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On Bishop Williamson's Second Apology

Bishop Williamson has apologized again, inappropriately in my view, for the shock and awe campaign that has come as a response to his public expression of his thoughts on certain elements of "Holocaust" doctrine. In fact, the responsibility for the calamitous, altogether disconnected and disproportionate reaction of this past month lies squarely on the rabbis and Judaic power-brokers and their accomplices in governments, in the media, in the curia and in the parishes directly involved in it; a reaction which has all of the proportion and justice of the December 2008 Gaza massacre. I disagree with the suggestion that a few words spoken by the Bishop are the cause of all this. Let's not validate the absurd notion that lynch-mob behavior is a normal or acceptable, inevitable response to controversy and that Catholics must tailor their words, nay, their thoughts, to forestall it.

What is most disconcerting about Bp. Williamson's apology, however, is the closing line: "As the Holy Father has said, every act of unjust violence against one man hurts all mankind." HERE

This is a clear reference to Benedict's shameful Holocaust sermon of January 28th, 2008 where he proclaimed, "May the Shoah be for all a warning against forgetfulness, against denial or reductionism, because the violence against a single human being is violence against all." HERE

I don't care to speculate on the motivations behind Bp. Williamson's adoption of Bendict's foreign language from his recent "Holocaust" sermon [see footnote]. I am also bewildered by Bishop Fellay's reported adoption of the "elder brothers" language on the lips of every crypto-rabbi in Rome today. This is not consistent with the SSPX message which has it that the society intends to bring Rome to Tradition. These statements, if taken at face value, indicate a new synthesis produced by this recent "Holocaust" debacle sending the SSPX off its stated course considerably.

If the price of admission into dialog with Rome on the errors of the Vatican II Council is adopting Rome's strange language and ideas concerning the "elder brothers" it would seem to be a case of straining out a gnat while swallowing a camel in my estimation--not worth it; a deal the Archbishop would have scoffed at.

I warn that the rabbis would not be satisfied, nor do I believe that Rome would grant "full communion," until "Rabbi Larry" and his cronies are preaching Holocaustolatry in SSPX schools and seminaries as they already do in Novus Ordo schools and seminaries HERE. Apologies from "Holocaust deniers" (who the rabbis, madmen that they are, place on par with the perpetrators of "The Holocaust") are inconsequential. There is no forgiveness for them. The only acceptable reparation is that they be imprisoned, cast out, or otherwise silenced, but more importantly, that their followers subsequently be mindbombed with Holocaust dogma. Benedict's elder brother, Rabbi Arthur Schneier proclaimed as much at the Vatican last week:

"... how can we but revolt at Holocaust-denial? Victims of the Holocaust have not given us the right to forgive the perpetrators nor the Holocaust deniers ... we must transmit "never again" through Holocaust education to future generations ..."

Pope and Pharisees Preach More Holocaustolatry

A spokesperson for Yad Vashem has stated the same in response to Bishop Williamson's apology:

"The millions of Jews that were murdered in the Holocaust and the survivors who were persecuted are not waiting for [Bp. Williamson's] apology," said Iris Rosenberg, spokeswoman of the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. "If he is looking to repent, he needs to admit that he was wrong in denying the truth. This is much more important to the people he claims to lead."

What is important to Yad Vashem is not an apology from Bishop Williamson, but conforming the minds of his followers to "Holocaust" dogma, and Yad Vashem has many accomplices in Rome who have already made "Holocaust" dogma standard curriculum in Novus Ordo Catholic schools and seminaries. A true traditional Catholic alternative to their kosher schools and seminaries is not acceptable to them.

Have no doubt, as the Vatican currently stands, this is what "full communion" entails.

My prayers are with the SSPX leadership. I cannot imagine the pressure that's upon them.

