Monday, September 8, 2008

Rabbi to Lead Synod Discussion on Interpretation of Scripture

For a full exposition of how rabbis interpret scripture and an education into the depth of this diabolical farce read Johannes Andreas Eisenmenger's Traditions of the Jews, and Michael A. Hoffman's Judaism Discovered.

Choosing men and women from every part of the world and from a wide variety of professional spheres, Pope Benedict XVI nominated 32 voting members, 41 experts and 37 observers for the upcoming world Synod of Bishops ...

A Vatican official said ... Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, the chief rabbi of Haifa, Israel, would be a special guest and lead a discussion for synod members on the Jewish interpretation of the Scriptures. ("Pope names more women than ever to Synod of Bishops on Bible," Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service, Sept. 8, 2008)

The ... Jews ... omitting or scorning the Mosaic law and the prophets, follow certain traditions of their seniors concerning which the Lord rebukes them in the Gospel, saying: Why do you transgress the mandate of God and irritate Him by your traditions, teaching human doctrines and mandates? [Matthew 15;9]

Upon this sort of traditions, which in Hebrew are called the Talmud--and there is a great book among them exceeding the text of the Bible in length, in which are manifest blasphemies against God and Christ and the blessed Virgin, intricate fables, erroneous abuses, and unheard-of stupidities--they nourish and teach their sons and render them utterly alien from the doctrine of the law and the prophets ... (Pope Innocent IV, May 9, 1244 Letter to King Louis IX of France)


Anonymous said...

God is unchanging and his laws are eternal. What you bring up is tradition over Bible. This happens very often in the 'Biblebelt' that I live in.

This is why I suggest reading and following the Bible. Not just the 'New' Testament. Which is a misnomer, since it only gives us the proper interpretation of the Law from the 'Old' Testament.

Baruch HaShem

Anonymous said...

God is unchanging and his laws are eternal, but those laws are NOT just in Divine Revelation. Jesus Christ is the Logos. At the time of St. John the Apostle, the Logos was the reason embedded in Nature. St. John connects this Logos as Jesus Christ. God revealed himself in two ways---thru divine revelation AND thru his creation.

The Logos in his creation is called the Natural Law. The Roman Catholic Church has always stood on two witnesses, the Logos, divine revelation and creation. One is blind if one only uses the written word. One can't know God without knowing Holy Tradition and the Natural Law. The Roman Catholic Church is the only Church and religious body that uses both.