Thursday, December 31, 2009

Benedict's Kabbalistic Two-Step

After Pius move, Pope Benedict practices delicate Jewish dance

By Ruth Ellen Gruber

December 31, 2009

ROME (JTA) -- For at least the third time in his papacy, Pope Benedict's XVI is doing the Jewish dance that takes him one step back, one step forward.

The step back came when Benedict made a move in mid-December to bring Holocaust-era Pope Pius XII a bit closer to sainthood. The step forward will come in mid-January, when Benedict visits Rome's main synagogue -- a trip planned long before Benedict's move on Pius.

The question is what impact the visit will have on ruffled Catholic-Jewish relations.

"It is an important event, a milestone in the dialogue," Rome’s chief rabbi, Riccardo Di Segni, told Vatican Radio about the planned synagogue visit. "We have great expectations for what it can mean in terms of the general climate."

... Analysts said Benedict's move on Pius is part of the pope's effort to shore up conservative forces within the church.

"The pope apparently has chosen to balance his unquestionable commitment to the Catholic Church's good relations with world Judaism with his commitment to recuperating the religious right wing of Catholicism," said Lisa Palmieri Billig, the American Jewish Committee's liaison to the Vatican. "Obviously his path is strewn with warring obstacles."

Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, an expert in interfaith relations and the vice president of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, said, "The great struggle of this moment is shoring up the most traditional elements of his church as he fights the growing secularization and Islamification of the European stage, which is right before his eyes."

Bretton-Granatoor said that the visit to the synagogue in Rome is "far more telling about the state of Catholic-Jewish relations" than the move to elevate Pius ...

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chief Rabbis' Race War Tract Repackaged for Judeo-Churchgoers as "Pro-Life" Message

The Chief Rabbis of Counterfeit Israel have recently distributed a tract to all Israeli rabbis instructing them to teach Israeli Judaic couples to have more children and less abortions. The Jerusalem Post:

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Metzger told The Jerusalem Post that it was important to encourage fertility and discourage abortions, in part, to fight a demographic war. "I am sorry to say that our enemies are multiplying ... Rabbis have a role in encouraging their communities to have children and to discourage abortions. It is the best weapon against our enemies," Metzger said. ("Rabbis: Abortion will delay the redemption," Jerusalem Post, Matthew Wagner, Dec 29, 2009)

This story was repackaged for "righteous Gentile" consumption--with the above quoted key to understanding the essence of the matter wiped from the record--and distributed to Judeo-Churchgoer outfits, for example, HERE, and HERE.

The poor souls who read the "righteous Gentile" version of the story will likely come away believing that the rabbis are against abortion, which is false (see Judaism Discovered pp. 878-885), and that the rabbis champion the rights of all unborn babies, whether they be of Israeli or, say, Palestinian parentage, which is delusional.

This is a case of rabbinic situation ethics. The rabbis are faced with the stark reality that Israeli death-culture produces far fewer children than Palestinian culture (which we are supposed to believe is the death culture). The Palestinian birth rate is greatly outpacing the Israeli birth rate in "the only Democracy in the Middle East." Once there is a Palestinian majority in the Zionist state, even the pretense of Democracy will be disposed of. There is no chance of true democratic representation for Palestinians in "The 'Jewish' State." So, given the Israeli demographics reality, the rabbis, who in 'the diaspora' are at-the-ready with their halakhic loopholes for abortion, suddenly must rule against abortion--Judaic abortion, that is. There is no principle that the rabbis won't circumvented when "the times require it" HERE, and HERE. Such is the fluid nature of rabbinic Judaism.

The reality of how "enemy" babies are regarded in the Israeli state:

Dead Palestinian babies and bombed mosques - IDF fashion 2009

Israeli government funding rabbi whose book endorses killing babies

There is nothing pro-life about the rabbis of Counterfeit Israel.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Single-Loyalty Senator Chuck Schumer Addresses Single-Loyalty Constituents at FL Synagogue

This is from the 2008 presidential campaign. Mr. Schumer explains: "You know who got him [Obama] started in politics? ... it was the two leading Jewish families of Chicago."

Thanks to American Journey.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elder Brothers Traditional Christmas Hate

Read a traditional Judaic children's Christmas Eve ("Nitel Night") story and consider how this dreary, paranoid, hate-filled, tribal tradition can account for the relentless Judaic attack on Christmas. The "elder brothers" have traditionally taught their children to not only to fear and hate Jesus, but to believe that He is the cause of all their problems, through tales that long predate Stephen King and upstage him immeasurably in ponderous gloom:

" ... Up to the end of the Jews' street he walked at ease, but at the corner, where began the enemy's world, he stopped like a frightened hare, scenting the hunter's hounds ... He passed the cemetery without a tremor; on that night [Christmas Eve] it was but the living he feared. The next turning brought him to the church. He remembered his mother's warning not to pass it ... Just as he came opposite the church door, it opened, and forth came a laughing group of men and girls who hurried away, the last one leaving the door ajar. From the shadow into which he had crept, Hirshl could look within, down to the shining altar where hung a half-naked, blood-stained effigy of Jesus of Nazareth.

"It is their God," he thought, and gazed with fear and loathing at the ghastly figure. In his mind there loomed mystically, vaguely, but fearfully, the consciousness that the source of all their troubles lay in that horrible figure.

How spectral the gloom of those shadowy knaves! What harrowing mysteries hid behind those dark chancel doors! Was it there they kept that awful host, on account of which the Jews had to stay in their houses during Passion week,* and which bled--so the Christians said--when a Jew looked upon it? Then a chancel door began slowly and silently to slide ajar, and Hershl turned and fled in terror ..." ("Nittel Nacht," A Renegade and Other Tales, edited by Martha Wolfenstein, Kessinger Publishing)

The canon of Judaic fables of total goy evil contrasted against total "Jew" saintly victimhood, which functions as a virtual wall between the tribe and 'the goyim,' extends far beyond this collection. This and other collections, such as Lilith's Cave, contain many such tales, but they are only adaptations for children of the tribal paranoia and hate of Talmud and Kabbalah.

* see: Reckless Rites, Elliot Horowitz, pp.172-174, Princeton University Press

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moldovan Orthodox Christians DID NOT Smash or Dump a Menorah

Recent establishment news reports of Moldovan Christians "smashing" and "dumping" a menorah are lies in keeping with the 'Holocaust' legend which blackens all East European Christians as frothing-at-the-mouth 'Jew'-haters. Watch video of the event and decide for yourself if the menorah was "smashed with hammers and iron bars," as the Associated Press claimed HERE, or "dumped" as the European Jewish Press claims HERE and the ADL claims HERE, or whether it was gently moved to another location, disassembled and replaced by a cross stood in a pipe that was driven into the ground.

I think that the objective viewer will see that this was a symbolic event, not at all the violent mob scene that the establishment press and Judaic power organizations want us to believe it to be.

Meanwhile, during the same week in Jerusalem, the Cenacle at the site of the Last Supper was urinated on and sprayed with graffiti saying "death to Christians" and "we killed Jesus," HERE and HERE and an Orthodox cathedral was vandalized and sprayed with Hebrew graffiti HERE. None of these acts were reported in the American press or by the ADL.

