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David P. Goldman's Noahide Dream

... that "Globalism" might reach its objective; that all non-Judaic nations, cultures and religions may die and be absorbed into counterfeit Israel. Those who don't go along with this Judeomaniacal fantasy are "'Jew'-haters"--a fine ideology for an associate editor of an ostensibly Catholic journal to have. David P. Goldman can barely conceal his hatred for Christians as he cajoles them into being canon fodder for "eternal Israel."

And Spengler is ...

David P. Goldman - Asia Times

Apr 18, 2009

... The old and angry cultures of the world, fighting for room to breath against the onset of globalization, would not go quietly into the homogenizer. Many of them would fight to survive, but fight in vain, for the tide of modernity could not be rolled back.

As in the great extinction of the tribes in late antiquity, individuals might save themselves from the incurable necrosis of their own ethnicity through adoption into the eternal people, that is, Israel. The great German-Jewish theologian and student of the existential angst of dying nations, Franz Rosenzweig, had commanded undivided attention during the 1990s, and I had a pair of essays about him for the Jewish-Christian Relations website. Rosenzweig's theology, it occurred to me, had broader applications.

The end of the old ethnicities, I believed, would dominate the cultural and strategic agenda of the next several decades. Great countries were failing of their will to live, and it was easy to imagine a world in which Japanese, German, Italian and Russian would turn into dying languages only a century hence. Modernity taxed the Muslim world even more severely, although the results sometimes were less obvious.

The 300 or so essays that I have published in this space since 1999 all proceeded from the theme formulated by Rosenzweig: the mortality of nations and its causes, Western secularism, Asian anomie, and unadaptable Islam.

Why raise these issues under a pseudonym? There is a simple answer, and a less simple one. To inform a culture that it is going to die does not necessarily win friends, and what I needed to say would be hurtful to many readers ...

In this world of accelerated mortality, in which the prospect of national extinction hung visibly over most of the peoples of the world, Jew-hatred was stripped of its mask, and revealed as the jealousy of the merely undead toward living Israel. And it was not hard to show that the remnants of the tribal world lurking under the cover of Islam [MP: and not Judaism? Zionism? This maniac is hoping his will be the only tribe left] were not living, but only undead, incapable of withstanding the onslaught of modernity, throwing a tantrum against their inevitable end ...

My commitment to Judaism came relatively late in life, in my mid-thirties, but was all the more passionate for its tardiness ...

... one of the last truly universal European minds belongs to the octogenarian Pope Benedict XVI. In 1996, the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger had said in an interview published as Die Salz der Erde, "Perhaps we have to abandon the idea of the popular Church. Possibly, we stand before a new epoch of Church history with quite different conditions, in which Christianity will stand under the sign of the mustard seed, in small and apparently insignificant groups, which nonetheless oppose evil intensively and bring the Good into the world." The best mind in the Catholic Church squarely considered the possibility that Christianity itself might shrink into seeming insignificance ...

Painfully and slowly, I began to learn the classic Jewish sources. My guide back to Judaism was the great German-Jewish theologian Franz Rosenzweig, and my first essay on these subjects was published by the Jewish-Christian Relations website in 1999 under the title, "Has Franz Rosenzweig's Time Come?" ...

As a returning religious Jew, I had less and less to discuss with the secular Zionists who shared my passion and partisanship for Israel, but could not see a divine dimension in Jewish nationhood. So-called cultural Judaism repelled me ...

Both as classical musician and as a Germanist, I had better insight than most Jews into the lofty character of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI ... Ratzinger was kind enough to review and comment on the draft of one of my articles on music theory in the 1980s. There is a connection between Ratzinger's insider's grasp of music and his Fingerspitzengefuhl for Jewish theology - something I tried to express in an essay entitled "The Pope, the Musicians and the Jews" ...

The editors of First Things asked me for an essay on Franz Rosenzweig and Islam, which I published in 2007, and later a piece entitled "Zionism for Christians", which appeared in 2008 under the pseudonym "David Shushon". That was a milestone for me ... I came to know the magazine's editor Joseph Bottum, as well as such regular contributors as George Weigel, Russell Hittinger and R R Reno.

On January 8, 2009, the magazine's founder Richard John Neuhaus died. A few weeks later Jody Bottum asked me to join the staff of First Things as an editor and writer ... "Spengler" is channeled by David P Goldman, associate editor of First Things ( ("And Spengler is ...," David P. Goldman, Asia Times, Apr 18, 2009)

David P Goldman was head of debt research at Bank of America's securities branch 2002-2005 and a member of its fixed income executive committee, and representative of the Asteri Capital hedge fund of Marc Rich's Glencore Commodities trading firm.

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Anonymous said...

All this is now out in the open.

Is this a good thing that he has revealed his identity, Maurice?

Anonymous said...