Footnote: Benedict stated, "violence committed against any one single human being is violence against all humanity. No man is an island, a well known poet once wrote." That poet is Anglican priest, John Donne who was steeped in the Pantheism, Hermeticism, and Kabbalism of the Renaissance, but the concept Benedict draws on is actually founded in Babylonian Talmud, tractate Sanhedrin 37a and applies only to "Jews:" "Whosoever destroys a single soul of Israel, scripture imputes [guilt] to him as if he had destroyed a complete world." Contrary to what Talmud suggests, this idea is not found in biblical Scripture.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Palestinian Christians Urge Pope to Not Lend Credibility and Prestige to Israeli Slaughterers

The Israeli state, just having perpetrated a massive, barbaric assault on defenseless people deprived of basic life necessities before and afterward, is in dire need of an image boost. Benedict XVI plans to accommodate them. If he makes this planned trip, which does not include a visit to the Israeli-savaged Gaza territory, he will rightly share in Israeli infamy.

Palestinian Christians urge Pope to call off May visit to Israel

Feb 22, 2009


A group of Palestinian Christians has asked Pope Benedict XVI to call off his planned visit to Israel and the West Bank this coming May.

The 40 community activists wrote to the pope that his visit would "help boost Israel's image and inadvertently minimize Palestinian suffering under Israeli occupation."

full article:

On the Contrary: Rabbi Elijah Soloveichik's Trojan Horse for Christianity

On the Contrary: Rabbi Elijah Soloveichik's Trojan Horse for Christianity

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Ancient Origins of Blasphemous Israeli Comedy

Witnesses of the persecution of Bishop Williamson in response to his publicly expressed doubts towards elements of establishment-promulgated "Holocaust" lore may now begin to realize that what's taking place is not a mere dispute over historical matters but an inquisition; an enforcement of dogma by Church/Synagogue and State force.

The dogmatic nature of the issue was manifested in the recent Israeli comedy blaspheming the Christian dogma of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. A translated transcript of that blasphemy can be read HERE. What's most interesting about this particular example of common Judaic ridicule of Christian belief is how the comedian framed it:

We will talk about the “Vatican” the Christian church. It’s annoying really annoying ... Every time, new one denies the holocaust, cardinals, archbishops, priests, monks, or choir-boy ... They are denying the Holocaust and instead of getting angry, I decided to hit back ... to deny the Christianity ... I am not laughing, that’s true, and I am not laughing. Some one have to teach them a lesson and that is what we will do ... Believe me, really believe me that if they didn’t deny the Holocaust I wouldn’t say anything, and I wouldn’t tell them the truth because I don’t care about them ... But there is limits, believe me there is ...

"The Holocaust" is a matter of religious dogma, and EVERYONE is expected to assent their will to this dogma. To deny is a terrible crime that cries out to the rabbis and their helpers for vengeance.

This is how an Israeli comedian qualified his public airing of a normally hushed, millenia-old Judaic tradition of ridicule of Christian belief in the incarnation of Christ in the womb of the Virgin Mary : "You goyim made me ridicule your Yoshke and harlot Miriam because you deny our Holocaust!" But if you bought that absurd line, you've been taken for a ride. This comedian has, in fact, thrown together an uncreative rehash of a Judaic tradition which originated at least 1800 years ago--millenia before "The Holocaust" and at a time when Christians were under severe persecution, at times instigated or directly perpetrated by Judaics. The earliest recorded example of this particular blasphemy related to the Virgin Mary is in the Church Father Origen's Contra Celsus: which was written around 248 A.D. as a refutation of a book written by Celsus about 60 years earlier:

But let us now return to where the Jew [whom Celsus cites] is introduced, speaking of the mother of Jesus, and saying that "when she was pregnant she was turned out of doors by the carpenter to whom she had been betrothed, as having been guilty of adultery, and that she bore a child to a certain soldier named Panthera;" and let us see whether those who have blindly concocted these fables about the adultery of the Virgin with Panthera, and her rejection by the carpenter, did not invent these stories to overturn His miraculous conception by the Holy Ghost: for they could have falsified the history in a different manner, on account of its extremely miraculous character, and not have admitted, as it were against their will, that Jesus was born of no ordinary human marriage. It was to be expected, indeed, that those who would not believe the miraculous birth of Jesus would invent some falsehood. (Origen, Contra Celsus, 1;32)
Even amateur researchers of Judaism will immediately recognize this Judaic fable recorded by Origen around 248 A.D. (citing Celsus' account of the fable which dates to around 190 A.D.) as part of what later came to be known as the Toledoth Yeshu, a tradition of Judaism which is not canonical but which is so pervasive to Judaic culture that most people of Judaic descent are more familiar with it than the particulars of the canonical texts of Judaism. This theme recurs constantly in books and films produced by "secular Jews." Elements of this blasphemy and much worse are found in the canonical texts of Judaism, however, and thoroughly documented in Judaism Discovered.

