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Michael A. Hoffman: Speak on, Bishop Williamson (With Translations)

On the Contrary: Speak on, Bishop Williamson

On the Contrary: Parlez, Mgr Williamson! (French translation)

Il giudizio di Michael Hoffman sul caso Williamson (Italian translation)

Bad Advice From the Pope


VATICAN CITY, 28 JAN 2009 (VIS) - "May the Shoah be for everyone an admonition against oblivion, negation and reductionism, because violence against a single human being is violence against all", the Holy Father told pilgrims attending his weekly general audience.

Referring to recent commemorations of the Shoah, the Pope highlighted how at Auschwitz - a place he has visited several times, the last in May 2006 during his apostolic trip to Poland - "millions of Jews were cruelly massacred, innocent victims of blind racial and religious hatred.

"As I once again affectionately express my full and indisputable solidarity with our Brothers and Sisters who received the First Covenant", he added, "I trust that the memory of the Shoah will induce humankind to reflect upon the unpredictable power of evil when it conquers the heart of man".

"In particular", the Holy Father concluded, "may the Shoah show both old and new generations that only the arduous path of listening and dialogue, of love and forgiveness, can lead peoples, cultures and religions of the world to the longed-for goal of fraternity and peace, in truth. May violence never again humiliate man's dignity".
My response:


May Calvary be for everyone an admonition against oblivion, negation and reductionism, for the crucifixion of the perfectly innocent, infinitely just Messiah of Israel, Jesus Christ; God Incarnate, is by an immeasurable margin the most terrible crime committed by men in the history of the world; the definitive statement on man's fallen nature and need for redemption which gloriously came to many through the same crucifixion.

Let there be no attempts at negation of this cosmic crime through transfer of the guilt borne by the most culpable parties--Judas and the Nasi, Chief Priests, elders and Pharisees--those whom Jesus Christ said "have the greater sin" (John 19:11), to the less guilty: Pilate and the Roman soldiers. Let there be no attempt at reductionism of this unsurpassable crime through attempts at relativization of it, or even replacement of it, with overblown tales of crimes against mere men, ie. the so-called "Shoah" or "Holocaust" of the so-called "Jews." Let there be an immediate end to this monument to human folly. It is less possible to replace Calvary with the so called "Shoah" than it was for the Pharisees to escape guilt by arranging for the Romans to carry out their crimes. This is lunacy of the highest order which befits not the claimed Christian heirs to the incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection and pentecost. St. Augustine wrote:

"... therefore when Pilate, who was the Roman judge, wished to hand [Jesus] back to the Jews, that they might judge Him according to their law, they refused to receive Him, saying, "It is not lawful for us to put any man to death." And so the saying of Jesus was fulfilled, which He foretold concerning His death, that, being delivered up by the Jews, He should be put to death by the Gentiles: whose crime was less than that of the Jews, who sought by this method to make themselves appear averse to His being put to death, to the end that, not their innocence, but their madness might be made manifest."

I trust that the memory of Calvary will induce humankind to reflect upon the power of evil when it conquers the souls of men. Any historical event other than Calvary, no matter how exaggerated, would be inferior to an incalculable degree as a teaching example towards this end. What sane person would consider such a thing? The notion that any other event could have significance in any regard approaching the crucifixion of God Incarnate is extreme delusion.

I say with Pope St. Pius X, whose recognition was solicited for Judaic schemes, "The Jews have not recognized our Lord; therefore, we cannot recognize the Jewish people ..." These are not brothers and sisters in any spiritual, religious sense whatever. There is no basis for solidarity with heirs to the tradition of rabbinic Judaism, born in hostility to the Messiah of Israel, Jesus Christ, and remaining hostile to Him, and His followers, for 2000 years since. It is folly in the extreme to identify these people as heirs to any biblical covenant or patriarch. As St. Paul wrote, "But if you are Christ's, then are you Abraham's seed, heirs according to promise." (Galatians 3:27-29). Today's so-called "Jews," heirs to the traditions of the Pharisees, have no claim to any biblical patriarch, as Jesus said, "... there is one that accuses you, Moses, in whom you trust. For had ye believed Moses, you would haply believe Me also, for he wrote of Me. But seeing ye believe not his words, how can you believe Me?" (John 5; 45-47). Indeed, Jesus described apostate, counterfeit Israel; spiritual fathers of today's pious "Jews," as killers of the prophets and all of the just since Abel (Matthew 23; 34-35). Let there be no more talk of solidarity and brotherhood with such people, and let us beware their self-exalting doctrines as Jesus warned (Matthew 16;11-12), the doctrines of Holocaustolatry especially. Let us pray unceasingly for their conversion away from their anti-biblical, lying, hateful, self-worshiping traditions to faith in Jesus Christ. Let us be good examples in our lives through imitation of Christ.