It's also quite revealing that Goldman's brief bio indicates employment in fields that absolutely produce nothing (i.e. "debt research," etc.) except to further advance the cancerous growth of the international golem (and its financial engine) that seeks to destroy all life. Conjurers be warned -- golems eat their own kind one way or another. Pride in such a soul-crushing abomination is a sign of a depraved, sick mind.

WLindsayWheeler said...

David Goldman is disgusting.

The word "pagan" is a code word really for "European". It is about destroying the European. Christianity is a Greek/European religion. "The pagan elements" in Christianity that he decries is the European traits and character within Christianity.

Like all Jews, he is deceived. He can not speak the Truth since he denies the Truth, Jesus Christ and that his people killed him. He is bereft of the Holy Spirit.

Destroying Europe and its races is essential to destroying Christianity. Deracination has always been the key to Jewish Masonic Bolshevism. That is why it is essential to protect and conserve the races which makes one a racist. And why do Catholics censor anything about race? Does Catholicism also work with Jewish Masonic Bolshevism in order to destroy race?

Anonymous said...

This is a juicy morsel. Thank you, MP!

It seems to me Goldman doesn't get the gist of Papa Bennie's comment. But G-boy's comprehension are in keeping with the silliness that "might makes right." This is further confirmation that the "religious jew" always sees God in the mirror.

I look for God, ala the OT, to send wild beasts and serpents amongst these strange children of a lesser god.

Prodinoscopus said...


It is a heresy to reduce Christianity to a national / racial nexus. In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Gentile.

Catholicism does not work with Judaism to destroy race -- Catholicism has nothing whatsoever to do with race.

Apparently you understand very little concerning the true nature of Catholicism.

I would add that historical revisionism has nothing to do with race.

Racism, whether Zionist or Aryan, is disgusting.

ASE- Baltimore said...

We can acknowledge the greatness and struggle of peoples without any racism. In the face of Goldman's Spenglerian minus one (counterfeit Israel) racist Noahide nightmare, I offer these beautiful lyrics:

City Of Chicago
by Barry Moore

In the City of Chicago
As the evening shadows fall
There are people dreaming
Of the hills of Donegal

Eighteen forty-seven
Was the year it all began
Deadly pains of hunger
Drove a million from this land
They journeyed not for glory
Their motive wasn't greed
A voyage of survival
Across the stormy sea

To the City of Chicago
As the evening shadows fall
There are people dreaming
Of the hills of Donegal

Some of them knew fortune
Some of them knew fame
More of them knew hardship
They died upon the plains
They spread throughout the nation
They rode the railroad cars
Brought their songs and music
To ease their lonely hearts

To the City of Chicago
As the evening shadows fall
There are people dreaming
Of the hills of Donegal

In the City of Chicago
As the evening shadows fall
There are people dreaming
Of the hills of Donegal

Eighteen forty-seven
Was the year it all began
Deadly pains of hunger
Drove a million from this land

© 2005 Luka Bloom (IMRO/MCPS Ireland)

The Foggy Dew, by Father P. O'Neill, commemorates the 1916 Easter rising in Dublin, and men who refused to be the Golem for the Judeo-Masonic British Empire:

As down the glen one Easter morn to a city fair rode I
There Armed lines of marching men in squadrons passed me by
No fife did hum nor battle drum did sound it's dread tatoo
But the Angelus bell o'er the Liffey swell rang out through the foggy dew

Right proudly high over Dublin Town they hung out the flag of war
'Twas better to die 'neath an Irish sky than at Sulva or Sud El Bar
And from the plains of Royal Meath strong men came hurrying through
While Britannia's Huns, with their long range guns sailed in through the foggy dew

'Twas Britannia bade our Wild Geese go that small nations might be free
But their lonely graves are by Sulva's waves or the shore of the Great North Sea
Oh, had they died by Pearse's side or fought with Cathal Brugha
Their names we will keep where the fenians sleep 'neath the shroud of the foggy dew

But the bravest fell, and the requiem bell rang mournfully and clear
For those who died that Eastertide in the springing of the year
And the world did gaze, in deep amaze, at those fearless men, but few
Who bore the fight that freedom's light might shine through the foggy dew

Ah, back through the glen I rode again and my heart with grief was sore
For I parted then with valiant men whom I never shall see more
But to and fro in my dreams I go and I'd kneel and pray for you,
For slavery fled, O glorious dead, When you fell in the foggy dew.

Maurice Pinay said...

"Destroying Europe and its races is essential to destroying Christianity. Deracination has always been the key to Jewish Masonic Bolshevism.***

This is because Judaism has a disordered view of race. I don't view the matter through the rabbis' distorted lens.

Preservation of "racial purity" is profitable to Christianity only so far as it reinforces traditional belief and culture which are entirely exclusive of genetics.

"Race purity" for its own sake is a patent error as any lucid observer of "racially pure" European Freemasons, Communists, Nazis, Zionists, and various other such scoundrel organizations and individuals can see.

Inordinate focus on "race" betrays a kind of determinism which undermines free will and grace and for this reason is incompatible with Christianity.

