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Why Bombing Ashkelon is the Most Tragic Irony

Robert Fisk: Why bombing Ashkelon is the most tragic irony

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

How easy it is to snap off the history of the Palestinians, to delete the narrative of their tragedy, to avoid a grotesque irony about Gaza which – in any other conflict – journalists would be writing about in their first reports: that the original, legal owners of the Israeli land on which Hamas rockets are detonating live in Gaza.

That is why Gaza exists: because the Palestinians who lived in Ashkelon and the fields around it – Askalaan in Arabic – were dispossessed from their lands in 1948 when Israel was created and ended up on the beaches of Gaza. They – or their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren – are among the one and a half million Palestinian refugees crammed into the cesspool of Gaza, 80 per cent of whose families once lived in what is now Israel. This, historically, is the real story: most of the people of Gaza don't come from Gaza.

But watching the news shows, you'd think that history began yesterday, that a bunch of bearded anti-Semitic Islamist lunatics suddenly popped up in the slums of Gaza – a rubbish dump of destitute people of no origin – and began firing missiles into peace-loving, democratic Israel, only to meet with the righteous vengeance of the Israeli air force. The fact that the five sisters killed in Jabalya camp had grandparents who came from the very land whose more recent owners have now bombed them to death simply does not appear in the story.

Both Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres said back in the 1990s that they wished Gaza would just go away, drop into the sea, and you can see why. The existence of Gaza is a permanent reminder of those hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who lost their homes to Israel, who fled or were driven out through fear or Israeli ethnic cleansing 60 years ago, when tidal waves of refugees had washed over Europe in the aftermath of the Second World War and when a bunch of Arabs kicked out of their property didn't worry the world ...


Also related, from Mondoweiss:

Skyredoubt translated portions of a piece in Hebrew by Benny Tziper, in Haaretz, only Haaretz, and posted it on his flickr site.

[...]A nice man was there at the entrance to the museum, an invalid of IDF from the Yom Kippur War, who was born and lived all his life in Ashkelon. From his knowledge and enthusiasm one could tell that he loves the city very much. He had no problem telling me how in 1953 the Arabs were expelled, and the long process of looking for a new name for the place started (the Arab name was Majdl), till it was decided to call the place Ashkelon. The entire communications between the authorities regarding the cleansing of the city of Arabs and Hebrewisation of the name is exhibited in the museum. I think that nobody makes the connection today between the fact that the Qassams land on Ashkelon and the fact that poor Arabs who did nothing wrong to anybody were put on trucks and expelled from their city to Gaza fifty five years ago, and since then they are there and Ashkelon is here. And this did not happen in wartime or as a result of hostilities, but from a cold calculation that the area must be cleansed of Arabs. There is a picture in the museum that shows the Arabs sitting and waiting in front of the of Israeli military government building. It sends shivers down my spine because it happens in the year I was born. And it is really, really hard for me to realize that at the time that my parents were happy with my birth, other people were put on trucks and expelled from their homes.[...]

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"No One Accuses Us"

Israel is not to be accused of pederasty. (Babylonian Talmud, Kiddushin 82a)

In 2002 Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, slaps ABC reporter Brian Ross when asked about pederast founder of the Legionaries "of Christ" Marcial Maciel

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Benedict to Bless Counterfeit Israel in May

The politicians and rabbis of counterfeit Israel have issued repeated invitations to Benedict XVI for a visit to that evil state since his election in 2005. Benedict and his spokesmen repeatedly replied that the conditions in "Israel" weren't right for a papal visit. The gullible may have taken this to mean that the pope opposed the humanitarian disaster taking place in the occupied territories, but now we know for certain that this wasn't even a consideration for the pope. He was merely holding out due to Israeli financial chicanery related to Vatican properties which he apparently has been led to believe will soon be settled after 14 years.