The Benedict XVI Vatican uncharacteristically issued a mild condemnation of this "Israel"-televised blasphemy of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother HERE, but this is to laugh. Where is the condemnation of the source of this comedian's blasphemy: the teachings and traditions of his elder brother rabbis? Catholics have been condemning these same Judaic blasphemies since at least 200 A.D. (Tertullian, De spectaculis, ch. 30) HERE, but not this pope. To his credit, the bishop of Jerusalem issued a statement calling this incident, "a symptom of greater problems disturbing the society, such as intolerance, refusal to accept and respect the other and inherent hatred."

This gets a bit closer to the truth. Rabbinic Judaism and the Judaic culture it has shaped is inherently hateful towards Jesus and Christians. The bishop of Jerusalem would likely be an eyewitness to the hatred of Judaism in practice, ie. spitting at Christians, crosses, etc.

Such is the basis for Benedict's ever increasing religious relations with his elder brothers.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bishop Williamson to be Expelled from Argentina for "Holocaust" Heresy, Judaic Organizations Celebrate

Bishop Williamson to be expelled from Argentina

The "Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas" and "Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina" are the Grand Inquisitors of Holocaustolatry in formerly Catholic Argentina.


La DAIA pedirá al Congreso una ley que pene la negación del Holocausto

Israel Backs Expulsion of Bishop Williamson

Jews hail expulsion of Holocaust-denying bishop

Fri Feb 20, 2009

By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - World Jewish leaders on Friday praised Argentina's decision to order the expulsion of an ultra-traditionalist Catholic bishop who caused an international furore by denying the full extent of the Holocaust.

One group called on other governments to follow Argentina's lead and crack down on anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial in their countries.

Argentina's government announced on Thursday it had ordered Bishop Richard Williamson to leave within 10 days or be expelled from the country where he has lived for years.

"The government of Argentina has advanced the cause of truth and has struck a blow against hate," said Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants ...

"This decision is commendable, even more so because the government of Argentina makes it crystal clear that Holocaust deniers are not welcome in the country," said Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) ...

The WJC's Lauder said he hoped Argentina's move would inspire other countries to take action against those who deny the Holocaust.

"Sadly, other countries and governments are much less inclined to crack down on any attempts to denigrate the victims of the Shoah," Lauder said, using the Hebrew word for Holocaust ...

full article:

Feb. 18, 2009 Meeting of Bilateral Working Commission: Vatican - Counterfeit Israel

State terrorism, war crimes, intentionally created humanitarian disasters and pharisaic inquisitions won't prevent Benedict XVI from squandering what little prestige he's spared the papacy on a papal visit to counterfeit Israel now that Vatican-"Israel" financial matters appear near resolution.


VATICAN CITY, 19 FEB 2009 (VIS) - The Bilateral Permanent Working Commission between the Holy See and the State of Israel met yesterday, 18 February, at the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs, to continue negotiations on the "Economic Agreement" concerning fiscal and property matters, according to a communique released today.

"The meeting was characterised by great cordiality and a spirit of co- operation. Progress was achieved, and the delegations renewed their joint commitment to conclude the Agreement as soon as possible. The next meeting of this working-level commission will take place on 7 April."

Papal trip to Holy Land takes shape

By John Thavis

Catholic News Service - Feb-19-2009

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI's planned trip to the Holy Land was slowly taking shape in February, and the tentative schedule included a number of important pastoral and interreligious events.

The proposed itinerary would take the pope to Jordan May 8-11 ...

The pope would travel from Jordan to Israel May 11 and visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem the same day. Over the next three and a half days, he would visit the Western Wall, sacred to Jews; meet with Jewish and Muslim leaders; hold talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders; visit a Palestinian refugee camp; and celebrate Mass in Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem.

