Sunday, October 5, 2008

Has Your Newspaper Put a Hate DVD On Your Front Porch?

While scholarly analysis of rabbinic Judaism is cast to the fringe by the establishment in the West, the same establishment facilitates unrelenting propaganda, ridicule and hatred against Christianity and Islam. Always the double standard.


Has Your Newspaper Put a Hate DVD On Your Front Porch?

This DVD was financed by the Jerusalem-based organization "Aish haTorah" (see:Aish HaTalmud), was produced by a Rabbi Raphael Shore and is being distributed in massive quantities in swing states throughout the U.S. during an election year in a transparent attempt to influence already rabidly pro-"Israel" and anti-Arab U.S. politics to become even more so.

Watch the following video from 4:00 onward:

Rabbi Raphael Shore, Jacob Fetman, and Rabbi Henry Harris who are behind this DVD should be challenged to a debate on the question: Orthodox Judaism or Islam, Which Poses a Greater Threat to Humanity?


JesusOverIsrael said...

your idea about a debate is great!

maybe you know, but "rabbi" raphael shore put out the recent documentary on Islam that was shown throughout evangelical churches in america:

anyone with this kind of marketing clout cannot be a typical rabbi. most likely he is a high level mossad, aipac, adl operative.

when i attended a screening of obsession at a church in colorado, i tried to ask the panel why moslems hate israel so much. i said that they must have reasons, and we who are being lobbied to send more guns and bullets to israel have a right to know all the facts.

a group of israelis had been planted in the audience to intimidate the audience. one of them stood up and started shouting that i was just like the americans in the holocaust who were silent and didnt help the defenseless jews.

you should have seen the look on his face when i went over and spoke to him in hebrew!!!

JesusOverIsrael said...

see these:

“Former PLO Terrorist Who Speaks Out For Israel”, Walid Shoebat, who claims to have been a “former Islamic terrorist” turned Christian Evangelical Zionist. Never mind that the Jerusalem Post has already dismissed the factuality of his claims.