Note that days after the Vatican confirmed that it was planning for a papal visit to counterfeit Israel that the Israelis began showering the people of Gaza with U.S.-supplied bombs from their U.S.-supplied F-16's. And yes, these are the same people of Gaza whom the Israelis had prepared for these atrocities by confining them to a ghetto and depriving them of all basic life necessities for many months beforehand, cruelty which the Vatican has been quite mute about as far as I am aware. Benedict, in a grotesque mockery of papal diplomacy, has responded to these Israeli bombings with fake neutrality, equally condemning "violence" on both sides as if there were some parity between Gaza and "Israel" in these events and the conditions that preceded them. Benedict's response in essence would be somewhat similar to telling the Warsaw ghetto-confined "Jews" and the Nazis to stop fighting with each other (imagine the Judaic shrieking if that had happened!), and this from a man who is so often praised for his keen intellect. What a boost Benedict has given the Israelis who desire so much to exterminate the Palestinian people from Palestinian land and to accomplish this with the world thinking well of them for it.

There will be a Benedict XVI papal visit to that pit of evil which he calls the "Holy Land" and it seems that, now that their real estate issues may be close to a settlement, no war crimes or humanitarian disaster could stop it.

Pope trip to Holy Land still possible despite Gaza

Sun 28 Dec 2008

By Phil Stewart

VATICAN CITY, Dec 28 (Reuters) - A possible trip by Pope Benedict to the Holy Land should not be written off because of the escalating conflict in the Gaza Strip, the Vatican's chief spokesman told Reuters on Sunday.

A papal trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories, expected in the spring, would be significant for political and religious relations in the Middle East. It would also be the pope's first trip to the Holy Land since his election in 2005.

Rev. Federico Lombardi said that speculation in the Italian media that the Vatican was rethinking the trip because of the violence was "premature", even as the death toll neared 290 from the two-day Israeli offensive in Gaza.

"It's clear that (the Vatican) is following the situation, but it seems premature to say this incident is a determining or definitive factor," Lombardi said.

He added that the idea of a papal trip to the region had always been addressed "with a certain understanding that the situation is still a risky situation".

"The pope wants to make this trip. There have been contacts to prepare a draft programme and now we must wait to learn if there is a decision" to go ahead with it, he said, adding the final decision was up to the pontiff himself.

Benedict has repeatedly called for an end to the fighting in recent days, including during a high-profile appeal at Christmas. On Sunday, he pressed for all sides to abandon the "perverse logic of conflict and violence".

"The native land of Jesus cannot continue to be witness to so much bloodshed, repeating itself without end. I implore an end to that violence ... and for a renewal of the truce in the Gaza Strip," he told crowds gathered in St. Peter's Square.

The Vatican supports Israel's right to exist within secure borders alongside an independent Palestinian state and hopes a papal trip can help political and religious dialogue aimed at Middle East peace.

Two of Benedict's predecessors in modern times, John Paul II and Paul VI, also visited the Holy Land.

A trip by the pope to Israel could also help improve Catholic-Jewish relations, strained recently over wartime Pope Pius XII, accused by some Jews of turning a blind eye to the Holocaust.

The Vatican says that while Pius did not speak out against the Holocaust, he worked behind the scenes to help Jews because direct intervention would have worsened the situation by prompting retaliation from Hitler. (Editing by Philippa Fletcher)


Israel, Vatican eager to finalize talks before papal visit

By Judith Sudilovsky
Catholic News Service


JERUSALEM (CNS) -- Israeli and Vatican negotiators appear eager to finalize negotiations on fiscal and property matters prior to the pope's visit to the Holy Land, a source close to the negotiations said.

"Both the state of Israel and the representatives of the Holy See are very interested to finalize this," he said, adding that though he was unaware of any official policy, the pope's visit, reportedly in May, might be acting as an impetus for both sides to finish up negotiations.

In a statement following a plenary session at the Vatican Dec. 18, the negotiators said they have scheduled another plenary session for April 23 and four meetings of their working group which will take place starting in January with "the intent on both sides of accelerating the process and reaching an agreement as soon as possible."

