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Cardinals Kasper, O'Malley Enshrine "Holocaust" in Boston

"No Holocaust denial -- which is a new injustice to the victims -- can be allowed or permitted ... "It's absolutely clear that a Holocaust denier can't have a room, a space in the Catholic church,"''

Top Vatican liaison to Jews rededicates Massachusetts menorah in memory of Holocaust victims

March 25, 2009

Michael Paulson - Boston Globe

BRAINTREE _ With a touch of flickering flame to the top of a bronze candelabrum, a key Vatican official today sought to reassure the Jewish community that there is no room in the Catholic church for anti-Semitism or Holocaust denial.

Cardinal Walter Kasper, who is Pope Benedict XVI's top advisor on Catholic-Jewish relations, yesterday visited the headquarters of the Archdiocese of Boston and took several steps to calm the controversy that has erupted since the pope lifted the excommunication of four traditionalist bishops, one of whom denies that the Nazis used gas chambers to kill Jews. Over a salmon lunch with 50 Jewish community leaders, Kasper fielded a series of tough questions about the Vatican's actions; he then joined a ceremony to rededicate a Holocaust memorial, originally located at the former archdiocesan headquarters in Brighton, which depicts six men and women holding torches to represent the six million Jews killed during World War II.

"The memory of what happened, now 65 years ago, can not be forgotten,'' Kasper told a crowd of about 200 at the rededication ceremony, including multiple priests and rabbis, several Holocaust survivors, and the consuls-general of Israel and Germany. "No Holocaust denial -- which is a new injustice to the victims -- can be allowed or permitted.''

But the raw emotions exposed by the controversy over Bishop Richard Williamson of the Society of St. Pius X were clear. Israel Arbeiter, the president of the Boston chapter of the American Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, recounted the deaths of his parents and brother in concentration camps, and his own witnessing of the remains of Jews killed in gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau, before addressing Kasper and saying, "Your Eminence, pain and suffering have been inflicted again on the Holocaust survivors by a representative of the church, namely, Bishop Williamson, and by the action and inaction by Pope Benedict XVI.''

Arbeiter also praised the Catholic church, calling the visit of Kasper "deeply meaningful,'' referring to Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley of Boston as a friend, and saying that the pope has taken a number of constructive steps in recent weeks to address the controversy. But he said he would like to hear the pope directly refute the claim by Williamson that gas chambers were not used by the Nazis.

"Sixty-nine years after the liberation of Auschwitz, with all the available documentation, confirmation by the German government, testimony by the perpetrators, Bishop Williamson still denies the truth, the fact of the Holocaust,'' he said. "...I will never understand that he denies that there were ever gas chambers, that Jewish people were gassed and murdered...I wonder whether Bishop Williamson knows where my parents and my brother are.''

Local Jewish and Catholic community leaders said they viewed Kasper's visit as a significant development, in that it affirmed the high priority the Vatican places on Catholic-Jewish relations.

"Words are helpful, but actions like today's re-dedication are more powerful, more meaningful, and more enduring,'' said Derrek L. Shulman, New England regional director of the Anti-Defamation League. "We welcome and celebrate this day as a major step forward for strengthening relations between Jews and Catholics in the Boston area."

O'Malley, who organized the event, called the Holocaust "the greatest act of inhumanity ever perpetrated on this planet,'' and said yesterday's event was intended "to assure the entire community of the Holy Father and the church's commitment to furthering these wonderful relationships that have been cultivated the last decades." O'Malley noted that Catholic-Jewish relations in Boston have been strong since the days of Cardinal Richard J. Cushing, who in the 1960s helped draft a pivotal document at the Second Vatican Council that repudiated the basis for Christian anti-Semitism.

Kasper said that the outcry from Catholics irate over Williamson's remarks, and over the Vatican's action, was evidence that Catholics have internalized the importance of Catholic-Jewish relations. And Nancy K. Kaufman, the executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, said that the response to the uproar had provided evidence of the overall strength of the Jewish-Catholic relationship, noting the speed and candor with which local leaders had been able to meet and talk.