Maurice Pinay said...

"All this is now out in the open.

Is this a good thing that he has revealed his identity, Maurice?"

I suppose that depends on how people handle the information.

WLindsayWheeler said...

To the criticisms levelled against my reasonings.

Communism is a Jewish invention. Another word for Communism or Marxism is International Socialism. Why is it called that?

Because it wants to destroy race. Political correctness is inherently deracinating. Deracination is ongoing in our culture today.

My defense of race is NOT about elevating it above religion. Race is part and parcel of the Natural Order and for some reason, you Catholics automatically, because you have been conditioned by the Jewish controlled media, to immediately conflate race and anything to do with race with Nazism.

Race is a matter of the Natural Order. And its preservation is a matter for all Catholics.

Jewish Masonic Bolshevism is about destroying race. Nazism is about deifying race---but where is the middle ground? Where is the middle between these two errors? Where is Catholic teaching? does not Truth exist in the Golden mean?

Let me remind you all and sundry here that mongrelization is a scourge as well. Any farmer well tell you. That is why "purity" of stock for plants and animals is so important. We are part of the animal kingdom as well. On one level, we are not above the Natural Law. Hybridization, (miscegnation, which is condemned by the Bible itself) is deadly for the continuation of the stock.

The Church is not above the Natural Law. Jesus Christ is the Logos and the Logos is the Natural Law. All things were created thru Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is the author of the Natural Law. Have you all forgotten that?

I am not making an inordinate case for race, It is the desire of communism to destroy race and it seems that Many Catholics also share in this ideology.

I thought Roman Catholicism is about not only defending orthodox Christian teaching but the Natural Order as well and that includes the Natural Law.

Race is family. It is only family writ large. It is a collection of interrelated families. An attack upon race is an attack upon family.

I thought the Church stood for the Family. Defense of family is the same as defense of race. Unless Catholicism is about rebuilding the Tower of Babel? Which, I remind all Catholics, God destroyed as evil. God confirmed the separation of races at the Tower of Babel. Read your Bible. Inclusion of Christianity of all races does not mean the extinction of race which some commentators on this thread seem to intimate.

Race is a creation of God. Race is family. God wants all races to continue in existence. We will exist in heaven with our tribes. Gender and race are retained in Heaven.

You all need to study the goals of Marxism and Freemasonry. Read Rosa Luxemburg's "The Nationalities Question". Freemasonry also teaches tolerance and acceptance and is about rebuilding the Tower of Babel. Truth lies between the errors. I hope you people can grasp that idea.

Prodinoscopus said...

WLW, thanks for clarifying your ideas. I must admit to reading neo-Nazism and racism between the lines of your previous comment. My apologies. Grace builds upon nature, and race is a God-ordained particularization of human nature. I understand that, yet I'm still not entirely clear how Zionism / Bolshevism is about the destruction of race per se.

Anonymous said...

obviously you don't have the first principle of maurice pinay's enlightened world view...
if it's zionist it's obviously racist...
i'm also curious how they got these people to lie

Prodinoscopus said...

Anon 12:43, I do not deny that there were killing fields in Europe where Jews perished by the hundreds and even thousands. History is littered with such killing fields and genocides, the details of which are subject to debate by historians. How odd, though, that in this so-called "enlightened" age there is one "Holocaust" that cannot be questioned or doubted in any degree on pain of imprisonment.

How very odd, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Prodinoscopus....(what does that mean by the way?)
I don't really care at all what you deny or don't deny because it makes no difference to reality.
The same way that there were killing fields of 100s and 1000s there were also the mass murder machines that killed millions more.
My mother was there from June 1944 until it was liberated...saw her sister selected immediately upon arrival for gassing and cremations, etc...Did she lie to me about all that also?
You only believe the testimony about the small killing areas?
Who is the odd one here?
There is a reason the Germans feel strongly about denying the veracity of the Holocaust.
I would not expect you to be able to understand that.
You and your ilk are completely committed to denying that for psychological reasons that I can't even hope to fathom.

WLindsayWheeler said...

To Prodinoscopus about "how Zionism/Bolshevism is about the destruction of race per se."

I'll try to point that out.

There is a Jewish Kabala teaching of "Tikkun Olam". This is the basis of socialism, communism and much of what the Jews does and why he is so "progressive". Tikkun Olam means "fixing the world".

See, they don't like how God set up the world! They don't like/agree with reality for God put us in a world where there is WAR.

Yes, war is bad, but it also serves the design of God. War, or what the Greeks labeled "Strife" is inherent in the cosmos. It is a necessary ingredient.

But Socialism wants to end that by making "peace" the highest goal and a necessary function (q.v. Elements of Socialism, Fargo).

What is the most major factor in war?


In order to bring about the World of Peace, In order to "fix the world", race must end. It is about "fixing the world" because with race comes "volkenhas".