The statement called the December meeting "significant and useful."

"Everybody is tired," said the source, who wished to remain anonymous. "The visit by the pope may be the time to finalize it."

Full article:


Liars and thieves

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What Does Christmas Have To Do With The Hanging Of Saddam Hussein?

According to Benedict's elder brothers in the faith, quite a lot. More arcana of the hateful rabbinic desecration of Christmas eve "Nitel Nacht" (Nativity Night of the Hanged One) is revealed here amidst many pious rationalizations for this extreme hatred based in delusional allegations of "not rivers, but oceans" of "Klal Yisael's blood" spilled by "Yeshu's" followers over the centuries "just because they were 'Jews'" ("Yeshu" being the hateful acronym for "may his [Jesus'] name be blotted out"). The depth and intensity of the rabbis' hatred for Jesus Christ strains credulity. What a solid basis for religious relations! What a fraud Benedict and the bishops are involved in.
Teves And Saddam



Timing is everything. As Torah Jews, we accept certain beliefs of ours as the ultimate truth. One of these is that everything that happens in the world happens for Klal Yisrael—“ha’kol bishvil Yisrael.” Another truth is that every-thing that happens is all for the good of Klal Yisrael—“kol d’avad Shemaya, le’tav avad.” While at times it’s hard to see the “good,” especially in painful times, we know and believe in the depths of our collective neshamos that it is truly and completely good (and we will surely one day soon merit to finally understand all these painful events).

What is not that well known is that everything that happens to Klal Yisrael, for the good of Klal Yisrael, happens at a specific moment in time that also has great significance for us. A prominent example of just such timing is the selection of the month of Adar by the evil Haman to carry out his plan for the “final solution” of Klal Yisrael. But the choice of Adar, a significant month for the good mazal of Klal Yisrael, actually worked against him and helped turn around his plan “from yagon to simcha.”

The hanging several days ago of Saddam Hussein, a decades-old enemy of Klal Yisrael, was not only an event of great significance, but its very timing was significant, as well.

We should never forget even for a moment the depth of this rasha’s hatred for Klal Yisrael. Recall the raining down of Scud missiles on Eretz Yisrael more than a decade ago during the first Gulf War and the terrible fear that every Jew in Eretz Yisrael lived with day in and day out for weeks at end. Then there was the reward of $20,000 paid to every family of a suicide bomber after their murderous acts were performed, as an incentive for others to follow. The largest construction project for a new mosque built in one of the Arab villages in years was financed by this rasha as a reward for their having provided the most suicide bombers from one town (yemach shemam).

And so while we can take a deep sigh of relief (at least for the moment) at his death, it is important for us to focus briefly on the timing of his death. The Ramban writes that we can learn more about HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s plans for Klal Yisrael from the timing of events than from the events themselves.

My son Dovid Simcha came home on Asarah B’Teves, a day when Klal Yisrael remembers the day when a siege was laid upon the Beis HaMikdash by Nevuchadnetzar’s army, which finally destroyed the Beis HaMikdash three and a half years later, on Tishah B’Av.

This rasha, Saddam Hussein, made the very arrogant and frightful claim years ago that he is a reincarnation of his ancestor Nevuchadnetzar and will complete the job of removing Klal Yisrael from the face of the earth. How from yeshiva on Asarah B’Teves and shared with us an insight from his wonderful rebbi (Rav Shimon Finkelman), the sixth-grade rebbi at the wonderful Yeshiva Darchei Torah. The rebbi commented on the timing of Saddam’s burial befitting to have his burial on the very day that we remember the evil of his infamous ancestor of more than two thousand years ago!

Allow me to share an insight of my own. The actual day of Saddam’s hanging was an auspicious day, as well, for Klal Yisrael. The pre-dawn hanging took place on the day of the Jewish calendar known as tes Teves, the ninth day of Teves. The Mishnah in Maseches Ta‘anis mentions three consecutive days of ta‘anis, the only days of the year of consecutive fast days: the 8th, 9th, and 10th days of Teves. Today we only fast on the third of these days, which is Asarah B’Teves.

The Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chaim 580:2) in describing the difficult fast days of the year makes reference to these three days, and when it comes to the 9th day of Teves, the mechaber writes “it’s not known which terrible events took place on that day to warrant a fast day.” (The same language is to be found in the Tur and in the Behag). The Mishnah Berurah, in quoting from the Magen Avraham, comments that we find in the Selichos which we recite on Asarah B’Teves that Ezra HaSofer died that day. (As to why the Tur and the Shulchan Aruch did not make reference to this fact of Ezra HaSofer’s death, see Derashos Chasam Sofer and Sefer Ohr Gedalyah on Asarah B’Teves for an insightful explanation).

However, there is another explanation found in rishonim as to what the tragic events of the 9th day of Teves were, that makes it easier to understand why the Shulchan Aruch chose to write the words “we do not know what tragic event took place on that day.”

The Tosfeos Chadashim (on Maseches Ta‘anis) explains that the birth of “Yeshu HaNatzri” took place on tekufas Teves, which on the year of his birth fell out on the 9th day of Teves. Our Chachamim decreed a ta‘anis on that very day for all the pain and suffering that Klal Yisrael would go through at the hands of his followers over the millennia. Not rivers, but oceans of blood have been spilled by the followers of the church in every corner of the world—through blood libels, pogroms, crusades, inquisitions, and forced conversions. Taking all of this suffering into account, the fast of the ninth day of Teves has that much more significance to us.

We can now understand why the Tur and Shulchan Aruch wrote that the tragic events of this day are not known, for it would be instant death at the hands of the Christian censors to write such “blasphemy,” and so they instead chose to write that the events of that day are not known to us.

While there is no direct source for this being the date of Yeshu’s birth, the sefarim ha’kedoshim reveal it to us in the acronym of his description itself. He is referred to in sifrei rishonim (see Terumas HaDeshen, Meiri in his introduction to Avos, and Tosefos HaRosh in Sotah 47a) as the “Nitel one” (meaning the one who was hanged). The four letters of the Hebrew spelling of “nitel” spell out the words “Nolad Yeshu Tes LeTeves” (“Yeshu was born on the 9th day of Teves”).

As to the specific year of his birth, there is much discussion in the rishonim, as well. Some rishonim claim that he was a student of Rabbi Yehoshuaben Perachia, who lived about 180 years before the churban Bayis Sheini (see Raavad in Sefer Kabballah, Sefer Eshkol, Tosefos Chachmei Angliah on Sanhedrin 77a), and others claim he lived in the days of Hilni Hamalkah around 70 years before the churban (see Tosefos HaRosh Sotah 47a; Hagahos HaYaivetz, Avodah Zara 17a) (A more detailed explanation of Yesha’s life and death in the words of Chazal are beyond the purview of our discussion, and will iy’H be discussed in greater detail in a subsequent article.)

So tekufas Teves is a period in the Jewish calendar that not only ushers in the winter season but brings along a dark period where the world is filled with what the Chachmei Kabbalah refer to as “Klipas HaTumah.” It is during this period that the negative forces of spiritual impurity are allowed to penetrate even the atmosphere of
kedushah in Klal Yisrael, hence the ancient minhag of Chassidim of not learning Torah on nitel nacht. And it is only in such a period of Tekufas Teves, of spiritual impurity, that such a powerful force of tumah could be created that would wreak havoc and destruction on Klal Yisrael for 2,000 years.

There are various minhagim as to when nitel nacht actually is. Some hold it’s December 25; others hold January 6 (some, like the Minchas Elazar, hold both); however, the early mekubalim actually hold it’s on tekufas Teves itself, which has been identified by the date of the 9th day of Teves.

