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Rama Coomaraswamy and the Great Game

Carrie Tomko has written on a topic I've been researching for a while but haven't mentioned so far due to a few research difficulties.

Rama Coomaraswamy, son of alleged Aleister Crowley associate Ananda Coomaraswamy, was at the center of the splintering of the traditional Catholic movement into warring factions at the time when it's leverage was the strongest. He was quite similar to his friend Malachi Martin in the depth of his deception and subversion, his skill as a masquerader, the damage he caused, and how he was able to pull it off with many of the victims of his swindle regarding him as a saint. He was a true "Kim:" Freemason Rudyard Kipling's character in his book by the same name. Please read Carrie Tomko's blog posting and especially the comments section which I've added to here:

Anyone who can help fill in some of the blanks in this story please email me:

I'm particularly interested in Rama's grandfather Muthu Coomaraswamy who was a politician in Columbo Sri Lanka, knighted by Queen Victoria (as were two of Ananda Coomaraswamy's cousins). Also of interest is Jose Ramon Lopez-Gaston who presided over the strange ordination ritual involving Rama Coomaraswamy and Malachi Martin documented here:

Also of interest is Rama Coomaraswamy's 38 yr. affiliation with Yeshiva University where he was an assistant professor of cardiology and psychology. This is not too remarkable given that his mother was of Judaic descent (Luisa Runstein) which would qualify him in the eyes of the yidden as a "Jew" (Malachi Martin also claimed Judaic descent):

Rama P. Coomaraswamy, born in 1929, received his early education in an orthodox Hindu school in India. He then lived in England (where he obtained his Oxford Matriculation) and in the USA (where he graduated in geology from Harvard University). Then he studied medicine, graduating in 1959, and spent eight years in medical training, and then thirty years as a heart surgeon and assistant professor at the Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York. Because of his own heart ailment, he retired from surgery but retained his position as assistant professor in psychiatry in the same college.

In the audio interview with fellow Sophia Perennis traveller, William Kennedy, linked to below, Rama Coomaraswamy speaks of his association with Malachi Martin. He also randomly offers a tale about Aleister Crowley calling for a Catholic priest on his deathbed(!?!) There are many tales circulating regarding strange phenomenon related to Crowley's death; that he cursed his doctor for withholding heroin and caused his death, etc., but this is the wildest I've heard--Aleister Crowley died repentant in the bosom of the Roman Catholic Church! (and was subsequently cremated). Rama Coomaraswamy has said it! Rama also describes the change of the words of consecration in the new Mass with the curious phrase, "chutzpah." He has described the change in the same way in other interviews:

Like Malachi Martin, Rama Coomaraswamy was a prankster who preyed on the credulous.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on now Maurice!

Like the always faithful Catholic Eliphas Levi, Aleister Crowley died within the bosom of Holy Mother Church!

Didn't you know?


Anonymous said...

"worked with well-known exorcist Bishop Robert McKenna and Malachi Martin."

Wow I mean isn't so Catholic to work with strange ghost hunters. I mean that's Catholic right?

Um yeah OK.

Anonymous said...

I fear there is a rush to judgement here, Maurice. Too much "guilt by association" and some of your statements are silly (eg. "the strange ordination ritual").

There is no obvious connection of Coomaraswamy and some "great game," but now judgments may be taited with your scandalizing speculations.

I knew nothing of these events before your post and I am more disappointed and confused than aided by your and Carrie Tomko's pastiche analysis.

Could you explain the connection of all this to gnosticism?

Anonymous said...

At least one of Rama's books has been offered for a long time by TAN Books. He used to write many articles for the SSPV publication "The Roman Catholic". Some of his other books were being sold by a publisher who also put out New Age and Hindu books.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your clarification, please excuse my clumsy complaint. I am mainly motivated by the testimony of a friend (spoken to consequent to reading your article) who knew Coomaraswamy professionally, patient to MD. He hadn't any negative experience in his dealings with Coomaraswamy. On the contrary, he had general praise for him. He said Coomaraswamy's main fault came to be his total rejection of the 1962 Missal, which admittedly is a significant fault. Perhaps this is at the root of what was to follow?


Kind of off topic though perhaps connected...

