Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Michael Hoffman on the Alex Jones radio show

Michael A. Hoffman II, author of "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare" and the forthcoming 900 page book "Judaism Discovered," will be the guest on the nationally syndicated radio program, the "Alex Jones Show" on Friday, April 25 from 1:30 - 2:30 pm (central time).

For further information contact Alex Jones at infowars.com
or Michael Hoffman at hoffman@revisionisthistory.org

To listen to the interview live on Friday, April 25 from 1:30 - 2:30 pm (central time) use the following link:


If you can't listen the the show live it will be rerun for 24 hours afterwards at the following link:



Anonymous said...

But isn't Alex Jones a Zio-poodle? I can't understand why Hoffman is going on his show unless there is some 'simpatico' between them. Hoffman going on Jones' show is like the pope fraternizing with jews. Can you explain it?

Maurice Pinay said...

Michael Hoffman is in need of publicity for the promotion of his forthcoming book, Judaism Discovered in which area he is receiving no help from traditional Catholics and little to no help from most other alleged truth seekers.

Alex Jones has a large audience which is starving for the truth regarding Judaism.

I don't speak for Michael Hoffman, but these are two obvious reasons why he would appear on the Alex Jones show.

Your comparison between this radio interview and papal/rabbinic fraternizing is baseless and absurd. You may be suffering from the same self-defeating, Gospel-negating, ghetto mentality that many traditional Catholics suffer from.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the rare times I must disagree with you, Maurice. Don't be too willing to back some one you think is a friend, when they start waltzing with the enemy. The party has only just begun, and many have not made their true intentions, and loyalties, known. Hoffman is self-serving and Alex Jones is a Zionist shill. All who mistakenly call Zionists " jews " are liars and deceivers of souls, unfit for the Kingdom of God. Peace to you, my friend.

Maurice Pinay said...

Don't be too willing to back some one you think is a friend, when they start waltzing with the enemy.

Thanks, but I would return the advice saying don't accuse someone of waltzing with the enemy when there's no evidence that this is so.

It is amazing to me that the verdict on this interview has been handed down before it has even taken place.

I also take it from these comments that Alex Jones' listeners should be left in the dark on Judaism. They must remain outside the walls of the ghetto of the "worthy", it seems. This is typical of the "mercy" that I have come to expect from many traditionalists, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Actually I am intrigued (and a little concerned) by Hoffman's appearance on Jones, I certainly wasn't trying to pick a fight; and am not of a "self-defeating, Gospel-negating, ghetto mentality." I am always looking to make converts to the Catholic faith.

I will be purchasing, reading and no doubt sharing Hoffman's book with or without the interview. I only hope he is given the chance to educate Jones' audience.

My question was an honest one. I was more expecting/hoping you would take the line that Hoffman plans to call Jones on Jones' inability to name the Zios as the master conspirators. It is true that Jones apologize for them an awful lot.

Anonymous said...

I have listened to Alex's radio show frequently over the years and think some people are being unfair to him. He is by no means a Zionist shill like you find with people like Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. I think he wisely avoids certain topics that he is not too knowledgeable on. Alex encourages active resistance to tyrrany instead of cowering in fear of the government. For that he should be praised.

I might also point out that he has hosted Texe Marrs who pulls no punches when speaking about Judaism.

Anonymous said...

My apologies to you, Maurice, I thought you too were a Catholic. How can this be though, as I read more and more of your comments denigrating " traditional " Catholics ? Or is it that you think I am something other than what God has called me to become? I am a convert, it is true, from a kind of Judeo Christianity. I have considered the works of past Church Fathers including Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre, and I can only state, with the full conviction of my immortal soul, that His Excellency, Archbishop LeFebvre was acting with the whole Truth and Clarity which all Catholics know as the Holy Ghost.I don't know the heart and mind of Michael Hoffman, but I can assure you, friend...unless Alex Jones repents and does penance...he shall loose his immortal soul...this is charity, to caution souls on the way to perdition. Your outward disgust for traditional Catholics is a stumbling block to the Grace God desires to infuse into your soul. Peace in Christo et Maria.

