Monday, March 2, 2009 Hounded Off the Internet

This news came by email:

Just to let you know that Catholic Voice has temporarily been hounded off the Internet by 8 British MPs led by John Mann, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Anti-Semitism. The libellous Early Day Motion raised by them in the House of Commons last Thursday can be found here. My ISP caved in to their complaint immediately, so I'm left looking for a new web host if I'm ever to get back on line.


Timothy Johnson

Early Day Motion
EDM 917


Mann, John

That this House notes the vile and anti-Semitic nature of the website; notes that it is run by a known fascist and seeks to inspire hate against the Jewish community amongst others; understands that according to Nominet's WHOIS service it is based in the United Kingdom through ISP provider Plusnet in contradiction with that organisation's own hosting policies and remains available to be viewed by the world; calls on Plusnet to stop hosting the website content; and calls for the domain name to be revoked and believes that those who are writing, commissioning and uploading vile hate speech should face the full force of the law.


Anonymous said...

This result makes me worry that, despite their assurance, the UK will most likely cave in to Zionist demands and extradite Bp. Williamson to Germany, to be tried there and put in jail!

Anonymous said...

CatholicVoice should try to find a new server to host their website. A think that a non-UK server could do the job. It might be outside their juristiction to go after websites from other countries but then again when its the Jews complaining, everything is possible.

Anonymous said...

As people reawaken to the history and religion of Judaism and begin to resist Judaic hegemony and fables, the noose tightens.

Since it hosted some of the content of Maurice Pinay's "The Plot Against the Church," the site has been especially helpful in providing evidence against those who deny the deaths of over 61 million at the hands of Judeo-Communism.

"Never again," should be the words on the lips of all people of good will.

I hope to see the site return soon.

Where is there internet privacy and freedom?

Anonymous said...

Sung to the tune of "The Star Spangle Banner":

Oy vay, can you see such a marvelous sight

All the congressmen bowing to Israel's vast scheming

Whose bright frauds and sharp knives are a perilous fright

What - the senators too? Their hands out and eyes gleaming.

And the dollar's allure, with shareholdings secure

Gives proof to the world about hogs and manure

Oh see how that six pointed star proudly waves

O'er the heads of popes and kings

And the toiling wage slaves.

Anonymous said...

The UK is the leading spear tip of the New World Order and police state.

Kids get busted for having BB guns in the UK.

Please post the content of this book online somewhere else, asap. I link your transcription to people constantly, in the hopes that they will discover the truth behind the attack on the Christian faith.