Let this be yet another reference point for all claims of "anti-semitism" which come to us from the same establishment media and Judaic power organizations. Their word is no good.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Pope Marks 4th Week of Advent, 51st Week of Holocaustolatry

This is the fourth week of Advent, the week of the feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, the second most important feast of Christian calendar, which is celebrated once each year. The most important feast of the Noahide calendar is the feast of 'The Holocaust' which is celebrated through January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

This bizarre address from 'the holy father' so close to the feast of the Nativity is scandalous and treacherous. There is nothing about Yad Vashem that even hints of forgiveness--for crimes real or imagined. Yad Vashem emanates tyranny by guilt--guilt with no end. Yad Vashem itself represents tribal hate which "without justification has sent millions of human beings to their death and continues to kill," even as the Pope exalts it. It's a monument to the primacy of one tribe's suffering and the negation of the suffering of all others; to one tribe's memory and the eradication of the memory of all others.

The pope has made himself an accomplice to Judaic tribal savagery. Not even during the week of the Nativity of the Lord who he presumes to represent will he pause from this evil. As far as I am concerned, the pope can put his Advent Yad Vashem sermon in his hexagram hat and burn it.

Holy Father Recalls Yad Vashem Visit

Calls Experience "Overwhelming"

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 21, 2009 ( Benedict XVI is describing his visit in May to Israel's Yad Vashem memorial as an "overwhelming" encounter with hatred.

The Pope stated this today in a traditional meeting with the Roman Curia and other officials for the exchange of Christmas greetings. In his address, the Holy Father recalled some of the major events of 2009, including his visit to Jordan and the Holy Land.

The Pontiff made a special mention of his closeness to the people of Israel, the victims of Nazi cruelty, and his visit to the memorial where he placed a wreath in honor of the dead and met with survivors of the Holocaust.

The visit to Yad Vashem was an "overwhelming encounter with the cruelty of human sin and the hatred of a blind ideology that, without justification, sent millions of human beings to their death," he said.

In this, the Holy Father continued, there was an attempt "to chase God himself from the world, the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, and the God of Jesus Christ."

"Thus," he said, "Yad Vashem is first of all a commemorative monument against hatred, a heartfelt call for purification and forgiveness, a plea for love."

Benedict XVI added, "This very monument against human sin lent greater significance to my visits to the places of the faith and made their unaltered relevance today even more perceptible."

He thanked the king of Jordan for working in an "exemplary manner" for the peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims.

The Pope expressed gratitude toward the Israeli authorities for their work "to ensure my visit could take place peacefully and securely."

He also thanked the Palestinian Authority for the opportunity to celebrate a public liturgy in Bethlehem, and to observe the "suffering and the hopes present in their territory."

Friday, December 18, 2009

Archbishop Dolan and Rabbi Wechsler Radio Dialogue

U.S. archbishop and rabbi to hold religious dialogue on satellite radio

New York City, N.Y., Dec 18, 2009 / 03:02 pm (CNA).- SIRIUS XM Radio announced on Thursday that Archbishop Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York and Rabbi Harlan J. Wechsler, who both host their own radio shows, will co-host a live radio special on Sunday, Dec. 20.

“We are honored to bring together Archbishop Dolan and Rabbi Wechsler for an insightful discussion that will appeal to people of many backgrounds,” said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer of SIRIUS XM Radio. “This thought-provoking and timely dialogue about tradition and faith demonstrates the unique power of radio.”

Archbishop Dolan and Rabbi Wechsler, hosts of “A Conversation with the Archbishop” and “Rabbi Wechsler Teaches” respectively, will hold an interfaith dialogue on Sunday and address topics such as Catholic and Jewish holy days and the importance of preserving traditions in an increasingly secularized world.

The program will be broadcast simultaneously on The Catholic Channel and SIRIUS XM Stars on Sunday Dec. 20 from 3:00-4:00 ET.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pope Gives Human Rights Prize to 'Shoah' Sophist

Pope Gives Human Rights Prize to Frenchman

Award Named for John Paul II

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 10, 2009 ( Benedict XVI bestowed the John Paul II Prize of the Auschwitz Institute for Human Rights to the French philosopher and author André Glucksmann.

The brief ceremony took place in the Vatican on Wednesday, immediately following the conclusion of the general audience in Paul VI Hall.

The award is given to those who have distinguished themselves in the promotion and defense of human rights in line with the teachings and witness of John Paul II.

André Glucksmann was born in 1937, in a suburb of Paris. His parents were Austrian Jews. In his book "A Child's Rage" (2006), Glucksmann recounts his experience growing up as a Jew in occupied France, and the effect it had on his philosophy.

He is known as one of the leading "New Philosophers." The term refers to those thinkers in France who criticized Marxism in the 1970s, as well as the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre, Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger.

full article:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rahm Emanuel to Light National Menorah

This is interesting. JTA puts national in brackets. I don't see why they should. I believe that ugly 30' steel menorah does actually represent this nation, in its present depraved state.

Emanuel to light ‘national’ menorah

December 9, 2009

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel will light the Chanukah menorah on the Ellipse in front of the White House.

Emanuel will participate in the lighting of what has come to be known as the “national menorah” on Sunday evening, the third night of Chanukah. The U.S. Air Force Band will provide musical accompaniment.

The event is organized by American Friends of Lubavitch and will be recorded for later broadcast on the Web. Information is available at

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Utterly Shameful State of U.S. Politics

A Senator’s Gift to the Jews, Nonreturnable

Orrin G. Hatch, Board of Directors, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Senate letter aims to block any Goldstone-related actions against Israel

Issues & Legislation: F-22A Raptor

Israel makes another bid for F-22 jets

Netanyahu's 'Justice' Minister: Talmudic Law Should Be Binding In Israeli State

Israel's Justice Minister: Jewish Law Should be Binding

By Yair Ettinger - Haaretz

December 8, 2009

Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman on Monday said he believes Jewish law (Halakha) should be the binding law in Israel, Army Radio reported.

“Step by step, we will bestow upon the citizens of Israel the laws of the Torah and we will turn Halakha into the binding law of the nation,” said Neeman at a Jewish law convention at the Regency hotel in Jerusalem, in the presence of many rabbis and rabbinical judges.

“We must bring back the heritage of our fathers to the nation of Israel,” Neeman said. “The Torah has the complete solution to all of the questions we are dealing with,” he added.

However, Neeman’s statements during the conference were received with applauds from participants, among them Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

Other guests at the event included Likud MK Yisrael Katz, Interior Minister Eli Yishai and Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger.

full article:
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The World's Most Kosher Army

Philojudaic, Homosexual Archbishop Confesses to Shredding Sex Abuse Reports

On Nov. 7, 1999, in a Milwaukee synagogue, homosexual Archbishop Weakland issued a disgraceful, sack cloth and ashes mea culpa, presumed to be on behalf of Catholics and Catholicism, stating that both were direct causes of "The Holocaust" and that even a decade of repentance would not be enough HERE.

Will Archbishop Weakland now beg forgiveness on behalf of homosexuality and philojudaism for the sex abuse holocaust of Catholic children which homosexual philojudaic bishops such as himself facilitated? Are not organized homosexuality and Judaism both openly anti-Catholic in ideology and practice? Is this fact not enough evidence to indict, nay, convict homosexuality and Judaism as paving the road to the sex abuse holocaust of Catholic children, just as the verdict has been handed down that Catholicism is responsible for "The Holocaust"? Apparently, intolerance and hatred towards Catholics is an impossibility today, according to the establishment's arbiters of such matters, as much as both appear to exist. Always the double standard.