This is reality but the Jew hates because he is forever the sap who feels sorry. The Jew has a Messianic complex. He, the Modern Jew, is a caricature of our Lord's mission. The mission of Jesus Christ is NOT about "fixing the cosmos" (for it was created thru Him) but of "fixing the soul of man".

The Jew is a Materialist. He is NOT transcendent!!!!! His messiah complex is about "fixing the materialist world". This is the mission of ultimately communism and socialism in general. And the Jew is in error since what needs fixing is the heart of man---not the cosmos.

Karl Marx, as a Jew himself, and carrying the work of the rabbis, ended his Manifesto with these words: "All the workers of the world unite". In his book One World John Kiang remarks that the mission of Karl Marx was to end Nations and Nation-states. To do that race must end.

I pointed out Rosa Luxemburg's pamphlet "The Nationalities Question". Google that term.

The term "political correctness" was coined in the Soviet Union. It is about deracination. For one thing, the Jews hate Hierarchy and there is a hierarchy amongst the races just like there is in the choir of Angels (Catholic orthodox teaching {i.e. nine choirs of angels}). It is their plan to "fix the world" according to their tastes; of them being messiahs; and doing so in their Materialist ways. They are a very materialistic people.

In this article by David P. Goldman, he points out that deracination, the destruction of the races of the Gentiles paves the way for the Jewish leadership of the planet. Read that article. It is about destroying the races of the earth.

This is why Hitler was so "Jewish obsessed". National Socialism (Fascism) is a DIRECT reaction against this. Mussolini being a former communist, Hitler, a former leftist in Vienna, knew all this. Their movements were designed in part to thwart these Jewish designs--hence the enormous amount of vehemence towards the Jews. The Jews are re-building the Tower of Babel. That is the purpose of Communism, that is why it is called "International Socialism" and that is why the Germans in Bohemia and the Czechs labeled their socialist movements "National Socialist" in order to preserve their race from Communism/International Socialism.

Furthermore, Freemasonry is thoroughly immersed in the Kabbala and other Jewish things. It is a Jewish inspired movement as well.

I hope this clarifies things. Communism and ultimately Freemasonry is the encapsulation of the Jewish "Tikkun Olam". These two movements are designed to fix the world and destroying race in order to accomplish "their reign of peace".

Prodinoscopus said...

Anon, don't worry about the meaning of my screen name. Tell me, why is it that while every event in human history, including the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is subject to debate by skeptical historians, "The Holocaust" of the Jews during World War II is treated as unique, so that to question any detail of the official narrative is considered a crime, and a religious crime at that, a blasphemy, a laying of unclean hands upon something holy and sacred? Why has an Inquisition been erected to keep pure the religion of the Shoah, and to hunt down and imprison heretics?

Lots of people suffer. Many groups have been persecuted. Genocide has been inflicted upon any number of races and nationalities down the centuries. Yet only one group, it seems, have turned their historical suffering into a religion, and have sought to force everyone else to pinch incense at their altars and give the assent of faith to their version of events.

Prodinoscopus said...

WLW, some threads are starting to come together. Since Vatican II, the leaders of the Catholic Church have become obsessed with fixing the world, and have lost sight of the primary mission given them by Our Lord, the salvation of souls. If what you are saying about Tikkun Olam is true, then it explains a lot about the influence of the rabbis at Vatican II.

Still, one question remains: how is it possible for the Jews to exalt their own race, if their ultimate goal is to destroy race?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Prod....
You ask a few questions and i'd be happy to respond when I have time from more productive activities...
Howeverit's not the Jewish 'version' of events that is in question....the Germans are the main source of information as to what happened...
and they are the main promulgators of the anti denial laws...
There's a reason for that...

WLindsayWheeler said...

To Prodinoscopus

...Because they are Hypocrites!...Duh

Is that not what our Lord chastised them with. The Lord called them Hypocrites. He saw right thru them. They have no "harmony of word and deed". Harmony is a Greek/Indo-European mentality. "My word is my bond".

They are forever hypocrites. Hypocrisy is the sign of evil. It is an act of evil. Since the Jews are literally deicides, they are also nihilists as well. Hypocrisy befits the nihilists.

They say one thing but in their heart they think another.

That is the Jew.

Secondly, on this Peace thing. Jesus came to give Peace---but not a Materialist peace but a transcendent Peace. No man rests until his home is with God. Man is restless until he has a relationship with God. God is Home. God gives sustenance to man. All infidel men have a restlessness.

Jesus Christ establishes Peace. What Jesus Christ does is establish Metaphysical Peace. Peace between God and Man and he did that by dying on the cross. Man could not have peace due to the punishment due to sin. No man could have peace, a feeling of connection to God, for the connection was not salved! That could only be accomplished when Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins.

All evil is a caricature, a facsimile of the real thing, of Truth.

Peace is a matter of salvation but the Jews, since they are materialists, think that the mission of Peace is a MATERIALIST Physical Peace on Earth and that is NOT the meaning of Peace. Peace is the correct and good connection between God and his creation Man. Jesus came to restore (to salve) that connection. That is Peace. Peace between God and Man.