And so I wondered, what is the message to us that the Nevuchadnetzar of our day—that evil, Jew-hating rasha, Saddam Hussein—was hanged on the very day of tes Teves, the day recorded in sefarim as the birth of the Nitel one (the one who was hanged)!

While Hashem’s ways are hidden from us, I see a possible message of chizuk to us. Over the generations, as our forefathers were murdered and butchered just for being Jews, what did we do? We davened the words “dam avadav yikom,” retribution shall be exacted by Him, by HaKadosh Baruch Hu himself.

Over the last 20 or so years, we suffered Scud attacks and suicide bombers financed by that evil person, and we were unable to respond. Our only response was taking siddur in hand and crying out in unison, “dam avodov yikom.” And what has happened?

In just a few years, without our firing a shot, HaKadosh Baruch Hu has placed one of the chasidei umos ha’olam in the highest position in this country, and that rasha in Iraq has been brought to his knees, humiliated, and finally hanged on the gallows—not just at any time, but on tes Teves, the day of the birth of the “Nitel one.”

Just maybe the hopeful message to us is that HaKadosh Baruch Hu will continue to be yikom, to exact retribution on all the evil forces that have caused us so much suffering over so many years. The navi promises us that the very day of Asarah B’Teves, which is referred to as the day of “aschalta deperunsia” (the beginning of our punishment) will one day be turned into a day of yagon, sasson, and simcha for all eternity. May it happen speedily in our day!


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St. John The Baptist Contra Benedict XVI

"And seeing many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism, [John the Baptist] said to them: Ye brood of vipers, who hath shewed you to flee from the wrath to come? Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of penance. And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham for our father. For I tell you that God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham. For now the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that doth not yield good fruit, shall be cut down, and cast into the fire" (Matthew 3:7-10; Luke 3:7-9).

St. John the Baptist said these words to people who were true physical descendants of Abraham. He chastised them for their racial pride telling them that their descent from Abraham profits them nothing without repentance and good fruits and that God can raise up anyone--even stones--to be Israel if it pleases Him to do so.

Now, let us turn to Benedict XVI seeing many Pharisees of counterfeit Israel coming to him who claim to have Abraham for their father but do not, who produce rotten fruits in abundance and who are notoriously unrepentant. Benedict revels with them in their delusion telling them:

Dear friends, it is with great pleasure that I meet with you this evening ... we share a relationship that should be strengthened and lived ... we know that these fraternal bonds constitute a continual invitation to know and to respect one another better ... the Catholic Church ... respects the children of the Promise, the children of the Covenant, as her beloved brothers and sisters in the faith ...


Learn how many of Benedict XVI's beloved elder brothers and sisters in the rabbinic faith who he calls "children of the Promise," and "children of the Covenant," secretly express their hatred towards Jesus Christ and His followers on Christmas Eve:

How Benedict's Elder Brothers Observe Christmas Eve

Black Hats Impose Their Metal and PVC Eyesores 2008

To the "goyim" the black hats say these ugly structures that they put up in front of U.S. official buildings are symbols of "light" and "unity" of "the nations." But, among themselves they say:

"It's a brazen mark of influence, especially as the menorah lighting claims to speak for an American Jewish community that traditionally has been uncomfortable with displays of belief on public land." ("Chabad's man makes mark in D.C.," Ron Kampeas, Washington Jewish Week, December 12, 2005)

Yes, and it's also a brazen mark of chutzpah and hypocrisy, given that the "displays of belief" that the "American Jewish Community" is most "uncomfortable" with, based upon the incessant shrieking and litigation, are Christian symbols. I haven't witnessed discomfort with these ridiculous 20 and 30 foot-tall metal and PVC menorahs in front of court buildings, the White House, etc., on the part of the "American Jewish Community."

White House Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten second from left, Rabbis Abraham Shemtov, left, Levi Shemtov and Nachman Holtzberg, right, light the so-called National Hanukkah Menorah, at the Ellipse, near the White House during a lighting ceremony marking the beginning of the celebration of the Hanukkah, Sunday Dec. 21, 2008. Associated Press.