I have always been disturbed with the allegation by Mr. Heimbichner that Cardinal Rampolla was a Freemason. I cannot find corroborating evidence for his claim and it makes me question his other research. Can you help with this one?

Maurice Pinay said...

There has been no rush to judgment on my part. I've associated with people who were affected by Coomaraswamy's thinking for decades. I've been working on this story since June initially basing my suspicion on what other people have pieced together long ago. There are a few pieces of the puzzle that I have had trouble corroborating which would be powerful, but not at all necessary in building may case. Mrs. Tomko revived the research of this topic last week so I thought I'd give her due credit and also collaborate and appeal for help in hopes that someone may offer it. When you're researching subversive activity it's not just a matter of hitting the stacks at the library, I hope you understand.

I admit that this posting and connecting to a comments section at another blog is not an ideal way to state a case and this is not how I would prefer to have done it. I will organize things into posting(s) on this blog.

In the meantime I will say this: ultimately, I have not based my suspicion of Coomaraswamy on any association or circumstantial piece of evidence or even all of the circumstantial evidence together. My suspicion is based in the fact that Coomaraswamy found his way into the center of traditional Catholicism; into an SSPX seminary in Ridgefield at the time when the SSPX was powerful, had a strong leader and had great leverage against the Vatican. From that position he brought division, chaos and weakness. His disciples who were expelled from the SSPX due to his machinations formed the SSPV and took Coomaraswamy with them. Then some priests left the SSPV and started another sect taking Coomaraswamy with them and then that sect divided further. These sects were and continue to be hostile to each other.

Coomaraswamy, through his writings and influence over traditionalist priests, is a key cause of all the legalistic hairsplitting that has traditionalists at each other's throats instead of focusing on what enemy has done this and how to rid ourselves of it.

He came into a powerful, unified, focused traditional Catholic movement with strong leverage and left infighting, division, chaos and weakness in his wake. These are the fruits of Rama Coomaraswamy and they're bad fruits, so what do we say about the tree? For me it's a simple matter. I fear that the mountain of circumstantial evidence may only distract from these basic facts. Perhaps I should just leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

"He came into a powerful, unified, focused traditional Catholic movement with strong leverage and left infighting, division, chaos and weakness in his wake."

The same could be said of Archbishop Lefebvre as well. No one flip-flopped more than he did. In fact, Lefebvre's flip-flopping was, shall we say, Montinian. One day the new rites are "bastard sacraments" (implying invalidity); the next day Lefebvre and Schmidberger calmly announce: "Oh, their just Eastern rite." Well, which is it, Lefebvre? If you're going to accuse Coomaraswamy of fracturing the Traditional movement you may as well level the accusation at the man who was the master of that -- Archbishop Lefebvre himself. What's another of Lefebvre's quotes? "I won't say the pope is not the pope, but I won't say it's not possible to say the pope isn't the pope." Talk about a hoodwink! Whatever leverage Lefebvre had against the Vatican, he used to keep traditionalists co-opted, controlled, and in a corner. Dig a little deeper, and you might find out more about Lefebvre than you wish to know. As you say, you don't do research about these topics in a local library.

From pp 104-105 of Hutton Gibson's book, "The Enemy is Still Here!":

(letter 1/29/97of Christopher Shannon, known for his sheet, The Spark.)
Personal Witness. me. Rogation Days, Mon, Tues, Wed of 5th week after Easter, Year 1972, Econe-Sion, Switzerland. The two towns are only a few blocks apart. Procession through Econe-Sion from his seminary. Masonic band formed in front, lead (sic) whole procession. Very disturbing! I was in procession, most uncomfortable. Never heard of such a thing. Later, back in US on TV saw other European processions lead (sic) by bands. Why. Why a band? Playing band music. Why? Processions are led by the Crucifix, NOT a 15 piece band! . . . anyway. I asked people in the procession what is going on here? They all said it's the Sion Masonic band. Lefebvre is a Mason, it's OK. Since I hadn't yet really dug into the Masonic issue, Jewish issue, Conspiracy issue - This certainly got me started!

I was in Econe-Sion, 2 months, by this time very nervous about what to do if they accepted me. I went there uncomfortable to begin with, something strange about Lefebvre, Econe, his Roman connections.