Before returning to Rome May 15, the tentative schedule calls for the pope to hold a brief ecumenical encounter and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. There was talk of a papal stop in war-devastated Gaza, but Vatican sources said there were no firm plans for such an event; instead, a delegation of Gaza residents was expected to attend one of the papal Masses.

The Vatican's chief papal trip planner was expected to meet with local organizers in late February to work out a definitive schedule for the visit.

Full article;

No Obstacle Too High to Separate Brothers, Except Cash

Vatican and "Israel" in a Tiff over Cash

Benedict to Bless Counterfeit Israel in May

Bard College Fires "Overcoming Zionism" Author, Joel Kovel

Benedict XVI's favorite rabbi of Talmudic and Kabbalistic lies and depravity, Jacob Neusner, is secure as Senior Fellow and Distinguished Service Professor at Bard, but apikoros (heretic), Joel Kovel's teaching career has been terminated. Judaic racism is not only sanctioned at Bard College but zealously shielded from examination. The Inquisition has taken the place of freedom of inquiry at universities today where Judaism and it's offshoots, Zionism and Holocaustolatry are concerned.



The Self-Deception of Judaism and its Offshoot, Holocaustolatry

Watch ABC News video of "Holocaust" huckster, Herman Rosenblat upholding his self-deception and deception millions of others:

Interviewer: How did you tell such a big lie to so many people for so long?

Rosenblat: It wasn't a lie. It was my imagination, and in my imagination--in my mind--I believed it. Even now I believe it, that she was there and she threw the apples to me.

Interviewer: How can you say it wasn't a lie? It wasn't true and you know it's not true.

Rosenblat: Yes, it's not true, but in my imagination it was true.

Jesus said that the pharisaic founders of rabbinic Judaism did the will of their father, the father of lies (John 8;44). To this day the rabbinic tradition is a lying tradition. See Judaism Discovered, pp. 136, 593-617.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pope and Pharisees Preach More Holocaustolatry

Benedict XVI, Walter Kasper and Chief Priests of Holocaustolatry Feb. 12, 2009. Note Pharisees David Rosen and Abe Foxman who is a denier of the genocide of Armenian Christians in the first seats.

Raw audio of the kahal's proceedings can be heard at this link:

Below is the text of Rabbi Arthur Schneier's address to the Pope. Benedict visited Rabbi Schneier's synagogue on Passover eve last year, HERE. Note that Benedict's elder brother Rabbi Schneier, in stark contrast to the founder of Christianity, preaches non-forgiveness. He also alludes to his non-biblical, Kabbalistic god, Metatron ("Shomer Yisrael" or "Guardian of Israel") which is not found in Psalm 121 as he implies, but rather, throughout the rabbinic texts as Johannes Eisenmenger documented along with the rabbinic teaching that Christians ("Esau") are watched over by Satan or "Sammael" (see: Eisenmenger, Traditions of the Jews). A fine basis for reconciliation, no? Rabbi Schneier predictably pushes more "Holocaust education," "tolerance," relations between Christians and "Jews," self worship, pious Zionism, blah, blah, blah ...

Rabbi Arthur Schneier

Shalom, Your Holiness, Peace be unto you,

On the eve of Passover, during your historic visit to the United States, it was my privilege to welcome Your Holiness to Park East Synagogue in New York. The first papal visit to an American synagogue was another expression of your outreach to the Jewish community. Today, the Presidents Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations delegation enjoys your hospitality at a trying moment in Catholic-Jewish relations. We thank you for this encounter that will help bring healing and mutual understanding.

As a Holocaust survivor, these have been painful and difficult days when confronted with Holocaust-denial by no less than a bishop of Society of St. Pius X. 2009 marks the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, September 1, 1939. We both experienced the ravages of that war, death, suffering and devastation. The Shoah claimed the lives of six million Jewish men, women, and children including my own family in Auschwitz and Terezin. Your Holiness, we and others who have seen man's inhumanity to man, how can we but revolt at Holocaust-denial? Victims of the Holocaust have not given us the right to forgive the perpetrators nor the Holocaust deniers. Thank you for understanding our pain and anguish and your firm statement expressing "unquestioned solidarity" with the Jewish people and condemning Holocaust denial.