Yes, homosexual philojudaic Archbishop Weakland covered up the sex abuse of Catholic children that took place in the diocese he was responsible for, but fear not, those sex abused children were well catechized in the dangers of intolerance toward homosexuality and Judaism.

Weakland shredded copies of sex abuse reports, documents say

Dec. 3, 2009

Bruce Vielmetti - Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

Former Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland routinely shredded copies of weekly reports about sexual abuse by priests, according to formerly sealed testimony turned over to Milwaukee County's district attorney on Thursday.

In a 1993 deposition, Weakland admitted destroying copies of the reports in his office, according to a partial transcript of the deposition released by Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

Peter Isely, SNAP's Midwest director, turned over the partial transcript, as well as portions of the logs to which Weakland was referring, to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and asked him to review them for any possible criminal violations. Chisholm accepted the records and promised a thorough review.

The 16-year-old deposition documents have come to light during the discovery process in more than a dozen civil fraud lawsuits filed against the Milwaukee archdiocese.

SNAP made the announcements at a news conference Thursday morning outside Chisholm's office at the Milwaukee County courts complex.

Julie Wolf, communications director for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, said Thursday she had not seen the documents SNAP released and could make no comment on them for the archdiocese.

In the deposition, Weakland explains that he got copies of the weekly logs made by vicars in the archdiocese about ongoing problem priests. He said he would read them, then shred them because he didn't want to keep them in his office. He would "try to remember anything that is quite serious and important," and later discuss the matters with the vicar.

SNAP also released portions of logs kept on two abusive priests, Siegfried Widera and Franklyn Becker. Widera killed himself in 2003 after police cornered him in Mexico; Becker has been removed from the priesthood. Isely said not all portions of all vicar logs have been released yet as part of the civil litigation.

Isely said SNAP also will ask Archbishop-designate Jerome Listecki to censure and discipline Weakland and anyone else who may have been involved in covering up sex abuse by clergy. He said Listecki has refused to say whether he would review why the Diocese of La Crosse, where he is bishop, has cleared more clergy accused of abuse than most dioceses.

Listecki told Wisconsin Public Radio that he did not have enough time left in his term as bishop in La Crosse and that, besides, it was the holiday season.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Breaking News in the case of Bishop Richard Williamson...


Dec. 7, 2009 - The German State Prosecutor has excluded the possibility of a pre-trial, out-of-court settlement in the case of Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson's alleged "Holocaust denial" statements which were filmed in Germany in 2008 and broadcast on Swedish television earlier this year. A possible trial date is said to be considered for late February or early March. The 28-year-old female judge in the case desires Bishop Williamson to be personally present at the trial, so that "he can explain what were his motives in saying what he said on Swedish television." She "wishes to judge his answers in person."

Bishop Williamson, an English native, currently resides in London, after being fired from his position as rector of his seminary in Argentina. He was then expelled from the country by the government under pressure from Zionist groups.

Benedict XVI, Hexagram Hat Make Cover of Foreign Policy Magazine

Benedict and his 11/22 hexagram hat are featured in Foreign Policy magazine's December "Top 100 Global Thinkers" edition.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Benedict's Magick Zionist Crusader Hat

Updated with comments, Dec. 6.

... with 11 stones on each side. Note the Templar crosses.

Credit to for this find.

Original photo sources:

At a canonization of five saints, Oct, 11, 2009, Benedict wore a mitre bearing large hexagrams and 11 stones on each side. The hexagram 11, and 22 are highly significant in Kabbalah. They have no strong significance in Catholicism that I am aware of. Also, his pallium has 6 Templar crosses on it.

This taken by itself is interesting to me at most. If Benedict was an orthodox pope I might overlook this suspicious almalgam of symbols. But let's look at Benedict's fruits.

On his watch, the rightly blackened legacy of the Templars--a violent group of Zionist international bankers with occult religious practices--was rehabilitated HERE and HERE.

Benedict was the major player in the rehabilitation of the rightly blackened image of the Zionist state shortly after its savage 22 day-long rampage on Gaza HERE, HERE, HERE.

Benedict is, I think it's fair to say, a compulsive proponent of so-called 'dialogue,' a Kabbalistic sorcery utterly foreign to Catholicism also promoted by Kabbalists such as Rabbi Abraham Heschel and Martin Buber by which rabbanism has exalted itself over Christianity. Benedict has gone so far as to make 'dialogue' with 'the elder brothers' a religious mandate HERE.

His acts of approval of Kabbalist rabbis and their traditions are too many to list. He even gave a text written by the Kabbalist Jacob ben Asher the "Ba'al ha-Turim" (Master of the Pillars) as a gift during his NYC Passover Eve synagogue visit HERE.

These and the many, many other rotten fruits of Benedict XVI are far more troubling to me than some symbols on his vestments. But the fact that he does these things and also displays the relevant symbols is rather brazen. He's apparently attempting to sanctify these symbols by placing them in such a prominent place as a papal mitre during a canonization liturgy.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The World's Most Kosher Army

Witness the piety of the 'Israel' 'Defense' Force command: pious in their enforcement of Talmudic Sabbath laws and pious in their Talmudic slaughter of non-Judaic civilians.

"The laws of Shabbat are like mountains suspended by a hair."

Soldier sent to detention for cooking on Shabbat after cat ate his meal

Kfir brigade soldier about to eat Shabbat meal finds out a cat has 'tasted' their meal. Soldier offers to cook new meal, gets caught, sentenced to 20 days in detention for violating IDF rules

Hanan Greenberg
Published: 12.02.09 / Israel News

A combat soldier from the Nahshon battalion was sentenced to 20 days in detention, after he found out a stray cat "tasted" his Shabbat meal and decided to cook a new meal, despite IDF's strict orders that forbid cooking on the holy day.

Last weekend, the soldier and his friends, who serve with the Kfir division, entered the base's dining room, and intended to eat from a pot of cholent (meat stew) that was cooked according to the Shabbat regulations.

However, before they managed to dig in, the soldiers were surprised to discover that a cat ate out of the pot. The soldier, who refused to eat from the tainted pot, offered instead to make a light meal for him and his friends.

As his luck would have it, during the meal preparations, one of the kitchen's staff arrived and instructed the soldier to stop cooking immediately.

Details of the incident were handed over to the battalion commander, who decided to put the soldier on trial and sentenced him to 20 days in detention for violating IDF orders.

"There are clear orders about observing the Shabbat, and even if the food was inedible there are other options to get food without desecration of the Sabbath," said IDF sources.

The soldier's battalion friends, who expressed discontent with the harsh punishment, claimed the soldier "did not mean to disrespect anyone; he only wanted to make a meal – a symbolic punishment would have been sufficient."

IDF's Spokesperson office said in response: "This is a case of a soldier which was sentenced to detention due to disorderly conduct and violation of IDF rules. The soldier has been known to have disciplinary problems in the past.",7340,L-3814139,00.html
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Benedict Cites Talmud Approvingly, Suggests Jesus Acted in Accordance with it

Robert Sungenis Writes ...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Priest, Rabbi Ask, “Did God Survive the Holocaust?”

Heaven, earth and God Himself may pass away, but "The Holocaust" shall not pass away. (Gospel of Wiesel 21;33)

Fr. John T. Pawlikowski, apparently a disciple of Elie Wiesel, was the topic of the last blog entry, 'Shoah' Theologian Reveals Hermetic/Kabbalistic Doctrine at Core of Holocaustolatry.