Anyway I figured if they took me in permanently, I'd finish the course if I could (I didn't like the Masonic thing). Finish, be ordained, cool it a few years, being a nice guy for them, then bolt the Society. My goal was ordination whatever the cost, as long as it didn't cost me my soul [The ordination Pius XII cooked?]

Then two things came together. I was getting more nervous about Masonry and Econe being right in the middle of it -- Sion, Switzerland, I learned while there, was a major European Center of Freemasonry . . . How did I discover all this? Again, people there told me! No mystery or digging required. Strange.

He (Lefebvre) was ordained by a known Masonic Cardinal Achille Lienhart (sic) of whom I heard when I was in Fatima, but that is another story. I met Lienhart in Fatima 2 years before, where he met with others among whom I also happened to be seeking a finish to my seminary career. Coincidence, but an instructive one.

Already I was seeking a higher path. The religious orders I was in and out of, about 6 of them were closer to the contemplative style I thought I was seeking & this kind of pursuit is OK in Canon Law, upward, upward, is why I was allowed to leave one and join another.

I suppose you would rather read something exposing the Masonic origins of SSPX.

My answer to this is it has to be written yet and I don't know who will -- books at this point are not my style. Maybe someone has. I doubt it. Others have already exposed the Society in bits and pieces. No books I am aware of.

And this. Follow the money trail. I suspect the bulk of the funds are from Rome. Lefebvre made frequent trips to Rome while I was with him (I sat next to him at the dinner table). All of these were cordial, not combative, or argumentative, as most would believe. He was simply arranging strategies under the leadership of his Roman bosses. How do I know this, too? He told me.

The man's a devil (was, he's dead), Benign saintly smile. The sugar, the poison, was instilled in the process and grows, and grows, until the harvest. [End of quotation]

I have maintained for years that Lefebvre was a Freemason. -- HG"

You can read more on pages 94-96 of the same book available for download on Hutton Gibson's website at

In one of her replies in the comments section of her blog entry, Carrie Tomko wrote something to the effect that you don't want to be fooled by lace albs and ornate chasubles -- and she makes a very salient point. Externals can be deceiving. Clericalism, the deification of the clergy, is what led to so many problems in the Church -- from priestly abuse scandals to apostate bishops. "No, not Father John! It just can't be? I refuse to believe it!" Well, clericalism is alive and well in the SSPX milieu. Imbuing the SSPX with the answer to every problem in the world is, sadly, an organic response to the desire to find moral leadership in a world gone mad, but it, too, is an error. For further research, please see:


Maurice Pinay said...

Comparing a few contradictory rhetorical statements from Archbishop Lefebvre with Coomaraswamy's theorizing is absurd.

The business with Cardinal Liénart is staple pop culture already via "Holy Blood, Holy Grail." I have seen no evidence that Archbishop Lefebvre was a mason and while he wasn't perfect, I believe that his fruits overall were good which tends not to be the case with high-level masons.

It is true that traditionalists tend to be respecters of persons, but relative to the scoundrel gurus and cajolers that most of them follow, Archbishop Lefebvre yielded far better fruits.

Anonymous said...

Coomaraswamy was not the only sedevacantist game in town. Fr. Arriaga wrote Sede Vacante before Coomaraswamy entered the SSPX orbit, Hutton Gibson's Alliance for Catholic Tradition was established by his own efforts and thought, and Archbishop Thuc was acting independently of Lefebvre.

The sectarian fracturing of the traditional resistance you cite is less a result of Coomaraswamy's "great game" than it is a natural, organic outgrowth of Lefebvre's schismatic trajectory. Bishops are not merely sacrament generators; the consecration of four implies setting up a parallel Magisterium, of which there can be only one.

Lefebvre's fruits? Schism and error are never good fruits -- nor are clericalism, triumphalism, and juridicism (all evidenced in the SSPX's 'game'). Mantillas and one's Sunday best cannot change that.

Maurice Pinay said...

Coomaraswamy was not the only sedevacantist game in town.


Coomaraswamy was the one that splintered the SSPX which, aside from Campos, was the only traditionalist "game in town" with any influence worth speaking of.

Anonymous said...