All sin is forgiven in the Cross and that is why man has peace with God.

The Socialist attempt of peace is a caricature of Jesus Christ's mission of Peace. Where Christ's mission was of Transcendent Peace, the Jewish Bolshevist mission is of a wordly materialist Peace. Christ's mission is that of salving, of repairing, of self-sacrifice. The Jewish Mission is of DESTRUCTION, a violent ungodly mucking up of the Natural Order. In their ignorance, they are destroying much.
In order to understand modern times, one has to understand the teacher of Karl Marx---Moses Hess. Look him up.

There are three Jews that have caused much harm starting in the early 19th century, Moses Hess, Karl Marx and Benjamin Disraeli. (Benjamin Disraeli redefined conservativism as pro-democracy whereas conservativism was always anti-democracy; furthermore, Benjamin Disraeli coined conservativism as "progressive conservativism" {an oxymoron, similar to hypocrisy}; and said that conservativism is for modernity.)

I believe the nexus between Karl Marx and Benjamin Disraeli is Moses Hess. These three caused create harm for European Culture.

WLindsayWheeler said...

I remonstrate to all Catholics. Even though what I am about to say may grate on your nerves, Catholics MUST BE realists. We must acknowledge Reality for what it is. In the following I will say some harsh, and very unwelcome things. We must understand and Know the Natural Order in the way God created it. We must have humility before the Natural Order. Let me remind all and sundry, many of you are under the influence of political correctness and what I am about to say is totally against political correctness but must be said. I am coming from an approach of Knowing and Understanding Reality without prejudice. What I am about to say is most difficult for Catholics to handle.

There is a second reason for their, the Jewish need, to get rid of the races other than their own.

One must understand the science of race and all its parameters in order to understand the problem that the Jew has with it. One part that is inherent within race is two aspects "the sense of belonging" and its opposite corollary "volkenhass". It is because of 'volkenhass' or racial prejudice that the Jew seeks to destroy race.

The Natural Law is stated "Birds of a feather flock together". Throughout the animal kingdom there is volkenhass; i.e. lion prides fight against each other, wolve packs as well. Chimpanzee and gorilla groups have the same thing.

'Vokenhass' is part and parcel of the human condition of race. It is normal. It serves two functions, it protects racial solidarity and promotes racial cohesiveness. It makes members of the tribe to look inboard and to marry within their own. It is a necessary function of race. "Volkenhas" serves the mission of God---by creating boundaries! Anything limitless is evil. Limits, or boundaries, are everywhere in the Cosmos. All things have limits. Volkenhass is a mechanism for a metaphysical boundary, is a limit to the group.

The punishment of the Jews is to wander for their crime of deicide. Why is that? So the sting of volkenhass of the nations will be felt upon them. That is their punishment. They are to wander amongst the nations and naturally they will feel the sting of racial prejudice against them.

They want to escape their punishment. By destroying races, they can mingle without being noticed. They can move without hindrance. They become invisible. They are not the "other". If the Jew can destroy "belonging" and "volkenhass", they are free to move about and move into leadership positions. They are not differentiated. They are not "different'. This is another reason why race must be destroyed.

They want to be free from the constraints God has put upon them. They are destroying the Natural Order over their rebellious rejection of God. As they have rebelled against their Messiah, they are rebelling against the Father Creator as well. They are destroying the Natural Order for their selfish conceited wants. They can't take their medicine. By political correctness, the Jew is free. And by promoting deracination, they destroy the cohesiveness and the volkenhas of the races so they could rule over them.


What volkenhass does as well, is that it prevents the races, or of mankind of coalescing. That is important. It keeps the races from joining together. Power exists in numbers, in quantity. Volkenhass keeps and maintains racial integrity and keeps them from rebuilding the Tower of Babel that challenged God.

As nihilists, the Jews are the tool of the Devil. And the Devil is attempting to rebuild the Tower of Babel. Volkenhass and racial belonging are stumbling blocks to the recreation of the Tower of Babel. God wants the races separate. Each tribe is to exist within its own borders, real and metaphysical. (Culture is the metaphysical environment of a race.) The Jewish motivation is that they are driven by demonic forces to break down volkenhass and racial belonging thru political correctness in order to achieve the New World Order of Globalization, the New Tower of Babel.

Races and their separation are the Old Order; this is how God constructed the Cosmos. It is by Divine Design. Volkenhass maintains Order; it preserves. It is a necessary function of race.

On a side note, man can and does abuse things. Volkenhass can be abused by demogogues and others. That has happened throughout history. Just because it has been abused, doesn't mean it needs to be destroyed. Again, The Golden Mean. The extinction of volkenhass is an evil; the exaggeration of volkenhass is an evil. Volkenhass must be seen in the Golden Mean. It is like a Virtue. Its disappearance causes a racial dissolution whereas its overblowing it causes murder (an immoral wrong). Volkenhass like all things must be limited but it must have existence.

