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777 Once Again

Dow drops 777 points on eve of Rosh Hashana in the midst of financial "shock and awe." See:

Dow Sinks 777 Points As Bailout Plan Fails

For Feinstein, the roller-coaster ride began the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 19, when she and about 40 other senators got on a conference call with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who served up a financial version of shock and awe. The shock: "A dire scenario in very strong language," Feinstein said. " 'Meltdown.' 'Market failure.' 'Nothing like it in the history of our nation.' " The awe: the infamous, initial three-page "simple and broad" administration plan for a $700 billion bailout. ("Feinstein wary of rush to financial bailout," Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, September 28, 2008)


"In the face of such an emergency, Washington has responded with financial shock and awe - a big plan with a big price tag, the most far-reaching intervention in the economy since the days of the New Deal." ("Bailout's main leverage is psychological," Sam Zuckerman, San Francisco Chronicle, Monday, September 29, 2008)


Forgive me for not seeing a coincidence here since 777 represents the kabbalistic "flaming sword" or "descent of the shekinah" HERE.

Time precludes a detailed exposition of this, but for researchers I offer a few clues. The Kabbalistic myth of Rosh Hashanna has it that it was the day Adam was created a hermaphrodite. In racist Judaism it is taught that only "Jews" are "Adam" (meaning full human beings), "Israel" = "Adam". The fall, again according to Judaism, has the hermaphrodite Adam being split into male and female on Rosh Hashana--"the fall". This cataclysm also accounts for the existence of Gentiles in the world who would not have ever existed if it were not for Adam's "fall." There is good news, however. At the end of days the second Adam, or "Mosiach" will be restored to the form of the first Adam: "Shekinah" reunited with the "small face," a hermaphrodite one again, and then, when nature is "perfected" in this way, and the "mistakes" of creation are "repaired," there will be no more Gentiles in the world clinging to "Klal Israel."

It seems the rabbis once again have that messianic feeling and are saying that the Gentile-smashing "Mosiach" is coming and "Klal Israel" will be reunited with the "Shekinah." Now, I don't believe for a minute that any of this is supernaturally orchestrated. When you control markets you can make them close at any number you choose. And Kabbalah teaches that "Klal Israel" are to take active part in bringing about the "redemption," after all.

But don't take my word. I'm just relaying what the rabbis say:

The Original Human State

You may recall that the U.S. military, at the behest of the neocons in Washington, brought Shekinah ... I mean, shock and awe to Iraq on Purim in 2003 HERE.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


A reader has written the following comment on the last blog posting regarding Rabbi Shear-Yashuv "Cohen," who was invited by Benedict XVI to lead a one-day discussion on the rabbinic interpretation of biblical scripture at the upcoming bishops synod:

Hi Maurice,

Rabbi Cohen might keep going to teach noachism to the bishops as he did already:

Papal Commission Promotes Noahide Laws

This is a critical point which I failed to make. Rabbi Shear-Yashuv "Cohen," in addition to being a Chief Rabbi of counterfeit Israel, is also a co-chairman of the Israeli-Vatican dialogue commission alongside Cardinal Jorge Mejía. At the last (seventh) meeting of this rabbi-Vatican commission in March 2007 the true purpose of the commission was revealed: the introduction of the non-biblical, rabbi-concocted "Noahide laws" into the dialogue. Incredibly, the bishops of the commission acknowledged the "Noahide laws" and signed a document to this effect which included a sentence which implies that the New Testament book of the Acts of the Apostles includes these "Noahide Laws." Rabbi Shear-Yashuv "Cohen," the man who Benedict XVI has invited to teach the bishops how to interpret scripture at the upcoming synod, was a co-signer of this document. Read it at the Vatican's website at the following link.


I have been attempting to draw attention to this document from the time it was first signed in March 2007 HERE and have had little success in doing so. It seems that there are more important things on Catholics' minds, papal vestments and the like, than bishops and rabbis together promoting the diabolical lie that the Talmudic "Noahide laws" were taught by the Apostles to Gentile converts in the Book of Acts. The document linked to above is proof that Rabbi Shear-Yashuv "Cohen" interprets scripture in this way, along with bishops who signed the document. Now, Benedict XVI has invited this "Noahide law" peddling rabbi to speak further on his interpretation of scripture at a synod of over 200 bishops.

Putting the sarcasm of the last posting aside, it is not the duty of any Orthodox rabbi to teach real Orthodox Judaism to non-Judaic people. His responsibility to Orthodox Judaism is to teach "Gentiles" the "Noahide laws." Orthodox Judaism is only for "Jews." This is the true essence of "dual-covenant" theology, it's a system of double-standards--Judaism for "Jews," "Noahide laws" for everyone else.

Will this continue to be ignored or suppressed by every Catholic pundit? Is silence the proper response to such unspeakable Vatican treachery? What good are conservative vestments and rubrics if the people wearing those vestments sell us out to a "dual-covenant" "Noahide" tyranny?


Kosher-Catholic Paulist Press Publishes Rabbi Benamozegh's "Noahide" Tome as "Classic of Western Spirituality"

Pope Arrives in U.S. on "Education Day" 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Synod's Rabbi Speaks

I don't take it as a coincidence that this Ashkenazic [Khazar] Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Rabbi "Cohen" has been specifically selected by Benedict to teach the bishops how to more effectively nullify scripture at the upcoming synod on the day before Yom Kippur Eve. This Rabbi "Cohen" likely believes himself to be a genetic descendant of Aaron, and the bishops probably subscribe to this delusion as well. Yom Kippur Eve is the time of the yearly Orthodox Judaic attempt to deceive God and men through nullification of vows in the Kol Nidre rite (Judaism Discovered pp. 965-980). Perhaps that will be the bishops' lesson for the day, and perhaps they will also learn the proper way to transfer their sins to a chicken, like the "elder brothers in the faith" do on Yom Kippur Eve HERE and HERE. Maybe the rabbi will let the bishops in on some of the more arcane Yom Kippur phallic obsession traditions and teach them how to "rectify the brit" HERE There are countless asinine teachings the rabbi could share with the bishops as a means of rendering them utterly alien from the law and the prophets as rabbis effectively do to their followers, as Pope Innocent IV said of them HERE. Most likely, he would be speaking on the so-called "Noahide laws."

Israeli rabbi calls Vatican invitation to address synod sign of hope

By Judith Sudilovsky
Catholic News Service

JERUSALEM (CNS) -- The Vatican invitation to participate in the upcoming world Synod of Bishops on the Bible is a "signal of hope," said Israeli Rabbi Shear-Yashuv Cohen, who will lead a one-day discussion on the Jewish interpretation of the Scriptures.