"Pope Veritas" will cite from crazy sedevacantist sites like virgo-maria and then in his next post accuse the Archbishop of schism and error. Not very consistent are we.

Reminds me of Malachi Martin groupies who said that calling into question Mr. Malachi Martin's credibility would ultimately lead one to becoming a sedevacantist even though Mr. Malachi Martin himself was a "co-consecrator" at Coomaraswamy's sedevacantist so-called "episcopal consecration"!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Maurice,

Regarding the passage in your article which says:

In the audio interview with fellow Sophia Perennis traveller, William Kennedy, linked to below, Rama Coomaraswamy speaks of his association with Malachi Martin. He also randomly offers a tale about Aleister Crowley calling for a Catholic priest on his deathbed(!?!) There are many tales circulating regarding strange phenomenon related to Crowley's death; that he cursed his doctor for withholding heroin and caused his death, etc., but this is the wildest I've heard--Aleister Crowley died repentant in the bosom of the Roman Catholic Church! (and was subsequently cremated).

While none have been proven conclusively, there are also stories to the effect that Crowley received an illicit but valid ordination to the priesthood and consecration as "bishop" when he became a leader in the Ordo Templi Orientis.

At the very least, I thought you might find the following article interesting.

Anonymous said...

Dear rev'd up,

I apologize in advance for the length of this comment.

With regard to the allegation in Craig Heimbichner's STORY OF CARDINAL RAMPOLLA that the late Cardinal Rampolla was a Freemason ( member of O.T.O.), the jury is still out for me as well on that one.....if only because I have not yet seen evidence that is powerful enough to convince me beyond a reasonable doubt that this story about Cardinl Rampolla's OTO membership is true.

As I recall, the first time I had ever read this story about Cardinal Rampolla was in one of Malachi Martin's books entitled THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD.

It was one Msgr. Ernest Jouin who apparently brought the matter of Rampolla's alleged O.T.O. membership to the attention of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria vis a vis His Eminence Prince Jan Maurycy Paweł Cardinal Puzyna de Kosielsko.

Peter Koenig does state in his informative website THE OTO PHENOMENA that Rampolla was allegedly a member of the Spanish OTO:

1913 - On the 20th of March the Grand Heirophant John Yarker died. He was succeeded by Theodor Reuss. [20] After the death of Villarino del Villar, the Grand Master of the 'Spanish National Rite', this rite fused with the Catalonian 'Balearic Grand Lodge'. [Italy: after the death of Michele de Vicenzo Majulli (33°, 90°, 95°, VII°) [21] in the summer of 1912 Eduardo Frosini "Hermes" became 33°, 90°, 96° and VII° [22]. He had received MM-degrees already in 1909 by Yarker [23]. Also in Italy Arturo Reghini "Maximus" (12th of November 1878 - 1st of July 1946) was made 33°, VI°, and G. di San Fortunato was raised to 33°, 90°, 95° and VII°. [24] Frosini and Reghini are entered in Crowley's Golden Book [25] which only contains entries from 1912 to 1917. Encausse made Czesław Czyński 33°, 90°, 96°, VII° and 'Legate of the Universal Gnostic Church' for Russia [26]. On the 20th of October 1913 Crowley was a founder-member of the 'Rite Philosophique Italien'. Reghini, of whom no more was heard to do with Martinism, was made VII° at the same time. [27] Allegedly the Madrid Cardinal Mariano Rampolla di Tindaro (1843-1913), who was nearly elected as successor to Pope Leo the 13th, was a member of this Spanish O.T.O.. [28]]

Footnote 28:
Georges Virebeau: Prélats et Franc-Maçons, Paris 1978

However, there are other reasons why Emperor Franz Joseph could have "had it in" for Cardinal Rampolla. Namely on account of Franz Joseph's son Meyerling being refused a Christian burial on account of the murder suicide pact he entered into with his mistress.


However there were many people who doubted the truth of the alleged murder-suicide pact:

Many people however doubted the truthfulness of the report. Before her death in 1989, Empress Zita, widow of the last Austrian Emperor Charles I (r. 1916–1918), repeated the claim that the young couple had been murdered as part of an attempt to cover up a French plot to overthrow his father, a pro-German conservative, and replace him with Rudolf, a pro-French Liberal. According to Empress Zita, Rudolf had indignantly refused to take part and threatened to inform his father. Empress Zita did not offer any new evidence and her claims, however widely reported, were not given much credence during her lifetime.