In particular, may Calvary show both old and new generations that only the arduous path of taking up one's own cross can lead peoples of the world to the longed-for goal that the will of the Father be done on earth, as it is in heaven. May Judaic contrivances never compete in the minds, hearts or souls of men with Calvary. Calvary is our salvation. "The Shoah" is a method for our enslavement.

JPII Supplanted Calvary With Auschwitz and Knelt Before It

Benedict at Auschwitz

Benedict Once Again Bows to Holocaustolatry, Repents

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Gaza Massacre Fosters Race Hatred in Israeli Youth

The lunatic culture of Judaism is nourished by violence and death. The Israelis are channeled on the path to genocide which has been written about and lamented extensively in relation to other nations but never identified as such in this most blatant example.

Anti-Arab sentiment swells among youth in aftermath of Gaza war

PATRICK MARTIN - Globe and Mail

January 26, 2009

JERUSALEM — When the leader of Israel's religious-Zionist Meimad Party recently addressed a meeting of 800 high-school students in a Tel Aviv suburb, his words on the virtue of Israeli democracy for all its citizens were drowned out by student chants of "Death to the Arabs."

Not since the days of the now-illegal Kach party, and Baruch Goldstein killing 29 Muslims at prayer in Hebron in 1994, has Rabbi Michael Melchior heard such anti-Arab sentiment.

But that sentiment is swelling, and the controversial former cabinet minister Avigdor Lieberman and his Yisrael Beitenu party are riding the wave. They have emerged as the biggest political winners from the recent war on Gaza. Their unequivocal anti-Arab policies have never been more popular.

It was Mr. Lieberman who led the recent campaign to have Israel's two Arab political parties banned from next month's Knesset election. He argued that their public criticism of Israel's assault on Hamas in Gaza constituted a disloyalty to the country as a Jewish and Zionist state.

Mr. Lieberman has long argued that all Arab Israelis should be made to swear an oath of loyalty to the country and, if they don't, they should lose their citizenship.

The country's highest court ruled in favour of the Arab parties, but not before the Knesset's central elections committee voted in favour of the ban. Even representatives of the mainstream Likud, Kadima and Labour parties cast ballots supporting the ban.

"The court has effectively given the Arab parties a licence to kill the state of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state," Mr. Lieberman said, adding that his party would not give up the fight.

Besides loyalty oaths, his party wants to exchange Arab communities in Israel for Israeli settlements in the West Bank; it says that giving up any land in exchange for peace with Arab neighbours is "fundamentally flawed" and should not be pursued; and it argues that Jordan should be where Palestinians seek to create a state.

Public opinion surveys indicate that a growing number of Israelis support this approach; Yisrael Beitenu is poised to win 16 seats in the Feb. 10 vote (it currently has 11), as many seats as Labour might win.

More importantly, the party could be a coalition partner in an expected Likud government - something that would put Mr. Lieberman in a good position to promote his agenda.

"Yisrael Beitenu's rise, with its racist agenda, is a very dangerous trend in Israeli society," said Mohammad Darawshe, an Arab from the Israeli town of Nazereth who is co-director of the Abraham Fund, an organization that promotes co-operation among Israeli Arabs and Jews.

The anti-Arab trend is particularly strong among the young generation, Mr. Darawshe said. "In a poll conducted in May, more than 60 per cent of Jewish high-school kids say they want to control the political participation of Arabs in Israel; they're not ready to live in the same apartment building as Arab citizens; they don't like to hear the sound of Arabic language; and so on," he said. This racism "has to be taken seriously and dealt with seriously," Mr. Darawshe said, "as must separatism in the Arab community." A growing number of Israeli Arabs want to opt out of Israeli society, including boycotting elections, he said.

"Unfortunately, [the two trends] have common agendas; they feed off each other."

Even Foreign Minister and Kadima party leader Tzipi Livni shocked many by saying that if people don't like what the government is doing "they can leave."