Rabbi Cohen, co-chairman of the Israeli-Vatican dialogue commission and chief rabbi of Haifa, is the first non-Christian ever invited to address the world Synod of Bishops. He will speak the second day of the Oct. 5-26 synod at the Vatican.

"(The invitation) brings with it a message of love, coexistence and peace for generations," Rabbi Cohen told Catholic News Service in an interview in his Jerusalem office in late September. "We see in (the) invitation a kind of declaration that (the church) intends to continue with the policy and doctrine established by Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, and we appreciate very deeply this declaration."

Despite the history of violence and bloodshed from the Christian world, said Rabbi Cohen, the invitation can also be seen as a declaration of "respect and coexistence with Judaism as the older brother of Christianity."

He said he actually felt a bit of trepidation in accepting the invitation because some rabbinical leaders feel that interreligious dialogue is simply another way of trying to convince Jews to become Christians, and some Jewish leaders opposed his addressing the synod.

"There is an extreme group that is afraid and who say that, since (Christians) didn't succeed by force to convert us, they are trying now to do it by talking; they call it the kiss of death," said Rabbi Cohen. "If they are right, I am making a mistake, but I believe that is not the situation."

The rabbi said he sees the invitation as a partial fulfillment of an ancient daily prayer that seeks a day when all people will join together to worship God.

Rabbi Cohen noted Christianity, Islam and Judaism are Abrahamic faiths that believe in one God.

"You can't deny the fact that, despite the difference in opinion, the roots are the same. They start from Abraham, and we can call these three religions the Abrahamic faiths. We all continue the sanctity and loyalty to the Bible," he said.

Rabbi Cohen -- the 18th generation of a family of rabbis and biblical scholars -- said he will speak to the synod about the centrality of the Jewish Scripture in Jewish tradition and daily life and the importance of it in the education of every Jewish child, as well as its importance to Israel. He gave the example of a yearly Bible quiz, which is broadcast nationally and whose winners are congratulated by the Israeli president.

"I believe that is what should be copied by all nations of the world. They should learn the Bible and know it and be inspired by it," he said.

He said he was able to recite almost the entire Torah -- the first five books of the Bible -- by the time he was 8 years old.

Rabbis use biblical quotations and their rabbinical interpretations to relate to contemporary issues when they must make a religious ruling, he said.

"The Tanach, the Torah, is indeed a central part of our (prayer) service and the very symbolic fact that in every synagogue we face the (Holy) Ark, which contains the written scrolls of the books of Moses and the prophets," shows its importance, said Rabbi Cohen. "We pray (toward) the book, not to God; there is no image of God or icons. We put in our Holy Ark the words of God. That is how central the Scriptures are in our lives."

In the years following the 2001 Vatican document "The Jewish People and Their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible," Rabbi Cohen has noticed a growing interest in learning about the Jewish Scriptures, what Christians know as the Old Testament. He said he has hosted several groups of Catholic religious who asked him questions about the Scriptures.

"I asked them if they could forget the fact that not only Jesus but all the apostles were Jewish, so instead of hating those Jews that are accused of having killed Christ, think about the fact that the victims were also Jews," said Rabbi Cohen. "I believe that is part of the Jewish persecution that happened through generations by other people. That is part of our destiny, but Christians should realize that and respect those who continue to live as the Jews (lived) in the time of the founding of Christianity."

Jewish survival throughout centuries of hatred and persecution "is a sign that despite all the difficulty God wants us to exist and to continue the way we were," said Rabbi Cohen.

He said interreligious dialogue acts as a block to the spreading of the anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic sentiment of the past, without which the Holocaust could not have taken place.

While there may not be room for Scripture scholarship between Jews and Christians because of the different conclusions both reach from the readings, such discussions might be possible on a scientific level at academic institutions, he said.

"I believe we should leave each to his own tradition and not try to blur the differences," said Rabbi Cohen. "One part of every dialogue is not only to speak to each other but also to listen to each other and respect his right to be different. We can't expect Christians to do that for us if we don't do that for them."


also see:

Rabbi to Lead Synod Discussion on Interpretation of Scripture

Synod on Scripture 3 Months Away

Palin: "'Israel' is the Good Guy"

More insight into Mrs. Palin's remarkable foreign policy agenda and a gauge of her level of depth and integrity.

I fear that if this "pro-life" candidate is elected (or more likely, installed) many people will die.

The Money Masters


Benedict's Hegelian Method

Witness the reaction to these two recent actions by Benedict XVI:

Pope Benedict Selects Rabbi to Speak to Synod

Pope replaces all members of Liturgical Celebrations Office

What is the synthesis of this? Double-minded Catholics who are euphoric about neoconservative liturgies and vestments even as the Gospel is trashed by the prelates celebrating those liturgies: Kosher Katholicism.

And note that Benedict's neoconservative liturgical commission will be headed by priests from the homo-founded Legionaries "of Christ" and Opus Judei.


The Double-Mind in Occult Philosophy by Craig Heimbichner

Palin: 'Only Flag in My Office' Is Israeli


New York Sun | September 26, 2008

President Peres of Israel yesterday met for the first time with Governor Palin and with Senator McCain, who called the veteran Israeli statesman "my old friend." The warm handshake and exchange of broad smiles occurred during an international gathering known as the Clinton Global Initiative, hosted by President Clinton. "I wanted to meet you for many years," Ms. Palin told Mr. Peres, according to an aide to the president. "The only flag at my office is an Israeli flag," she was quoted as saying, "and I want you to know and I want Israelis to know that I am a friend."


Palin to Peres: I'm a longtime friend of Israel

Friendly encounter in US between Republican VP nominee, Israeli president

Ronen Medzini

President Shimon Peres met Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin Thursday and the two exchanged some warm words. Peres was on hand to deliver a speech at an international conference organized by former United States President Bill Clinton.

Upon meeting the Israeli president Palin told him she has wanted to meet him and get to know him for years. She added that the only flag in her office, aside from the American flag, is the Israeli flag, stressing that she wants Israelis to know that she's been a longtime friend of the Jewish state, and will remain such.

Peres also took the opportunity to briefly speak to Republican presidential hopeful John McCain, who referred to the Israeli president as a longtime friend.

Also Thursday, Peres met with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and harshly criticized the decision to allow Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver his UN speech. Peres said the address was embarrassing, stressing that people like Ahmadinejad must not be provided an international platform by the UN.

Peres added that Iran's views are perceived as radical even in some Arab states. The UN secretary general listened to Peres' words but did not respond.