In December 1992 the remains of Baroness Vetsera were stolen from the cemetery at Heiligenkreuz. When the missing remains were tracked down, the police, to ensure they were the correct remains, asked the Viennese Medical Institute to examine them. While they did confirm that they were the correct remains, the institution noted how the skull contained no evidence whatsoever of a bullet hole, the supposed means by which Vetsera had been killed by the crown prince. more....


Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria, too, did not wish to see Rampolla elected to the Chair of Peter. He held a grudge against Rampollo for opposing a proper burial for his son Rudolf upon Rudolf's suicide. Rampollo had also openly supported political movements in Austria that were hostile to the Emperor.

These are just a few of the arguments representing both sides of the Cardinal Rampolla controversy.

Anonymous said...

No, HallNOates, "we" are quite consistent. The information presented at the links simply demonstrates that the SSPX is not impeccable, and that incense and latin do not automatically, as if by magic, generate impeccability. SSPX parishioners confess their sins, do they not? You mean the old rites don't prevent one from sinning? My citation of the site was not to support the sedevacantist thesis. I am a Catholic which means that I am neither a sedevacantist or Lefebvrist. However, if you feel that criticism of the SSPX is sedevacantist, then you must feel that the SSPX is The Church. If so, please cite the conclave that elected Lefebvre as Pope. As I said, schism and error are not good fruits. Moreover, the likes of Fr. Cekada and Bishop Kelly, for instance, can apparently stand on their own two feet, theologically speaking (at least in their minds), and there's no indication that they would have felt any differently if Coomaraswamy hadn't been around. In Cekada's recent articles, whenever he mentions the defection of "the nine," very little attention is paid to Coomaraswamy. And, for the sake of argument, if it were revealed to Cekada that Coomaraswmay was in reality a syncretist infiltrator, I don't think he'd abandon the sedevacantist thesis (nor would Kelly, Dolan, Pivarunas, etc.).

Maurice Pinay said...

My comments on Coomaraswamy aren't intended to absolve any of the other parties involved of responsibility. He was the thinker of the bunch, however, so he bears a greater portion of the responsibility.

I will not publish any more comments containing sectarian bickering. Please feel free to contribute any solid information relevant to the Coomaraswamy matter.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maurice,

Here is some data you might be interested in Re: Sir Muthu Coomaraswamy

One of the greatest Tamils of the last century. He was the first non-Christian or non-Jew to be admitted to the Inns of Court and called to the English Bar. During his stay in England, he moved around with the most powerful and influential men of England including Lord Houghton, Lord Palmerston, Benjamin Disraeli, etc. The French Emperor Napolean the Third was another close friend of his. Coomaraswamy was depicted as the hero in Disraeli's last unfinished novel, Kusinara. On his return to Ceylon, he entered the Legislative Council where he was extremely successful. His translations, from Pali, works such as Sutta Nipata and Data Vamsa and from Tamil, Harischandra and the hymns of Thayumanavar introduced the West to "new vistas of spiritual and philosophical thought." Thus, he blazed the trail that others like Swami Vivekananda would follow. A.M.M. Ferguson described him as "the foremost man of the twenty millions or more of the Dravidian race." He was the first Asian to be knighted during the reign of Queen Victoria......


FYI - Napoleon III, who was said to have been a close friend of Muthu Coomaraswamy, was a contemporary of occultists such as Vintras (France), Eliphas Levi(France), Pascal Beverly Randolph (United States), Albert Pike (United States) and Edward Bulwer-Lytton( England). Napoleon III was also said to be a member of the Rosicrucian order headed by Eliphas Levi and was reportedly present at an important meeting in the early 1860's. This meeting was described in a book entitled RAVALETTE: THE ROSICRUCIAN'S STORY by Paschal Beverly Randolph which was republished in 1939 by R. Swineburne Clymer amidst allegations that the Rosicrucian Order was part of a Nazi fifth column here in the U.S.A.