In our autumn years, we must transmit "never again" through Holocaust education to future generations. Holocaust education can be a call to conscience and awaken us from our slumber of indifference to the threat of genocide in our own day.

Your Holiness, through the guidelines of Nostra Aetate, we have been able to heal the wounds of the past and effect reconciliation between the Church and the Jewish people. Your personal commitment and that of Pope John Paul II, of blessed memory, to "embrace the older brother" has given us further encouragement to build even closer ties between Catholics and Jews all over the world. Your Holiness, we thank you for repeatedly standing with us as we face the new scourge of Anti-Semitism, the desecration and burning of synagogues.

As Jews traveling in the desert carried not only the second tablets in the Ark but also the first broken tablets, we too carry with us memories of centuries of persecution, oppression and denigration, but we are not paralyzed by the past. We continue with faith in the Shomer Yisrael, Guardian of Israel, who shields and protects us at all times (Psalm 121). We have rebuilt our lives, and were privileged to see the reemergence of the State of Israel, the fulfillment of Ezekiel's prophecy, "And I will put My spirit in you, and ye shall live, and I will place you in your own land; and ye shall know that I the LORD have spoken, and performed it, saith the LORD (Ezekiel 37:14)." The Promised Land awaits Your arrival.

Our relationship, based upon the solid foundation of Vatican II, can overcome periodic setbacks. We can emerge even stronger to cooperate with one another and to work together in confronting the enormous challenges facing our civilization. May God give you strength and long life to be the bridge-builder in pursuit of peace, inter-religious dialogue and tolerance. Oseh Shalom Bimromav Hu Yaaseh Shalom Aleinu: May He who made peace in Heaven, help us establish peace on Earth.

And the Pope's response here:

Pope's Speech to American Zionist Leaders, Feb. 12

More Pagan Judaism: Birkat ha-Hammah (Blessing of the Sun)

See the Birkat ha Levanah (Blessing of the Moon) here:

The global warming fraudsters of the "Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life" are celebrating Birkat ha-Hammah in association with B'nai Brith this year.

And they have a "Noahide" interfaith branch for the "goys." Who knew! Note the "Noahide" rainbow:

Jewish Groups Prepare for Rare Blessing of the Sun

February 17, 2009

As sunrise broke over New York City on the morning of April 8, 1981, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi — at the time he was known just as Zalman Schachter — stood on the observation deck of the Empire State Building and sounded the shofar.

For more than two hours after, Shachter-Shalomi led some 300 mostly young adults in an obscure Jewish ritual known as Birkat Hachamah, or blessing over the sun, a prayer recited once every 28 years when, the Talmud says, the sun reaches the same spot in the firmament as when it was created.

According to an account of the service in The New York Times, participants raised their hands in prayer, asked for healing for individuals and the earth, and released 70 balloons. At the conclusion, some worshipers joined in the singing of a Hebrew version of “Let the Sun Shine In” from the rock musical “Hair.”

The rite, Shachter-Shalomi told the Times, “helps us renew our relationship with the solar system and increase our awareness of the sun as a source of energy.”

Twenty-eight years later, Jews across the denominational spectrum are gearing up again for the observance with a range of planned celebrations, many of them environmentally focused. The sun prayer will be said, as it will several times in the 21st century, on April 8, which this year falls on the eve of Passover.

In the northern Israeli city of Safed, an eight-day festival is planned featuring several environmentally and kabbalistically inspired events, including the ceremonial burning of leavened bread on the morning before Passover by concentrating the sun’s rays through an optic lens.

“Over the last 28-year cycle, we have suffered from pollution and the depletion of natural resources,” said the festival founder, U.S.-based artist Eva Ariela Lindberg, in a news release. “Let us use this extraordinary opportunity to co-create the next cycle by seeking alternative solar energies and a purer environment, recharging ourselves and learning how to honor the earth, our neighbors and ourselves. This is a time to renew, and bring fresh blossoms to our world for the next 28-year cycle.”