Anonymous said...

The blogger's warnings about rash judgments are well taken, but legitimate questions remain. Hoffman has accused Jones of participating in a "boycott" against Hoffman. Now Hoffman is to appear on Jones' show. Are readers not entitled to some sort of explanation?

Maurice Pinay said...

My apologies to you, Maurice, I thought you too were a Catholic. How can this be though, as I read more and more of your comments denigrating " traditional " Catholics ? ... Your outward disgust for traditional Catholics is a stumbling block to the Grace God desires to infuse into your soul.


Well, that says it all then, doesn't it--to speak critically of the "The Trads," even when it is warranted, cuts one off from God's grace. I may even suffer eternal punishment in boiling excrement, I suppose ...

I am familiar with this mentality and I am aware that it has no place in Catholic tradition.

No, my friend. I have nothing against traditional Catholics--only those who say they are traditional Catholics and are not.

Maurice Pinay said...

Hoffman has accused Jones of participating in a "boycott" against Hoffman. Now Hoffman is to appear on Jones' show. Are readers not entitled to some sort of explanation?

You're welcome to contact either or both of the two parties involved.

Personally, it is interesting that Jones has never mentioned Michael Hoffman's work in the past but has now seen fit to do so. I don't see this as cause for suspicion, however.

Anonymous said...

Michael Hoffman has said that he has met and even dined with Malachi Martin. Does that make Michael Hoffman an accomplice with Martin?


Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with Hoffman appearing on the Alex Jones program. Both men are Protestants, so of course both also have flaws in their outlook on the Zionist situation.

It's unfortunate that Maurice Pinay holds more to the beliefs of Protestants than that of Catholics, even to the point of accusing 'many' traditional Catholics of being self-defeating, Gospel-negating, and having a ghetto mentality. It seems that Pinay is more Protestant than Catholic.

Speaking of Gospel-negating...Our Lord pulled no punches when accusing the Pharisees of evil-doing. But He also said that we must love our enemies and pray for them. Whoever does not do this is also guilty of not following the gospel. There is a good reason for praying for our enemies...I'll leave Maurice Pinay to try to figure out the reason for this. Even Protestants should be able to figure this out.

Michael Hoffman's writing lacks maturity, as sometimes does the writing of Maurice Pinay. About two years ago, Hoffman used a four-letter word to describe the Pope, which showed his lack of maturity. Even sedevacantists would not do such a thing.

By all means, the Zionist agenda should be exposed for what it really is. But someone who uses the name of 'Maurice Pinay' has no business supporting Protestants while at the same time falsely and harshly accusing traditional Catholics.

I'll say prayers that 'Maurice Pinay' will return to the Catholic faith, outside of which there is no hope for salvation.

Anonymous said...

"Yes, I'm a Protestant, not against the Catholic church, but against fake traditionalism."

You believe that I have judged you unfairly. But how is it that you can judge what is 'real' traditionalism, when you hold to the beliefs of a Protestant?

Maurice Pinay said...

It's unfortunate that Maurice Pinay holds more to the beliefs of Protestants than that of Catholics, even to the point of accusing 'many' traditional Catholics of being self-defeating, Gospel-negating, and having a ghetto mentality. It seems that Pinay is more Protestant than Catholic.


Yes, indeed--I'm a Protestant, not against the Catholic Church, but against fake traditionalism.

This apparently is a most grievous sin in your eyes and cause for excommunication--having fallen into the "heresy" of speaking critically of "The Trads" when it's warranted.

Thank goodness excommunication from the Catholic Church is not so easy to incur as excommunication from "The Trads."

As for the insinuation that I don't love and pray for enemies, I wonder how my interlocutor has come to know who I love and pray for. This person apparently believes he/she is in possession of powers of omniscience.

I will point out that I have written, and quoted Michael Hoffman's exhortations to love Judaic people and that hatred of them is key to perpetuating rabbinic control here:


Likewise, I do not hate, but love and pray for "The Trads."

Maurice Pinay said...

... how is it that you can judge what is 'real' traditionalism ...


