Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rabbi Comments on the "Very Symbolic" Timing of Benedict's Synagogue Visit

As I said, the symbolic significance of Benedict's visit to a synagogue on the eve of Passover would not be lost on the rabbis:

The pope's trip to Park East Synagogue on April 18 will be especially meaningful because of its timing, said Rabbi Arthur Schneier, the congregation's spiritual leader.

"For him to stop in at my synagogue on the eve of Passover really is a very symbolic and significant step," Schneier said. ("Rabbis applaud pope's visit to Manhattan synagogue," Carl MacGowan, Newsday, April 3, 2008),0,3344730.story

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Benedict to Visit NY Synagogue on Passover Eve, the Day on which the Talmud Claims Jesus was Executed by the Pharisees


Anonymous said...


I posted a comment to this article a few days ago, saying that I wouldn't be surprised if Benedict meets with the Jews at 3:00 p.m.

You never posted the comment. This has happened to me several times on this site. Is there some policy that I'm violating with my comments?



Maurice Pinay said...

Neither would I be surprised if Benedict's visit to the synagogue is scheduled to take place at the hour of Christ's death. I would hardly see it as any less treacherous if it were at any other hour of that day, nevertheless.

Regarding your comment, I did select "publish" for it, but it seems it didn't get published. Other people have complained of difficulties with leaving comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Maurice. We Trads can be a very touchy bunch, I know; so I try to be extremely diplomatic when posting comments to sites. Then when my comments don't show up, I think: sheesh! Am I really that radical? LOL