Mr. Prod said...

Howeverit's not the Jewish 'version' of events that is in question....the Germans are the main source of information as to what happened...
and they are the main promulgators of the anti denial laws...
There's a reason for that...
You're right, and the reason is that communists and (liberal) fascists are in charge of the government.

If you think that it's just to imprison scholars for proposing an alternative version of historical events based on bona fide research, then you might have some fascist tendencies yourself.

Prodinoscopus said...

False peace. I think that WLW has summed up the heart of the matter very well.

No man could have peace, a feeling of connection to God, for the connection was not salved! That could only be accomplished when Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins.Interestingly, the head of the German Bishops' Conference has recently denied that most fundamental tenet of the Catholic Faith. That's the same Bishops' Conference that believes that it is a mortal sin to question the official secular narrative regarding the fate of the Jews during World War II.

Maurice Pinay said...

Judaic tribal warfare is delusional. Today's "Jews" are not a genetically distinct "race." It's a mistake to view the matter through their lens.

Christians recognize the natural order and recognize that it is subordinate to the supernatural order.

It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing. In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek.

I suggest that you look to religion/ideology and culture as a means of distinction rather than "race" if you want to have a reality-based worldview.

Prodinoscopus said...

I think that MP and WLW are both correct. On the one hand, the old order of racial distinction is overcome spiritually in Christ, in whom there is neither Jew nor Greek. On the other hand, the agenda of deracination promoted by materialists and nihilists is indeed evil.

Maurice Pinay said...

Even in the Old Testament prohibition against intermarriage was not an end unto itself. It was a means of keeping the Israelites separate from the idolatrous beliefs and practices that they were surrounded by and one of many means of identifying the Messiah.

The only mixed marriage that the Church opposes is between Catholics and non-Catholics.

If "deracination" of "races" is evil, why hasn't the Church seen fit to pronounce upon the matter?

No, "deracination" is a delusion of the rabbis and it's only effective to the degree that it weakens culture and religion.

In this spiritual and ideological battle I'll take an army of "racially" "deracinated" authentic Christians over an army of "racially pure" new age churchgoers without a second thought.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wheeler's notions of racial purity are counteracted by reality. Indeed, many who espouse the doctrine of racial purity (mostly caucasians) are the first to compromise and deal with Christ-killers for temporal benefit. If that isn't some sort of racial flaw, I don't know what is. Moreover, most caucasians have lovingly embraced abortion and abortifacients. Such a self-destructive tendency (observable and statistically significant) is definitely an argument against Mr. Wheeler's thesis. Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. All else is dust.

Prodinoscopus said...

I think that what WLW might be getting at with the concept of "deracination" is the attempt by materialists and nihilists to erect a New Man apart from the foundation of Jesus Christ. That's what I'm taking from it, at least.

In any case, it's been an enlightening discussion, and has served to illustrate that historical revisionism has nothing intrinsically to do with racism.

Anonymous said...

The early Church was composed of a good number of slaves who were racially diverse. The coin that gained entry was the Faith of Jesus Christ not skin color. This is the reality that scares the devil and his "jew" more than anything - that there is a binding force more powerful than race.

Though it's tempting to believe, I fail to see the "jew" going about the "deracination" of the world; rather, their goal is to blot out the remembrance of Christ. Remember what they did in the "green tree" for ours is surely kiln-dried. Evisceration of historic devotion and worship especially the old mass has been their goal and achievement.

Who gives a crap about tribal purity (sexual purity is infinitely more important); give me the old mass.

WLindsayWheeler said...

It was a means of keeping the Israelites separate from the idolatrous beliefs and practices that they were surrounded by and one of many means of identifying the Messiah.Actually, Numbers 36 says this:

"""For all men shall marry wives of their own tribe and kindred: 8 And all women shall take husbands of the same tribe: that the inheritance may remain in the families. 9 And that the tribes be not mingled one with another, but remain so 10 As they were separated by the Lord."""

The Laws against Miscegenation are not about foreigners exclusively. It was about preserving the tribes. The Hebrews were forbidden to intermarry. And notice it was "the Lord's doing". God separated. Man is not to go against what God has done.

If "deracination" of "races" is evil, why hasn't the Church seen fit to pronounce upon the matter?I thought all Trad Catholics are aware that many in the Modern Church hierarchy are compromised; some are socialist and some are masons. Is it not communist doctrine to infiltrate the institutions of Christendom and the Church? Did not Jesus have his Judas? Do you not think that the Church is full of Judas?

I believe that the Church is dropping the ball. Does it not say in Scripture, "That they who handle the Law, Know me not." It is not doing its job of "sheparding". The Church is very UNaware of "cultural marxism". Let me ask you this, we all know that political correctness is everywhere. Okay, When has the Church anywhere condemned political correctness? Where is anti-political correctness preached?