"It speaks to the power of the relationship that we have worked on so hard in this community over 40 or 50 years,'' Kaufman said. "Some of us here today can remember a time when relations between Catholics and Jews in Boston were not so good, and we didn't have the ability to have an honest and open dialogue among and between each other, and I think the ability to raise difficult issues like this one, and to have the discussion...speaks to the strength of the relationship."

Top Vatican liaison to Jews rededicates Massachusetts menorah in memory of Holocaust victims

JAY LINDSAY - Associated Press - BRAINTREE, Mass.

March 25, 2009

... Cardinal Walter Kasper joined Holocaust survivors and local Roman Catholic leaders at the ceremony for the Yom Hashoah Menorah at the Boston Archdiocese's Braintree offices.

Kasper said the ceremony was a reminder of "the most atrocious event of the last century."

"No Holocaust denial, which is a new injustice to the victims, can be allowed or permitted," Kasper said. "The memory must be a ... memory for the future we hand down to future generations."

The menorah was dedicated in 2002 at the archdiocese's former campus in Brighton, but the archdiocese recently moved to Braintree after selling its land to neighboring Boston College to relieve debt. Cardinal Sean O'Malley, the Boston archbishop, suggested the rededication ceremony in Braintree after meeting with local Jewish leaders angered by the Vatican's January decision to lift the excommunication of Bishop Richard Williamson ...

At a press conference after the ceremony, Kasper emphasized that though Williamson's excommunication was lifted, he can't be fully restored into the church unless he renounces his views.

"It's absolutely clear that a Holocaust denier can't have a room, a space in the Catholic church," Kasper said ...

Auschwitz survivor Israel Arbeiter on Wednesday called on the pope to emphatically state that millions of people died in gas chambers. Arbeiter said that his parents were murdered in the chambers in the Treblinka death camp and that he saw thousands led into Auschwitz's chambers, leaving behind "only their clothing, their ashes and crushed bones."

"We stand together against those who today conspire to repeat history even as they deny that very history," said Arbeiter, president of the Boston area chapter of the American Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors.

Arbeiter was joined by his son and grandson as he lit one of six candles on the menorah, representing the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

The menorah depicts six people holding torches on a base of a cracked Star of David. A holy man with a prayer book stands in front of them, with a child to the side.

The original Yom Hashoah Menorah was placed at the North American College in Vatican City in 1999. At the time, Pope John Paul II backed a proposal to place replicas of these menorahs in Catholic centers as a sign of reconciliation and to spur Holocaust study programs.

The menorahs have since been placed in cities around the country, including Dallas, Miami and Baltimore.

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Anonymous said...

I was seriously contemplating leaving my sedevacantist chapel and going back to the Church. But I think that the Novus Ordo Church has gone insane. Who wants to be part of this charade?

KurtB said...

I wonder if Israel Arbeiter would agree to be cross examined under oath by Doug Christie, Ernst Zundel’s attorney, about his statement “witnessing the remains of Jews killed in gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau”. Rudolf Vrba, the ‘best witness’ in the Zundel trial faltered poorly in this regard.

Anonymous said...

The obvious crypto-talmudic subversive influences’ on the "pillar of truth" over the centuries has come to this.

It is good that it's gotten so blatantly obvious that even the head-in-the-sand die-hard's are having to address it.

The more that know of the crypto-Kabbalahistic scam and apostasy the better. Even though it was completely manipulated by the anti-Christ dialectic-working crowed, at the basic level to escape from and filter-out their Talmudic “oral tradition” perversions, the reformation principle of sola scriptura is again vindicated; sad to say that all of the reformed Protestant communions now suffer from the same essential problem. We will continue to pray for our Roman Catholic (and) Protestant (and) Baptist brethren in their respective judaized communions.

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Jewish statement on Archbishop's comments on the holocaust
Original in Portugese

In response, the President of the Federation, Henry Chmelnitsky says that the statements of Bishop Dadeus will do nothing to build a peaceful and harmonious coexistence among Brazilians of all origins. To Chmelnitsky, to reduce or relativise the Holocaust hits the memory of millions of deaths in a war started by fanaticism and intolerance. The Chairman of the Federation also said that he hopes Dadeus reflects on his statements.

