Saturday, September 27, 2008


A reader has written the following comment on the last blog posting regarding Rabbi Shear-Yashuv "Cohen," who was invited by Benedict XVI to lead a one-day discussion on the rabbinic interpretation of biblical scripture at the upcoming bishops synod:

Hi Maurice,

Rabbi Cohen might keep going to teach noachism to the bishops as he did already:

Papal Commission Promotes Noahide Laws

This is a critical point which I failed to make. Rabbi Shear-Yashuv "Cohen," in addition to being a Chief Rabbi of counterfeit Israel, is also a co-chairman of the Israeli-Vatican dialogue commission alongside Cardinal Jorge Mejía. At the last (seventh) meeting of this rabbi-Vatican commission in March 2007 the true purpose of the commission was revealed: the introduction of the non-biblical, rabbi-concocted "Noahide laws" into the dialogue. Incredibly, the bishops of the commission acknowledged the "Noahide laws" and signed a document to this effect which included a sentence which implies that the New Testament book of the Acts of the Apostles includes these "Noahide Laws." Rabbi Shear-Yashuv "Cohen," the man who Benedict XVI has invited to teach the bishops how to interpret scripture at the upcoming synod, was a co-signer of this document. Read it at the Vatican's website at the following link.

I have been attempting to draw attention to this document from the time it was first signed in March 2007 HERE and have had little success in doing so. It seems that there are more important things on Catholics' minds, papal vestments and the like, than bishops and rabbis together promoting the diabolical lie that the Talmudic "Noahide laws" were taught by the Apostles to Gentile converts in the Book of Acts. The document linked to above is proof that Rabbi Shear-Yashuv "Cohen" interprets scripture in this way, along with bishops who signed the document. Now, Benedict XVI has invited this "Noahide law" peddling rabbi to speak further on his interpretation of scripture at a synod of over 200 bishops.

Putting the sarcasm of the last posting aside, it is not the duty of any Orthodox rabbi to teach real Orthodox Judaism to non-Judaic people. His responsibility to Orthodox Judaism is to teach "Gentiles" the "Noahide laws." Orthodox Judaism is only for "Jews." This is the true essence of "dual-covenant" theology, it's a system of double-standards--Judaism for "Jews," "Noahide laws" for everyone else.

Will this continue to be ignored or suppressed by every Catholic pundit? Is silence the proper response to such unspeakable Vatican treachery? What good are conservative vestments and rubrics if the people wearing those vestments sell us out to a "dual-covenant" "Noahide" tyranny?


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Anonymous said...

But wait a second. What about the great wisdom and deep knowledge of rabbinic interpretation? Wasn't the word "you" used in Acts of the Apostles? And in the Noahide Laws, isn't the word "you" used as well? Doesn't that mean they're connected then? I mean this is wisdom we're talking about here! What could be more noble!


Anonymous said...

Any connection between Rosh Hashanah and the vote today to agree to the bail out -- the forgiving of debts? Or,is this just a coincidence?