accept my Pesah greeting in a spirit of openness to the real possibilities of co- operation which we see before us as we contemplate the urgent needs of our world, and as we look with compassion upon the sufferings of millions of our brothers and sisters everywhere. Naturally, our shared hope for peace in the world embraces the Middle East and the Holy Land in particular. May the memory of God's mercies, which Jews and Christians celebrate at this festive time, inspire all those responsible for the future of that region - where the events surrounding God's revelation actually took place - to new efforts, and especially to new attitudes and a new purification of hearts!"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Evening the "Elder Brothers" Cleanse their Homes of Leaven, Hopeful for our Annihilation

This evening, Thursday April 17th, after nightfall, the Orthodox Judaic fold, representatives of whom Benedict will visit in a NY synagogue the following day, will commence with the obligatory search of their households for chametz (leaven). The impetus behind this tradition according to Talmud, Pesachim 5a and Sefer ha-Roqeah sec 271, is that by removing leaven for Passover, "Israel" becomes worthy of seeing the annihilation of "Esau's" seed. "Esau" according to Orthodox Judaic tradition is Rome and Christendom.

The following is a quotation from an article from the aish.com Chabad Lubavitch website which explains this Judaic belief. I qualify this quotation by clarifying that the Bible does not identify Edom with Rome, much less Christendom or Roman Catholicism. This is, however, what the rabbis teach, and consequently, this is the foundation for the Noahide component of certain sects of Protestantism which associates Edom and Babylon with Roman Catholicism:

Esau, who embodies the power of might and sword, will, through his descendants, give rise to the Roman Empire or "Edom" as the Bible calls it. The power or Rome clearly lay its ability to conquer, dominate and build and Empire. Even after the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, the spirit and power of Rome will perpetuate itself through the rise of the West and the Empires of Europe. And, of course, it is the Romans (as in Roman Catholic Church) that converted the world to Christianity ...

As intense as the rivalry is between Isaac and Ishmael (the Jews and the Arabs) they are only half brothers. Jacob and Esau are twins with the same genetic material. This rivalry (Israel and Rome/The West) is understood to be the ultimate rivalry in history. This is nothing less than a cosmic struggle. These two -- Jacob and Esau -- started fighting in utero, and they're going to be fighting throughout history. The battle continues until today and does not end until the final showdown during the messianic era. It's not an even battle ever. Esau will always be stronger in the physical sense, but the Jewish people have inner strengths, resources and a destiny that will ultimately lead to their triumph ...


A few proof texts for this rabbinic teaching:

"...And a long time after him [Jesus of Nazareth], a religion that was attributed to him spread through the Children of Esau [i.e., Rome and its empire] ..." Moses Maimonides, Letter to Yemen

"They are called Edomites who move their fingers 'here and there'" (who make the sign of the cross). (Rabbi Bechai, Kad Hakkemach 20a)

"The Nazarenes are Romans, the sons of Edom." (Rabbi Abarbinel, Maschima Ieschua 36d)

"He who exacted vengeance from the former [oppressor] will exact vengeance from the latter. Just as in Egypt it was with blood, so with Edom it will be the same." (Rabbi Hama bar Hanina, Pesiqta de-Rav Kahana, sec. 7, 133)

I will remind readers that rabbis who promote and are guided by this vengeful, racial-supremacist psychodrama, were honored by the "Christian Conservative" President George W. Bush two days ago, April 15, 2008 for their contributions to the world in "education," and that the Vatican cannot stop praising and making accommodations to Orthodox rabbis whom Benedict will visit in a synagogue tomorrow, Friday, April 18, 2008. Meanwhile, the traditional Catholic liturgy is altered to suit the sensibilities of the rabbis who on this evening will remove the leaven from their homes in hopes that "Hashem," which is to say, the so-called "Jewish" people themselves, will annihilate us.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pope Arrives in U.S. on "Education Day" 2008

Tuesday, April 15th 2008 was not only the day of the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI in the U.S., it was also "Education Day" U.S.A., the day on which the U.S. President honors the Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his birthday according to the Hebrew calendar (Nisan 11) each year since the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Schneerson was believed to be the Messiah by Chabad Lubavitchers during his lifetime and continues to be considered so by many of them even 14 years after his death in 1994. The Chabad Lubavitch carry on the evangelical tradition of their dead Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, drawing Judaic persons who've distanced themselves from the tyranny and superstition of Orthodox Judaism back to those dark traditions and cajoling the Goyim into accepting the Talmudic system of double-standards, the "Noahide Laws," as a replacement for their traditional, universal, one-standard-for-all based upon the Biblical 10 Commandments and Christ's Sermon on the Mount.

On "Education Day" 1991, George Bush Sr. made explicit reference to the topic of "education" that this day represents. Bush signed into law a proclamation stating that the Talmudic "Noahide Laws" are the "basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;" the "ethical values and principles [which] have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;" and "without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos;" and that "in tribute to this great spiritual leader, `the rebbe' [Menachem Mendel Schneerson], this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of `education and giving', the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws;" and that "the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world ..."

I highly recommend reading this Orwellian Public Law which Bush Sr. signed in 1991, Public Law 102-14, H.J. Res 104, which attempts to retroactively establish the barbaric Talmudic "Noahide Laws," rather than the Bible, as the basis of civilization, at the Library of Congress website:


Last year, Vatican officials signed a similar statement which is documented here:


With Chabad rabbis from across the world looking on, President George W. Bush signs a presidential proclamation Tuesday, April 15, 2008 in honor of "Education and Sharing Day," and highlighting the work of the Chabad Lubavitch movement. Since 1978, every president has signed an "Education and Sharing Day" proclamation. Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelick of Fort Collins is on the far left.

