Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Things Speaks to the Kashrut-Katholic Golem

Wolf in priest's clothing, Richard John Neuhaus is founder of the Kosher-Katholic rag, First Things whose stated purpose is "to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society." While Neuhaus' mission statement doesn't say which religion the philosophy he is attempting to reorder society around derives from, that's not difficult to ascertain--it's rabbinic Judaism. We know this because Neuhaus has peddled hair-splitting pilpul intended to confuse rabbinic "premptive" destruction halacha with Catholic just war doctrine. "Preemptive" destruction is perfectly Catholic as long as you call it "defense" rather than "preemptive war" according to John Neuhaus. I am reminded of how the rabbis called the indiscriminate destruction of the defenseless nation of Lebanon by the Israeli military an act of "defense" and how this applies to the Palestinian territories on a day to day basis.

Thanks to Richard John Neuhaus we now live in a United States that has been reordered around rabbinic "preemptive" destruction ideology among many other rabbinic absurdities in absolute opposition to Christian principles. Neuhaus did not bring about this transformation alone, of course. Podhorwitz, Kristol, Krauthammer and others played key roles, but what makes Neuhaus, his pal Skull and Bones Bill Buckley and Michael Novak so pernicious is that they neutralized what should have been the major opposition group to the rabbinic "preemptive war" zeitgeist--Catholics--and they accomplished this even while the Judaized Vatican mouthed opposition to a war on Iraq. But far beyond simply neutralizing Catholics during the run up to the destruction of Iraq, Neuhaus and friends seem to have transformed Catholics into a golem which does the will of the rabbis in nearly all matters without even being payed for it like Neuhaus is.

This is a remarkable feat of human alchemy. Neuhaus must have been a sorcerer's apprentice under his old friend, Vatican II change-agent Rabbi Abraham Heschel, a Kabbalist who was invited to participate in the writing of the Vatican II document Nostra Aetate who at that very time confided to his fellow "Jews" regarding Christians, "I want to attack their souls."


Behold the latest First Things tripe offered for the intellectual edification of the Kashrut-Katholic Golem:

Zionism for Christians

by David Shushon

Copyright (c) 2008 First Things (June/July 2008).

Israel always matters. Biblical scholars have devoted endless pages to ancient Israel as a religious idea, and pundits have penned endless newspaper columns about modern Israel as a geopolitical entity. The deeper implications, however, have received less attention than they deserve in recent years, overshadowed by the exigencies of Middle Eastern politics. Indeed, real questions remain: What does the sheer ­existence of the modern state of Israel mean for theology—particularly for Christian theology? And what does that theology mean for the continuing existence of Israel?

“Hardly anybody will dispute that the foundation of this state had something to do with the biblical prophecy,” Christoph Cardinal Schönborn said in 1996, “even if that something is hard to define.” At ­present, the major Christian denominations are kindly disposed toward Judaism, and many Christians—­especially American evangelicals—strongly support the State of Israel ...

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Fr. Neuhaus and First Things are disgraceful.