In the United States, 14 Jewish organizations have joined to launch, a Web site with links to various educational materials and ideas for April 8 activities. The site asks users to sign a Covenant of Commitment in which they “pledge to hasten the day of environmental healing, social justice and sustainable living for all.”

Five of the groups also are sponsoring an art competition for works “interpreting aspects of the sun and exploring the relationship between Judaism and the environment.” And the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism has designed a 68-page study text on the prayer emphasizing environmental themes.

“Growing up, there was almost a fear in recognizing that our holidays and calendar are indicative of an earth-based religion,” said Nati Passow, co-founder of the Jewish Farm School, one of the groups behind BlessTheSun. “That doesn’t necessarily mean idol worship or earth worship, but it means that the calendar and the cycles were a reflection of people who lived with a greater awareness of natural cycles than we have now. And so any time you can teach people about elements of our tradition that are earth-based, and especially the ones that are hidden and not as well known, it’s a way of bringing people into Judaism.”

The prayer, whose origins lie in the Talmud, blesses God “who makes the work of creation” and is the same blessing said over other rare natural phenomena, like lightning or a meteor.

Its Talmudic origins mean that the sun blessing is hardly the sole province of liberal Jewish environmental groups.

ArtScroll Publications, an Orthodox publishing house, has reissued an updated version of Rabbi J. David Bleich’s seminal 1981 book “Birchas Hachamah,” probably the most definitive English-language treatment of the subject. And Canfei Nesharim, an Orthodox environmental group, is working on a number of initiatives, including a sun-themed mishloach manot — the food baskets traditionally given on the holiday of Purim, which falls about a month before the sun blessing.

Bleich’s book includes a rigorously detailed discussion of the evolution of the Jewish calendar and the complex calculations of lunar and solar cycles that determine the dates of Jewish observances.

“The blessing on this occasion, it would seem, is evocative rather than responsive,” wrote Bleich, a professor of Jewish law and ethics at Yeshiva University. “It is designed to arouse man from his lethargy, to force him to reflect upon this cosmic phenomenon, to summon him to contemplation. Marking yet another solar milestone in the calendar of eternity, the occasion calls out to man: Lift up your eyes on high and see: who created these?”

Despite the complexity of the Talmudic discussion, the determination of April 8 is almost certainly inaccurate, Bleich told JTA. But the sages of the Talmud ordained the blessing not as a precise astronomical commemoration, Bleich said, but as a pedagogic device to impress upon future generations God’s continuing role in sustaining the universe.

Asked about Jewish groups that want to infuse the blessing with an environmental message, Bleich said, “I wish them luck.”

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Proper Defense of Pope Pius XII Against the "Holocaust" Inquisition

All books from establishment publishing houses purported to defend Pius XII against the false charges of the "Holocaust" Inquisition are woefully inadequate. Some of them do more harm than good. Rabbi Dalin, in typical rabbi style, lends his sponsorship to Pius XII in exchange for the opportunity to seed confusion related to the Herzl-Pius X meeting into the Catholic camp.

I had much time to spend reading last month and I read Professor Robert Faurisson's book, Pope Pius XII's Revisionism, very carefully. I highly recommend this book which tackles the matter of Pius XII's W.W.II "silence" outside of the rigged framework that all the other books are locked into, i.e. "was Pius XII good for the 'Jews'." Professor Faurisson documents that Pius XII did indeed save many Judaic persons at great risk to himself and the Church, but this is only a minor part of the study. The book primarily focuses on the fact that during W.W.II, Pius XII was bombarded with outrageous atrocity propaganda and asked to condemn countless fabricated atrocities and that he was skeptical of much of it, and for good reason. I will say no more than this, other than to restate that this is the only book worth reading on the topic because it's the only book that approaches the matter without deference to "Holocaust" dogmas. All of the other books take the claims of the "Holocaust" industry as Gospel and build their case upon that shoddy foundation.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Vatican, German Chancellor Win Temporary Pharisee Approval

"American" "Jewish" Committee operative and proud, self-proclaimed Pharisee, David Rosen, who was in 2005 knighted by Pope Benedict XVI, is very pleased with the measures taken by church and state in Europe in response to the heresy of "Holocaust" denial. Pharisaic praise is quickly withdrawn, however. This will last only until the next shameful act of treachery is demanded, which will, no doubt, happen soon enough.