Jewish and Catholic leaders to discuss God and the Holocaust

November 21, 2009

A challenging dialogue concerning God and the Holocaust will be discussed by Jewish and Roman Catholic leaders on Monday, at the Eastern Michigan University Student Ballroom at 7 p.m. The public is invited to attend this free event.

Dr. Guy Stern, Ph.D., director of the International Institute of the Righteous of the Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus in Farmington Hills will discuss a Jewish point of view. This year, the Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus celebrates its 25th anniversary as America’s first freestanding museum dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust. The International Institute of the Righteous honors the thousands of non-Jews who saved or attempted to save at least one Jew, with the knowledge that they were putting themselves in danger by doing so. As is quoted on the museum’s Web site, “As it said in the Talmud: ‘When someone saves a life, it is as if that person had saved the whole world.’” [This falsification is set straight HERE, MP.]

... Father John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Ph.D., will represent the Catholic perspective in the dialogue. A professor of social ethics at the Catholic Theological Union and director of the Catholic-Jewish Studies Program at the Catholic Theological Union’s Cardinal Joseph Bernadin Center, Fr. Pawlikowski hails from the largest Roman Catholic Graduate School of Theology and Ministry in the U.S.

The Jewish/Catholic conversation, entitled “Did God Survive the Holocaust,” will be presented by Hillel at Eastern Michigan University and by Holy Trinity Catholic Student Parish. The moderator of the dialogue will be Dr Martin Schichtman, professor of English, and co-sponsored by the Division of Academic Affairs; the College of Arts and Sciences; the Department of Communication; the Media and Theater Arts; the Department of History and Philosphy; the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology; and the Department of World Languages.

The Eastern Michigan University Student Center Ballroom is located at 900 Oakwood in Ypsilanti, Mich. For more information, call (734) 740-2885.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'Shoah' Theologian Reveals Hermetic/Kabbalistic Doctrine at Core of Holocaustolatry

Man is liberated by God - God is liberated by Man: so says 'Shoah' theologian, Fr. John Pawlikowski in agreement with 'Holocaust' high priest, Elie Wiesel.

... the Holocaust and our contemporary evolutionary consciousness force upon us a major reformulation of our understanding of divine and human agency. In speaking of the need to rediscover a compelling God as the ground of post-Holocaust ethics, I believe I am close to the stage Elie Wiesel has reached as he has probed the depth of the Holocaust these many years ... Wiesel hints that after all is said and done, the Holocaust may reveal that divine and human liberation are very much intertwined, and that, despite continuing tension, both God and humanity yearn for each other as a result. In consequence of this linkage, Wiesel is prepared to say that human acts of justice and compassion help to liberate God, to restore the divine image as Fackenheim has put it ... (Fr. John Pawlikowski, "Thinking About God After Auschwitz," Good and Evil After Auschwitz, pp 62-63)

And while Emil Fackenheim may have said that human acts "restore the divine image" it was the rabbis of Judaism who first concocted that pantheist concept, Tikkun HaPanim ('repairing the face' of God).

Also see:

Rabbi Pulls Back the Veil on Judaism's Paganism


Judaism Discovered pg. 785

And note Fr. John Pawlikowski's recent 11/11 'Holocaust' 'dialogue' with fellow 'Shoah" theologian Rabbi Irving “Yitz” Greenberg at a formerly Catholic college:

The college [of St. Elizabeth's Holocaust Remembrance] observance will continue at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11, again in the Dolan Performance Hall, where three internationally known theologians, Rabbi Irving “Yitz” Greenberg, the Rev. John Pawlikowski and the Rev. Henry “Hank” F. Knight, will discuss “Challenges and Opportunities in the Jewish-Christian Dialogue.” The event is free and open to the public. (Madison Eagle, Nov 6th)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Curriculum at 'Catholic' School Features Nine Weeks of Holocaustolatry

Catholic students attend Jewish Kristallnacht

Renee Simmons - Collier Citizen

November 11, 2009

The Catholic and Jewish communities came together, Nov. 8, as eighth grade students from St. Elizabeth Seton were invited to attend the Kristallnacht convocation and reception at Temple Shalom.

Translated as “night of broken glass,” the ceremony marked the 71st anniversary of the night Nazi Germany launched its attack on Jewish citizens, breaking the glass in neighborhoods, businesses and temples owned by Jewish citizens and forcing families out of their homes.

“This is something in history that people need to know about,” said Melissa Keel, a member of the Catholic/Jewish Dialogue of Collier County, one of the event organizers. “I’m hoping the students will be able to converse with the survivors and that they will take that information back and share that with their schoolmates.”

The afternoon service included a procession of Holocaust survivors in a special candle lighting representing the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust, and the seven million others who were victims of Nazi aggression. Holocaust survivors also shared their stories with the attendees.

SES was the only school invited to the ceremony and school officials plan to incorporate the experience into an extensive Holocaust curriculum the school has set up for the students.

“Students at this age are more emotionally prepared to listen and learn about the events of the Holocaust,” says assistant principal Gina Groch. “We hope the students gain a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust, through the experience of coming together and learning with those of other faiths.”

The nine-week curriculum
is organized by Patricia Lyon, a middle school language arts and literature teacher. Already, students have visited the local Holocaust Museum, watched a DVD interview of Elie Wiesel, author of “Night, Read Night” and “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl,” as well as researched reports and presentations and listened to oral accounts by local Holocaust survivors ...

full article:

Friday, November 6, 2009

November 5&6 2009 Terror Talisman

These numbers and symbols have no power. The Gospel has power, but it has been forsaken.

A 40-year-old man who was reportedly fired two years ago from an engineering firm apparently returned to that office Friday and shot six people, killing one, according to police and his former employer ... Swat teams and ambulances descended on the 16-story [Orlando, Florida] Gateway Center office building after receiving reports of shots having been fired at 11 a.m. Friday morning ... (1 dead in shooting at Orlando office building; suspect in custody Washington Post, Friday, November 6, 2009)

"Popish Plot" Recast As "Islamofascist Plot"

The Execution of the Five Jesuits

On the Contrary: The Hoodwink in Texas

"He was making outlandish comments condemning our foreign policy and claimed Muslims had the right to rise up and attack Americans," Col Lee told Fox News.

"He said Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressor and that we should not be in the war in the first place." He said that Maj Hasan said he was "happy" when a US soldier was killed in an attack on a military recruitment centre in Arkansas in June. An American convert to Islam was accused of the shootings.

Col Lee alleged that other officers had told him that Maj Hasan had said "maybe people should strap bombs on themselves and go to Time Square" in New York. (Fort Hood shooting: Nidal Malik Hasan 'said Muslims should rise up' ...
Telegraph U.K. November 5, 2009)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Court of Inquisition Fines SSPX Bishop Williamson €12,000 for Denial of Dogmas of Holocaustolatry

German court fines British bishop for Holocaust claims

Richard Williamson fined €12,000 over claim on Swedish TV that fewer than 300,000 Jews died in Nazi death camps


Monday 26 October 2009

A British bishop has been fined €12,000 after a German court found him guilty of denying the Holocaust.

Richard Williamson received a letter today from the court in the Bavarian city of Regensburg informing him that he was being fined for incitement over his claim on Swedish television that fewer than 300,000 Jews died in Nazi death camps.

In the interview, Williamson alleged that Nazi gas chambers had never existed and "only 200,000 to 300,000 Jews" had been killed by the Nazis.