Local rabbi meets with president

BY ROBERT MOORE - Coloradoan

April 16, 2008

Fort Collins Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelick was among 10 Chabad rabbis from around the world chosen to meet Tuesday with President Bush in the Oval Office.

Gorelick said Bush spoke about his support of Israel, his experiences in the White House and other topics during the brief meeting ...

The president signed a proclamation marking Education and Sharing Day, an annual commemoration of the work done by the Chabad Lubavitch movement in Judaism. The commemoration is tied to the birthday of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the Lubavitcher rebbe or spiritual leader who died in 1994,

Gorelick, 32, said he was told he was picked because he's a young leader, as exemplified by his efforts to get a menorah included in Fort Collins' official holiday display.

He presented Bush a menorah during the Oval Office visit.

"He was extremely candid and very relaxed," Gorelick said of the meeting with Bush, which came just hours before the president greeted Pope Benedict XVI on his first visit to the United States.

Bush's meeting with the rabbis coincided with former President Jimmy Carter's meetings with leaders of Hamas, the Palestinian group viewed as terrorists by the Bush administration and other U.S. leaders.

When asked if the Carter-Hamas meeting was discussed during the rabbis' visit to the White House, Gorelick said it was but he declined to elaborate.

Gorelick said he was told Friday that he'd been selected to meet with Bush but was sworn to secrecy until the meeting was over.

"I didn't even know where I was going to stay when I arrived here," he said as he prepared to leave Washington, D.C., on Tuesday afternoon.


Orthodox Judaism, the non-Biblical, tyrannical system of double-standards, has one preferential religious and legal system for the so-called "Jews" and a lower-tier system of tyranny for the "Goyim," which is to say, everyone else. According to the rabbis, the Goyim are forbidden to even read the Bible and should be executed for doing so. They should only concern themselves with observing the "Noahide Laws" as Maimonides states in the authoritative Mishneh Torah:

A gentile who studies Torah is liable to the death penalty. They should be involved in the study of their Seven Mitzvot ["Noahide Laws"] only. (Moses Maimonides, Hilchot Melachim 10:9, Moznaim Publishing edition)

This accounts for why the rabbis and the "secular" Pharisaic offshoots (the ADL, ACLU, SPLC, etc.) don't want Christians to have the 10 Commandments in U.S. court buildings. They will not protest the "Noahide Laws" in court buildings, however. Indeed, they're attempting to install them there.

The legal double-standard inherent to the "Noahide Laws" is laid out in the Talmud:

"A non-Jew is put to death on the basis of a decision given by one judge [no jury], and on the basis of testimony given by a single witness, and even if he was not given a proper warning prior to the commission of his offense. He is put to death on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a man but not on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a woman, and the man who testified or decided against him can even be a relative.

"A Jew can only be put to death by a court of twenty-three judges, and on the basis of the testimony of two male witnesses who are not disqualified from testifying on account of kinship, and after being properly warned against committing the transgression. But none of these rules apply in the case of a non-Jew." (Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 57b, Steinsaltz edition, vol.18, page 110)

After being subjected to the above kangaroo-court proceeding, the convicted goy would be executed for "violation" of any of the "Noahide Laws."

"... violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noachide to capital punishment by decapitation (Sanh. 57a)."(Encyclopaedia Judaica, "Noahide Laws")

One of the seven "Noahide Laws" is a prohibition against "idolatry." According to the most authoritative of rabbinic sages and the codifier of Orthodox Judaism, Moses Maimonides, Christians are idolaters and therefore subject to execution under "Noahide Law."

From Maimonides' Mishneh Torah:

"The Christians are idolaters, and Sunday is their holiday..." (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Avodah Zorah, 9;4)

“The Christians are worshipers of Avodah Zarah [idolatry]” (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Ma'akhalot Assurot, 11:7)

"... a gentile who worships false gods is liable, [for the death penalty] provided he worships them in the accepted manner. A gentile is executed for every type of foreign worship which a Jewish court would consider worthy of capital punishment." (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Melachim 11)

Educate yourself on the tyrannical Talmudic system of double-standards, the "Noahide Laws," which the rabbis and treacherous world leaders are attempting to replace our traditional, universal moral principles with.

Papal Commission Promotes Noahide Laws

Who Says Judaism Isn't a Proselytizing System?

The REAL Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

"Elder Brother" Rabbis: Catholicism is Idolatry, But Buddhism and Islam are Not

JPII's Noahide Jest

Chabad Rabbi to Congress: Congress Convenes to Fulfill Noahide Commandment

Benedict XVI and Hans Kung Discuss Need for "Global Ethic," not the Gospel

U.S. Public Law, "Education Day"

Sanhedrin Moves to Establish Council For Noahides

Ronald Regan and Chabad

US President George W. Bush Discusses "Road-Map to World Peace" Based on Seven Universal Ben Noah Laws

Jewish Law Comes to Washington D.C.