It seems that the Rosicrucian Order had come into the crosshairs of the House un-American Activities Committee after a picture of AMORC leader H. Spencer Lewis and Benito Mussolini was published on the front page of the New York Times and which portrayed them as being on rather friendly terms.

Maurice Pinay said...

On Ananda Coomaraswamy's cousin: Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan was not only steeped in Hindu and Christian mysticism, but was deeply involved in the revival of Buddhist activities in Ceylon. He was responsible for the Government declaring Wesak a public holiday, and was closely associated with Col. Henry Olcott, the co-founder of the Theosophical Society, in promoting Buddhist education in schools.

Maurice Pinay said...

A reader gave me a lead which pointed to this piece of info that indicates A. Coomaraswamy, like his father and cousins, is Cryptocracy-approved. Be sure to follow the link to see photos:

A special plaque next to the Shiva statue at CERN explains the significance of the metaphor of Shiva's cosmic dance with several quotations from The Tao of Physics. Here is the text of the plaque: Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, seeing beyond the unsurpassed rhythm, beauty, power and grace of the Nataraja, once wrote of it "It is the clearest image of the activity of God which any art or religion can boast of."

A. Coomaraswamy wrote a book exalting the pagan dance of Shiva idol. Rama never disassociated himself from his father's legacy one aspect of which was his smuggling of Hinduism into the West, making over that disgusting, racist, pagan system to appear enlightened and beautiful by covering up it's true nature, much like Martin Buber did with Hasidism. Rama upheld his father's legacy until the very end.

Even after death the A. Coomaraswamy legacy serves to make Hinduism appear to unlock the secrets of science. Kabbalah is often puffed up in this same way.

The whole (Nataraj, dancing Shiva) idol rests on a lotus pedestal, the symbol of the creative forces of the universe.

Anonymous said...


In response to:

Here is the text of the plaque: Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, seeing beyond the unsurpassed rhythm, beauty, power and grace of the Nataraja, once wrote of it "It is the clearest image of the activity of God which any art or religion can boast of."

The excerpt from following article MAY explain why Aleister Crowley insisted on spelling Coomaraswamy with a "K." For me, its credibility is supported by the fact that Crowley is never once mentioned in the article.

....A day in the year 1879. A passenger ship was on its way from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to England. One of the passengers was a beautiful English woman. She held a two-year-old child in her lap and gazed at his face. Her own face reflected both joy and sorrow. The child was brown-skinned, dark-haired and had lustrous eyes. He smiled up at his mother.....

....The mother remembered her husband Mutthu Coomaraswamy Mudaliar who had died two years ago leaving his son fatherless. She could see him clearly in her mind's eye.

Mutthu Coomaraswamy was an exceptional person. He came to Ceylon from far away Tamil Nadu and settled down there. He became a citizen of Ceylon and later was a member of the Legislative Assembly. He was a well-known advocate and was the first Asian to receive a knighthood. (Knighthood is an honor conferred upon a person who has distinguished himself in public service. Those who have this honor are entitled to add 'Sir' to their names.)

Mutthu Coomaraswamy met an English girl called Elizabeth Clay-Beevi when he went to England on business. She was captivated by his personality and they married. They came back to Ceylon. On the 22nd of August 1877 their son was born.

Elizabeth had left her country to come to far away Ceylon with her husband. When she undertook that long journey she was full of enthusiasm and hope. On her voyage back to England Elizabeth had her son with her who was the image of her husband but she was bowed down under the weight of sorrow. She had the responsibility of bringing up the child alone. Motherhood had imparted gravity to her personality. What a difference there was between the two journeys!

Her married life had come to an end in a short time. The child in her arms represented the love and happiness of those years. Elizabeth decided to bring up the child to be a worthy son of his father, in spite of the many difficulties that lay in her path.

Back in England, Elizabeth devoted herself entirely to the care of her son and his education.....

.....The child would ask his mother questions about everything she did.

"Mother, why do you close your eyes and stand with folded hands?"

"What are those pictures? Who are they in the pictures?"

The mother would smile and explain: "One of them is your father, the other one is the god Kumaraswami."

"I have never seen father. Where is he now, mother?"

"He is with the god Kumaraswami whom you see in the picture next to your father's."

