Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fake Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson Meets Convert to the True Messiah

"Elder brother," and now dead false messiah, Menachem Mendel Schneerson demonstrates typical rabbinic mind control over people of Judaic descent; contempt for Jesus and Christian literature; says that Judaic converts to Christianity prevent the coming of "Mosiach" and are mentally ill and in need of immediate "treatment."

"If someone was born a Jew, he is a Jew for all his life and he cannot change it. It can only make his life more complicated."

A friend has graciously supplied this translation, transcription and commentary on the video above:


Word of the Kingdom [like Royal Decree, probably from one of the rabbi's letters]:

That even in these last moments of exile, we stand firmly in support of the complete integrity of the Holy Land not to return God forbid even the tiniest portion of the Land of Israel to the Gentiles,

Sabbath Reading of Shelach [Numbers 13-15]

5751 [1991]

Then it says in big letters the title of this clip: Distributing Dollars. [This is a weird Chabad custom of every Monday I think the rabbi would stand and give out one dollar bills to a long line of visitors. People who received them would keep them in a separate place for their entire lives. In a way the rabbi was purchasing their souls with the dollars, but I dont think anyone looked at it that way.]

at 37' the visitor says:

I am a Christian.

I am from a Jewish family

and became a Christian at the age of 29.

I feel that my mission...

I am a Catholic today

and I came because I deeply love my people

and I have written these books

so that all the Catholics can know

their roots

from where they come.

Rabbi: if someone is born a Jew

he is a Jew his whole life

V: yes I know

R: he cannot change that.

he can make his whole life

more confused and difficult

V: my life is not difficult today.

R: if someone thinks that his illness is something healthy

that is just a sign

that his illness is much worse

and he requires treatment

as quickly as possible

V: I am very satisfied

because for me "that man" [substituted in the Hebrew text for the name Jesus, which Orthodox Jews will not say or write]

R: [cuts him off] as i said before

if you consider yourself like a healthy person

that is simply a sign that you are sicker

than what others might think about you.

V: certainly I am a sinner

R: I am not speaking...

I am speaking

about your great sin

that you changed, as it were,

your Jewish identity

V: my parents never took me

to a synagogue


R: that is not an excuse

for someone healthy to be sick

simply because his parents wanted him that way.

do you understand what i am saying?

V: I understand you.

R: May Hashem the Blessed One bless you

that you be healthy

and especially that you be a Jew openly

that you announce to all the people around you

that this was a great mistake

and Hashem the Blessed One has so much


that He will forgive

even the great sins

that were committed

V: Rabbi, pray for me

R: As i said before

this is just a sign that your illness is

much deeper

than you realize

and than i realize.

and may Hashem the Blessed One bless you

that you will have Good News [!]

and don't get into arguments with people

about the fact that you

you were born a Jew

V: I am always a Jew

R: Be a Jew, and a Jew openly

And everyone around you

especially your family

that is in your power to warn

that someone who stumbles in a great sin

even so he has strength from God

to escape from his deep illness

and the faster you do that

the faster Moshiach will come -

- the true Messiah

V: May I give you this book?

R: Yes, thank you very much.

V: Thank you Rabbi

R: [talking to his associates after the visitor leaves]

this will prevent you from giving it to someone else

and to cause someone else

to do something mistaken.

[tosses the book down behind him]


Anonymous said...

And this passes as wisdom. We say that the mark of baptism upon the soul is indelible but they are saying that belonging to one race is indelible, undeniable and an answer unto itself.

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the Christian convert and what is the title of his book? Had it not been for the convert to Christianity falling under Schneerson's spell and asking Schneerson to pray for him, otherwise this would have been a valuable Christian witness to the rabbi, offering Schneerson salvation in Christ. More of this missionary work should be undertaken but correctly, without falling under the spell. But just to mention the name Jesus Christ in the Chabad compound on camera took courage. The rabbi confiscated the book that was offered to him. One doesn't accept a gift with the intent to throw it away. Schneerson is now as dead as a coffin nail, however. Jesus Christ is alive!