Holocaust denial is classed as a hate crime in Germany and because the interview took place in Regensburg, German prosecutors were allowed to investigate.

The bishop's remarks were made public in January, shortly after Pope Benedict XVI repealed an order made by the previous pope excommunicating Williamson for his rightwing views. Williamson was consecrated a bishop by the pope's Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), an ultraconservative splinter group.

The outcry was immediate, with both Jews and members of the Catholic hierarchy criticising the pope's rehabilitation of a Holocaust-denier. While condemning Williamson's remarks, the Vatican defended its decision, only saying later that it hadn't known about his very public views about the Holocaust.

Williamson has said through his lawyer that he was assured his offending remarks would not be broadcast in Germany but only in Sweden, where there is no law against Holocaust denial. A Munich newspaper, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, said prosecutors had received a letter from the Swedish television producers in which they denied offering any assurance to Williamson that the interview, conducted in English, would be broadcast in Sweden only.

Williamson's German lawyer, Matthias Lossmann, said his client had been told to pay €100 a day for 120 days, and he was likely to appeal. If he does, there will be a proper trial in Regensburg, which Williamson will not be forced to attend.

Lossmann told Germany's Focus magazine that the fine – imposed under an "order of punishment", a German legal tool that involves no trial but, if accepted by the defendant, is equivalent to a conviction – was too harsh and that the sentencing authorities had been influenced by the publicity surrounding the case. German law allows a maximum sentence of five years in prison for belittling or denying the Holocaust.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Vision on a Hill, Recalling Marycrest, an inspiring experiment in Christian community

The Marycrest Community Remembered --- and its Post-Vatican II Death

Archbishop Dolan Replaces Cardinal Keeler as USCCB Judas Goat

The rabbis and their Judas Goat accomplices believe that numbers and dates empower their schemes. But whatever power they have derives directly from 'Christian' neglect of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If the salt lose its savor, wherewith shall the earth be salted? (Matthew 5;13) And as Pope St. Pius X echoed, "In our time more than ever before, the chief strength of the wicked lies in the cowardice and weakness of good men ... All the strength of Satan's reign is due to the easygoing weakness of Catholics."

New Moderator of Catholic-Jewish talks named

Spero News

Friday, October 23, 2009

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York has been named Moderator of Jewish Affairs for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), succeeding Cardinal William H. Keeler, Archbishop-emeritus of Baltimore, in that role.

Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, USCCB president, made the appointment, which is effective November 11, and is for five years.

In announcing the appointment, Cardinal George noted the New York Archdiocese’s “long history of cooperation and friendship between Catholics and Jews.” In addition, said Cardinal George, “Since the Second Vatican Council, important strides in this relationship have been made through dialogue and collaboration in countering racism, anti-Semitism and other offenses against human dignity,”

Cardinal George said in the letter of appointment. “Our Episcopal Conference, through the leadership of your predecessors in New York, and especially through the tireless and generous service of Cardinal William Keeler, has sought to contribute to the work of reconciliation between the Church and the Jewish people after centuries of mutual estrangement. While we look back with gratitude on nearly a half century of progress in these efforts at healing and renewal, we also know that important and pressing challenges lie ahead for us.”

Cardinal George said news of this appointment will be appreciated by the Bishops of the United States, as well as by friends and colleagues in the Jewish community who have come to know Archbishop Dolan as a good listener and faithful interpreter of the historic ties that bind the two communities together.

“Above all else,” Cardinal George said, the Jewish community will find Archbishop Dolan to be “a friend who communicates the joy of his own faith, while at the same time conveying profound respect for the spiritual gifts of the other.”

Archbishop Dolan will join Cardinal Keeler on November 11 for the semi-annual USCCB’s consultation with the National Council of Synagogues. This will be the last Catholic-Jewish meeting at which Cardinal Keeler serves as co-chair.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

'Elder Brother,' Whiskey Merchant Bronfman on Controlling Education

Middle East Peace Begins in the Classroom

October 8, 2009

Edgar M. Bronfman
- Huffington Post

... My predecessor as President of the World Jewish Congress, Nahum Goldmann, negotiated the great papal encyclical "Nostra Aetate" [sic] with Pope John XXIII. As important as that document was in starting on the path of reconciliation, it didn't really change things on the ground. That's why the International Catholic Jewish Liaison Committee, [and HERE] an organization consisting of Jewish and Catholic communal leaders, was created: to improve interfaith relations, tangibly and from the relationship's core.

Among its other missions, the committee met regularly and took on the issue of what textbooks used in the classrooms said about the other faith. I was there at some of those meetings, and as difficult as it was in some instances, progress was always made ...

full article:

Cardinal O’Malley to Accept 'Noahide' Award on Behalf of JPII

News from the occupied territory of Boston:

Interfaith event: Cardinal to visit Norwood Jewish school

Tue Oct 20, 2009

Stanley Hurwitz - Norwood Transcript and Bulletin

For the first time, the Archbishop of Boston will be the guest speaker at an event held at a Jewish day school on the South Shore.

The Nov. 12 program, open to the entire community, will be held at the South Area Solomon Schechter Day School in Norwood.

Keynote speaker Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, will accept the first Righteous Among Nations Award, which is being presented posthumously to Pope John Paul II to honor his work toward improving Catholic-Jewish relations, often at great personal risk.

Noting the interfaith program that has evolved in the last few years between SASSDS and area Catholic schools, SASSDS Head of School Jane Taubenfeld Cohen said, “Our students have formed a social and spiritual bond through learning, performance and play and have crossed the bridge of understanding. They are bringing the greater community along on this pioneering educational journey.”

O’Malley said, “I am honored to have the opportunity to visit the South Area Solomon Schechter Day School and to accept this award for the important work and commitment of Pope John Paul II to improving Catholic-Jewish relations. The late Holy Father taught us that through mutual respect, understanding and dialogue we can open doors for future generations to embrace each other as people of God. I am particularly pleased to be a part of this program, which is being made possible by the Israel Arbeiter Institute and Gallery of Understanding. Mr. Arbeiter provides us a powerful example of courage and a belief in the dignity of the human person. We pray for his continued leadership working for a just and compassionate society.”

The event is sponsored by the Israel Arbeiter Institute and Gallery of Understanding housed at SASSDS that features an exhibit, “The Life Lessons of Israel Arbeiter,” tracing the 84 year-old Holocaust survivor and human rights activist’s life from pre-World War II Poland through war-torn Europe, to emigration to America and the rebuilding of his life.

SASSDS President Andrew Butler said, “This year’s Gallery theme is ‘Children Make A Difference.’ By teaching our children to embrace differences, they can bring about real differences locally and worldwide now and throughout their lives. We expect to use this program as a springboard for future collaborative efforts.”

The gallery’s mission is to provide a venue in which children and adults can learn about the Holocaust, explore causes of hatred and prejudice, and participate in programs and events whose purpose is to promote understanding between people of different beliefs and backgrounds.

During the Nov. 12 event, third and sixth graders from St. Catherine of Siena School in Norwood and SASSDS will celebrate their interfaith learning through a new Unity Through Diversity workshop. They have both been studying an exhibit on the life of Pope John Paul II, “A Blessing to One Another,” which traces the early influences that affected his commitment to humanitarianism.

Second and fifth grade SASSDS and St. Catherine students who have collaborated in the last few years in the Sheer Arts Musical Theater program, will present a musical cantata honoring Pope John Paul II.