Also see:

Orthodox Judaic Attorney General Mukasey to Light 30' tall Menorah on White House Lawn

Who Will Call for the Separation of the Synagogue of Satan and State?

Perpetual Purim, Reversal/Hippuch

Iraq: A Judaic Conquest

Everything's Kosher in Washington D.C.

How Wisconsin Bishop Listecki and His Flock Observe Advent

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Rama Coomaraswamy and the Great Game

Carrie Tomko has written on a topic I've been researching for a while but haven't mentioned so far due to a few research difficulties.

Rama Coomaraswamy, son of alleged Aleister Crowley associate Ananda Coomaraswamy, was at the center of the splintering of the traditional Catholic movement into warring factions at the time when it's leverage was the strongest. He was quite similar to his friend Malachi Martin in the depth of his deception and subversion, his skill as a masquerader, the damage he caused, and how he was able to pull it off with many of the victims of his swindle regarding him as a saint. He was a true "Kim:" Freemason Rudyard Kipling's character in his book by the same name. Please read Carrie Tomko's blog posting and especially the comments section which I've added to here:


Anyone who can help fill in some of the blanks in this story please email me:


I'm particularly interested in Rama's grandfather Muthu Coomaraswamy who was a politician in Columbo Sri Lanka, knighted by Queen Victoria (as were two of Ananda Coomaraswamy's cousins). Also of interest is Jose Ramon Lopez-Gaston who presided over the strange ordination ritual involving Rama Coomaraswamy and Malachi Martin documented here:


Also of interest is Rama Coomaraswamy's 38 yr. affiliation with Yeshiva University where he was an assistant professor of cardiology and psychology. This is not too remarkable given that his mother was of Judaic descent (Luisa Runstein) which would qualify him in the eyes of the yidden as a "Jew" (Malachi Martin also claimed Judaic descent):

Rama P. Coomaraswamy, born in 1929, received his early education in an orthodox Hindu school in India. He then lived in England (where he obtained his Oxford Matriculation) and in the USA (where he graduated in geology from Harvard University). Then he studied medicine, graduating in 1959, and spent eight years in medical training, and then thirty years as a heart surgeon and assistant professor at the Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York. Because of his own heart ailment, he retired from surgery but retained his position as assistant professor in psychiatry in the same college.


In the audio interview with fellow Sophia Perennis traveller, William Kennedy, linked to below, Rama Coomaraswamy speaks of his association with Malachi Martin. He also randomly offers a tale about Aleister Crowley calling for a Catholic priest on his deathbed(!?!) There are many tales circulating regarding strange phenomenon related to Crowley's death; that he cursed his doctor for withholding heroin and caused his death, etc., but this is the wildest I've heard--Aleister Crowley died repentant in the bosom of the Roman Catholic Church! (and was subsequently cremated). Rama Coomaraswamy has said it! Rama also describes the change of the words of consecration in the new Mass with the curious phrase, "chutzpah." He has described the change in the same way in other interviews:


Like Malachi Martin, Rama Coomaraswamy was a prankster who preyed on the credulous.

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News From the Occupied Pennsylvania Diocese

If some wealthy Catholics were to donate millions of dollars (yeah, right!) to Yeshiva University earmarked for the construction of a center for remembrance of the Bolshevik/Soviet Holocaust against Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Armenian and other Christian ethnic groups and how the rabbis' genocidal, racist teachings paved the road to that Holocaust via Moses Hess and Freemasonry, they would surely build it in the spirit of reciprocity and fairness ... wouldn't they?

In truth, even that wouldn't bring parity which isn't even desirable to begin with. 'Jewish'-Catholic relations is completely irredeemable. A total fraud.

"Tikkun Olam" indeed.