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The Police State Will Be Kosher

Cops go back to school with ADL’s tips on bias

by Jill Huber
NJJN Bureau Chief/Monmouth

September 18, 2008

The Anti-Defamation League launched the new school year with a hate crimes workshop for college security personnel.

Some 125 law enforcement personnel from 15 New Jersey colleges, along with representatives from another 42 state law enforcement agencies, took part in the Aug. 18 workshop at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft.

The workshop presented a legal overview of hate crimes in New Jersey, hate symbols and their uses, homegrown jihad along with radicalization activity and case studies, extremist and digital media, and the rise of left-wing and such single-issue groups as radical environmentalists and animal rights groups.

“Campus law enforcement officials need the critical knowledge and tools to identify a hate crime and to respond effectively,” said ADL NJ regional director Etzion Neuer. “Because of a high number of incidents that occur at colleges, it is imperative that campus police and security officers are equipped with information on how to identify and respond to hatred and bigotry on campus.”

The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office cosponsored the first-of-its-kind workshop.

“The ADL has conducted bias-crime training for law enforcement officials for many years,” Neuer told NJ Jewish News. “In the 1980s, we helped develop hate-crime legislation that has been used as a template for this type of legislation all over the country. Almost every state now has some level of hate-crime legislation on its books.”

In 2007, the ADL’s annual “Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents” revealed that the NJ region reported 21 incidents of campus-related anti-Semitism.

Full article:


Monmouth County Prosecutor, Luis A. Valentin can be contacted here:


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Mushroom Cloud over Wall Street as US Constitution Burns

from: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/

Mushroom Cloud over Wall Street as US Constitution Burns

These are dark times. While you were sleeping the cockroaches were busy about their work, rummaging through the US Constitution, and putting the finishing touches on a scheme to assert absolute power over the nation's financial markets and the country's economic future. Industry representative Henry Paulson has submitted legislation to congress that will finally end the pretense that Bush controls anything more than reading the lines from a 4' by 6' teleprompter situated just inches from his lifeless pupils. Paulson is in charge now, and the coronation is set for sometime early next week. He rose to power in a stealthily-executed Bankster's Coup in which he, and his coterie of dodgy friends, declared martial law on the US economy while elevating himself to supreme leader.

"All Hail Caesar!" The days of the republic are over.

Section 8 of the proposed legislation says it all:

"Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

Right; "non-reviewable" supremacy.

Congress, of course, is more than eager to abdicate whatever little authority they have left. They're infinitely grateful for their purely ceremonial role, the equivalent of Caligula's horse, albeit, with considerably less dignity. Has even one senator spoken out against this madness, which--according to informal internet polls--is resoundingly rejected by the voters?

Full article:


Can You Trust a Wall Street Veteran with a Wall Street Bailout?

By Kevin G. Hall | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Making the rounds on the Sunday morning talk shows, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson repeatedly said today's financial problems were long in the making. He should know. He was part of the Gold Rush that has brought the global financial system to the brink of collapse.

Paulson presided over one of the most profitable runs on Wall Street as chairman and chief executive officer of investment banking titan Goldman Sachs & Co. from 1999 until President Bush nominated him on May 30, 2006 to take over the Treasury Department.

Back then, Bush saw Paulson's Wall Street experience as a plus. "Hank will follow in the footsteps of Alexander Hamilton and other distinguished Treasury secretaries who used their talents and wisdom to strengthen our financial markets and expand the reach of the American Dream," Bush said at the time.

But with Paulson now seeking virtually unfettered authority to administer the largest bailout of the financial industry in U.S. history, many are wondering whether Paulson also doesn't come with enormous potential conflicts of interest.

That was one reason Democrats on Sunday expressed reluctance to approve the administration's draft legislation that would leave to Paulson virtually all authority over the proposed $700 billion bailout. The legislation would allow him to decide which securities to buy, from whom to buy them, and which outside companies and people to hire to help him do so.

"If we grant the Treasury broad authority to address the immediate crisis, we must insist on independent accountability and oversight," said Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barrack Obama. "Given the breach of trust we have seen and the magnitude of the taxpayer money involved, there can be no blank check."

In recent days, there've been few outward expressions of distrust of Paulson in particular. In fact, many said his long reign on Wall Street make him uniquely qualified to deal with today's problems.

"Hank is the right guy," New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who made his millions providing information to Wall Street traders, told NBC's Meet the Press. "If I had to have one person at the helm today I would pick Hank Paulson."

But the conflicts are also visible. Paulson has surrounded himself with former Goldman executives as he tries to navigate the domino-like collapse of several parts of the global financial market. And others have gone off to lead companies that could be among those that receive a bailout.

In late July, Paulson tapped Ken Wilson, one of Goldman's most senior executives, to join him as an adviser on what to about problems in the U.S. and global banking sector.

Paulson's former assistant secretary, Robert Steel, left in July to become head of Wachovia, the Charlotte-based bank that has hundreds of millions of troubled mortgage loans on its books.

The administration's draft law also would preclude court review of steps Paulson might take, something Joshua Rosner, managing director of economic researcher Graham Fisher & Co. in New York, said could be used to mask previous illegal activity.

"The Treasury's ability to, without oversight, determine (that) a financial institution (is) an agent of the government seems like it could be used to serve several purposes, including limiting the potential liabilities of an institution or its executives," he wrote in a note to investors late Sunday.

The Treasury proposal sent to Congress also offers no process to hire asset managers in an open and competitive process. That's particularly questionable given that Wall Street players are now hiring Wall Street players, Rosner said.

"This seems to invite a risk of collusion between sellers and buyers to the detriment of the taxpayer," he wrote.

At a minimum, there's irony in Paulson being in charge of so large a bailout.

In the last annual report at Goldman that Paulson signed off on in November 2005, a year in which he received $38 million in compensation, investors were clearly told that the federal government wouldn't be there to save them from bad investments.

"Goldman Sachs, as a participant in the securities and commodities and futures and options industries, is subject to extensive regulation in the United States and elsewhere," the report said.

But those regulations are designed to protect the interests of clients in the market, it said. "They are not ... charged with protecting the interest of Goldman Sachs shareholders or creditors," it said.

That's a different tune from the one Paulson was singing Sunday.

"Last week there were times when the capital markets or credit markets were frozen," Paulson said on NBC's Meet the press. "American companies weren't able to raise financing. That has very serious consequences. So what we need to do right now is stabilize the markets, and this is for the, for the benefit of the taxpayers we're doing this, the American public. Then, once we get behind this and get this stabilized, there's a lot we can talk about in terms of reform."