Quite simply, by making a comparison between the strange behaviors of many of today's "Trads" and the behavior of Catholics before there was a "Trad" movement. I suggest that you do the same.

Michael Hoffman said...

Thanks for publishing news about my Alex Jones gig. The comments are interesting and sometimes amusing, such as the one questioning why I was appearing on Jones' show if Mr. Jones was boycotting me. Well, patently, he's dropped the boycott. Should I now boycott him in retaliation for once boycotting me?

Your audience and your influence surely extend beyond these quasi-Talmudic nudniks and hair-splitters.

As you know, there is a huge reservoir of swamp dwellers using the Internet, many of them very idle persons -- early retirees, the unemployed, the mentally ill. They are mostly dead weight. Sloth and dissipation abound.

To harass and attempt to demoralize us, it doesn't even cost these nay-sayers 41 cents for a postage stamp. If we pay them too much heed, we could lose our equilibrium. The best and brightest probably seldom post a comment, but they are reading you; I feel certain of that.

Anonymous said...

Michael, I bought your book " Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare ". On the cover you show a picture of Mario Cuomo making a hand gesture " known as the devil's hand ". ( Adrian Frutiger, Signs and Symbols, Their Designs and Meanings, p.262 ) On page 41 of your book is a picture of Marion Barry making what you say is the " devil's hand ". If you look closely the two hand gestures are not the same. I was informed by my son that the sign Mario Cuomo was making means " I love you ". Forgive me if I'm splitting hairs but sometimes even scholars can get it wrong. I asked you once for permission to recirculate your writtings and you refused to give me permission to do so. It's your material, but I find it curious as to why you wouldn't want others to help you with your work...when it could do some good, ( hopefully ). I don't usually have trouble with cut and paste but ... it's your copywrite. Instaurare Omnia in Christo!

Anonymous said...

The above comments by Hoffman only serve to prove my point regarding his lack of maturity. There is no attempt by him to address the issues which have been brought up in this comment section. His comments are creepy. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

There can come a point, when researching the evil Zionist, Talmudic, and Kabbalistic agenda, when a person becomes fearful and paranoid of anyone who disagrees or criticizes them; at this point, they have lost all proper sense of perspective, which is why it is so very important to have a very active Catholic prayer life, as well as having a good confessor.

In John Vennari's latest article in Catholic Family News, he makes a relevent quote from Pope St. Pius X:
"In 1910, Pope St. Pius X condemned the notion of an ""interdenominational association that is to work for the reform of civilization, an undertaking which is above all religious in character; for there is no true civilzation without a moral civilization, and no true moral civilization without the true religion the Catholic faith) : it is a proven truth, a historical fact.""

Vennari, and Pope St. Pius the X are of course referring to interdenominational ecumenism, but this could just as well address interdenominational association on a smaller level. Maurice Pinay, I ask you to please distance yourself from Hoffman before it is too late. There are good Catholics, such as Jim Condit, jr., who are also working to expose the insidious Zionist conspiracy. Do you understand what I'm saying here?

Maurice Pinay said...

In John Vennari's latest article in Catholic Family News ...


I seem to recall Mr. Vennari appearing alongside a rabbi in a Trad video having to do with Fatima quite recently. I witnessed no outrage among Trads such as I witness here. In fact, nothing at all was said about this from Trads that I am aware of. I saw no attempt to undermine and assassinate Vennari or the many other Trad celebrities who appeared in this video alongside that lying rabbi of the Christ-hating Talmudic tradition as I see here towards Mr. Hoffman and myself. This is evidence of a sickness--a double mind--which many Trads are afflicted by. This thread is plain evidence of it.

Honestly now, did you contact Vennari and the other Trads in the same way as you've done here when they appeared in that video with that rabbi?

Did you contact Jim Condit and challenge him on his association with the anti-Christ rabbis of Neturei Karta?


Do you understand what I'm saying here?


What you're saying seems to be that I should remain in the double-minded ghetto with self-defeating Trads and their "rabbis of good will" because this is the best way to restore Christendom. I reject this insane notion.

I will also point out that I prefer to read the writings of the saints without the Trad commentary.