Jewish law institute launched in DC

Post-9-11 New York Times Article Promotes Noahide Laws as World's Only Hope

Kosher-Catholic Paulist Press Publishes Rabbi Benamozegh's "Noahide" Tome as "Classic of Western Spirituality"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cardinal Keeler Honored by ADL

During the ADL reward ceremony Keeler made reference to an ADL program with a typically Orwellian title, "Bearing Witness," praising the program and thanking the ADL for it. For background on this ADL program of subversion of Catholic schools, read the following:

Rabbis Preach Guilt in Catholic Schools

New Testament and Catholic Schools Processed by Talmudic Dialectics

The ADL press release:

ADL Honors Cardinal Keeler For His Leadership In Catholic-Jewish Relations

Washington, D.C., April 14, 2008 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today honored William Cardinal Keeler with the ADL Cardinal Bea Interfaith Award in recognition of his enduring work in repairing the Catholic Church's relations with the Jewish people and for promoting Catholic-Jewish dialogue and partnerships.

"Cardinal Keeler has been at the epicenter of Catholic-Jewish relations since the historic changes brought about during the Second Vatican Council and the adoption of Nostra Aetate," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, in presenting the award. "For the past 44 years, Cardinal Keeler has been instrumental in building and deepening the new positive relationship between Catholics and Jews in the United States and around the world. He is truly a world leader in building human bridges of respect and understanding between our two faith communities."

In accepting the award, Cardinal Keeler thanked ADL for its work in interfaith relations, including the League's Bearing Witness™ Program, which brings together educators from Catholic schools to learn about anti-Semitism and the Holocaust and how to teach those lessons to young people. "You should be very proud of what Bearing Witness is doing, not only in my hometown of Baltimore, but also throughout the country and around the world," said Cardinal Keeler.

Ordained a Catholic priest in 1955, Cardinal Keeler was appointed Special Advisor to Pope John XXIII during the Second Vatican Council, in which the Church discussed and deliberated on its relationship to the Jewish people. The result was the historic document, Nostra Aetate, which repudiates the centuries-old "deicide" charge against all Jews, stresses the religious bond shared by Jews and Catholics and reaffirms the eternal covenant between God and the People of Israel.

Appointed Archbishop of Baltimore by Pope John Paul II in 1989, Cardinal Keeler was named to the College of Cardinals in 1994. As President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, he was instrumental in building interfaith bonds and addressed issues involving all Christian faiths and Jews.

During Pope John Paul II's 1987 trip to the United States, Cardinal Keeler initiated a meeting between the Pope and Jewish leaders, and organized a first-ever interfaith ceremony in the United States involving Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and the Pope in Los Angeles.

An acknowledged leader within the Roman Catholic Church for promoting its positions on inter-religious dialogue, Cardinal Keeler is admired by Jewish leaders for his integrity, honesty and tireless efforts at building interfaith dialogue.

The inscription on the award reads: "ADL Cardinal Bea Award presented to William Cardinal Keeler in appreciation for your distinguished service in promoting positive relations between the Jewish and Catholic communities and for fostering mutual understanding between faiths."

The ADL Cardinal Bea Interfaith Award was established to perpetuate the memory of Cardinal Bea, the enlightened German Jesuit scholar who deepened and enriched relations between Catholics and Jews. Cardinal Bea's efforts made possible the positive statement of Vatican Council II on Jews and Judaism. Past recipients of the award include John Cardinal O'Connor, Archbishop of New York; the Most Rev. Francis John Mugavero, Archbishop of Brooklyn; Archbishop Justin Cardinal Rigali of St. Louis, Archbishop Adam Cardinal Maida of Detroit; and Bishop James W. Malone of Youngstown, Ohio.


NY Times Piece on the Passover Eve Papal Synagogue Visit

The New York Times notes:

Something seems to guide popes to New York at moments of spiritual significance for Jews. John Paul landed here in October 1995 on Yom Kippur. Benedict now comes at Passover ...

History Awaits the Pope and the Rabbi

By CLYDE HABERMAN - The New York Times

April 15, 2008

This is a busy time for Rabbi Arthur Schneier, and his schedule will only become more complicated as the week winds down. Preparations must be made for Passover, which begins Saturday night. Like any rabbi who leads a congregation, he has to write a sermon for the Sabbath. Then he needs to come up with themes for Passover services on Sunday and Monday.

Oh, one other thing: He also has to welcome a pope.

The New York journey of Pope Benedict XVI will include a historic stop of 20 minutes or so late Friday afternoon at the Park East Synagogue on East 67th Street, where Rabbi Schneier has been the spiritual leader since 1962. “Historic” is an often abused word. But in this instance it isn’t misplaced.

Never before has a pope visited a synagogue in this country. Indeed, till now, there have been only two recorded papal visits to synagogues anywhere: by John Paul II in Rome in 1986 and by Benedict in Cologne, Germany, in 2005, four months after he ascended to the papacy.

So Benedict’s conversation with Jewish religious and lay figures at Park East — think of it, with absolute respect, as the Schmooze of the Fisherman — is a certified big deal, brief though it will be.

“I look at it as a message of good will by Pope Benedict, saluting the largest Jewish community in the world outside of Israel — New York — but in a greater context, American Jewry and world Jewry,” Rabbi Schneier said. “Basically, the message is: ‘I am continuing the outreach to the Jews.’ ”

Something seems to guide popes to New York at moments of spiritual significance for Jews.

John Paul landed here in October 1995 on Yom Kippur. Benedict now comes at Passover ...

Full article:


Monday, April 14, 2008

Benedict Wants the World to be Conscious of the Symbolic Significance of his Passover Eve Synagogue Visit

Benedict publicly acknowledged the fact that Christ was crucified on Passover eve in his homily of Holy Thursday, March 20, 2008 which coincided with Purim Eve:

The Pope made [the following] observation Holy Thursday in his homily during the Mass of the Lord's Supper at the Basilica of St. John Lateran ... "According to John, Jesus died on the cross precisely at the moment in which, in the temple, the Passover lambs were being sacrificed. His death and the sacrifice of the lambs coincided.

