Monday, March 30, 2009

Cardinal Vingt-Trois: "Being a Catholic is Radically Incompatible With Denying the Holocaust"

"Let this be another opportunity to recall -- whether the time is right or not -- that being a Catholic is radically incompatible with denying the Holocaust ..."
Cardinals Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson and Vingt-Trois, at New York Museum of Jewish Heritage. Note the hidden pectoral crosses. Holocaustolatry affirmed, Christ denied. (full size image HERE)

From David G. Marwell, Director of the Museum of Jewish Heritage (Holocaustolatry indoctrination center):

I have already written several time about Father Patrick Desbois and his important work. Our exhibition, The Shooting of Jews in Ukraine: Holocaust by Bullets, closed today. Among its last visitors was a delegation of Catholic leaders, who were shown through the exhibition by Father Desbois. The delegation, led by the Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Vingt-Trois, included a number of Cardinals and Bishops, primarily from France, who came to New York to visit the Museum and meet with Jewish leaders.

Here is an excerpt from my welcoming remarks:

When Father Patrick Desbois called me several weeks ago and announced that he would like to bring a group of high church officials to the Museum, I immediately said yes. After all, it was here in the Museum, in 2005, that Father Desbois first described to the Jewish world the full scope of his undertaking –locating and identifying the graves of Jews murdered by the Germans in Ukraine during the Holocaust. And it was it was the Museum that became the first American venue to host the remarkable exhibition that details Father Desbois’s work.

I immediately said yes because we have always sought a close connection with the Catholic Church, indeed John Cardinal O’Connor spoke at the dedication of our Museum and forged our connection with the schools of the Archdiocese, stating that it was his desire that every student from every Catholic school visit the Museum. And since then, thousands of Catholic students and their teachers have come to the Museum and learned about a painful and difficult history. They have learned about this history because people like Cardinal O’Connor – and Father Desbois -- recognized that, to become a good man or woman, to become a good citizen, to become a good Catholic, one must learn about and learn from perhaps the darkest moment in human history.

And so, we welcome this group of distinguished leaders to our Museum as we continue to carry out our crucial mission. And we welcome them at a particularly painful moment as we try to absorb the still stinging news that a reinstated Church leader, Bishop Richard Williamson, has publicly denied a history that any recent graduate of a New York Archdiocese school knows to be true and irrefutable.

We welcome our guests knowing that, by their visit, they send an undeniable message to all that there is no room for Williamson’s message, or that of others like him, in the hearts and minds of good men and women, of good citizens of the world.

Speaking before the press after touring the exhibition, Cardinal Vingt-Trois made a very strong statement on the subject of Holocaust denial:

Let this be another opportunity to recall -- whether the time is right or not -- that being a Catholic is radically incompatible with denying the Holocaust, and that recent statements have caused suffering among our Jewish brothers as well as among many Catholics.

Original at:

The Visit of the Cardinals

Speaking at the "United States Holocaust Memorial Museum" in 2008, Cardinal Vingt-Trois proclaimed that he was making his best effort to indoctrinate Catholic children into Holocaustolatry:

Together with the French bishops who are with me here tonight, I then want to say how determined we are to see to it that the facts about the Shoah are taught by our Church, at the level of both academic studies and the education of all Catholics, adults as well as young people ... We will have to find means to make sure that the younger generations learn the history of the Shoah and thus realize what deadly sins were then committed ...Concerning the knowledge of the Shoah among adult and young Catholics, the Church in France is firmly resolute to make her best effort. The goal is to educate and – if I may say so – refine consciousness. We have in Paris a significant institution: the Museum of the Shoah. It can teach school groups and families what the Shoah was actually like, and what our Jewish brothers and sisters had to undergo. This is certainly no substitute for the trip which I have already mentioned to Auschwitz, and which I strongly encourage state school chaplaincies and Catholic schools to organize. Within the frame of catechism, we strive (I dare say with all our might) to offer programs that may help the children and teenagers realize that the Jews make up a living people and remain the partners of God’s Covenant with their forebears, and that this Covenant is vital to a Christian understanding of God’s relationship to all men and to the salvation of humankind. We consider it our duty to make it crystal clear that racism and anti-Semitism are serious sins. Awareness of how deadly the sin of anti-Semitism is was brought about by the discovery of the horror of the Shoah. This established fact must now be transmitted to the younger generations, and I am convinced that the knowledge of history is the best means to fulfill our mission ...


Joe O said...

Maurice, the cardinal's name is French for "twenty three". I believe that has meaning in occult numerology. Just a heads up, I am not sure what else to make of it.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal O'Connor had no problem posing with Freemasons:

Anonymous said...

Oh wait here's more:

Anonymous said...

I ask this question quite sincerely.

Can someone here please explain to me why the post-conciliar church is obsessed with the jews?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pinay, please feel free to answer my question.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Can someone here please explain to me why the post-conciliar church is obsessed with the jews?

I have heard that many of the post Conciliar hierarchy are crypto Jews especially in Poland (50%+) and Germany

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, Presider DesBois' discovery turned out, in final analysis, to be the graves of victims of the Judeo-Communists, not of the Nazis. Is my memory correct in this?

Anonymous said...

Episcopal judaizing is pathetic and nauseating, and, indeed, those prelates who would cover their crosses/crucifixes for secular respect deserve to be rebuked.

But independent Catholic bishops and priests -- as well as SSPX bishops and priests -- do not have jurisdiction. Confessions and marriages in that milieu are invalid. To insist otherwise is to deny the ontological reality of The Catholic Church. A parent who abuses his/her child still remains the child's parent. That reality does not cease with malfeasance. To assert that it does is uniquely an American impulse and not a Catholic impulse.

Pray for Vingt-Trois and all the rest.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you don't understand the SSPX at all. And who are you to deny the validity of SSPX confessions and marriages. Despite your assertions, the Pope has not definitely stated the invalidity of SSPX confessions and marriages! You can only cite commentators and some of the higher-ups perhaps, but NOT THE POPE!!

Your reply betrays an ignorance of sacramental theology and canon law!

Saltus said...

9:47 AM, if there were a nuclear war and everyone were scattered, would you say that bishops should refrain from consecrating bishops because they didn't have jurisdiction from the Pope? Do you think God would be pleased with this punctiliousness, when in actuality it would simply kill off the Church?

Obviously, in normal times, you wouldn't want a bishop running around consecrating behind the Pope's back. That would be to set up an alternate Church. That is why the Popes inveigh against such actions. But if, say, Pius X were alive today, the great man would probably inveigh just as strongly against those who, out of scruples, trying to be couch canonists, become fanatical and lead people to believe that NO valid priests exist ( which would be impossible, because that would mean the death of the Church ).

It's simple. When we get a Pope, he will determine who the Successors of the Apostles were, and retroactively ratify their actions. The Popes who came to power after various heresies had run their course -- Donatist, Arian, Monophysite -- likewise honored and raised the bishops who fought against such heresies, and who were very often massively outnumbered.

To make this even more simple, Bishop Thuc ( he was made Archbishop by John XXIII, but he is still a bishop ) was actually AUTHORIZED by Pius XII to consecrate bishops at his discretion, for just such an emergency as we are in today. That means the Thuc-line bishops, at the very least, actually DO have jurisdiction from the Pope, though even if they DIDN'T, they would still be valid because of the emergency situation. Are you happy?