A Brief Study in Judeo-Masonic Double Standards

Cherished friends

Seton Hill President JoAnne Boyle calls Ethel LeFrak and her family "cherished friends" of the university.

Cherished, indeed.

Mrs. LeFrak, of New York City, has donated $750,000 to Seton Hill's National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education.

The money will go toward endowing the Greensburg center's Ethel LeFrak Holocaust Education Conference and creating The Ethel LeFrak Student Scholars of the Holocaust Fund.

The conference, held every three years, is for teachers and faculty members, mainly at Catholic schools. The intent is to enhance Catholic-Jewish understanding.

The fund will provide annual scholarships for students studying the Holocaust and related subjects.

The National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education is the only center of its kind. It was established in 1987.

One of the founders was Sister Gemma Del Duca, a Greensburg native and a Sister of Charity who now lives in Israel. She said in a statement from the university: "Ethel LeFrak's generosity will help with the challenge that remains before us -- to join our Jewish sisters and brothers in the great task of 'Tikkun Olam,' the mending of the world through reconciliation, understanding and education."

Mrs. LeFrak and her family are involved in a number of philanthropic endeavors. Seton Hill granted her an honorary doctorate in 1996. ("Good Morning: East," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 04, 2008)


... Year-round, Catholic and Jewish high schools in the [Western Pennsylvania] region have an exchange program in which rabbis visit Catholic schools and priests visit Jewish schools to educate students about their religious differences and similarities. They've shared in holiday traditions, such as the Catholic students taking part in a Passover Seder meal.

"Because we share a common history with Judaism, it was thought that we should try to honor that by getting together," said Don Teti, assistant superintendent for secondary schools in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Near the holidays, Linda Pricer, principal and teacher at St. Bartholomew Catholic School in Penn Hills, incorporates a lesson about the Holocaust into her eighth-grade literature class.

"It's mostly for tolerance," she said. "To teach the students that we have to step up and that if there's ever going to be a change in this world, we have to do it. When better to teach that lesson than now, during the holidays, when there is so much love and giving?" ("Season gives teachers chance to teach cultural differences," Allison M. Heinrichs, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, December 4, 2008)


Friday, December 5, 2008

The Rabbis' Anti-Black Teachings of Hatred in Practice

News from "Israel:"

Border Guard officers of Ethiopian descent report rising number of racially motivated verbal attacks from Hebron youths; Druze officers also suffer racist remarks ... "Niggers don't expel Jews! This isn't what we brought you to Israel for!" are just some of the degrading slurs Border Guard officers reported hearing from masked settlers.

Judaic apologists for these reports are leading "goys" down a dead end, hairsplitting over the translation and etymology of the term "Cush" and whether this would directly translate to English as "nigger." This is besides the fact that a large percentage of Hebron settlers are from the U.S., speak English as their first language and have as clear an understanding of the meaning and use of the term "nigger" as any American.

Many settlers came from America, believing they were ordained by God to take back the whole of their biblical land, and if they cede ground in Hebron, then Jews could lose all of Israel. "We are the head of the spear," says Nomi Horovitz, "guarding not only Hebron but all of our country." ("Over Their dead Bodies," Time, Nov. 04, 1996)


There is no biblical basis for the anti-black racism demonstrated by these Israeli "settlers." The foundations of this racism is with the sages of rabbinic Judaism and their racist writings.

see: Judaism Discovered, pp. 499-501; 505-513


Dr. Tony Martin: African slave trade

What we have here is a fine example of the dispensational, situation "ethics" aspect of Judaism at work. The Israeli "settlers" who today smear African people as "niggers" wouldn't dare use that term openly against African-Americans when they lived in Long Island, or Los Angeles. The Israeli dispensation is different than the "diaspora" U.S. dispensation. In the U.S. where Judaics are a small minority they form golems out of the many "tribes" and pit them against each other thereby strengthening their "tribe" and weakening the others. This is why in the U.S., African-Americans can often be seen with a rabbi's arm around them, kosher-approving them and empowering them, granting them nearly the same P.C. protected status that Judaics themselves enjoy.