"This means that he died on the eve of Passover ... "

("Pope Notes Hypothesis on Date of Passover," Zenit, April 6, 2008)


Let there be no doubt that Benedict is entirely conscious of the symbolic significance of his visit to a NY synagogue on Passover eve this Friday, April 18, 2008. Having publicly drawn attention to the fact that Christ was crucified on Passover eve only a month ago, it's as if Benedict wants the world to also be conscious of it.

Not surprisingly, we see denial-based speculation among traditionalists that the Passover eve synagogue visit may have only been a rumor or was canceled due to its absence from the official itinerary for the papal visit. These people have missed the fact that the visit is a "personal and informal visit, which is not part of [the Pope's] official program" according to Monsignor David Malloy, general secretary of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. It was never on the official itinerary. Neither is his private meeting with the rabbis and Judaic power-brokers on the day before the synagogue visit, Thursday April 17th, which is the actual anniversary of the night Jesus was betrayed by Judas to the Pharisees.

On the following day Benedict will visit a synagogue of Orthodox Judaism, the religion which holds that Jesus was a sorcerer rightly executed on Passover eve for criticizing the Pharisees and leading Israel astray--on the anniversary of the day which their Talmud claims that this claimed righteous execution took place, and the day on which the Gospel records that the most terrible crime in history--the crucifixion of God-incarnate--took place.

And despite this and countless other such acts of treachery, there are still hysterical demands for further "teshuva" and "tikkun" from the modern-day spiritual heirs of the Pharisees whom Benedict calls our "elder brothers." Witness the fruits of "reconciliation" with "The Jews."


Benedict to Visit NY Synagogue on Passover Eve, the Day on which the Talmud Claims Jesus was Executed by the Pharisees

For the sake of His Passion

Rabbi Comments on the "Very Symbolic" Timing of Benedict's Synagogue Visit

Observations on Benedict XVI's Passover Eve Synagogue Visit

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Israel Shahak: The Background and Consequences of the Massacre in Hebron

This is a paper written by the deceased Dr. Israel Shahak analyzing Judaic religion and culture as they relate to the 1994 Hebron Massacre by Baruch Goldstein.

Orthodox Judaic mass murderer, Baruch Golstein was eulogized by Benedict XVI's elder brother rabbis as a "martyr," "saint" and "intercessor in the Heavens."


The Background and Consequences of the Massacre in Hebron

For those who have not yet read Israel Shahak's other excellent works I recommend:

Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years


Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel

Friday, April 11, 2008

ADL's Rabbi Greenberg on Benedict XVI/Cardinal Ratzinger

Some tradidionalist pundits would have people believe that Benedict XVI is reversing John Paul II's work in Catholic-"Jewish" relations. This theory is ridiculous. Benedict is more progressive in this area than JPII and was himself responsible for much of what happened in Catholic-"Jewish" relations during the JPII pontificate as the ADL's director of interfaith policy, Rabbi Eric J. Greenberg explains:

"The papacy of John Paul II was so overwhelmingly positive for Catholic-Jewish relations, but one must always remember that Cardinal Ratzinger was a key player," said Rabbi Eric J. Greenberg, director of interfaith policy for the Anti-Defamation League. "He was a part of all this." ("Jewish relations are at forefront," Gary Stern, Gannett News Service, April 11, 2008)


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Benedict to Offer Words in Response to Clerical Sex Abuse

Quoting Cardinal George, Spero News writes:

The Church is still recovering from the scandal surrounding the sexual abuse of children by priests and other Church officials. It's estimated that the Church has paid out $1.5 billion in settlements to abuse victims. Cardinal George says he expects Pope Benedict to address the issue during his visit.

"It bothers him immensely that children have been abused by priests or bishops," he said. "This is a complete betrayal of our own office and of Jesus Christ, and of our Catholic people. He's very clear on that, and I imagine he'll express it forcefully." ("Pope to condemn child abuse by priests, bishops" Kent Klein, Spero News, April 07, 2008)


These words that Benedict will offer are worth less than nothing. It is akin to arriving at the scene of an inferno and offering "forceful" words against it as if words alone might extinguish the flames. The time is long past for action to be taken, but we see no action. On matters concerning "antisemitism" we see action. We see Church documents produced, Vatican commissions formed, changes in liturgy, theology, seminary training, catechetical material and methods, etc., etc., etc. In the course of 40 years we have seen virtually every aspect of the 2000 year-old Catholic tradition changed according to Judaic sensibilities for the non-cause of "preventing another 'Holocaust'."

But there is a real holocaust taking place and it really is being perpetrated by priests and bishops--upon Catholic children. Here we see no substantial action for prevention of future holocausts of sex abuse against children. Indeed, we do see billions of dollars paid out to victims after the fact, causing parishes to close down and enriching the lawyers, but as for preventive measures, policy changes and punishment of responsible authorities, we see nothing.

How is it that nonsensical Judaic concerns receive immediate, constant, sweeping Vatican actions while the victimization of Catholic children receives only words? Jesus said it is by their fruits that you will know them. Benedict's "forceful" words are worse than useless. Based upon the complete lack of fruits behind them--even while "reconciliation" with "The Jews" simultaneously produces an overabundance of rotten fruit--they're a mockery.

"Constantine's Sword" Opens on Passover Eve

A film version of James Carroll's delusional scribblings, Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews which promises to be "an astonishing exploration of the dark side of Christianity" is scheduled to open in Manhattan theaters next week, Friday, April 18th, 2008. The establishment media for goys is playing this event up as a protest against the Vatican, as Benedict XVI will be in Manhattan at that time. This is a farce.