AJC Welcomes Vatican Statement on Holocaust Denier Bishop

New York – February 4, 2009 – AJC has applauded today’s statement from the Vatican demanding that Bishop Richard Williamson “absolutely, unequivocally and publicly distance himself” from his advocacy of Holocaust denial.

Williamson, a conservative Bishop whose excommunication by the late Pope John Paul II was recently revoked by Pope Benedict XVI, has consistently denied the existence of the Nazi gas chambers. The Vatican’s statement demanding he recant these view follows a chorus of angry protest from both Jewish groups and non-Jewish groups.

"This is what we were asking for - an unequivocal repudiation of Williamson's odious opinions and all such forms of anti-Semitism," said Rabbi David Rosen, AJC's International Director of Interreligious Affairs. “This welcome statement, as well as the clear reiteration that the Society of Saint Pius X, to which Williamson belongs, will only be allowed back into the Church once it respects the historic reforms of the Second Vatican Council, demonstrates the Vatican’s continuing commitment to good relations with the Jewish community. Had all this been expressed at the outset, we could have avoided the unnecessary damage and distress.”

Rosen paid special tribute to the many religious and civic leaders who contributed to this satisfactory resolution, in particular German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Chancellor Merkel urged the Vatican to go further in its clear rejection of Holocaust denial and deniers. “We deeply appreciate Chancellor Merkel’s principled stance,” Rosen said. “Holocaust denial must never be tolerated or legitimized.”


Coincidentally, Rabbi/Pharisee David Rosen was one of the signers of the joint Delegation of the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews /Chief Rabbinate of Israel document which falsely claims that the Talmudic "Noahide laws" have a biblical foundation.

I believe it's fair to ask whether this AJC rabbi emissary to the Vatican, David Rosen, has the same motivations as his predecessor, Rabbi Abraham Heschel. I have no doubt, but Rosen is far more slick than Heschel.

Another rabbi-Inquisitor of Holocaustolatry, Leon Klenicki was knighted by Benedict XVI in 2007. Rabbi Leon Klenicki, in addition to being an "Anti-Defamation" League operative, was a strong advocate of Rabbi Benamozegh's teachings on "Noahide" Churchianity.

Dear Reader, here are two Judaic power organization operatives, zealous rabbi/inquisitors against "Holocaust" denial, deceitful evangelists of the "Noahide laws," who also happen to have been knighted by Benedict XVI.

I ask people to consider whether "full communion" with Benedict XVI and his elder brother peddlers of the "Noahide" faith is something to be sought after by true followers of Jesus Christ and His Gospel teachings.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees Emanating from Rome.

Chief Pharisee of Holocaustolatry, Rabbi Leon Klenicki was made a Papal Knight by Benedict XVI in 2007. In 1998 he proclaimed to the world:

''The deniers of the Holocaust in Europe now have to deal with the Vatican,'' Rabbi [Leon] Klenicki said. ( "Ideas & Trends; A Vatican Peace Offering Reopens War Wounds," The New York Times, Gustav Niebuhr, March 29, 1998)


Indeed, "deniers" of the dogmas of the "Holocaust" religion do have to deal with the Vatican which now functions as the "Noahide" wing of the Holy "Holocaust" Inquisition. Today we have the following statement from the Pope's Secretary of State relating to the conditions which the four bishops of the Society of St. Pius X must submit to in order to be brought into full communion with Benedict and his elder brothers in the faith. The following quotation concerns Bishop Williamson specifically:

"... The positions of Mons. Williamson on the Shoah are absolutely unacceptable and firmly refuted by the Holy Father ... Bishop Williamson, for an admission to episcopal functions in the Church, [in addition to declaring full recognition of the Second Vatican Council and of the Magisterium of Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI] will also have to declare, in an absolutely unequivocal and public manner, distance from his positions regarding the Shoah, unknown to the Holy Father in the moment of the remission of the excommunication..."

Original in Italian

Beware the leaven of the Pharisees emanating from Rome.