On display in the gallery for Cardinal O’Malley and all guests will also be artwork on “What Interfaith Understanding Means to Me” by children from SASSDS and St. John’s School of Canton.

The inter-school programming will continue in January, when Israel Arbeiter will give a tour of the exhibit and describe his life’s journey and what others can learn from it. In the spring, SASSDS students will visit the St. Catherine of Siena School.

Other supporters of the event include: the American Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors; the Anti-Defamation League, New England Region; the Jewish Community Relations Council; the American Jewish Committee; the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum; and the Falmouth Jewish Congregation.

Reservations for Nov. 12 are $18 for seniors and students; $36 for individuals; $72 for families; and $180 for a Gold family sponsorship. Event and Gallery sponsorships start at $1,800. For information and reservations contact Diane Joiner: 781-769-9400 or email Also visit

17th Annual "Nostra Aetate Dialogue"

Nostra Aetate to Explore Catholic-Jewish Interfaith Dialogue

Contact: Nina Romeo
(212) 636-7576

Catholic-Jewish interchange will be the subject of the 17th annual Nostra Aetate Dialogue, which will take place at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 5, at the McNally Amphitheatre on Lincoln Center campus.

The discussion, "The Future of Catholic-Jewish Interfaith Dialogue," will feature Timothy M. Dolan, archbishop of New York HERE, and HERE, and Arnold M. Eisen, Ph.D., the seventh chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary. Edward Bristow, professor of history at Fordham University, will serve as moderator.

The event is co-sponsored by the Archbishop Hughes Institute on Religion and Culture and the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan. Admission is free and open to the public.

The Nostra Aetate Dialogue can be traced to the Nostra Aetate (In Our Time) document, a declaration by the Second Vatican Council stressing the importance of relationships between the church and non-Christian religions.

The Archbishop Hughes Institute on Religion and Culture was established in 1995 to foster Catholic-Jewish dialogue and in addition to the Nostra Aetate Dialogue, hosts the annual Russo Lecture.

Founded in 1841, Fordham is the Jesuit University of New York, offering exceptional education distinguished by the Jesuit tradition to approximately 14,700 students in its four undergraduate colleges and its six graduate and professional schools. It has residential campuses in the Bronx and Manhattan, a campus in Westchester, and the Louis Calder Center Biological Field Station in Armonk, N.Y.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Third Synagogue Spectacular of Benedict XVI Pontificate Scheduled for January 17th

Pope to visit Roman synagogue

Spero News

October 13, 2009

On January 17, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI will visit the Synagogue of Rome, to meet with the Jewish Community for the 21st Day for Reflection and Progress of Dialogue Between Catholics and Jews, and the feast of “Lead Mo'ed,” which coincides on that day. Known among Italian Jews as the Feast of the 'Mo'ed di Piombo', it commemorates a miraculous event of 1793 when the Jews of Rome escaped an attack by Roman anti-Semites thanks to a sudden storm which doused the fires that had been ignited against the gates of the Jewish ghetto.

full article:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Polish Archbishop Gives Imprimatur to Rabbinic Exegesis Book

A proper introduction to rabbinic exegesis is here:

Traditions of the Jews by Johann Andreas Eisenmenger

Polish priest, rabbi team up in new book on Jewish literature

Oct 12, 2009

Jacob Kanter - Jerusalem Post

The recent publication of a new book in Poland coauthored by a priest and a rabbi is being seen as an important step towards mutual understanding and tolerance between Polish Jews and Catholics.

Introduction to Jewish Literature and Biblical Exegesis, published earlier this year in Polish by the official publishing house of the Polish Catholic Church, was co-authored by Prof. Mariusz Rosik, a Polish priest, and Rabbi Yitzchak Rapoport, the chief rabbi of Wroclaw.

While a project such as this would be highly influential in its own right, the book was also the first to be authored by a Polish priest and rabbi, while receiving the Polish Catholic Church's official imprimatur, granted by Archbishop of Wroclaw Marian Golebiewski.

The church's official recognition of the book is an encouraging development in the struggle to repair relations between Polish Catholics and Jews after decades of anti-Semitism, according to Michael Freund, chairman and founder of Shavei Israel, which works to uncover and strengthen Jewish communities around the world, and particularly those within Poland.

"The Polish Catholic Church is a very influential body in Poland," said Freund. "And the fact that the Jewish community is so small means that most Poles don't usually come into contact with Jews. That the church is publishing this book means that the Poles will now be able to learn first-hand about what it means to be Jewish, and the fact that the church is disseminating the book through its own channels will lend the book further credibility."

Rapoport is one of three emissaries who was sent to Poland by Shavei Israel, the other two being Krakow Chief Rabbi Boaz Pash and Rabbi Pinchas Zarczynski of Warsaw. The emissaries were dispatched after the chief rabbi of Poland, Rabbi Michael Schudrich, called for an increased presence among Jewish leadership, soon after he was appointed to the position of chief rabbi in 2004. The arrival of the rabbis, and their success in their respective cities, reflects a budding Jewish community.

"Ninety percent of Jews in Poland were annihilated in the Holocaust, but since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Poland has opened up and become a more democratic country," said Freund. "People feel freer and safer to express their Jewish roots."

Shavei Israel has played a significant role in strengthening the bonds between Polish Jews and their Catholic compatriots, as well as uncovering what has come to be known as "The Hidden Jews of Poland."

"During the Holocaust, Jewish children were often put up for adoption with Catholic families, and many of these children grew up thinking that they were Catholics," said Freund. "But in recent years, their descendants have been coming out of the closet, so to speak."

According to Freund, 4,000 people are currently registered as Jews in Poland, but the population is estimated to be upwards of 30,000. Through Shavei Israel's influence - dispatching the three rabbis, organizing Jewish educational programs in Polish, and holding cultural events - Freund believes the gap between the official and actual Jewish populations is closing.

"With each passing day, more and more Jews uncover the truth about their past," Freund said.

And now, with the publication of Rapoport's book, many more Jews may soon be ready to be "uncovered" in Poland.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

USCCB States Principles for "Dialogue" Fraud

Statement of Principles for Catholic-Jewish Dialogue


The USCCB has retracted this statement from an earlier document, "A NOTE ON AMBIGUITIES CONTAINED IN REFLECTIONS ON COVENANT AND MISSION":

"Though Christian participation in interreligious dialogue would not normally include an explicit invitation to baptism and entrance into the Church, the Christian dialogue partner is always giving witness to the following of Christ, to which all are implicitly invited."

Read the original "Reflections on Covenant and Mission" document which is a transparent call for conversion of Christians to the Talmudic "Noahide Laws" and Kabbalistic "Tikkun Olam."

The USCCB says, "Catholic-Jewish dialogue has never been and never will be used by the Catholic Church as a means of proselytism or a disguised invitation to baptism.” But the rabbis say that "dialogue" is indeed an occasion to convert Christians into "Noahides" as Rabbi Yehoshua Friedman of the "Root and Branch" organization explains:

"Our approach is a VERY STRICT AND LIMITED application of the principle of interfaith cooperation which Rabbi Soloveitchik permits ...

We DO NOT discuss with Christians (or other non-Jews) differences or similarities between our religious beliefs (theological "Show and Tell") and those of other religions (i.e. "interfaith dialogue").