Response to statements by the Archbishop of Porto Alegre, Dom Dadeus Grings

We are surprised by the statements of the Archbishop of Porto Alegre, Dom Dadeus Grings, published by the magazine Press. It is not the first time the cleric has distorted the Holocaust (Cathcon - he said in the 90s that there were one million Jewish victims). We, Brazilians of all origins have built through decades a tradition of peaceful and harmonious coexistence. Statements such as those by Archbishop Dadeus will do nothing for this model which serves as inspiration to other countries. To reduce or relativise the Holocaust hits the memory of millions of deaths in a war started by fanaticism and intolerance.

The Vatican itself, in recent years, has adopted an open and transparent position in relation to the murder of six million Jews. Moreover, relations between the Catholic Church and Jewish community have never been so good. In May, Pope Benedict XVI will visit Israel.

In this situation, once again Archbishop is out of tune using arguments similar to those without any moral or scientific value. Fewer Jews died in the War II because there were and still are fewer Jews in the world. Proportionally, a slaughter minimized by Archbishop really meant the annihilation of most of a national group that was already small.

We express the hope that Dom Dadeus reflects on his statements. He is a man of faith and peace. He met the directorship of the Israeli Federation here a few days ago, which much honored and moved the Jewish community of Rio Grande do Sul. However, when replaying stereotypes created by the Nazis, Dom Dadeus is positioning himself on the wrong side of history. his statements not only afflict Jews but millions of Roma, disabled, homosexuals and opponents of the Nazi regime that were also murdered.

The only way to prevent a repeat of barbarism perpetrated by the Nazis against Jews or against other ethnic or religious groups - is always to respect the memory, with seriousness, honesty and fraternity. This is what we expect from Dadeus Grings and men and women committed the truth and justice.

Porto Alegre, March 26, 2009.

Henry S. Chmelnitsky

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Unknown said...

I too have been perplexed by Rome's cowardice before Zionism. Their response is very alarming, and has led me to the verge of becoming a sede-vacantist. This kind of rhetoric is not helping in the least. I am absolutely bewildered by all this. Has the prophecy of La Salette been fulfilled?

Anonymous said...

David, becoming a 7th Day Adventist (which is what sedevacantism essentially is) is not the answer. Did the apostles throw out The Church because Our Lord picked his own betrayer? Remember, Our Lord Jesus Christ submitted himself to the unjust ruling of a politically expedient ruler motivated by an unjust mob. Our Lord never disobeyed. Our Lord did not claim a state of necessity. He meekly and humbly submitted. Indeed, how is Our Beloved Savior emulated in the SSPX/sedevacantist milieu? With all of its latin and incense it's mysteriously bereft of that very humility. Indeed, had Lefebvrists and Thuc-ites stayed within the Chruch -- rather than attempting to establish a parallel magisterium (which is what episcopal consecration without papal mandate necessitates) -- perhaps the crisis would not have been so grave. Who knows what graces The Church would have accrued had Lefebvre obeyed?

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous (I'm sorry, you didn't identify yourself hence I can't address you personally),

Thank you for your kind reply.

Please do a simple experiment, drink the draught of pre-Vatican II Catholicism and post Vatican II Catholicism. They are two different wines, it is so obvious. The best post Vatican II has to offer is Robert Sungenis and Scott Hahn, etc. It's weak protestant watered down wine. There is a massive difference between a St. Thomas Aquinas and these people.

I once respected these people, but I think they are part of the problem. We need real Catholicism, not this protestantism. I wish they spent as much energy discussing Catholic issues as they did protestant. Doesn't charity begin at home?

Have you studied the New World Order? The Bavarian Illuminati? The effects of their machinations? I've written about this here:

Without going into too much detail, there is a tremendous difference between pre and post vatican II. This latest charade by false bishops regarding the "Holocaust" is further proof of the apostasy of Rome. Dresden is a Holocaust, why doesn't anybody speak about that?

Those that are informed, and bow before zionism are apostates.

St. Peter entered a Synogague to preach Christ, not to placate the Jews.

Let's not insult the martyrs and missionaries any more.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry all, most comments were not very charitable. I apologise, particularly to Robert Sungenis and Scott Hahn.