Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Further Background on Benedict's Easter Muslim Convert Charade


Who is Magdi Allam?

And who is Allam's consort of the conspicuous name, Valentina Colombo, for that matter? [Colomb meaning dove in Latin. The dove often symbolizes the goddess Shekinah in the Judaic tradition. Valentinus taught the Gnostic heresy of Sophia, a type of the Shekinah, which is also represented by a dove in certain Gnostic traditions, see: Tertullian, Adversus Valentinianos]

Valentina Colombo's association with Zionist psychopath and instigator of the war on Iraq, Michael Ledeen through an organization called I.S.I.S. is documented here:

Of interest is that Zionist Magdi Allam plans to wed his Zionist consort Valentina Colombo in an allegedly Catholic ceremony on the world religion high holy day, "Earth Day," April 22, which also, incidentally, marks the anniversary of the dedication of the shrine to the U.S. Noahide religion in Washington D.C., The Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Muslim convert baptized by the Pope to marry in the Church

ROME, Mar 27, 2008 / 02:35 pm (CNA).- The Muslim journalist Magdi Allam, who was received into the Church during the Easter Vigil by Pope Benedict XVI, plans to marry Valentina Colombo in the Church on April 22, according to the Italian daily Libero ...

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Anonymous said...

Considering that Pope Benedict baptized this man at St. Peter's, does that mean that the Pope is trying to cause a conflagration between Muslims and Catholics? If that is so, then why doesn't the Vatican come out and support the Iraq war? I'm confused as to Benedict's role in all this.

Anonymous said...

I think that, as is usually true in life, different players in these dramas are often led by different motivations.

Pope Benedict's jumbled thinking and actions are constantly torn between the inspiration of grace, especially from his Office, and his formation in the New Theology.

Without doubt he yearns for peaceful co-existence and "mutual respect" between all. Such a utopian dreamer can be easily manipulated by those who know the correct buttons to push. Those whispering in his ear are the ones to watch closely on the "Catholic" side of the equation.

Maurice Pinay said...

Pope Benedict's jumbled thinking and actions ... Such a utopian dreamer can be easily manipulated by those who know the correct buttons to push.

Benedict's writings are certainly filled with jumbled thoughts and utopian dreams, but his actions seem to be much more directed. Recall that it's by their fruits that we know them, not their words.

I've seen no evidence that he's any more easily manipulated than anyone else, I'd say much less so. A few years back people were saying the same things about JPII and Paul VI before him. Presumably Ratzinger was one of the ones whispering in JPII's ear. Frankly, this theory grew wearisome long, long ago.

Robin said...

In order to convert to Catholocism as an adult, one must take classes.
These are called RCIA (Right of Christian Initiation of Adults)

This is not a simple process whatsoever. Curiosity has gotten me on this case in particular. I would really like to know if Allam went through this process and for how long. In other words, did he convert like all average people do OR did he receive a fast track conversion.

If followed correctly, he would have done the inquiry stage wherein it is determined if you are spiritually ready to take the classes needed in order to convert. His motivation for conversion would have been dealt with at that time. Then he would have taken the classes which teach about Catholocism itself. It is a major commitment to convert to Catholocism and it is not done by the grace of God per the Protestant sects. It is done by process with God's guidance. It is accomplished through the dedicated time it takes to KNOW what you are doing and just what you are committing to.

Allam attended Catholic schools which his mother had sent him to in Egypt. Not an unusual occurrence whatsoever in the Muslim world in countries where Catholic schools exist. Read the interview with him here:

“Last year I spoke confidentially with Msgr. Rino Fisichella, rector of the Lateran University, and I began a journey of spiritual initiation with him in the sacraments of Christianity. In the course of this journey the chance to be baptized by the Pope came up,” he said.

VERY interesting. If I read this correctly, he did his RCIA process with Fisichella. He states HE contacted Msgr. Rino Fisichella who penned the following which is part of the ongoing opening dialog between the Vatican and Judaism: THE ROOTS OF ANTI-JUDAISM IN THE CHRISTIAN ENVIRONMENT: CREATING AND NOURISHING THE SIGNS OF A NEW DIALOGUE ,an interesting read in that in part it states:

The revelations of God to humanity were made in different times with different ways, but a fundamental and decisive point is that it constituted a choice of Israel as the people of the Alliance. The election of Israel as the "people whom God chose" permeates as the point of no return of his revelation in our history. Not considering this reality is equivalent to betraying the plan of salvation and of not understanding the history of the revelation

Now, follow me here on Msgr. Rino Fisichella. It was he who arranged for the room for the dying Oriana Fallaci, STRIDENT anti-Islamist and ATHEIST. Fallaci had contacted him by letter praising an interview he had given on Islam and religious freedom to the Italian paper Corriere della Sera. A friendship between the two ensued. Just read this article, he even arranged for the church bells to ring for her funeral!
Note what is stated:

It was Fallaci’s desire, Fisichella said, that on the day of her funeral, the bells of the cathedral would ring out. It wasn’t easy to arrange, Fisichella said. Though he didn’t elaborate, it’s well known that some Catholics objected to bestowing such an honor upon a professed atheist, while others argued that it would be seen as an endorsement of her stridently anti-Islamic views. Nonetheless, Fisichella said, he managed to pull it off.

That article even states that Fisichella BAPTIZED her even though she was an atheist!

So to summarize, we have Allum, a born Muslim turned ANTI-Muslim, doing his supposed RCIA requirements with Msgr. Rino Fisichella, the Catholic bishop who arranged for church bells to ring at an ATHEIST/Anti-Islamic’s funeral whom he had baptized, THEN suggest that the Pope himself do the baptism, the FIRST time Allam ever personally met the Pope. (true, the Pope baptized seven that day, and they are invited from different countries, but WHY Allam?)

Needless to say, I won't even go in to all the other things this Pope has done to "reach out to Islam" (sarcasm on the "reaching out")

Well———-I think you have the answers here. This was DEFINITELY a STUNT which was highly choreographed by the players themselves!