Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alex Jones invites Michael Hoffman back for two hours May 2

Alex Jones has invited Michael Hoffman back on his program May 2 to discuss the roots of the Cryptocracy and the religion of Judaism.

After appearing last week for an hour, Hoffman will be be back on the Alex Jones Radio Show for two hours this Friday, May 2, from 1 to 3 pm CENTRAL time.

Check your local radio listings, or listen online at:


Anonymous said...

Maurice, I was pleased with Hoffman's first appearance on the show. I think many of the confused trads would benefit from studying the writings of Bill Strojie. I know Hoffman has read him. His writings are hard to find and not well known. He pointed out that the operation of error works in both the right and left sides of Catholicism. He also pointed out how the Latin Mass would be used as bait to beguile the faithful into compromise, silent resignation and willful ignorance about the evils in the Church. I am astounded by all the enthusiasm that traditional Catholics have for Pope Benedict, one of the architects of Vatican 2 and a friend of the rabbis.

Jim said...

Yes,it was good.As for Jones think about this: The first hour is usually bemoaning his plight as a savior,and always scraping by each week.Doesn't want fame or noteriety,but constantly mentions he's a big fish and has all these celebrities in his camp.Then he for the next three hours he goes schizoid from somber to volcanic.He interrupts guests to "help" their thoughts along.If they mention certain subjects he shifts gears like a pro.He uses new age words like"paradigm" and "matrix" a dozen times per day.[yes,the left-right in politics is a shell game,but one could use dialectic or a host of other words to describe it,other than hammering "paradigm" into the subconscious mind.Lastly,he promotes people that have an occult worldview that is not dissimilar to the elites of the Illuminati,though they pose as patriots,such as Icke,Maxwell,Tsarion,Watt,and Freeman.New Agers love to talk about paradigm shifts and the matrix,and it sickens me to see AJ spew that toxic waste out of his mouth daily.He says his life is in danger.No,those that are doing the best work are on the run,persecuted,broke,and have no voice save for blogs,newsletters,or an occasional interview.Others like Springmeir are jailed.Cooper was killed.Many could be added to that list over the past 40 years.He hypes Willie Nelson and great hippie peace concerts.Please...celebrities are the dumbest creatures on planet earth.Always have been,always will be.Their support is a hindrance.IS ALEX A SHILL??? I don't know the man's heart.I haven't seen conclusive prrof that he is a paid operative.But he is most assuredly doing a service for the NWO crowd.One can't become popular in the world and be free of Illuminati control.And he knows that.Which is why he has to play the victim the first hour of every show.That justifies his existence in a literal sense,not metaphorically.Much of what he says is true.Been on this stuff long before he came on the scene.Checked him out in the 1990s.Read the news and thought his video were okay.But didn't check back until this year to see what the alternative media is doing to prepare people for the NWO,as I believe the crackdown will be in less than a year.Well,I've found that he has some good guests,but that he is far worse than I ever imagined.And a few posts on his forum gets one booted by his cultists.So,I say his show is better than the MSM lying dungheap,but something that needs careful discernment when tuning in,if you really feel the need to do so.Alex puts double-binds on listeners by claiming to be a Christian in one breath and spouting new age mind expansion in another.And clearly,many of his lsteners are young people.When Hoffman was on his show he cut him off just as he was about to explain how information alone is not the answer.Then Alex shifted gears and went off on a tangent about Germanic death cuolts.When Michael corrected his false history and spoke of great achievements of the Germans,he went off on Native American genocide.Again.Hoffman corrected his false history.Still,it was a great show.As an aside,I think Michael Heiser would possibly be willing to debate
Mike on Judaism.Not sure.But I've seen his google videos,and he handles contrary opinions intelligently.Might even win him over.Can't think of a radio show that would host it though.