What you have quoted, via John Vennari, is a sentence from Pope St. Pius X's apostolic letter, "Notre Charge Apostolique" which specifically concerns a French organization called the Sillon. It has no application here.

Nevertheless, I will turn your reasoning around and ask you: how are you, Vennari and Condit going to save Christendom with alongside those anti-Christ rabbis?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoffman's presentation was excellent and he is invited to return for 2 hours next Friday.

It is unfortunate that the website does not make it easy to go directly to the segment with Mr. Hoffman.

Too, Mr. Jones' remarks indicate that he is awakening to the perils of Talmudo-Zionism, explaining Mr. Hoffman's invitation.

Anonymous said...

Have the links to the show expired or am I now required to pay?

Anonymous said...

What is interesting, is the avoidance of the issue of who Israel is. Israel has never been "jewish". Jews have never been Israel. Read the book of Obadiah, and KNOW that Israel and Judah are not "jewish". Edom is in modern jewry. Jewish defined means adhering to the teachings of the talmud, and hating Jesus. Nowhere on earth are these compelled by law.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the 2 hour interview,only the short one on You Tube.I am surprised Hoffman would align himself with any form of Catholicism,traditioanl or otherwise.It has always been pagan in origin.Christianity has always been a remnant seed of believer's throughout history.Protestantism is simply a polygot system of that spitual halotry.Hoffman's works are superb.I'm not attacking him.And do understand that appearing on a show isn't likened to sleeping with the enemy.Nor do I view Jones as a zionist shill.Lacking in courage to expose zionism and Catholicism,yes.The religions of the world are all heading back to Rome in these Last Days.Anyone oblivious to that fact is simply devoid of the gift of discernment.

Anonymous said...

Please post the link for the Alex Jones interview.I haven't heard it.I think it is unfair to accuse either Hoffman or Jones of Zionist poodles as rev'd up states.Anf FYI to him:The pope does fraternize with jews.I suggest some of these posters research current history[e,g., The World's Parliament of Religions in '93;the past 2 popes kissing up to all religious leaders in order to bring them under papal control;and so many more documented and videotaped examples of spiritual fornication].Catholicism is the Harlot of Revelation.Both Hoffman and Jones understand that the Fascist New World Order is not confined to zionism,catholicism,or any individual secret society.LLuminism is the best term to use because it houses all the mystery religions and secret societies as well as the new agers.Never heard Hoffman say he's a Catholic,but did at one time see a catholic bible for sale on his website.There's no way to Christianize the paganism of the Catholic religion.

Anonymous said...

Many of the comments here are prime examples of mind control.As a former Catholic I can attest to never questioning doctrine,because I never read God's Word.Once I did that it was clear to me that it was a false religion.And no,I'm not the enemy.Alex and Michael are not the enemies.Satan and his control of organized religion is the true enemy.And the phrase one universalist used--Judeo-Christianity--is an oxymoron.One poster was correct...that Alex has Texe Marrs on his show regularly,and Texe does not hold back on Jews or Catholicism.Though he is cognizant that the Great illuminati Conspiracy[as I'm sure Alex and Mike are as well] goes back further than 1776,and is heavily based on Talmudic writings.Zionism is their invention.The Dispensationalism found in Protestantism is as well.

Anonymous said...

"Secret Societies & Psychological Warfare" is in a way a brilliant work of intriguing analysis which rises even to plausible interpretation of many events whose signs may indeed, in some cases more than others, suggest crytptographic shady "business".

The problem however is that much of it (and I am almost done reading the book) is based on hunches, not evidence. There are very few footnotes even.

So the burden of proof for Mr. Hoffman as I will say in a review is to show that his analysis can in fact be corroborated through substantial convincing evidence (where now there is hardly any) and not merely gloss over this problem by saying cryptocracies by definition do not leave traces. If they wear shoes, the evidence should be found in the mud as with any crooks, especially ones so tauntingly arrogant(which is as much, if not more, a weakness as a strength). In a few instances he is found to be barfably outright wrong.

More work is needed to show this is not just smart hunchwork and reading tea leaves.