What Paulson didn't say is that the excesses that led to the frozen credit markets couldn't have happened without Wall Street. Lenders weakened their standards because loans were sold to investment banks, which didn't much care about the loan quality since they then pooled the loans with thousands of other loans and sold them as bonds to investors. If the whole thing collapsed, it would be the investors who lost out.

Those bonds, called mortgage-backed securities, are precisely the bad assets taxpayers will now be buying back from Paulson's colleagues on Wall Street.

During Paulson's tenure, Goldman was not as big a player in issuing mortgage bonds as two other investment banks that have gone under this year, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers.

But the 2005 annual report shows that Goldman was still a significant player. Its trading division, which included the mortgage bonds and complex financial instruments called derivatives, reported pre-tax earnings of more than $6.2 billion, up sharply from $3.5 billion in 2003.

The report also shows that Goldman benefited greatly from the wave that is now being deemed a wave of excess.

Goldman's pre-tax earnings rose from $4.4 billion in 2003 to almost $8.3 billion in 2005. Similarly, its investment banking division had pre-tax earnings leap from $207 million to $413 million.

Paulson's personal fortunes also zoomed in those years.

In 2002, Paulson received $12.1 million in compensation, including a $6.3 million bonus — an improvement over the previous three years when Wall Street accounting scandals unsettled investment banks, including a $1.5 billion settlement Goldman and other banks paid for issuing overly bullish research reports that promoted deals the banks themselves were involved in.

Published reports said Paulson received $30 million in compensation and salary in 2003.

After Paulson left Goldman and mortgage bonds began losing money, the investment bank erased those losses and then some by betting against the very products it had sold, Fortune magazine reported last year.


A Point of Interest for Latin Mass Community in Sungenis/Catechism Controversy

For those who are unaware, this controversy is outlined in depth in the PDF from Robert Sungenis linked below, which I would comment on briefly only to say that this analysis is better than usual from Mr. Sungenis. I wholeheartedly agree with his assessment that the USCCB's adoption of a scriptural passage as a replacement for the previous heretical statement is a clever cover for the same idea. Benedict used the same technique in his Latin prayer for "the Jews" which I commented on back in February of this year HERE. These guys love to run amok within St. Paul's very difficult letter to the Romans. They'd throw the rest of the New Testament out and keep only that if they could, it seems.

I still challenge Robert Sungenis, or anyone else for that matter, to either present proof that Abe Foxman and company are genetic descendants of Jacob or cease referring to them as "Jews."

Now, what should interest the Latin Mass community is the fact that the Fr. James Massa who Robert Sungenis refers to throughout the PDF linked to above was assigned by a bishop in the NY diocese to a longstanding Latin Mass community shortly before he was promoted to his present position as executive director of the USCCB Secretariat of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs. He continues to offer the Latin Mass at the same location to this day. With that in mind, I recommend reading:

More Confusion on Page 131 of the USCCB Catechism, Robert A. Sungenis

and then read:

Tridentine Judaism


Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard of Ecclesia Dei Commission Studying Talmud at NY Yeshiva

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Kosher-Katholic Election Propaganda


Thanks to the reader who emailed this in. This is election propaganda from an organization called Fidelis Center for Law & Policy which targets dumbed-down Catholics of the "Noahide" variety. I am certain of this because at 3/4 of the way through the video the following caption, accompanied by powerful images and music, is presented to the viewer:

"... in our commitment to moral values for the good of the world, 67 million Catholics in America, working alongside countless others, we can protect the values this great nation was built upon: life faith and family."

At the precise time that the message, "working alongside countless others" is presented an image of a large body of rabbis of Orthodox Judaism accompanies it. The message is clear, the rabbis of Orthodox Judaism are the allies of Catholics in moral and family issues--particularly abortion.

View the video at this link at the top of the page:


Only a dumbed-down Catholic of the "Noahide" variety completely oblivious to the undying hatred which the rabbis harbor for all things related to the real Jesus and true Christianity could fall for such a transparent fraud HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, (the rabbis tolerate counterfeit Christianity as long as it is useful to them, however). Only a dumbed-down Catholic of the "Noahide" variety who buys into the foul lie that rabbis are anti-abortion would be taken by such a cheap swindle (Judaism Discovered pp. 878-885). Only a dumbed-down Catholic of the "Noahide" variety who is oblivious to the fact that the rabbis are working to impose their Talmudic "Noahide law" concoction on the U.S. would fall for the ruse that rabbis want to protect the values the United States was built upon HERE.

That "Fidelis Center" sure has chutzpah!

Joe Lieberman in Drag

The speech Palin never gave: Ahmadinejad dreams of Final Solution

Natasha Mozgovaya - Haaretz

Sept. 22, 2008

In the speech which Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was to have delivered at a Monday rally protesting the UN appearance of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, she was to have said that the Iranian president "dreams of being an agent in a 'Final Solution' - the elimination of the Jewish people."

Her appearance in the rally in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza was cancelled in a flap between protest organizers and Hillary Clinton, who had also been scheduled to speak. Clinton aides were quoted as saying that they had been "blindsided" by the decision to invite Palin, which they called a partisan move. In the ensuing controversy, Clinton withdrew her participation, and Palin's invitation was rescinded.

The text of the speech follows:

I am honored to be with you and with leaders from across this great country - leaders from different faiths and political parties united in a single voice of outrage.

Tomorrow, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will come to New York - to the heart of what he calls the Great Satan - and speak freely in this, a country whose demise he has called for.

Ahmadinejad may choose his words carefully, but underneath all of the rhetoric is an agenda that threatens all who seek a safer and freer world. We gather here today to highlight the Iranian dictator's intentions and to call for action to thwart him.

He must be stopped.

The world must awake to the threat this man poses to all of us. Ahmadinejad denies that the Holocaust ever took place. He dreams of being an agent in a "Final Solution" - the elimination of the Jewish people. He has called Israel a "stinking corpse" that is "on its way to annihilation."

Such talk cannot be dismissed as the ravings of a madman -not when Iran just this summer tested long-range Shahab-3 missiles capable of striking Tel Aviv, not when the Iranian nuclear program is nearing completion, and not when Iran sponsors terrorists that threaten and kill innocent people around the world.

The Iranian government wants nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy Agency reports that Iran is running at least 3,800 centrifuges and that its uranium enrichment capacity is rapidly improving. According to news reports, U.S. intelligence agencies believe the Iranians may have enough nuclear material to produce a bomb within a year.

The world has condemned these activities. The United Nations Security Council has demanded that Iran suspend its illegal nuclear enrichment activities. It has levied three rounds of sanctions. How has Ahmadinejad responded? With the declaration that the "Iranian nation would not retreat one iota" from its nuclear program.