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (2nd from r.) and Martin Luther King, Jr. (4th from r.) in the Selma to Montgomery "Civil Rights" March in 1965.

See: Kabbalist Vatican II, "Civil Rights" Change Agent Honored

But in Hebron, where Judaics are an empowered majority and the other tribes are already weakened and disadvantaged, the traditions and mandates of Judaism, which might otherwise cause a backlash if practiced openly where Judaics are a minority, come to the fore.

This dispensational system is clearly laid out by Moses Maimonides in the Mishneh Torah Avodat Kochavim where he mandates that Judaic doctors are forbidden from offering medical attention to dying non-Judaics, even for pay, plain and simple. But what is a Judaic doctor to do if following this crazy, racist mandate were to cause him difficulty or cause "The Jews" to be viewed negatively, say in a nation of empowered "Gentiles" where Judaics are a minority? Maimonides has accounted for this: ' ... but if you fear him or his hostility, cure him for payment, though you are forbidden to do so without payment' (cf Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion) and see:

New York Times Reveals Talmudic Basis for Legalistic Murder of Goys, Fake Benevolence

Such base tribalism, insane situation ethics and deception from these "covenant people," "eternally persecuted," "elder brothers in the faith" is unfathomable to most non-Judaics, particularly Christians. Today, the Vatican and most western authorities are complicit in perpetuating this confusion.

Settlers to Ethiopian troops: Niggers don't expel Jews

Border Guard officers of Ethiopian descent report rising number of racially motivated verbal attacks from Hebron youths; Druze officers also suffer racist remarks

Danny Adino Ababa - Israel News

Not only do they serve long and tiring hours in the reserve forces, and not only are they forced to deal with violent clashes with settlers, but now, Border Guard officers of Ethiopian descent are also faced with rising racism.

"Niggers don't expel Jews! This isn't what we brought you to Israel for!" are just some of the degrading slurs Border Guard officers reported hearing from masked settlers.

During the violent clashes between Israeli forces and settlers in Hebron on Tuesday "a bunch of veiled people started yelling at us: Who are you to expel us from our home? An Ethiopian does not expel a Jew! A nigger does not expel a Jew!" one Border Guard officer of Ethiopian descent recounted.

"I just didn't know what to do with myself," he said.

Officers 'deeply offended' by remarks

And it turns out this was not the only such incident to take place. Another officer reported that while arriving to make an arrest about a week and-a-half ago, a group of youths verbally attacked him saying, "Who told you to come and evacuate us? You Ethiopians. What are you, this State's niggers? Olmert's niggers?"

The officers said they were deeply offended by these remarks, but stressed that the ones making them were settler youths coming from outside of Hebron, and not the residents of the Jewish settlement or Kiryat Arba, who have treated them with respect.

Border Guard sources reported that racist remarks were also made against Druze soldiers. "We knew that this would happen so we instructed our officers in advance," said a source.

"We harshly condemn those extremists that bring a bad name to an entire public by using racial slurs against Border Guard fighters that spend night and day protecting residents of the West Bank.

"As part of the preparations for the mission the fighters were instructed to ignore such comments and carry out their mission with the utmost professionalism."


Monday, December 1, 2008

Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel: Dr Jim West: Maybe They Would Like to be Spit On Too…

Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel: Dr Jim West: Maybe They Would Like to be Spit On Too…

This links to a brief article on a topic which thankfully is getting a bit more exposure, that being the practice of spitting at Christians and crosses worn around their necks common among Orthodox Judaics in the Zionist state.

For more on this and similar centuries-old traditions of Orthodox Judaism intended to humiliate Christians and desecrate and curse Christian churches and symbols see: Reckless Rites, by Elliot Horowitz, Jewish History Jewish Religion, by Israel Shahak and Judaism Discovered, by Michael A. Hoffman.