Friday, May 2, 2008

Rabbi Bans the Cross, Again

Witness the "love" and "tolerance" expressed by the "elder brother" rabbis for Christians in times and places where they hold authority. Due to conditioning through relentless bombardment with propaganda the average reader will perceive this rabbi's ban on the cross to be a "justifiable emotional reaction" to "centuries of Christian persecution." The truth is that the rabbis rule that the cross is an idolatrous symbol which must be blotted out along with the name and memory of Jesus Christ and that this was their teaching even when Christians had no power and were being persecuted by the synagogue.

This rabbinic ban on the cross will likely be accommodated by Catholic prelates, even as they allow the rabbis to preach the Noahide anti-gospel at Catholic parishes, schools and universities. Catholic-"Jewish" dialogue is a farcical, one-way street, as is everything else involving rabbis.

Irish Christian leaders barred from Western Wall for wearing crosses


The rabbi of the Western Wall says officials barred visiting Irish church leaders from praying there because they were wearing crosses.

Roman Catholic Cardinal Sean Brady, Church of Ireland Archbishop Alan Harper and Presbyterian and Methodist Moderators John Finlay and Roy Cooper arrived Thursday at the wall in the Old City of Jerusalem without informing Israeli authorities, Brady told the Irish broadcast network RTE.

"We encountered some difficulty in gaining access. There was a difficulty about us wearing our crosses," he said. "We were under constraints of time... and we decided to move on."

The site's rabbi, Shmuel Rabinowitz, said all must respect its sanctity to Jews. "They were asked to remove the crosses, but they refused," he said.

A similar incident took place in November 2007.


"Elder Brothers in the Faith" Hate the Central Symbol of our Faith


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Anonymous said...

On Friday night, ABC presented an hour long "special" based on claims by two Jews regarding hidden insults, references to the Kabbalah, and pro-Judaic sentiments coded into the Sistine Chapel. Throughout the special, Roy Doliner, a Vatican tour guide, and Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Associate Professor of Talmud, Yeshiva University, explained how Michelangelo's hatred for Pope Julius II led him to encode insults towards him in the frescos. The insult? The use of the "fig" - what amounts to givinig someone the finger, is supposedly given by various angels towards a figure that is supposed to be Julius II. Next, Rabbi Blech claimed God's appearing in a right-brain shaped cloud is a reference to Kabbalah. Here, Michelangelo was supposedly acknowleging Kabbalah and it's "developed" doctrines regarding God. Doliner and Blech then claim the figures on the ceiling and in other places have Judiacs in them because Michelangelo was secretly communicating the idea that Christianity is rooted in Judaism !!! Here's a link that summarizes the hour long television show --

Notice that, once again, Judaics are given a national media forum from which to promote their deceptions while subtly insulting and denegrating Christianity as an "inferior" spin off of their "exalted" traditions.