So, what should we do about this growing threat? First, we must succeed in Iraq. If we fail there, it will jeopardize the democracy the Iraqis have worked so hard to build, and empower the extremists in neighboring Iran. Iran has armed and trained terrorists who have killed our soldiers in Iraq, and it is Iran that would benefit from an American defeat in Iraq.

If we retreat without leaving a stable Iraq, Iran's nuclear ambitions will be bolstered. If Iran acquires nuclear weapons ? they could share them tomorrow with the terrorists they finance, arm, and train today. Iranian nuclear weapons would set off a dangerous regional nuclear arms race that would make all of us less safe.

But Iran is not only a regional threat; it threatens the entire world. It is the no. 1 state sponsor of terrorism. It sponsors the world's most vicious terrorist groups, Hamas and Hezbollah. Together, Iran and its terrorists are responsible for the deaths of Americans in Lebanon in the 1980s, in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s, and in Iraq today. They have murdered Iraqis, Lebanese, Palestinians, and other Muslims who have resisted Iran's desire to dominate the region. They have persecuted countless people simply because they are Jewish.

Iran is responsible for attacks not only on Israelis, but on Jews living as far away as Argentina. Anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial are part of Iran's official ideology and murder is part of its official policy. Not even Iranian citizens are safe from their government's threat to those who want to live, work, and worship in peace. Politically-motivated abductions, torture, death by stoning, flogging, and amputations are just some of its state-sanctioned punishments.

It is said that the measure of a country is the treatment of its most vulnerable citizens. By that standard, the Iranian government is both oppressive and barbaric. Under Ahmadinejad's rule, Iranian women are some of the most vulnerable citizens.

If an Iranian woman shows too much hair in public, she risks being beaten or killed. If she walks down a public street in clothing that violates the state dress code, she could be arrested.

But in the face of this harsh regime, the Iranian women have shown courage. Despite threats to their lives and their families, Iranian women have sought better treatment through the "One Million Signatures Campaign Demanding Changes to Discriminatory Laws." The authorities have reacted with predictable barbarism. Last year, women's rights activist Delaram Ali was sentenced to 20 lashes and 10 months in prison for committing the crime of "propaganda against the system." After international protests, the judiciary reduced her sentence to "only" 10 lashes and 36 months in prison and then temporarily suspended her sentence. She still faces the threat of imprisonment.

Earlier this year, Senator Clinton said that "Iran is seeking nuclear weapons, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is in the forefront of that" effort. Senator Clinton argued that part of our response must include stronger sanctions, including the designation of the IRGC as a terrorist organization. John McCain and I could not agree more.

Senator Clinton understands the nature of this threat and what we must do to confront it. This is an issue that should unite all Americans. Iran should not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. Period. And in a single voice, we must be loud enough for the whole world to hear: Stop Iran!

Only by working together, across national, religious, and political differences, can we alter this regime's dangerous behavior. Iran has many vulnerabilities, including a regime weakened by sanctions and a population eager to embrace opportunities with the West. We must increase economic pressure to change Iran's behavior.

Tomorrow, Ahmadinejad will come to New York. On our soil, he will exercise the right of freedom of speech - a right he denies his own people. He will share his hateful agenda with the world. Our task is to focus the world on what can be done to stop him.

We must rally the world to press for truly tough sanctions at the U.N. or with our allies if Iran's allies continue to block action in the U.N. We must start with restrictions on Iran's refined petroleum imports. We must reduce our dependency on foreign oil to weaken Iran's economic influence.

We must target the regime's assets abroad; bank accounts, investments, and trading partners.

President Ahmadinejad should be held accountable for inciting genocide, a crime under international law.

We must sanction Iran's Central Bank and the Revolutionary Guard Corps -which no one should doubt is a terrorist organization. Together, we can stop Iran's nuclear program.

Senator McCain has made a solemn commitment that I strongly endorse: Never again will we risk another Holocaust. And this is not a wish, a request, or a plea to Israel's enemies. This is a promise that the United States and Israel will honor, against any enemy who cares to test us. It is John McCain's promise and it is my promise.

Thank you.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

U.S. Police Chiefs Receive ADL-Sponsored "Counterterrorism" Training in Israeli Thug State

Witness Israeli "counterterrorism" training in practice here:


Coinciding with 9/11, U.S. Law Enforcement Officers Learn Counterterrorism Strategies From Israeli Counterparts

New York, NY, September 10, 2008 … Coinciding with the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a group of U.S. law enforcement professionals is in Israel, where they are learning advanced counterterrorism strategies from their Israeli counterparts.

The delegation of more than a dozen chiefs of police from major cities across the United States is visiting Israel as part of weeklong mission organized by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Full article:


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Benedict Cites Talmud Approvingly, Suggests Jesus Acted in Accordance with it

The real, non-biblical rabbinic Sabbath traditions, which "hang like mountains by a string" which Benedict lauds euphemistically and associates with Jesus Christ in his Orwellian address to rabbis and EJC-type characters in France who he calls "the children of the Promise, the children of the Covenant, beloved brothers and sisters in the faith" are elucidated in Judaism Discovered pp. 942-952.

In the Gospel Jesus and the disciples pick grain on the Sabbath, Jesus heals on the Sabbath and instructs the lame man who He healed at the pool at Bethsaida to carry his bed on the Sabbath. This was all contrary to the rabbi/Pharisees' tyrannical man-made Sabbath laws which Jesus wholly condemned. Jesus didn't praise the Pharisees for reading scripture on the Sabbath while overlooking their tyrannical, anti-biblical Sabbath laws as Benedict does here.

Furthermore, Talmud tractate Yoma, which Benedict cites approvingly, is filled with anti-goy legalism, notably, the double-standard of compensation for damages which the Soncino footnotes explains thus:

The Jewish owner of an ox which has gored an ox owned by a [Gentile], is not obliged to pay damages, whereas the [Gentile] would have to pay full damage, whether the owner had been forewarned or not. The Jewish owner of an ox who has gored an ox owned by a fellow-Jew, if not forewarned must pay half of the damage; if forewarned, full damage. (Babylonian Talmud, Yoma 85a Soncino footnote v.5)

Benedict XVI, a well educated man who is knowledgeable of rabbinic tradition, is perpetrating a diabolical fraud. He's attempting to create harmony between Mark 2;27 and Talmud Yoma 58b. If the rabbi/Pharisees who wrote the Talmud really intended that observance of Sabbath rest was subordinate to the needs of men, as Jesus taught in Mark 2:27, then why did they attack Jesus for healing on the Sabbath? Why do they--to this day--rule that Judaic doctors may not treat a dying non-Judaic person on the Sabbath unless it would cause trouble to "the Jews" to not do so? Why must "Jews" to this day not turn on light switches on the Sabbath, wash dishes, push baby strollers, etc., etc. ad infinitum? Why must they be roped into a rabbi-designated ghetto (eruv) to get some relief from the myriad of tyrannical, impossible to observe rabbinic Sabbath laws?