As we have already seen, April 18th is Passover eve--the day on which the Talmud claims Jesus was stoned and hung by the Pharisees and the day on which St. John recorded that Jesus was crucified.

In an unfathomable act of treachery, Benedict will enter a synagogue in Manhattan on the same dark day that this mocking film will open. There is no disharmony between these two events which both represent Judaic triumphalism and the subjection of Christianity.


Benedict to Visit NY Synagogue on Passover Eve, the Day on which the Talmud Claims Jesus was Executed by the Pharisees

The Cross and Constantine’s Sword

April 9, 2008

By Cahir O’Doherty

JAMES Carroll, 65, noted author, National Book Award winner and columnist for the Boston Globe, has recently completed a powerful new documentary film entitled Constantine’s Sword in which he examines the roots of religiously inspired violence in the world.

Working with Oscar nominated director Oren Jacob, Carroll explores the centuries long history of anti-Semitism in the Catholic Church and its corollary in America’s evangelical movement.

The new film, which is based on Carroll’s 2001 book of the same name, details centuries of ruthless violence committed in Christianity’s name. He also warns us that the concentration of military, religious and political power in U.S. could ultimately lead to a concentration of the same “us-versus-them” dogmas that the launched the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust.

Carroll, a practicing Catholic and former priest first, entered the Paulist Seminary in Washington in the crucible of the early 1960s, where he found his life transformed by the civil rights struggles of that era ...

Constantine’s Sword opens Friday, April 18 at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and the Quad Cinema in Manhattan. ("The Cross and Constantine’s Sword," Irish Voice, April 9, 2008)


Note that the film is being screened at a Judaic community center this week and that the film's director states he's only documented the "sins of the Catholic Church" which John Paul II has already apologized for:

Papal Visit 2008: Film On Christian-Jewish History To Open Upon Pope's Arrival

April 10, 2008

A controversial new film on Christian-Jewish history called "Constantine's Sword" will open in New York City during Pope Benedict XVI's visit next week. NY1's Shazia Khan filed the following report.

In his new film "Constantine's Sword," based on the 2001 book of the same name, former priest turned writer James Carroll reckons with his faith, and in large part, looks at anti-Semitism in Christianity.

The Jewish Community Center on the Upper West Side invited religious leaders for a special screening this week. Among the attendees was Sister Mary Boys, a professor at Union Theological Seminary and a woman active in Christian-Jewish dialogue.

"What he narrates in that film happened," she said. "We need to know about it, so that we make for a different church, and I think we are in a different church. And I want to be a part of a church that has the courage and the maturity to face its own history."

"I think it is an ambitious film," said Rabbi David Greenstein of the Academy for Jewish Religion. "I think that it hopefully can engender some very difficult discussion."

Oscar-nominated documentarian Oren Jacoby directed, co-wrote, and co-produced the film. He says he and Carroll have received both praise and criticism, with some saying the film bashes Catholics.

"Pope John Paul II, in the year 2000, apologized to the world for what he saw as the sins of the Catholic Church," said Jacoby. "All we've done in this film is lay out what those sins were that he was apologizing for and John Paul II was not a Catholic basher."

Sister Boys says the film focuses too much on what was and not enough on how the church has changed.

"I think there is too little, both in the book and in the film, about the many, many people who have been involved in the last 50 or so years in trying to make a make a different future," she said.

"Constantine's Sword" is slated to open in the city next Friday, the same day Pope Benedict XVI arrives [This is incorrect. Benedict arrives at Andrew's Air Force Base on Tuesday, April 15th]. Jacoby says the timing is a mere coincidence, but hopes the film's premiere during the pontiff's visit will stimulate interfaith discussion. ("Papal Visit 2008: Film On Christian-Jewish History To Open Upon Pope's Arrival," Shazia Khan, April 10, 2008)


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Kosher State of Catholic Teaching Material According to the Man who Kosher Slaughtered it

Today, you can’t read two consecutive chapters in any Catholic religious education textbook without talking about Jews and Judaism. That is buttressed by the history of Catholics and Jews in the United States. It was not incidental that the agenda of the American bishops going into the Second Vatican Council, as well as coming out of it, was religious liberty, ecumenism and Catholic-Jewish relations. (Eugene Fisher, interviewed in National Catholic Reporter, February 23, 2007)




Judaic Delegation Benedict's Highest Priority

In Washington, D.C., [Benedict XVI] will meet privately with the Jewish delegation after his session with 200 leaders of other faiths at the John Paul II Cultural Center on April 17. ("The Good Friday Prayer Controversy Continues," Washington Post, April 8, 2008)


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Child Abusing Mother's Acts Were Advised by a Rabbi

Note that the name of the rabbi and the name of the sect he belongs to is censored.

Jerusalem mother charged with child abuse

Indictment reveals rabbi instructed woman to 'repair' her children through 'beating, tying, burning organs and feeding them with faeces'

Aviram Zino
Published: 04.06.08, 19:30 / Israel News

As her three-and-a-half-year-old comatose son continued to lie in his hospital bed, a Jerusalem woman was indicted Sunday by the Jerusalem District Court of abusing him and his four-and-a-half-year-old brother.

The court also indicted a family friend accused of conducting a "tikkun" (exorcism) on the children under the influence of a rabbi who fled to Canada.