We DO give rabbis and scholars from the Torah observant community the opportunity to discuss with and teach non-Jews about universal Jewish ethical principles (the Seven Laws of Noah ["Noahide Laws"]) ..."

"Dialogue" is a one-way path to disaster.

Sunday, September 27, 2009



Servizio Informazione Religiosa

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Today Card. Angelo Bagnasco, President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, had a meeting with Giuseppe Laras, President of the Rabbinical Council of Italy, and Riccardo Di Segni, Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community in Rome. As written in the statement released by the Italian Bishops’ Conference, “the Cardinal wanted to express his cordial wishes for the beginning of the Jewish year and asked the Rabbis to pass them on to all Italian Jews”. During the meeting the cardinal and the two rabbis had the opportunity to discuss some “open issues” with the Jewish Community in relation to the publishing of “Oremus et pro Iudaeis”. To this regard, the statement points out that “there is absolutely no change in the attitude the Catholic Church has had towards the Jews since the Second Vatican Council”. Accordingly, the Italian Bishops’ Conference reaffirms that “it is not its intention to actively pursue the conversion of Jews”. At today’s meeting, the cardinal also expressed his “concern about those episodes of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism that are occurring from time to time, reaffirming the need to retain strong vigilance and expressing the hope that relations between the two parties may become stronger”.

Based on the clarifications that came about during the meetings, it was decided by joint agreement to continue the shared celebration of Jewish-Christian Days of reflection of January 17th which, this year, saw the participation of the Jewish community.

Therefore, the reflection on the Ten Words will continue, as Benedict XVI urged in the Synagogue at Cologne. Next year, therefore, they will take up again the fourth commandment, according to Jewish numeration; Remember that the day of the Sabbath is to be sanctified.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Schönborn: Vatican to Level Core Principles of Dialogue and "Reintegration" with SSPX

What a mockery. The Catholic-Jewish relations racket is rigidly anchored in bedrock while the Gospel and perennial Catholic teachings shift in the sands.

Vatican commission to draw red lines for ultra-traditionalists

Sat, 12 Sep 2009

Earth Times

Vienna - The Vatican is set to tell a rebel ultra- traditional Catholic group that the Church's core values and its relations with Judaism are not negotiable, Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn said in an interview published on Saturday. Earlier this year, the Catholic leadership in Rome drew criticism from within and outside the Church for lifting excommunication orders against bishops of the controversial Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), including British-born Richard Williamson who has denied the scale of the Nazi mass murder of Jews.

In the coming days, a recently restructured church commission would meet the renegades, the cardinal and Vienna archbishop told the Passauer Neue Presse.

Rome would not give the group a "free pass," and Pope Benedict XVI was striving to "get a group of Catholics which has parted from the Church back into the boat," said Schoenborn, who is a member of several Vatican bodies.

The non-negotiable positions to be set out to the Pius Society include the Church's positions towards the Jewish faith, other non- Christian religions as well as Christian faiths, and towards religious freedom as a fundamental human right, according to Schoenborn.

In June, the pope placed the commission under the authority of the Holy See's main disciplinary watchdog body, after it had drawn criticism for its handling of the SSPX.

SSPX members are currently barred from official roles within the church unless they agree to fully abide with its teachings.

Such teachings include the so-called Second Vatican Council reforms of the 1960s, which sought to modernize the Church.,vatican-commission-to-draw-red-lines-for-ultra-traditionalists.html

also see:

Schönborn Upstages Falwell

Benedict XVI: Dialogue With the People of the Talmud a "Sacred Duty"

Compare Schönborn's worship with the worship of the SSPX:

Cardinal Schönborn Mocks Mass

On The Contrary: What worship was like before the come-as-you-are-hootenanies of today

Thanks to an anonymous commenter at "Rorate Caeli" for the Schönborn video.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Other Israeli Motive for Kennedy 'Intervention'


The Kennedys vs Israel’s Lobby

The first motive is documented here:

On the Anniversary of the JKF Assassination

Also see:

John McCain Refers to JFK Assassination as "Intervention"

The Rise of "Israel's" Military Rabbis

The rise of Israel's military rabbis

September 7, 2009

Katya Adler - BBC

Military rabbis are becoming more powerful. Trained in warfare as well as religion, new army regulations mean they are now part of a military elite.

They graduate from officer's school and operate closely with military commanders. One of their main duties is to boost soldiers' morale and drive, even on the front line ...

The military rabbis rose to prominence during Israel's invasion of Gaza earlier this year ...

Gal Einav, a non-religious soldier, said there was wall-to-wall religious rhetoric in the base, the barracks and on the battlefield.

As soon as soldiers signed for their rifles, he said, they were given a book of psalms.

And, as his company headed into Gaza, he told me, they were flanked by a civilian rabbi on one side and a military rabbi on the other.

"It felt like a religious war, like a crusade. It disturbed me. Religion and the army should be completely separate," he said.

'Sons of light'

But military rabbis, like Lieutenant Shmuel Kaufman, welcome the changes.

In previous wars rabbis had to stay far from the front, he says. In Gaza, they were ordered to accompany the fighters.

"Our job was to boost the fighting spirit of the soldiers. The eternal Jewish spirit from Bible times to the coming of the Messiah."

Before his unit went into Gaza, Rabbi Kaufman said their commander told him to blow the ram's horn: "Like (biblical) Joshua when he conquered the land of Israel. It makes the war holier."

Rabbis handed out hundreds of religious pamphlets during the Gaza war.

When this came to light, it caused huge controversy in Israel. Some leaflets called Israeli soldiers the "sons of light" and Palestinians the "sons of darkness".

Others compared the Palestinians to the Philistines, the bitter biblical enemy of the Jewish people.

Israel's military has distanced itself from the publications, but they carried the army's official stamp.

Still, army leaders insist their rabbis respect military ethics and put their private convictions aside. They say the same about the new wave of nationalist religious solders joining Israel's fighting forces ...

full article:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The True 'Spirit of Assisi' Unveiled

'Dialogue' and the 'Spirit of Assisi' under the 'Noahide' rainbow.
One important event will be a pilgrimage, unprecedented in size and representation, to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, on September 8. This will serve as a sign of reconciliation and peace and a symbol of a radical rejection of violence and war as a way of solving international conflicts.

The program will begin with an inaugural Mass tomorrow, presided by Cardinal Dziwisz at the Divine Mercy Shrine. In the afternoon, there will be an Inaugural Assembly in the Auditorium 'Maximum' of Krakow. On September 7, there will be 22 round-table discussions in various parts of the city, which will address various themes including: Do Not Forget Auschwitz; the Legacy of John Paul II; Latin America in a Globalized World; Religions and the Challenge of Materialism; Dialogue of Faith and Culture; Faiths in Asia: Building a World Without Violence; Africa, Land of Opportunity; Religions and Global Health of the World: the Rebirth of Africa; The Power of Prayer Over History; Faith and Science.” The final day, September 8, in the morning there will be a Silent March to the gas chambers of the concentration camp at Birkenau and a Memorial Ceremony at the International Monument to the Victims of Nazi-fascism. In the afternoon, following the prayer encounters at various sites, the various religious communities will meet for a Peace Procession that will make its way to Market Square, where the closing ceremony will be held.

Auschwitz sanctified again, Sept 8, 2009.

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Rome Hosts Conference on "The Contribution of Judaism to Our Contemporary World."