What a farce.

(SEPTEMBER 12 - 15, 2008)



Elysée Palace, Paris
Friday, 12 September 2008

Dear friends, it is with great pleasure that I meet with you this evening. Our meeting auspiciously coincides with the vigil of the weekly celebration of the shabbat, the day which from time immemorial has occupied a significant position in the religious and cultural life of the people of Israel. Every pious Jew sanctifies the shabbat with the reading of the Scriptures and the reciting of the Psalms. Dear friends, as you know, the prayer of Jesus also was nourished by the Psalms. Regularly he went to the temple and the synagogue. There he too listened to the word on the Sabbath. There he wanted to underline the goodness with which God cares for man, even in the arrangement of time. Does not the Talmud Yoma (85b) say: the Sabbath is offered to you, but you are not offered to the Sabbath? Christ has asked the people of the Covenant to recognize always the unprecedented greatness and love of the Creator for all humanity. Dear friends, because of that which unites us and that which separates us, we share a relationship that should be strengthened and lived. And we know that these fraternal bonds constitute a continual invitation to know and to respect one another better.

By her very nature the Catholic Church feels obliged to respect the Covenant made by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Indeed, the Church herself is situated within the eternal Covenant of the Almighty, whose plans are immutable, and she respects the children of the Promise, the children of the Covenant, as her beloved brothers and sisters in the faith. She compellingly repeats, through my voice, the words of the great Pope Pius XI, my beloved predecessor: Spiritually, we are Semites (Allocution to the Belgian Pilgrims, 16 September 1938). The Church therefore is opposed to every form of anti-Semitism, which can never be theologically justified. The theologian Henri de Lubac, in a time of darkness, as Pius XII (Summi Pontificatus, 10 October 1939) described it, added that to be anti-Semitic also signifies being anti-Christian (cf. Un nuovo fronte religioso in: Israele e la Fede Cristiana [1942]). Once again I feel the duty to pay heartfelt recognition to those who have died unjustly and to those that have dedicated themselves to assure that the names of these victims may always be remembered. God does not forget!

I cannot neglect, on an occasion such as this, to recall the eminent role played by the Jews of France in the building up of the whole nation and of their prestigious contribution to her spiritual patrimony. They have given - and continue to give - great figures to the spheres of politics, culture and the arts. To each one of them I extend affectionate and respectful wishes and with fervour I invoke upon all of your families and upon all of your communities a special Blessing of the Lord of time and of history. Shabbat shalom!


Jerusalem's Taliban

This is the pure, unadulterated religion of the "elder brothers" which "Christianity has sprung from" as sanctioned by and practiced in that "paragon of Western Civilization;" that "bulwark against Islamic barbarism" in the Middle East, counterfeit Israel.

Ultra-Orthodox vigilantes spread fear in Jerusalem

Sep 15, 2008


Shaking as she recalled her brutal beating at the hands of Jewish ultra-Orthodox vigilantes, a 28-year-old Jerusalem woman who would only identify herself as M. said she feared for her life.

Some residents say the self-styled "modesty squads" are spreading terror among those seen as straying from the strict moral code demanded of the ultra-Orthodox in the more conservative neighbourhoods of the Holy City.

There life revolves largely around the study of holy texts and a strict dress code that has men sporting black coats and wide-brimmed hats and women covering their heads, arms and legs.

Two weeks ago police arrested two alleged members of a modesty patrol accused of brutally beating M.

The gang allegedly gagged her, hit her, kicked her and said she would be killed if she did not move out of the ultra-Orthodox Maalot Dafna neighbourhood.

"They beat me up, tied me up and threatened to kill me," M. said, holding back her tears. "Who will prevent them from killing me?"

Neighbours had complained of what they called the divorcee's "indecent" lifestyle, which in such neighbourhoods can mean anything from wearing trousers to meeting men in private.

"I don't know why I was treated this way. What has my life got to do with those guys," said M., who until three years ago was married to a Haredi -- a word used to describe the most theologically conservative form of Judaism.

Police have also detained a man accused of torching a store in an ultra-Orthodox district that sold what some residents considered "immoral" clothing.

In Mea Shearim, a Haredi bastion where streets are sealed off for the Jewish day of rest and satellite dishes are considered a sign of heresy, an electronics store has become the latest target of the morality squads.

A young man, sporting the distinctive Haredi sidecurls, beard, black garb and hat, stood outside the store handing out pamphlets.

He said the store was threatening the morals of the community by selling MP4 players that would allow buyers to view indecent movies in their homes.

"This shop corrupts the neighbourhood youth," the man said. "We will fight until they stop selling these impure devices."

David, a salesman at the store, said he is an Orthodox Jew but believes that the protesters who have picketed outside for weeks "are spreading terror in the neighbourhood".

"They burned down our stocks, nothing will stop them," he said, declining to give his family name for fear of being singled out for attack.

In June, a 14-year-old Mea Sharim resident was taken to hospital with burns after an attacker hurled acid at her.

Israeli media said that at the time of the attack the girl had been wearing loose-fitting trousers and a short-sleeved shirt, enough to provoke the ire of religious fanatics.

In 2006, a 50-year-old American-Israeli woman was viciously attacked by four men because she refused to go to the back of a bus while on holiday in Jerusalem. The bus was not one of the sex-segregated lines Jerusalem runs to accommodate Haredi preferences.

In addition to violence within the Haredi community, Israel has also seen tensions between religious and secular Jews over the course of its 60-year history.

The ultra-Orthodox have led violent protests against swimming pools, cinemas and other establishments they consider immoral for failing to segregate the sexes or sacrilegious for opening on the Sabbath.

Meny Schwartz, who heads the religious Kol Haredi radio station, said the modesty patrols have been around for years, with the full approval of religious leaders, but appear to have become increasingly violent.

"For some weeks we've been seeing excesses," he said.


European 'Jewish' Congress Sponsored Panel: "Only Military Action Can Stop Iran"

Only military action can stop Iran, experts tell European Jews

By Cnaan Liphshiz, Haaretz Correspondent


The Iranian nuclear crisis may have crossed the point of no return while the threat of nuclear terrorism is on the rise, according to a panel of experts on proliferation. These somber assessments where voiced Monday during a seminar on nuclear capabilities hosted by the European Jewish Congress in Brussels.