Shortly after the indictment was submitted, the remand of another suspect involved in the affair was extended. The man, a acquaintance of the mother, allegedly took part in the abuse.

According to the indictment, "During the months of February and March, the accused and her children moved to her mother's apartment in Jerusalem. During this period, the mother found it difficult to cope with the burden of raining her small children, and particularly with their education.

"The defendant turned to a rabbi and asked for his advice in terms of his children's education. The rabbi concluded that the children were 'possessed' with evil spirits and advised the defendant and other suspects to carry out 'tikkunim' on the children in order to help them get rid of those demons."

The indictment went on to say that the rabbi instructed the mother to conduct "tikkunim" on the children – "meaning, jolting, beating, tying, burning organs, feeding them with faeces, and more.

"Two of the suspects were put in charge of educating the children, and systematically abused them and the defendant's other children in a large number of cases, for a long time, claiming that these 'tikkunim' were aimed at removing these evil spirits from the children."

Some of the acts of abuse were also described in the indictment. "The defendant, who knew about the abuse, continued to desert her children."

The mother was accused of "cooperating with some of the other suspects in forcibly jolting the children in at least 40 cases, grasping them in the back or shoulders, or grasping them in their hands and legs and shaking them with their heads moving back and forth and from side to side.

"The defendant and the other suspects also used to tie the children's hands and legs with plastic restraints and ropes for many hours, as well as hit one of the children in the face and bend his hands behind his back, throwing him in the air."

'Police veterans were shocked'

In one of her remand hearings, the police representative presented the judge with a photo album containing shocking pictures of the children.

"The Jerusalem Police veterans found it difficult to listen to such a shocking story," a police representative said during the previous hearing.

The mother admitted to the suspicions and went back on her confession, while the father and another person arrested denied the allegations.

"Evidence submitted to the court testifies to a long and harsh abuse," a police representative said during the hearing.

The small son, who was hospitalized at the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital's intensive care unit, suffers from brain damage which has left him in a vegetative state.

Efrat Weiss contributed to this report


St. Vincent Ferrer

St. Vincent Ferrer's feast day is April 5. As one of the Church's greatest missionaries he converted tens of thousands of Sephardic Judaics from vain Talmudic and Kabbalistic self-worship to salvation in Jesus Christ. He knew nothing of "dialogue" and "reconciliation" with "elder brothers," theological schemes which put off missions to the Khazars and Sephardim instead waiting for an end-times mass conversion, or Cardinal Schönborn's latest--the idea that Christ's great commission to preach to all nations did not apply to Jews:

Judaism’s way to salvation, by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

I take it that Schönborn would have us believe Christ's great commission to preach to all nations did not apply to the Khazar and Sephardi nations--today's "Jews"--by virtue of their future conversion to the anti-Christ Talmud. How else can these strange theological inventions be understood?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rabbi Comments on the "Very Symbolic" Timing of Benedict's Synagogue Visit

As I said, the symbolic significance of Benedict's visit to a synagogue on the eve of Passover would not be lost on the rabbis:

The pope's trip to Park East Synagogue on April 18 will be especially meaningful because of its timing, said Rabbi Arthur Schneier, the congregation's spiritual leader.

"For him to stop in at my synagogue on the eve of Passover really is a very symbolic and significant step," Schneier said. ("Rabbis applaud pope's visit to Manhattan synagogue," Carl MacGowan, Newsday, April 3, 2008)


Also see:

Benedict to Visit NY Synagogue on Passover Eve, the Day on which the Talmud Claims Jesus was Executed by the Pharisees

Friday, April 4, 2008

Benedict's Statement on his Latin Prayer for the Jews

The modernist Benedict in his clarifying statement on his Latin prayer for the Jews is true to form making it vague enough that those of the Talmudic bent can interpret it in lawyerly fashion, much like the document Nostra Aetata which Benedict says is the basis for this document--vagueness compounding vagueness. This is not a Christian practice. It is a rabbinic one.

People will argue and puzzle over the meaning of this document while "reconciliation" with "the Jews" continues on a clear, unambiguous course towards catastrophe. Perhaps it is a fitting time to recall that Jesus said let your speech be yea yea, or no no, and that it's by their fruits that we know them rather than their words.

Following the publication of the new Prayer for the Jews for the 1962 edition of the Roman Missal, some groups within the Jewish community have expressed disappointment that it is not in harmony with the official declarations and statements of the Holy See regarding the Jewish people and their faith which have marked the progress of friendly relations between the Jews and the Catholic Church over the last forty years.

The Holy See wishes to reassure that the new formulation of the Prayer, which modifies certain expressions of the 1962 Missal, in no way intends to indicate a change in the Catholic Church's regard for the Jews which has evolved from the basis of the Second Vatican Council, particularly the Declaration Nostra Aetate. In fact, Pope Benedict XVI, in an audience with the Chief Rabbis of Israel on 15 September 2005, remarked that this document "has proven to be a milestone on the road towards the reconciliation of Christians with the Jewish people." The continuation of the position found in Nostra Aetate is clearly shown by the fact that the prayer contained in the 1970 Missal continues to be in full use, and is the ordinary form of the prayer of Catholics.

In the context of other affirmations of the Council - on Sacred Scripture (Dei Verbum, 14) and on the Church (Lumen Gentium, 16) - Nostra Aetate presents the fundamental principles which have sustained and today continue to sustain the bonds of esteem, dialogue, love, solidarity and collaboration between Catholics and Jews. It is precisely while examining the mystery of the Church that Nostra Aetate recalls the unique bond with which the people of the New Testament is spiritually linked with the stock of Abraham and rejects every attitude of contempt or discrimination against Jews, firmly repudiating any kind of anti-Semitism.