Religious Leaders are Playing a Game

The REAL Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Israel's" U.S. Terror Cells

Even though the IDF routinely engages in terrorism, mass murder, and crimes against humanity and even after the Gaza Rampage this past winter, "Jews," who take an eight week course indoctrinating them in hatred, violence, and racism will not be charged with taking part in terrorist training.


Israel’s Toy Soldiers

Elder Brothers in the Hate

Fifteen minutes of hate in Silwan

The vicious anti-Arab sentiments flowing through the streets of this Jerusalem neighbourhood are a shock to the senses

Meron Rapoport -

Monday 31 August 2009

It's searing hot, but there's some pleasantness about the stone-flagged path rising from the centre of Silwan, Jerusalem. Maybe it's the breeze, or the stone houses oozing coolness into the air, or maybe it's the wide-open mountain landscape. There are three of us – Ilan, the director, Michael, the cameraman and me, the interviewee. We're making a film on the blatant institutional discrimination against the residents of this Palestinian east-Jerusalem neighbourhood; authorities favour the Jewish settlers who are not hiding their desire to Judaise the neighbourhood, to void it of its Palestinian character.

Even before we position the camera, a group of orthodox Jewish girls, aged about eight to 10, come walking up the path in their ankle-long skirts, pretty, chattering, carefree. One of them slows down beside us, and pleasantly asks us if we want to film her. What would you like to tell us, we ask. I want to say that Jerusalem belongs to us Jews, she says as she walks on, only it's a pity there are Arabs here. The messiah will only come when there isn't a single Arab left here. She walks on, and her girlfriends giggle and rejoin her.

Two minutes later a young, well-built young man comes up, carrying a weapon and a radio, without any uniform or tag upon his clothes. Even before he opens his mouth I'm already guessing he's a security guard, an employee of the private security contractor operated by settlers but sponsored by the housing ministry at an annual budget of NIS 40m (£4.6m). This security company has long since become a private militia policing the entire neighbourhood and intimidating the Palestinian residents without any legal basis whatsoever. A committee set up by a housing minister determined that this arrangement was to cease, and the security of both Palestinian and Jewish residents must be handed over to the Israeli national police. The government endorsed the committee's conclusions in 2006, but recanted six months later, under settler pressure. The private security contractor went on operating.

What are you doing here, the guy asks us. What are you doing here, I reply. I'm a security guard, now tell me what are you doing here, he says, growing more irate. It's none of your business, I reply. What's your name, he asks. What's your name, I answer. It doesn't matter, he says, I'm a security guard. So my name doesn't matter either, I reply. The security guy, visibly annoyed, resorts to conversing with his radio. If we were Palestinians, we'd have cleared the street at first notice. That's the unwritten rule. But we are Hebrew-speaking Israelis. It's a problem. The operation centre apparently explains our man that we're on public ground and there's little he can do about it. He positions himself nearby with his gun, not leaving us the entire trip.

We move on. A few minutes later two teenage girls, aged 17 or 18, come walking up the path. They're not orthodox, and one can see that they're not local. One of them stops in front of the camera. Film me, she pleads. Would you like to be interviewed, we ask. She says yes. She's from the town of Gan Yavne, and came to visit Jerusalem, City of David. Why here, we ask. Because this is where King David was, she says. It's a very important place for the Jewish people. It's such a shame there are Arabs here, though. But very soon all the Arabs will be dead, God willing, and all of Jerusalem will be ours. She walks on.

Two minutes pass by, and an ultra-orthodox Jewish family comes striding up the path. The husband, all in black, asks Ilan: say, do both Jews and Arabs live in this neighbourhood? Both Palestinians and Jews, Ilan replies, but most residents are Palestinians. It's only temporary, the ultra-Orthodox man reassures him, pretty soon there won't be a single Arab left here.

I exchanged glances with Ilan and Michael. We've been here for less than 15 minutes, we haven't asked anyone on what they feel about Arabs or the future of Jerusalem, we only stood for a short while in the street. Hate flowed toward us like a river to the sea, freely, naturally. Do you think, I ask Ilan, that we'll run into someone who'll say something positive, something human, something kind about human beings? Forget human, Ilan replies, I wonder if we'll run into someone who'll be content to just say something nice about the clear Jerusalem air.

Silwan. Remember that name. Its violence will soon overshadow that of Hebron.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bishop Hubbard's Elder Brother in the Faith Busted Practicing the Faith

Israel is not to be accused of pederasty. (Babylonian Talmud, Kiddushin 82a)

Rabbi allegedly told boy to lie

Founder of the Chabad of Colonie accused of sexually abusing 2 boys

Robert Gavin - Albany Times Union

August 26, 2009

ALBANY -- The sexual abuse case against a Loudonville rabbi now includes allegations he repeatedly slapped and kicked one 13-year-old boy and tried to get another child to remain silent.

Yaakov Weiss, 29, founder of the Chabad of Colonie and the Chabad Hebrew School, was initially charged in City Court last fall with sexually abusing the two 13-year-olds in 2007.

He was arraigned Tuesday in Albany County Court on a superseding four-count indictment that includes those charges, as well as allegations he tried to convince one of the two youngsters to lie about the sex abuse to his mother and police.

"Just say nothing happened," Weiss told the child on June 30 on Sycamore Street in Albany, the indictment said.

Weiss, who already faced charges in City Court in connection with the alleged incidents, was indicted Aug. 14. He faces up to one year behind bars on misdemeanor charges that include sexual abuse and child endangerment.

The rabbi pleaded not guilty before Judge Stephen Herrick as his family looked on from the gallery. Freed without bail, Weiss later exited the courthouse, his wife by his side and daughter on his arm.

The indictment contends Weiss took a far more menacing role two years ago.

It alleges that sometime between Jan. 1 and April 30, 2007, Weiss repeatedly struck one 13-year-old on the back on New Scotland Avenue, "knocking him to the ground and then kicked him in the leg."

The court papers say Weiss sexually abused one of the boys in June 2007 and the other between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 of that year. The incidents allegedly took place in a facility at 340 Whitehall Road in Albany.

In both cases, the indictment alleged that Weiss had sexual contact "consisting of placing his penis in contact with said child's buttocks." The incidents allegedly took place inside a pool, called a mikveh, used by some Jews for ritual purification, according to his attorney.

The indictment said one of the boys sought advice from Weiss, his teacher and spiritual leader, on Sycamore Street on June 30 that year.

Weiss allegedly "instructed the child to be untruthful" and to "not tell his mother or the police about an incident where the defendant subjected the victim to sexual contact."

Arnold Proskin, the lawyer for the rabbi, told reporters the allegations are baseless. He said one of the alleged victims is related to another rabbi with a possible ax to grind against his client.

Asked why the case went from City Court to Albany County Court, Proskin said, "Press coverage," adding, ''I'm being serious. There's no advantage (to it)."

Weiss sent an e-mail to the Times Union last October, after being charged, calling the charges "100 percent untrue."

"This has been generated by an individual who has been antagonistic toward Chabad of Colonie from its inception and continues to be envious of continued success," Weiss wrote at the time. "This is his way of getting rid of us."

Weiss moved to the Capital Region from Iowa in 2004. He adheres to a branch of Judaism known as Chabad-Lubavitch, which is known for its work to get Jews more involved in their religion.

In October, Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, chairman of Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch, the educational arm of the Brooklyn-based worldwide Lubavitch group, told, the Times Union the rabbi was suspended. He added it was in "no way whatsoever implicating him or an admission or a decision of guilt."

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