"Only military action can stop Iran, or else Iran will acquire nuclear weapons to the great detriment of regional and even global stability," the panel stated.

Full article:


Monday, September 15, 2008

Meet Palin's Brain

GIBSON: What if Israel decided it felt threatened and needed to take out the Iranian nuclear facilities?

PALIN: Well, first, we are friends with Israel and I don’t think that we should second guess the measures that Israel has to take to defend themselves and for their security.

GIBSON: So if we wouldn’t second guess it and they decided they needed to do it because Iran was an existential threat, we would cooperative or agree with that.

PALIN: I don’t think we can second guess what Israel has to do to secure its nation.

GIBSON: So if it felt necessary, if it felt the need to defend itself by taking out Iranian nuclear facilities, that would be all right.

PALIN: We cannot second guess the steps that Israel has to take to defend itself.

How was the above enunciated foreign policy agenda of this first-term governor of Alaska/former beauty queen now candidate for U.S. Vice President formulated? The same way the outgoing idiot's foreign policy was formulated:

Neoconservatives plan Project Sarah Palin to shape future American foreign policy

Neoconservatives whose influence had been waning in Washington have hitched their colours to rising star Sarah Palin in a bid to shape US foreign policy for another decade.

Tim Shipman - Telegraph UK
13 Sep 2008

Comments by the governor of Alaska in her first television interview, in which she said Nato may have to go to war with Russia and took a tough line on Iran's nuclear programme, were the result of two weeks of briefings by neoconservatives.

Sources in the McCain camp, the Republican Party and Washington think tanks say Mrs Palin was identified as a potential future leader of the neoconservative cause in June 2007. That was when the annual summer cruise organised by the right-of-centre Weekly Standard magazine docked in Juneau, the Alaskan state capital, and the pundits on board took tea with Governor Palin.

Her case as John McCain's running mate was later advanced vociferously by William Kristol, the magazine's editor, who is widely seen as one of the founding fathers of American neoconservative thought - including the robust approach to foreign policy which spurred American intervention in Iraq.

In 1988, Mr Kristol became a leading adviser of another inexperienced Republican vice presidential pick, Dan Quayle, tutoring him in foreign affairs. Last week he praised Mrs Palin as "a spectre of a young, attractive, unapologetic conservatism" that "is haunting the liberal elites".

Now many believe that the "neocons", whose standard bearer in government, Vice President Dick Cheney, lost out in Washington power struggles to the more moderate defence secretary Robert Gates and secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, last year are seeking to mould Mrs Palin to renew their influence.

A former Republican White House official, who now works at the American Enterprise Institute, a bastion of Washington neoconservatism, admitted: "She's bright and she's a blank page. She's going places and it's worth going there with her."

Asked if he sees her as a "project", the former official said: "Your word, not mine, but I wouldn't disagree with the sentiment."

Pat Buchanan, the former Republican presidential candidate and a foreign policy isolationist, who opposes the war in Iraq, the project most closely associated with the neocons, said: "Palin has become, overnight, the most priceless political asset the movement has.

"Look for the neocons to move with all deliberate speed to take her into their camp by pressing upon her advisers and staff, and steering her into the AEI-Weekly Standard-War Party orbit." The AEI, or American Enterprise Institute, is a free-market think-tank with many neo-cons among its members.

In the two weeks since she was named as Mr McCain's running mate that is just what has happened. While Mr McCain was publicly distancing himself from the policies and personalities of the Bush administration, Mrs Palin was sequestered with a series of former aides to George W. Bush.

Mr McCain's chief foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, an influential neoconservative, wasted no time in briefing Mrs Palin. He quickly made Steve Biegun, a former number three on the National Security Council, her chief foreign policy adviser.

Steven Clemons, of the New American Foundation think tank in Washington, a chronicler of the ebb and flow of neocon power in the White House, bemoaned the appointment, saying Mr Biegun "will turn her into an advocate of Cheneyism and Cheney's view of national-security issues."

Eyebrows were also raised when, on the Tuesday after her selection, Mrs Palin was ushered into the company of AIPAC, the pro-Israeli lobby group in Washington.

In her first television interview, she was on message, agreeing with Mr McCain that Israel has the right to take military action against Iran if necessary. "I don't think that we should second-guess the measures that Israel has to take to defend themselves and for their security," she said.

Jacob Heilbrunn, author of They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons, said the interview was "further evidence that she has soaked up the neocon view of the world." He was particularly alarmed by her suggestion that war with Russia is "perhaps" a possibility.

"The neocons surrounded Dan Quayle, with William Kristol becoming his main tutor. Now both McCain and Palin are being closely advised by neocons. Far from being chastened by the Iraq debacle, the neocons are now poised for their moment of greatest influence." Mr Buchanan has predicted Mrs Palin will become a major player for years to come.

"In choosing Palin, McCain may also have changed the course of history," he said. "Should this ticket win, Palin will eclipse every other Republican as heir apparent to the presidency and will have her own power base, wholly independent of President McCain."


Monday, September 8, 2008

Rabbi to Lead Synod Discussion on Interpretation of Scripture

For a full exposition of how rabbis interpret scripture and an education into the depth of this diabolical farce read Johannes Andreas Eisenmenger's Traditions of the Jews, and Michael A. Hoffman's Judaism Discovered.

Choosing men and women from every part of the world and from a wide variety of professional spheres, Pope Benedict XVI nominated 32 voting members, 41 experts and 37 observers for the upcoming world Synod of Bishops ...

A Vatican official said ... Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, the chief rabbi of Haifa, Israel, would be a special guest and lead a discussion for synod members on the Jewish interpretation of the Scriptures. ("Pope names more women than ever to Synod of Bishops on Bible," Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service, Sept. 8, 2008)


The ... Jews ... omitting or scorning the Mosaic law and the prophets, follow certain traditions of their seniors concerning which the Lord rebukes them in the Gospel, saying: Why do you transgress the mandate of God and irritate Him by your traditions, teaching human doctrines and mandates? [Matthew 15;9]

Upon this sort of traditions, which in Hebrew are called the Talmud--and there is a great book among them exceeding the text of the Bible in length, in which are manifest blasphemies against God and Christ and the blessed Virgin, intricate fables, erroneous abuses, and unheard-of stupidities--they nourish and teach their sons and render them utterly alien from the doctrine of the law and the prophets ... (Pope Innocent IV, May 9, 1244 Letter to King Louis IX of France)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

How Does This Fit the Left-Right Dichotomy?