"Is that picture the god's? But he has six faces!"

"Yes, my son. The god has six faces and he is also known by the name Shanmukha. Your father was a devotee of this deity. That is why you were named Coomaraswamy. Your father used to worship and pray to this god everyday. You pray to him too, with folded hands and closed eyes. Pray to him to make you a good person."

Ananda Coomaraswamy knowing neither God nor devotion closed his impish eyes and stood with folded hands as his mother bade him.

Thus was Coomaraswamy introduced to Hinduism and the Hindu pantheon. Elizabeth used to tell the little boy stories of the great souls of India in words that he could understand.....

By the way, there were those ( i.e. a Dr. Vigneshan) who tried to portray Ananda's mother Elizabeth Clay - Beeby as a Catholic. But there does not appear to be any corroborating evidence to back this up.

The internal evidence available from these pages demonstrates that Beeby was originally a Protestant; however, Dr. Vigneshan explicitly and confidently claims that she was a Catholic.....

.....We are told that Muthu Coomaraswamy and Beeby met at "Non-Denominational Services" church services in central London", that is, Protestant services. No Catholic at that time would be caught attending one dead!

Anonymous said...

HallnOates and All,

Perhaps most of the readers here are aware of the curious little group that once operated out of Monroe Connecticut?

It included "exorcist" Doctor/Father Rama Coomaraswamy, "demonologists" Ed and Lorraine Warren, Bishop Robert McKenna (O.P.), on occasion Malachi Martin and a curious little person referred to by the group as "Reverend Jun."

Here is a photo of "Rev. Jun," his "disciples," and Lorraine Warren (lower left). I have never seen any information about "Rev. Jun." He appears to be some sort of Tibetan monk.

What's up with that?

Does anyone know anything about "Rev. Jun?"

Maurice Pinay said...

What's up with that?


Fascination with the demonic, I reckon. And encouragement of the same in their followers through titillation via interviews on paranormal radio shows and books such as Malachi Martin's "Hostage to the Devil" and the opening of "Windswept House" which also serves to brutalize the psyche of readers with gratuitous graphic detail.

It's also about these magus sages generating an aura for themselves.

Anonymous said...

The details are fascinating, but at the end of the day it's the same old dog and pony show. Coomaraswamy, Martin et al specialize in the maxim: If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with BS.

The problem with the details is that they can tend to over-awe us. But in Christ, we are more than conquerors.

I am now a believer that Coomaraswamy was "placed" within the traditional movement in order to destroy Catholic devotion and faith. Maurice, your title "Great Game" is very apt now that I see more of the picture.

Thank you Jane for your info about Cardinal Rampolla. I've always thought that it was more likely the Emperor was a Freemason or their victim; especially knowing that Jews had had control over the Empire's finances for centuries. I suspect that Raphael Cardinal Merry del Val had everything to do with Rampolla's ouster and defamation. Del Val did not like Rampolla due to Rampolla's interest in seeking solutions to the schisms with both the Holy Orthodox Church and the Anglican Church.

As regards his ouster, there are parallels between Rampolla and Siri. An "invisible" hand guided both.

Anonymous said...

One of Eric Gill's foremost influences was A. Coomaraswamy's and his work Christian and Oriental Art Philosophy of Art.

Anonymous said...

The story about the Masonic band leading the procession at Econe is just lovely.

Anonymous said...

I am William H. Kennedy and I want to clear up a misconception about the interview I did with my friend Rama P. Coomaraswamy.

Rama's comment about Aleister Crowley was a mistake on his part -- it was a result of being misinformed by some third party.

Let me clear up the matter. It was Timothy Leary who reconciled with the Catholic Church one week before his death -- This can be confirmed in the following documentary on Leary:

It was a mistake for Rama to have stated this about AC without proper confirmation. I asked him about his and he check ed with the person who mistakenly told him AC became Catholic. That clears the matter up.

As far as breaking up the Traditional Catholic Church I think it is sick Jew Haters like you who post on this page who cause the most damage.

Pope's Peter and most of the early Popes were full blooded Jews!

I think sickos on this page need to get psychiatric help at Yeshiva Mental Hospital!

I have no more to say!