No, "deracination" is a delusion of the rabbis and it's only effective to the degree that it weakens culture and religion.Rabbis are NOT pointing this out. The only people that point that out are Europeans; concerned Europeans; it has nothing to do with any rabbi. Race dissolution concerns a great many people like Christian kinists. People who are fighting cultural marxism are pointing this out.

St. Paul said, "All Scripture is given by God and profitable for teaching, reproof, for correction and training in righteousness". What is Righteousness? Is it not doing things properly; staying within one's borders; being obedient. Is not miscegenation against righteousness? St. Paul said, "ALL" Scripture. Yet, I see a hint that we are to dismiss the Old Testament. St. Paul did not say "Dismiss the Old Testament". Christ said, "Man lives by EVERY WORD that proceedeth out of the mouth of God" and yet, we are to dismiss somethings?

Almost all nations of the earth had laws against miscegenation. That man is rebellious and is adikia is of no doubt. Marrying one's own is about OBEDIENCE to the Natural Law and is about Righteousness. The Bible expressly forbids even intermarriage between tribes of genuses.

"Man lives by EVERY WORD that proceedeth out of the mouth of God".

Cambrensis said...

historical revisionism has nothing intrinsically to do with racism.- Prodinoscopus

One might add that alarm at the elevation of the Shoah to the status of "Holocaust" has no intrinsic connection to historical revisionism.

Even the "official" narrative of the Nazi persecution of the Jews were correct in every detail - exterminationist agenda, gas chambers, crematoria, soap, lampshades and all - any attempt to sacralize these events and substitute them for Christ's redemptive sacrifice would still be unacceptable to Christians.

Maurice Pinay said...

WLindsayWheeler writes:

"Numbers 36 says this ..."***

Numbers 36 concerns inheritance of property, not "racial purity."

Numbers Chapter 36

That the inheritances may not be alienated from one tribe to another, all are to marry within their own tribes.

1 And the princes of the families of Galaad, the son of Machir, the son of Manasses, of the stock of the children of Joseph, came and spoke to Moses before the princes of Israel, and said: 2 The Lord hath commanded thee, my lord, that thou shouldst divide the land by lot to the children of Israel, and that thou shouldst give to the daughters of Salphaad our brother the possession due to their father: 3 Now if men of another tribe take them to wives, their possession will follow them, and being transferred to another tribe, will be a diminishing of our inheritance. 4 And so it shall cone to pass, that when the jubilee, the is, the fiftieth year of remission, is come, the distribution made by the lots shall be confounded, and the possession of the one shall pass to the others. 5 Moses answered the children of Israel, and said by the command of the Lord: The tribe of the children of Joseph hath spoken rightly. 6 And this is the law promulgated by the Lord touching the daughters of Salphaad: Let them marry to whom they will, only so that it be to men of their own tribe. 7 Lest the possession of the children of Israel be mingled from tribe to tribe. For all men shall marry wives of their own tribe and kindred: 8 And all women shall take husbands of the same tribe: that the inheritance may remain in the families. 9 And that the tribes be not mingled one with another, but remain so 10 As they were separated by the Lord. And the daughters of Salphaad did as was commanded: 11 And Maala, and Thersa, and Hegla, and Melcha, and Noa were married to the sons of their uncle by their father 12 Of the family of Manasses, who was the son of Joseph: and the possession that had been allotted to them, remained in the tribe and family of their father. 13 These are the commandments and judgment, which the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses to the children of Israel, in the plains of Moab upon the Jordan over against Jericho.

WLindsayWheeler said...

To Mr. Pinay,

If you notice, when I first posted Numbers 36, I did include the part of the inheritance. Now, if you did read my post, why did you post it again and bold it?

Do you not read what I post? Why would you post that a second time?

If you want to read "inheritance" in a materialist mammon sort of way. But Christianity doesn't read the Old Testament like the Jews does it? Materialistically? I thought Christians read the Old Testament Transcendentically. "Inheritance", transcendentically, could also mean "The Patriarch's character and gifts". For Aristotle says that races got their name from their Patriarchs. Now the Semitic race gets its name from its father Sem, the Japhthites from Japeth and the Hamites from Ham. Jews are an English word for Judiates whose father is Judah. Does not the character of the Patriarch pass onto his children? Is this the "inheritance"?

Next, I want to point out this phrase, "And that the tribes be not mingled one with another, but remain so 10 As they were separated by the Lord". Irregardless of the inheritance, the Lord Separated them. What does separating them have to do with inheritance?

It seems you glum unto only one facet while leaving out the rest. Did God separate them before or after the inheritance? Or is the inheritance only a secondary reason? Obviously, God separated them first and a second reason is that their inheritance ALSO should not mingle. But clearly the inheritance could not have been made until AFTER the separation of the tribes. Each of the twelve tribes of Israel were started by the children of Jacob (Israel) and grew into tribes before they even settled into the land. So the tribes existed before the inheritance. The Inheritance is secondary and secondly under Christian exigesis, not Jewish, it is seen metaphysically not a plot of ground, as a Jew would.