We cannot rest until there is at least one Chabad shaliach [agent] on every major college campus in the world!" ("Liberal Jew," Alan Dershowitz)

Dershowitz addresses NY conference of the Chabad Lubavitch:

Hat tip to Greg Bacon's Blog for the video:


Friday, September 5, 2008

Russian Achaeologists Find Lost Khazar Capital

Note that the Zionist Russian "Jewish" Congress is partially financing this research. Diamond magnate Lev Leviev's Chabad rabbi Berel Lazar is a director of this organization. These people know where their real ancestry traces to. But that's not for goy consumption.

Russian archaeologists find long-lost Jewish capital

Wed Sep 3, 2008

MOSCOW (AFP) - Russian archaeologists said Wednesday they had found the long-lost capital of the Khazar kingdom in southern Russia, a breakthrough for research on the ancient Jewish state.

"This is a hugely important discovery," expedition organiser Dmitry Vasilyev told AFP by telephone from Astrakhan State University after returning from excavations near the village of Samosdelka, just north of the Caspian Sea.

"We can now shed light on one of the most intriguing mysteries of that period -- how the Khazars actually lived. We know very little about the Khazars -- about their traditions, their funerary rites, their culture," he said.

The city was the capital of the Khazars, a semi-nomadic Turkic peoples who adopted Judaism as a state religion, from between the 8th and the 10th centuries, when it was captured and sacked by the rulers of ancient Russia.

At its height, the Khazar state and its tributaries controlled much of what is now southern Russia, western Kazakhstan, eastern Ukraine, Azerbaijan and large parts of Russia's North Caucasus region.

The capital is referred to as Itil in Arab chronicles but Vasilyev said the word may actually have been used to refer to the Volga River on which the city was founded or to the surrounding river delta region.

Itil was said to be a multi-ethnic place with houses of worship and judges for Christians, Jews, Muslims and pagans. Its remains have until now never been identified and were said to have been washed away by the Caspian Sea.

Archaeologists have been excavating in the area if Samosdelka for the past nine years but have only now collected enough material evidence to back their thesis, including the remains of an ancient brick fortress, he added.

"Within the fortress, we have found huts similar to yurts, which are characteristics of Khazar cities.... The fortress had a triangular shape and was made with bricks. It's another argument that this was no ordinary city."

Around 10 university archaeologists and some 50 students took part in excavations in the region this summer, which are partly financed by the Jewish University in Moscow and the Russian Jewish Congress.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin is a Distraction from McCain's Pro-Abortion Comrade, Joe Lieberman

Sarah Palin has been offered up by the establishment for the Pavlovian goyim, and they've reacted as conditioned. It has been seriously proposed that Catholics are morally obligated to support this fraud. No, dear golem, ... I mean goyim. McCain, up until last week was holding onto his desire to have pro-abortion, Orthodox Talmudist, Zionist warmonger, high-priest of Holocaustolatry Joe Lieberman as his running mate. It was only due to the advice of his handlers that he chose Sarah Palin instead. The only objective for McCain is is taking the presidency, preferably without conflict, and apparently this requires that his comrade, pro-abortion Lieberman play a more behind the scenes role than both he and McCain would like. Michael A. Hoffman has quoted Christopher Marlowe's "The Jew of Malta" in this regard: " ... I must confess we come not to be kings ... Give us a peaceful rule, make Christians kings, that thirst so much for principality ..." McCain's handlers know what these words mean. This wisdom cannot even be contemplated by today's "conservative" leaders.

When I consider the cynicism of the establishment in its presentation of Sarah Palin as V.P. candidate and the goyim's immediate gullible acceptance of the ruse I wonder how far we are from a President Tammy Faye or Jan Crouch with an adviser Netanyahu in the White House, such a grotesque mockery this counterfeit conservativism is.

Up until midweek last week, some 48 to 72 hours before Mr. McCain introduced Ms. Palin at a Friday rally in Dayton, Ohio, Mr. McCain was still holding out the hope that he could choose a good friend, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, a Republican close to the campaign said. Mr. McCain had also been interested in another favorite, former Gov. Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania.

But both men favor abortion rights, anathema to the Christian conservatives who make up a crucial base of the Republican Party. As word leaked out that Mr. McCain was seriously considering the men, the campaign was bombarded by outrage from influential conservatives who predicted an explosive floor fight at the convention and vowed rejection of Mr. Ridge or Mr. Lieberman by the delegates. ("Palin Disclosures Raise Questions on Vetting," Elisabeth Bumiller, The New York Times, September 1, 2008)


U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin told the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC on Tuesday that she would "work to expand and deepen the strategic partnership between U.S. and Israel," the group's spokesman told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Palin spent Tuesday in her hotel suite with campaign aides working on her speech at the Republican Convention scheduled for Wednesday. Sources familiar with her schedule said that she also had a private session with Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman, a democrat and former vice presidential nominee, has come out in support of the Republican ticket, saying in his speech Tuesday "Governor Palin, like [presidential candidate] John McCain, is a reformer, that's why I sincerely believe the real ticket for change is the McCain-Palin ticket." ('Palin told AIPAC she wants stronger Israel ties,' Haaretz August 3, 2008)


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Catholics are Morally Obligated to Take Responsibility for the Horrible Council they Provide

If John McCain is elected president in November and a few years from now we find ourselves looking back to the "pro life" Bush-Cheney era of death, oppression, destruction and treachery as the good old days, which would most definitely be the case, will Pat Buchanan and Christopher Ferrara be held responsible for their recent terrible counsel? Will they accept responsibility themselves? If the past is a reliable indicator of the future, the answer to both questions is no. It will get flushed down the memory hole, but their voices will still be hearkened to and the supporters of the counterfeit which many call the "conservative movement" will continue on their deathmarch into oblivion.


Ferrara Contra Ferrara

Landscapers are held to higher standards than these "leaders." What a sick world this is.


September 02, 2008

by Mark Murray - MSNBC

MINNEAPOLIS -- Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin today met with the board of directors of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, NBC/NJ has confirmed.

The meeting took place inside Palin's hotel, sources said.

A campaign official would not say who asked for the meeting, but said it was geared towards putting the American Jewish community at ease over her understanding of US-Middle East relations.

"That's obviously going to be an issue," the aide said. "It's not like being the senator from New York, obviously. But these aren't issues that are off her radar."

Palin, joined by Sen. Joe Lieberman, expressed her "heartfelt support for Israel" and spoke of the threats it faces from Iran and others, the campaign official said.

"We had a good productive discussion on the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship, and we were pleased that Gov. Palin expressed her deep, personal, and lifelong commitment to the safety and well-being of Israel," AIPAC spokesman Josh Block said. "Like Sen. McCain, the vice presidential nominee understands and believes in the special friendship between the two democracies and would work to expand and deepen the strategic partnership in a McCain/Palin Administration."