Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Benedict XVI: Dialogue With the People of the Talmud a "Sacred Duty"

Benedict is preaching an anti-Gospel here. Christians have a sacred duty to evangelize. There is no sacred duty to "dialogue." Benedict has drawn this idea of a "sacred duty" of intereligious "dialogue" not from any Christian text but from the Summa Nonsensica of the Hasidic psuedo-philosopher, Martin Buber who Benedict values more than the philosopher of the Church, St. Thomas.

Here is where the Hasidic path of "dialogue" leads:

The Dialogical Path Towards Disaster

True Christians do not share a spiritual patrimony with Pharisees as Benedict once again proclaims here. Jesus Christ said the Pharisees' spiritual father is the father of lies, the Devil. Benedict, like Martin Buber and the Bal Shem Tov who he modeled, is attempting to conjoin irreconcilable opposites into a pagan, yin yang microcosm of the pagan yin yang god of Judaism:

"The indwelling Glory [of god] embraces all worlds, all creatures, good and evil. And it is the true Unity. How then, you ask, can it bear in itself the opposites of good and evil? But in truth there is no opposite, for Evil is the throne of Good." (Martin Buber, Hasidism and Modern Man, p. 200)

"We then found the philosophy of personalism reiterated with renewed conviction in the great Jewish thinker Martin Buber. This encounter with personalism was for me a spiritual experience that left an essential mark, especially since I spontaneously associated such personalism with the thought of Saint Augustine, who in his Confessions had struck me with the power of all his human passion and depth. By contrast, I had difficulties in penetrating the thought of Thomas Aquinas, whose crystal-clear logic seemed to me to be too closed in on itself, too impersonal and ready-made." (Benedict XVI, Milestones, p.44)

Pope Calls Dialogue a Sacred Duty

Notes Advances in Jewish-Catholic Relations

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 30, 2008 ( Benedict XVI says interreligious dialogue is becoming more and more a sacred duty in a troubled world.

The Pope affirmed this today when he addressed the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations, a group that has worked with the Holy See for more than 30 years, contributing to "greater understanding and acceptance between Catholics and Jews."

"Christians today are increasingly conscious of the spiritual patrimony they share with the people of the Torah, the people chosen by God in his inexpressible mercy, a patrimony that calls for greater mutual appreciation, respect and love," the Holy Father said. "Jews too are challenged to discover what they have in common with all who believe in the Lord, the God of Israel, who first revealed himself through his powerful and life-giving word."

That word, he continued, "spurs us to bear common witness to God’s love, mercy and truth. This is a vital service in our own time, threatened by the loss of the spiritual and moral values which guarantee human dignity, solidarity, justice and peace."

Benedict XVI encouraged the committee in their efforts to foster dialogue between religions.

"In our troubled world, so frequently marked by poverty, violence and exploitation, dialogue between cultures and religions must more and more be seen as a sacred duty incumbent upon all those who are committed to building a world worthy of man," he said. "The ability to accept and respect one another, and to speak the truth in love, is essential for overcoming differences, preventing misunderstandings and avoiding needless confrontations. […] A sincere dialogue needs both openness and a firm sense of identity on both sides, in order for each to be enriched by the gifts of the other."

The Holy Father said he thanks God for recent meetings he has had with Jewish communities in New York, Paris and the Vatican, "and for the progress in Catholic-Jewish relations which they reflect."

"In this spirit, then," he concluded, "I encourage you to persevere in your important work with patience and renewed commitment."

Next month in Hungary, the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations will meet with the Vatican Commission for Religious Relations With the Jews on the theme "Religion and Civil Society."

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Anonymous said...

What was responsible for the fall of mankind? Dialogue with the devil. It cannot be "sacred duty" for a successor of Peter to dialogue with change agents of evil. As naive as it may sound, under Canon Law 212 §3 (and citing the same), you should send your objections to the local ordinary and the Holy See regarding much of what you've documented on this site -- especially that "the apostles preached the Noahide Laws" crap. Sungenis did it. So should Pinay. It's about time to become squeaky doors in every diocese. If those who are objectively outside the Church don't like it, let them eat their phylacteries.