Thursday, April 10, 2008

Benedict to Offer Words in Response to Clerical Sex Abuse

Quoting Cardinal George, Spero News writes:

The Church is still recovering from the scandal surrounding the sexual abuse of children by priests and other Church officials. It's estimated that the Church has paid out $1.5 billion in settlements to abuse victims. Cardinal George says he expects Pope Benedict to address the issue during his visit.

"It bothers him immensely that children have been abused by priests or bishops," he said. "This is a complete betrayal of our own office and of Jesus Christ, and of our Catholic people. He's very clear on that, and I imagine he'll express it forcefully." ("Pope to condemn child abuse by priests, bishops" Kent Klein, Spero News, April 07, 2008)

These words that Benedict will offer are worth less than nothing. It is akin to arriving at the scene of an inferno and offering "forceful" words against it as if words alone might extinguish the flames. The time is long past for action to be taken, but we see no action. On matters concerning "antisemitism" we see action. We see Church documents produced, Vatican commissions formed, changes in liturgy, theology, seminary training, catechetical material and methods, etc., etc., etc. In the course of 40 years we have seen virtually every aspect of the 2000 year-old Catholic tradition changed according to Judaic sensibilities for the non-cause of "preventing another 'Holocaust'."

But there is a real holocaust taking place and it really is being perpetrated by priests and bishops--upon Catholic children. Here we see no substantial action for prevention of future holocausts of sex abuse against children. Indeed, we do see billions of dollars paid out to victims after the fact, causing parishes to close down and enriching the lawyers, but as for preventive measures, policy changes and punishment of responsible authorities, we see nothing.

How is it that nonsensical Judaic concerns receive immediate, constant, sweeping Vatican actions while the victimization of Catholic children receives only words? Jesus said it is by their fruits that you will know them. Benedict's "forceful" words are worse than useless. Based upon the complete lack of fruits behind them--even while "reconciliation" with "The Jews" simultaneously produces an overabundance of rotten fruit--they're a mockery.

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