Thursday, October 16, 2008

John McCain Refers to JFK Assassination as "Intervention"


Anonymous said...

He squeezed his nose when he spoke. Is that possibly a Masonic hand signal?

While it is certainly something worth investigating whether the JFK assassination is true, a part of me says it's a definite possibility if not true but then I say it couldn't be this is too far fetched. Can we really think McCain intentionally said what he said in the debate or was it just an innocent mistake?

Maurice Pinay said...

He did rather conspicuously touch his nose at the moment he made the "intervention" comment and quickly corrected himself with the word "tragedy." It seems to me that this was simply a nervous gesture that he made at the time of a serious slip-up.

The term "intervention" is often used euphemistically to refer to military strikes, etc. I have no doubt that the mob that McCain runs with views the JFK assassination as an "intervention" in this sense for reasons that should be clear in the links I've provided. Maybe McCain unintentionally let this thought slip out in public. Or, perhaps it was a calculated revelation.

Speculation aside, the official account of the JFK assassination is not credible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing the link to Michael Collins Pipers essay about John McCain. I would recommend anyone interested in the true story behind the JFK assassination read Piper's book Final Judgment.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember when Hillary Clinton referenced JFK's death during the primaries? She also was talking about debates like Kennedy and Goldwater planned to have. She mentioned that they did not take place because of JFK's murder.

JesusOverIsrael said...

Speculation aside, the official account of the JFK assassination is not credible.


JesusOverIsrael said...

do you remember victor ostrovsky, the israeli mossad agent who supposedly left to write an expose?

in his book he claims that the mossad utilizes the kennedy assassination as a training technique for new recruits. they see the films, read the books, and brainstorm what really might have happened. he writes that the "official" mossad viewpoint is that it was a Mafia-Pentagon-CIA hit.

what really interests me is that this might be more israeli disinformation. ostravsky currently runs an art gallery out of phoenix.

he sells really wierd and lurid (semi erotic) art.

now remember all the israeli art students who were rounded up after 9-11 and then quietly deported from the USA?

i wonder if ostravsky was the mossad controller in charge of them prior to 9-11. this would mean that he wrote his book and appeared to desert the agency many years ago all as part of a long warm up to 9-11, in which he was the prime sleeper agent.

two years ago i phoned him up at his art gallery in phoenix. we chatted in hebrew casually. he was friendly enough.

but when i asked him about his thoughts on 9-11 (since he was a "former" spy, after all) he got very nervous and cold and actually hung up on me!!!

JesusOverIsrael said...

nose touching is one of the classic body language signs of lying:

Anonymous said...

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