The Holy See hopes that the explanations made in this statement will help to clarify any misunderstanding. It reiterates the unwavering desire that the concrete progress made in mutual understanding and the growth in esteem between Jews and Christians will continue to develop.〈=en#TESTO%20IN%20LINGUA%20INGLESE

Benedict clearly wants us to believe that the Zionist/Atheist/Talmudic/self-worshiping Khazars of the synagogues and Judaic pressure organizations that he has his "dialogue" with are Abraham's stock and that Christians must be reconciled with them. What nonsense.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

'Elder Brother' Rabbi Eliyahu: "One yeshiva boy is worth more than the lives of 1,000 Arabs"

"Elder Brother" and former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of "Israel" Mordechai Eliyahu explains proportion as the Talmud has it:

"Even when we seek revenge, it is important to make one thing clear – the life of one yeshiva boy is worth more than the lives of 1,000 Arabs.

"The Talmud states that if gentiles rob Israel of silver they will pay it back in gold, and all that is taken will be paid back in folds, but in cases like these there is nothing to pay back, since as I said – the life of one yeshiva boy is worth more than the lives of 1,000 Arabs." ("Rabbi Eliyahu: Life of one yeshiva boy worth more than 1,000 Arabs," Kobi Nahshoni, Ynet, April 3, 2008)


An eye for an eye? The rabbis have no use for that Biblical stuff. That's what the Old Testament says. It's the Talmud that the rabbis draw their racist, genocidal teachings lacking any sense of proportion from, as Rabbi Eliyahu demonstrates so clearly.

This is the religion of the "elder brothers in the faith" whom Benedict says Christians must be "reconciled" with. What he is attempting to bring about can only be seen as a diabolical conjunction of opposites.

Benedict to Visit NY Synagogue on Passover Eve, the Day on which the Talmud Claims Jesus was Executed by the Pharisees

Adding to the terrible omen of this visit is the fact that Passover Eve falls on a Friday (Parasceve) this year, as is the day of the crucifixion in St. John's Gospel. Believe me when I tell you, the symbolism of this act of unspeakable treachery will not be missed by the Orthodox rabbis of the world, regardless of the poses they may strike for the public.

"On Passover Eve they hanged Jesus of Nazareth ..." (Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 43a, Steinsaltz edition, Vol XVII, Part III)

Read the rest here:

For the sake of His Passion

Pope to Visit New York Synagogue

RACHEL ZOLL - Associated Press

April 3, 2008

NEW YORK (AP) — During his first papal trip to the United States, Pope Benedict XVI will visit a synagogue led by ... Rabbi Arthur Schneier ...

"By this personal and informal visit, which is not part of his official program, His Holiness wishes to express his good will toward the local Jewish community as they prepare for Passover," said Monsignor David Malloy, general secretary of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Passover begins at sundown on April 19.

Separately, the pope has scheduled a meeting with Jewish leaders and representatives of other faiths for April 17 in Washington.

Park East Synagogue is a modern Orthodox congregation that was founded in 1888 and is located near the United Nations. Benedict will address the U.N. the morning of April 18.

Schneier, 78, has led the synagogue since 1962, while promoting religious freedom and tolerance worldwide. He founded the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, which promotes interfaith tolerance, and received the 2001 U.S. Presidential Citizens Medal for service to the nation.

The pope has been reaching out to Jews, following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, who became the first pope to set foot in a synagogue in 1986, when he visited Rome's main synagogue.

Some tensions arose recently over a Good Friday prayer Benedict revived from the old Latin rite that had historically been used as an excuse for violence and discrimination against Jews. Benedict revised the prayer to address Jewish fears, but some Jewish leaders worried that the changes did not go far enough ...

Full article:


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Further Background on Benedict's Easter Muslim Convert Charade


Who is Magdi Allam?

And who is Allam's consort of the conspicuous name, Valentina Colombo, for that matter? [Colomb meaning dove in Latin. The dove often symbolizes the goddess Shekinah in the Judaic tradition. Valentinus taught the Gnostic heresy of Sophia, a type of the Shekinah, which is also represented by a dove in certain Gnostic traditions, see: Tertullian, Adversus Valentinianos]

Valentina Colombo's association with Zionist psychopath and instigator of the war on Iraq, Michael Ledeen through an organization called I.S.I.S. is documented here:

Of interest is that Zionist Magdi Allam plans to wed his Zionist consort Valentina Colombo in an allegedly Catholic ceremony on the world religion high holy day, "Earth Day," April 22, which also, incidentally, marks the anniversary of the dedication of the shrine to the U.S. Noahide religion in Washington D.C., The Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Muslim convert baptized by the Pope to marry in the Church

ROME, Mar 27, 2008 / 02:35 pm (CNA).- The Muslim journalist Magdi Allam, who was received into the Church during the Easter Vigil by Pope Benedict XVI, plans to marry Valentina Colombo in the Church on April 22, according to the Italian daily Libero ...


also see:



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Pagan Traditions of the Elder Brothers: Birkat ha-Levanah (Blessing of the Moon)

It is still customary to rise on the tips of the toes in the direction of the moon while reciting three times "As I dance toward thee, but cannot touch thee, so shall none of my evil-inclined enemies be able to touch me." This is followed by "Long live David, King of Israel" (also pronounced three times) and by the greeting Shalom aleikhem ("Peace be to you") which is extended to those standing around who respond Aleikhem shalom ("to you be peace"). [Encyclopaedia Judaica, "Birkat ha-Levanah" (Blessing of the Moon)]


There is a theurgic ritual preserved in the Talmud, intended to ensure good fortune, called the Blessing for the New Moon.

