Monday, June 30, 2008

More Background on First Things Hasbara

There was an interesting discussion on Philip Weiss' blog on the recent First Things article titled, "Zionism For Christians."

Pseudonymous Columnist Markets Zionism to Christians--and for Arabs, 'More Barbed Wire, More War, Please'

also see:

I Believe Pseudonymous Salesman of Zionism to Catholics Is David Goldman--Neocon and Former LaRouchie

I wrote about the First Things article here:


Anonymous said...

David Shushon?=Spengler?=David Goldman?

Anonymous said...

Some are finally awakening to your prescient clarion call:

Vatican’s Working Document for Synod
Undermines Inerrancy of Sacred Scripture

By John Vennari

On June 12 the Vatican released its “Instrumentum laboris” (working document) for the upcoming October Synod of Bishops.
The document entitled “The Word of God in the Life and the Mission of the Church” contains a disturbing section that appears to undermine the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture.
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