Overall, Israel's Arab population, while sympathetic to the plight of Gazans, is not particularly radicalized, certainly not as it was in the early days of the 2000-2004 Palestinian uprising. Yet, as Mr. Darawshe says, anti-Arab sentiment in the country has never been greater. The Lieberman party "ultimately seeks a direct clash with the Arab citizens in Israel" he said. And he worries that "there's no serious effort to stop it."

The 100 people at the Yisrael Beitenu rally for English-speaking voters Thursday night in Jerusalem certainly don't want to stop it. "It's the clarity of it that's so appealing," said Yona Triestman, a thirtysomething who works helping new immigrants settle in Israel. And the message certainly is straightforward. At the end of the night, Uzi Landau, a former Likud cabinet minister now running for Yisrael Beitenu, leaned forward and wagged his index finger at the audience. "There's just one thing you have to remember about our platform," he said, "just one thing to tell your friends: 'No loyalty, no citizenship.'"

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The Gaza Massacre was Perpetrated by an Orthodox Judaic Terrorist Organization

"The percentage of religious men among the senior IDF officers grew exponentially in the past decade. By 2005, half of the junior command and approximately 30 percent of the senior officers were religious, and, for the first time in Israel’s history, four members of the general staff wore skullcaps." (Yoram Peri, "Land versus State: Israel and its Army after the Disengagement")

The booklets distributed by the Israel Defense Forces rabbinate during the combat in Gaza, which Amos Harel wrote about in Haaretz yesterday ("IDF rabbi told troops fighting in Gaza: We must not cede a single inch of Israel), and the "Jewish Awareness" publications distributed by IDF Chief Rabbi Avichai Rontzki, prove once again that the rabbi is giving his position a new and alarming interpretation ... Rontzki distributes sermons written by Rabbi Shlomo Aviner that preach ... the killing of civilians ... In such an atmosphere, it is no wonder that extreme right-wing organizations are also smuggling into IDF bases sermons by Yitzhak Ginsburg, the rabbi of the yeshiva at Joseph's Tomb. Ginsburg wrote the book "Baruch Hagever," which praises the massacre by Baruch Goldstein against Arabs in the Cave of the Patriarchs in 1994, and he is considered the spiritual mentor of the most violent and extremist settlers. Thus, under the aegis of the army's chief rabbi, IDF soldiers are being exposed to chauvinist and racist incitement ... ("A rabbinate gone wild," Haaretz, Jan 27, 2009)

Orthodox [Judaic] soldiers are among the most motivated personnel in the IDF, with disproportionately high numbers volunteering for elite combat units and reserve duty, according to experts ... (Jerusalem Post, Matthew Wagner and Yaakov Katz, Aug. 6, 2007)

"When there is a clash between a directive in the spirit of the [IDF ethical] code and an order of Jewish law, it is clear that one must listen to the opinion of Jewish law." (IDF Chief Rabbi, Colonel Rabbi Avi Ronsky as quoted in Haaretz, Feb. 21, 2006)

"Part of my job as the chief military rabbi, perhaps the central part, is to reconnect the soldiers with the values of Judaism." (IDF Chief Rabbi, Colonel Rabbi Avi Ronsky, By Ariela Ringel-Hoffman - YNet, Oct 17, 2006)

IDF's fervently Orthodox unit
is seeking a few good men

By Tom Tugend Published: 04/30/2007

An Israeli infantry battalion of fervently Orthodox soldiers plans to launch an advertising campaign this summer in major Jewish newspapers in the United States and Britain seeking more foreign recruits ...

"I love the fact that I can fully live out my Jewish values while at the same time protecting Israel," Taylor says ...

Theoretically, any man -- no women, of course -- who meets these basic criteria can join the battalion, but in practice some 70 percent come from fervently Orthodox homes in Bnei Brak and other haredi enclaves.

Time is set aside for daily Talmud study and the food is glatt kosher. No women are allowed on the Jordan Valley base, but on Shabbat married soldiers can meet their wives outside the base.

"Nahal Haredi has the highest proportion of Diaspora volunteers of any Israeli unit," Klebanow said. "They come to us with high motivation, and many subsequently make aliyah. Sometimes they are more Zionistic than native-born Israelis." ...

"Our enemies learn one way, and the one and only way is through the language of war and the language of the sword."

Inside the IDF Photo Essay: Purim in the IDF