Third, you keep on harping on "racial purity". You seem to have some fixation on that. You know many of Christian Monarchies were very concerned over their bloodlines. So was Christian Aristocracy. Racial purity is needed for royalty and aristocracy. Royalty could not marry a commoner. Bloodlines are very important for Christendom and the operation of Monarchies. So if you are condemning racial purity, are you also condemning Christian Monarchy? Are you condemning the Tsars and the Hapsburgs? The House of Windsor? Should Royalty and Aristocracy marry commoners?

Let me remind you Mr. Pinay, that democracy and egalitarianism is against the natural law and the Old Order. Racial Purity for the Monarchies of the Old Order was very much a standing order of the day. So what are you condemning?

Next, You asked me where the Church has condemned miscegenation. I pointed to at least the Bible.

Can you point to a Conciliar Document condemning Racial Purity? Is there a Papal Decree? Is there anything like that in Eastern Orthodoxy? In the Seven Ecumenical Councils? Or is it in the Bible? Does the Bible, Mr. Pinay, Condemn Racial Purity and can you please post that here.

Or what Christian teacher in a book, a scholarly/academic that has condemned racial purity as a moral wrong? Is it a Moral wrong? Is it a sin? How and why is it wrong and where does it fit in the category of evil.

Or is it against the political correctness in which you adhere to? Farmers and Ag companies practice racial purity all the time, so dog breeders and the 4H. Now what aspect of Racial Purity is condemned? And where is this taught?

Secondly, you harp on the Church having to teach on the subject of miscegenation. I ask you Mr. Pinay where has the Church taught on the subject of Righteousness. What is righteousness and what does it entail? Can one have love without righteousness? Unrighteousness is the Greek word "adikia", it means being "Lawless". Is not miscegenation---lawlessness?

Next, I want to point to Abraham's righteous behavior. He sent his servant back to the homeland for a wife for his son Isaac. Abraham was not Jewish; this is before the Mosaic law. And then did not Jacob go back to the homeland of Abraham to get his wife as well?

What is this teaching? "And Isaac having called for Jacob, blessed him, and charged him, saying Thou shalt not take a wif of the daughters of the Chanaanites. Rise and depart quickly into Mesopotamia, to the house of Bathuel the father of thy mother, and take to thyself thence a wife of the daughters of Laban thy mother's brother" (Genesis 28). Mosaic law is nowhere to be found.

Is your animosity towards "racial purity" just your personal OPINION. I believe the Bible trumps Opinion. I quote the Bible. What do you quote? Racial Purity does have a lot of scientific evidence for its basis. You need to study the concept of Heterosis. Heterosis only works for first generation---after that there is a huge degeneration of the species, whatever it is. Christianity is not about denying scientific truth. Aristotle said, a good state requires good breeding. Human beings are not outside the Natural Law. The Natural Law is compulsory upon all men.

Maurice Pinay said...

WLindsayWheeler writes: "If you want to read "inheritance" in a materialist mammon sort of way. But Christianity doesn't read the Old Testament like the Jews does it? Materialistically?"***

"... in order to preserve the distinction of property, the Law enacted that heiresses should marry within their own tribe, as recorded in Numbers 36:6." (St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Prima Secundae, Question 105, Article 2)


The marriage of Daughters possessing Landed Property -- It had already been decided that daughters had the right to inherit their fathers' property when there was no male issue (Numbers 27:1-11). This concession now raised an important case. In an heiress married outside her tribe, her property would go to another tribe which would consequently have its territory increased, while that of the wife's tribe would be diminished. Such a transference of property not being made by sale, was unaffected by the Jubilee concessions (Leviticus 25:13), and was therefore likely to produce a certain fluctuation and instability of the tribal possessions, and perhaps even an extensive absorption of one tribe by another. In order to prevent this inconvenience the principle was laid down that the tribe and its possessions were inseparable and therefore no property of one tribe could be transferred to another. According to this principle it was decided that the daughters of Salphaad should marry whom they pleased but within their own tribe. (A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture, p.260, Nelson and Sons 1953)


By reason of two former laws, the one (Leviticus 25) providing that inheritance of lands should not be bought or sold, nor otherwise alienated, but until the Jubilee year, and then return to him, or his heirs, to whom it pertained before; the other (Numbers 27) ordaining that for lack of a son, daughters should inherit; this difficulty did arise; in case an enheretrixe did marry a man of another tribe, her lands by that means should pass from tribe to tribe, and not be restored in the Jubilee year. For avoiding of which inconvenience a further law is made, that none should marry out of their own tribe. (The Original and True Douay Old Testmant, Commentary, Vol. I, p. 319)


No, WLindsayWheeler, the Church says Numbers 36 pertains to inheritance of property because that's what the text plainly states.

I've allowed you to pursue this strange line of reasoning long enough here. If you must persist, then please have mercy on me and the work I'm doing here and find another platform for your "race purity" message.