JesusOverIsrael said...

good question. i also would like to know his name and the book he had written. here are some thoughts about the clip:

1. first that guy who confronted the rabbi has guts. you have no idea how dangerous it is to try to proselytize in any chassidic community, but worst of all probably is lubavitch, who have some aggressive anti-missionaries and boast of their hatred for Jesus. so i was thinking that this guy who presented himself as a convert to Catholicism, really had guts to go in there. it would be like Peter not only admitting that he knew the LORD out in the courtyard, but then picking himself up and striding in before the Sanhedrin to proclaim to their faces that Jesus is LORD! this guy took an incredible risk to do what he did.

2. but then i started rethinking it. first of all, note that he tells the rabbi that he has written books that try to explain to Catholics the Hebrew roots of their faith. I suspect that he wrote books like Roy Schoenman's. It seems that he was trying to present himself to the rabbi not so much to evangelize him but to win his respect for his efforts to "Judaize" Catholicism. and the rabbi did not take the bait. (but smarter rabbis have learned to work with people like Schoenman to build bridges of ecumenical understanding to the Catholic world.)

3. then i wondered if perhaps the whole confrontation was a set up. the catholic man's appearance is very much like newly converted lubavitchers (as opposed to the frum from birth types FFBs, the Jewish equivalent to "cradle catholic," a term i despise by the way). note that he has a beard, and perhaps even side curls, dressed in a kind of bohemian style. so i wonder if the whole encounter was faked for the camera. especially when the man said to the rabbi "Pray for me" this seems like too quick a concession and capitulation to the rabbi's assault.

4. but it is remarkable how many times the rabbi told his visitor he is sick, ill, in need of emergency treatment, and the like, and exactly three years later the rabbi himself was dead after suffering multiple strokes that rendered him almost a vegetable! God's Divine Justice is awesome and sobering!

Maurice Pinay said...

I agree that for that convert to be a witness of Jesus Christ to "the rebbe" is an extraordinary act of courage, more than most people from outside Orthodox Judaism could possibly imagine.

I also would be interested to know his identity and to read the book that he handed to "the rebbe." It's possible that he was of the "Hebrew Catholic" persuasion based upon his description of the book, but who knows. He unfortunately seemed to have respect for "the rebbe" but for what reason, other than the tribal one which he stated, it's not clear.

I have compassion on such converts given the tyranny they're coming from. It can be very difficult for Judaic converts to cross the huge divide between Judaism and Christianity. In this area Catholic prelates fail them miserably, but they also fail Christians by promoting these newly converted individuals as authorities before they've been well catechized. In the past, sincere converts to Christianity testified to the depravity of rabbinic Judaism which they had escaped from at great personal risk and sacrifice. Today, they're immediately granted book deals and speaking engagements from whence they teach the traditions of rabbinic Judaism to Christians implying that Christ and the Apostles did the same. Sheer lunacy.

Anonymous said...

To Michael Korn: Though I have no proof one way or another I don't think this footage was staged. A "Bohemian" appearance is pretty common in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I wouldn't compare this brave fellow to Peter. St. Peter was unequivocal but this fellow equivocated quite a bit as in your point that he was almost boasting of how he was racial-nationalizing Catholicism. And asking the rabbi to pray for him more or less ruined the whole outreach. Most telling of all was the rabbi associating one's birth with indelible choice of religion. You're a Jew so you must believe in Judaism. This is jungle tribalism of the lowest type. Also, watching the rabbi throw the book away which he had accepted, reveals a closed rabbinic mind with zero curiosity.

JesusOverIsrael said...

from what i have seen about hebrew catholics, they almost always come from a secular jewish background. they know very little to nothing about orthodox judaism. roy schoenman and marty barrack are like this, as is rosalind moss. rabbi zolli from rome was a rare exception, but whatever happened to him? does anyone know?

the common denominator the hebrew catholics seem to have is financial clout, like Schoenman from harvard bus. school. they are well connected to the social elites. this is their in with the RCC i think...