Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard: Patron of Holocaustolatry

Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard of the Eclessia Dei Commission which oversees all things related to the traditional Latin Mass and "regularization" with the SSPX is co-founder of an organization called Yahad-In Unum along with deceased Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, Cardinal Vingt-Trois, and former World Jewish Committee executive Rabbi Israel Singer. This organization makes it possible for a Father Patrick Desbois and his coterie of rabbis to wander about Eastern Europe allegedly identifying 'Jewish' mass graves, indiscriminately identifying the corpses as "Jewish" "Holocaust" victims and then covering the graves with cement so that no independent investigation of the sites is possible.

There are many mass graves to be found in Eastern Europe, war dead, victims of Nazis, Bolsheviks, disease and starvation. Identifying them is not the work of fanatical priests and rabbis of Holocaustolatry, but uninvested, well trained forensic investigators.

Yahad and In Unim mean "together" and "in unity" in Hebrew and Latin respectively. Together in unity, Cardinal Ricard, Father Desbois and the rabbis are propping up the "Holocaust" religion. Together they are suppressing knowledge of the holocaust of Christians in Eastern Europe with the endorsement of Benedict XVI.

Fr. Patrick Desbois in a letter soliciting donations wrote:

My dear friends,

The Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, His eminence André Vingt-Trois, the Cardinal Barbarin, the Cardinal Ricard, and the Rabbi Israel Singer (General Deputy of the World Jewish Congress) founded YAHAD-IN UNUM organization in order to support common projects between Jews and Catholics, in western and eastern Europe.

It is all about Jews and Catholics getting together, remembering the gift of the Law on Mount Sinai.

At the moment, YAHAD-IN UNUM organization works mainly on the search for the mass graves of the jewish victims of the Einsatzgruppen in Ukraine during the second world war. Many of these places are forgotten today, instead of being preserved and respected. The searches are made in connection with the ukrainian Catholic and Greco-Catholic churches, and with the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Rabbi Bleich. These mass graves will be preserved and recognized as jewish graves.

We have to find the local eyewitnesses who saw the executions when they were children, so we can provide video archives to students, to historians.

We cannot build Europe if we forget the Victims, if we want to live in Truth and Justice.

In order to support that work, we need you. Please make a donation to YAHAD-IN UNUM organization.

Father Patrick Desbois,
President of YAHAD-IN UNUM


One wonders at what moment Yahad In Unum will get around to counting the millions of Christian victims of Bolshevik terror and Soviet forced starvation in the Ukraine--if there even are any corpses left to count once Yahad In Unum finishes its work identifying "Jewish" corpses. "Preservation," "respect, "Truth" and "Justice" indeed.

Fr. Patrick Desbois boasted that he organized a Talmud study between Catholic bishops and New York rabbis:

"Six or seven years ago, Monsignor Lustiger (then archbishop of Paris) launched programs in which French priests went to visit yeshivot in New York. And I don't mean as simple tourists. They were received and held discussions everywhere, from Temple Emmanuel-El to Yeshiva University, as well as with the Lubavitcher and Satmar Jews in Brooklyn. All this was organized in partnership with Rabbi Israel Singer (a former top official of the World Jewish Congress.)

"I know because I organized the departures to the New York yeshivot of the men who now make up 60 percent of France's bishops. They went there voluntarily to spend several days each discussing the Talmud with roshei yeshivot [yeshiva heads]."

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Prodinoscopus said...

Fr. Desbois should invest more of his energy in combating the Christ-denial that is rampant in Europe.

The photo of Cardinal Kasper cozying up to the Talmud is priceless.