Medieval Jewish works of astrology list a variety of human spheres that the moon affects with its waxing and waning. The ideal time for sexual intercourse is the new moon, because it would have a positive influence on a child conceived at that time. The best time to construct an amulet is determined by the phases of the moon; the same is true for performing certain medical procedures. The moon represents Malchut/Shekinah in the sefirotic Godhead [Sof. 4:5; Suk. 29a; Sanh. 42a; Zohar1: 236b]. (The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism, "Moon")


R. Aha b. Hanina also said in the name of R. Assi in R. Johanan's name: Whoever pronounces the benediction over the new moon in its due time welcomes, as it were, the presence of the Shechinah ... (Sanhedrin 42a)


The Shekhinah, or Malkhut, is the tenth and last in the hierarchy of the [Kabbalistic] Sefirot. In the divine world it represents the feminine principle, while Tiferet (the sixth Sefirah) and Yesod (the ninth) represent the masculine principle. All the elements and characteristics of the other Sefirot are represented within the Shekhinah. Like the moon, she has no light of her own, but receives the divine light from the other Sefirot.(Encyclopaedia Judaica, "Shekhinah")

Related to the above mentioned Judaic tradition of timing the conception of children with the phases of the moon is the occult tradition of the moonchild or homunculous. Aliester Crowley and Jack Parsons of the Masonic OTO and Jack Parsons' partner in magic ritual, the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard were obsessed with the tradition of the homunculous. As we can see, the rabbis of Orthodox Judaism were promoting this occult practice in their "holy" texts long before Aliester Crowley, Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard adapted it.

Kosher Sex Predators

Where are the multi-million dollar lawsuits? The front page New York Times exposes? This report says that the "Ultra-Orthodox" are a closed community and that's why these incidents are rarely reported and prosecuted, but given the heavy Judaic presence in the mainstream press and the lack of reporting on this problem in that same press, it seems that the Judaic community as a whole is acting as a closed community on this matter. They never fail to report on Catholic sex abuse cases, however.

Police: Bnei Brak has by far the highest rate of sexual offenses

Roni Singer-Heruti -Haaretz

March 31, 2008

... "The number of sex offenses in the Bnei Brak area [of the Israeli state] is higher than any other city by tens of percentage points, and it is clear to us that we do not know about many cases that are not even reported because of the well-known fact that in the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community, there is great reluctance about reporting such incidents," a senior police officer in the Tel Aviv District said ...

Police say that "this is a widespread phenomenon and children are harmed by it. The problem is that this is a closed community where it is not customary to report such cases. Thus sexual assailants, and other kinds of criminals, know they can operate without fear in Bnei Brak, and know that the chances that complaints will be filed against them is minimal" ...


The Dangers of Radical Judaism and Media Hypocrisy

Will there be 20/20, Dateline and New York Times exposes on these tyrannical, perverted, backwards Judaic traditions as there has been on Muslim traditions? Or will they be hidden away in periodicals meant only for Judaic readers? Note that the name of the sect of Judaism which this woman belongs to has been protected by censorship. What other religious group receives this kind of media protection?

Child abuse suspect to be put under house arrest

ETGAR LEFKOVITS - Jerusalem Post

Mar 30, 2008

54-year-old woman suspected of severely abusing her 12 children will be released from police custody and placed under house arrest later this week.

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on Sunday extended her remand by two days, and then ordered her to be placed under house arrest for the next 15 days.

The woman was arrested last week in her Ramat Beit Shemesh home.

On Sunday, a police representative said the woman would routinely tie her children to a pole and then give them electric shocks and beat them with belts and sticks when they failed to learn their Talmud lessons.

The woman, who has said she was "educating" her children, told police she was simply re-enacting the biblical flogging story of Batsheva and Solomon, the police representative told the court.

According to haredi media and a well-informed source in Beit Shemesh, the woman leads a sect of women who adhere to a dress code more stringent than that of the most extreme Muslim sects and a rigorous health food diet.

The suspect again appeared in court Sunday covered from head to toe in black, and refused to speak in the presence of men.

In a separate case, the court allowed the father of an abused child to visit his critically injured infant in a Jerusalem hospital in the presence of social workers.

The child's mother, whose remand was extended by six days, remains in custody. More arrests are expected in that case.


Jerusalem Post earlier reported that:

The Beit Shemesh resident is also suspected of failing to report multiple cases of incest among her children ...The mother is also suspected of breaking one daughter's nose with a rolling pin, leaving her children to sleep outside in a locked shed when they came home late, and preventing them from receiving medical treatment for their injuries. The mother said it was all part of their "education," according to court documents.

The father of the family was abroad at the time of the arrest, seeking charity donations, and had not returned for the court hearing on Tuesday.

When the abuse was discovered last month, only two of the couple's 12 children, who range in age from eight to 33, lived at home.

The two clearly abused children, including a disabled teenager, have since been removed from the home by social workers, the police investigator told the court.

When the children of the family were treated by social workers, it emerged that the teenagers had committed incest with each other, over a long period of time, the police officer said.

The teenage boy who was removed from the house told social workers that he had had sexual relations with his 18-year-old sister, and that he had told his parents and his rabbis, and that the latter told him not to tell anybody else ... ("Mother of 12 suspected of abusing kids," Jerusalem Post, Mar 25, 2008)